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44 Reviews on American Financing

  1. Katherine Silver
    May 18, 2023

    Very frustrating

    There were some concerns. It took an extremely long time to process my refinance, and I had to write several times for a reply and continue moving the ball. In addition, I was informed I'd be able to be granted an 8-year loan, but then I found out that it was ten years. This was very frustrating.

  2. Badger Booster
    May 15, 2023

    The financial parameters

    My recent re-fi transaction through American Financing went quite well, with only minor issues because of the financial parameters I created myself. Also, another aspect that deserves to be noted is that the person I spoke through (Craig Gardner) was beneficial in resolving the issues I had without any hassles, and his efforts should be credited.

  3. Thomas Furey
    Feb 6, 2023

    I'm disappointed with my experience

    I'm disappointed with my experience. The whole point is signing you up, receiving their bonus, and then paying $7k for the closing costs. It's not about customer support, and it's not about following through. It's all about money.

  4. Joseph Gibbons
    Feb 4, 2023

    I am deeply disappointed

    I am deeply disappointed by the loan I got through American Financing. I was constantly contacted throughout the loan process, which was fantastic. After the loan was paid off, American Financing sold my loan. I don't know who they sold it to; I haven't received any information regarding whom to pay, and when I sign into the American Financing account, it says that there are no loans listed. I've contacted them and have been informed that I don't have an account. I got their chat line and was told I don't have a budget. I understand the reasoning behind how they sell loans; however, how come American Financing does not have an account of the loan I initially took and the buyer they sold it to? I could look up Rocket Mortgage, the loan paid off, and get information on my closed mortgage. This is a significant issue with American Financing. I'm experiencing a late fee on my new mortgage and don't know how to locate someone from American financing which will help me!

  5. Guy Pruitt
    Feb 3, 2023

    I wouldn't suggest American financing.

    I am unfortunate to announce that American Financing has gone downhill. I used them to secure an improved interest rate, and it was a fantastic experience. However, this time, it wasn't the same. The communication between my advisor and me and my loan was very sporadic. It took me over three months to finish the refinance. It's a long time to wait. I had to go through a myriad of hoops to reach the underwriter. The underwriter had me contact my current lender two times with the exact details. I had to inform him that I had one week to pay off my loan, or I would be moving elsewhere. This finally got them in mode to close. I wouldn't suggest American financing.

  6. Lewis Wohlmuth
    Feb 2, 2023

    This could cost us thousands of dollars of wasted interest!

    In four months, we sent hundreds of documents, countless emails requesting updates, and an outside verification of our phone. We were contacted by a phone call asking us to confirm our availability for the closing date, and then we were told that we could not take the loan. It appears that early in the process, the loan officer didn't recognize that the underwriter had indicated that the lending policies could not make the bank loan. The email chain is proof we got when we asked the sales manager why the loan was denied. We did, however, switch to another company. However, the refine rate increased by .5 percent because the interest rates increased over those four months. This could cost us thousands of dollars of wasted interest! I have read several positive and negative reviews about this business, and I hope that you won't be like us if you choose to do business with them. However, you've been warned.

  7. Beth Forsthoff
    Feb 1, 2023

    Bad customer service

    After receiving the initial details, they can talk to you. They will then ask for financial records and let you believe they can assist you. After you have all your information, the company doesn't contact you the company anymore. I got the consultant for information. They didn't reply to my email. Then I received an email sent by a title firm which I believe to be accepted and waiting for the deadline because that's how email correspondence works. After that, nothing happened until thirty days later; I received an email saying the application was rejected. Most lenders will inform you in advance whether they'll proceed. This company is not one of them! Bad customer service.

  8. Jim Gorman
    Jan 28, 2023

    American Financing uses deceptive advertisements, and its representatives

    American Financing uses deceptive advertisements, and its representatives claim that they offer the option of financing that is not provided. They also requested information for an application without my approval and ran my credit. I'm an extremely high-end credit. My problem is that they are using misleading advertising and telling customers verbally that they provide a service that isn't just to get personal information, which I'm assuming they later sold. We started receiving text or phone calls from various lenders within the first 24 hours of our experience through American Financing.

  9. Michael Walker
    Jan 27, 2023

    Customer service was awful since they didn't communicate with us

    My wife and I began the process in November, and the communication was good. After one week, we did not hear anything from anyone who provided the documents they requested for. After two months, we received several calls and emails; we were directed to various individuals each time who didn't clarify the requirements to move into the pre-approval process. We received the "sorry to see you go" email as the deadline was up to be pre-approved. Customer service was awful since they didn't communicate with us.

  10. David Albright
    Jan 21, 2023

    The refinancing process was flawless

    "Wow" is what I'm able to describe. The refinancing process was flawless. However, we were assured that American Financing would not sell our mortgage to RoundPoint...guess what they did; I'm so mad! We've just spent 7K on appraisals, closing costs, and so forth to be sold back to the same company we were trying to avoid. Now what should we do? ? We are so disappointed and sick with the amount of money we have spent on getting refinancing and being assured that we could not have our mortgage returned to them. Moving on to another place is all I can suggest.

  11. Kelli Regan
    Jan 19, 2023

    I've had a horrible experience in dealing with American Financing

    I've had a horrible experience in dealing with American Financing. I've refinanced and financed numerous times in the past 15 years, and my experiences with American Financing are among the most frustrating. Communication was poor, constantly having different people assigned to my case, and my loan terms were continually changing due to my rate locks expiring. If you're a landlord or investor, I don't believe this company is the best place to obtain a mortgage.

