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  1. Spencer Bishop
    July 20th, 2022

    I am a sucker for CouponCabin for the extra savings

    I am a sucker for CouponCabin for the extra savings. The Sidekick extension helps me remember to use the coupons much more straightforwardly. My only gripe is that they have so many “exclusions” and “exceptions” that I am exhausted from reading the fine print of every retailer.

  2. Anne Laux
    May 31st, 2022

    Closes the account for actions taken by others

    My account was open for many years, and I have never had any issues. My wife made an account for herself, which is allowed.

    However, she accessed a member-only deal that caused my account to be permanently deleted. My understanding was closed even though I did not violate the TOS.

    However, they will claim that they cannot close my account because it violated the TOS.

    Instead, they chose to punish me because of someone else’s actions. Similar situations have occurred to other people if they could access their wifi account through a friend or neighbor. It’s pretty absurd.

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