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Dutton Financial Services

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2 Reviews on Dutton Financial Services

  1. Joyce Hogg
    1 rating
    Oct 30, 2023

    An Unbelievably Awful Experience with Dutton Financial Services

    Dutton Financial Services is a complete nightmare. Their staff is utterly incompetent, and they allowed a scam artist to siphon off thousands of my hard-earned dollars from my account. It's abundantly clear that they have no regard for the well-being of their customers. To make matters worse, they are shamelessly neglecting the issue of call spoofing, with fraudulent numbers pretending to be from Discover running rampant. I deeply regret ever placing my trust in them with my finances. This nightmare is far from over!

  2. Joshua Williams
    1 rating
    Oct 7, 2023

    Unexpected Discovery and Exceptional Service

    Dutton Lending suddenly appeared as an option during my online quest for a personal loan. It struck me that seeking a loan might help alleviate my financial woes after a few credit card slip-ups. I dared to contact Dutton Lending via email, and to my surprise, they responded in no time, ready to address my myriad of inquiries and anxieties. Throughout this journey, I must admit that their customer service has consistently maintained a rather impressive standard.

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About Dutton Financial Services

Dutton Financial Services operates as a subsidiary within the Dutton Group of Companies. The Dutton Group is its parent entity, renowned as Australia's leading dealer in the used car segment encompassing general, prestige, luxury, and classic cars. Within its domain, Dutton Financial Services offers a diverse spectrum of astutely crafted finance alternatives, custom-tailored to align seamlessly with its clientele's automotive requirements and aspirations. The seasoned finance and insurance managers possess a wealth of experience within the company's premises. Their expertise extends to simplifying and expediting complex processes, thereby sparing clients the time and effort of navigating these intricacies independently. With a commitment to facilitating well-informed decisions that align with the client's best interests, they are steadfast in their dedication to providing top-notch service.

Phone1300 661 566
Location41 Madden Grove Richmond VIC 3121 Australia
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