  12. Christi Youmans
    Jan 13, 2023

    I know they are large, but if they don't communicate

    We purchased our home two years ago with American Financing, and the whole process was excellent. We decided to use their services to refinance our mortgage, but the process didn't occur as expected. Some contact issues, but overall great! Every time I tried to contact Mandy B, the loan officer responsible for our refinance, she did not pick up or did not contact me back. She didn't keep me updated about the state of our loan. We won't ever use American financing the next time! The staff working at US Mortgages have kept in contact with me since the beginning, so I'd recommend looking elsewhere! I know they are large, but if they don't communicate, they need to be able to tell you this immediately!

  13. Rebah Elci
    Jan 12, 2023

    We are incredibly grateful

    How do I start? Katy and the entire team of American Financing worked tirelessly for us to move into our new house. They were over and above in every way and were transparent throughout the process. The team made my and my family's life much more comfortable during a difficult time. I would recommend them to everyone each time! We are delighted to work with them, and we are incredibly grateful for the dedication and commitment they have put into our case.

  14. Gary Katen
    Jan 11, 2023


    I contacted this company because they sponsored the radio show I enjoy. They approached me about my credit report, which I was wary of doing as I didn't want to receive an inquiry. American Financing said credit was insufficient to refinance ( odd considering our recognition is 720 ). They said they would employ a credit counseling service to contact the customer for help to " fix " our credit. Still, we haven't received any communication from them. I'm now writing the radio show to inform them as well. Awful! However, they must have sold us our details as our mailboxes are now stuffed with offers to refinance from Trinty mortgage Wells Fargo, etc... So my time with American Finance was a COMPLETE waste of time.

  15. Jessica Doyle
    Jan 9, 2023

    They attempt to achieve a smooth process

    I'm not sure if all of these reviews are genuine, but I experienced nothing but bad service and a slow time dealing with American Financing! Pros: Based on salary means no hassle or speed. In a market for housing that is in the least for me, I need someone working on getting my loan in place as quickly as I locate a house worth lots of money! I have always needed to find someone to speak to my loan representative, who has never answered his phone or returned an email on time. I wrote this since anyone working in the lending business could provide loans. They attempt to achieve a smooth process, but it is more challenging. They'd do more and more effectively if they genuinely cared about them. A home is a significant purchase and finding on the market. Choos can be challenging for a lender willing to put in the effort to earn a profit, not just relax and do nothing and get an assured salary whether you accept an offer from them. I wanted to be a fan of this business and tried difficulty, butdifficultlyind I'm feeling more than they're getting the loan; there's something wrong!

  16. Jonathan Glennon
    Jan 7, 2023

    They were friendly and friendly

    We submitted a request for a preapproval note back at the beginning of March. Julie came to us and asked us to complete the application. She asked several times for the same documents over and over. Then, .she completely ignored our application for 60 consecutive days. After we'd already been through another lender, bought a house, and moved in altogether, she contacted us again, asking us to submit the identity documents that we've submitted numerous times. The lender pulled the credit report and impacted our credit score, leaving us without a response for a few weeks. After I informed her that we no longer needed their services, I received email messages from her asking me to submit documents. I'm able to see all duplicates of my papers on the portal. After we submitted our application, we contacted them multiple times to update our information but have never received a response. Unprofessional and inept. I would recommend a better encounter with the Bank Of England (Ryan Graham Loan Officer). They were friendly and friendly. They were easy to work with.

  17. Brenda Crawford
    Dec 22, 2022

    Just the closing date for refinancing my home

    Just the closing date for refinancing my home. My mortgage advisor at American Financing was Alexandra Spollen. She was excellent to work with and guided me through the steps to complete the process.

  18. Shona Masarin
    Dec 21, 2022

    The people working at American Financing were very helpful

    The people working at American Financing were beneficial in the entire process of obtaining a loan. Karim was accommodating. He was skilled and responsive to all my inquiries. I strongly recommend American Financing for all your needs regarding loans.

  19. Lkeshia Endsley
    Dec 19, 2022

    Excellent job!

    I highly recommend using American Finance. I highly recommend using American Finance. It was one of the most straightforward processes I've been through! I also would recommend Keith Kibe (mortgage consultant) and Candace Goins (processor) as they have made the home loan process the most smooth I've had the pleasure of. Excellent job! Already recommend American Finance to others.

  20. Gonzalo Fuenmayor
    Dec 18, 2022

    I would recommend

    Denise of American Financing was a delight to work with! My wife and I have just completed the purchase of our new home! The house was probated for quite some time, and we had many bumps and downs. Denise assisted us throughout the entire process and made it easy to understand. We made a credit improvement using Credit Boost Helpers as advised and got the highest rate. Thank you, Denise! We cannot recommend American Financing highly enough. Each question we had was promptly answered, and I was constantly aware of the stage we were in this process and what our next step would be. I will return to them! Also, I would recommend Credit Boost Helpers for credit repair.

  21. Joseph Canuto
    Dec 16, 2022

    Thanks to your help

    This one is dedicated in appreciation to Dawn Cassarino (credit care specialist). She was critical in helping me get a credit card and a vital loan program for down payments. Thanks to your help, I will finally have the money to buy my first home, Dawn thank; thank you from my heart.!

  22. Nanako Yoshikawa
    Dec 13, 2022

    I had the most pleasant experience working with Greg LaPointe & Nancy Jefferson

    I had the most pleasant experience working with Greg LaPointe & Nancy Jefferson. They were highly professional, and they were both able to answer any of my concerns regardless of the subject. I could not be more pleased with the outcome of this first encounter of mine. Thank you.

  23. Chrystal Hall
    Dec 12, 2022

    We are extremely grateful for Alex Schenk

    We are incredibly grateful to Alex Schenk and DeAnna Johnson for their helpful, professional and professional assistance throughout this process. Alex was highly respectful, offering options and solutions, and was a great communicator. He responded promptly, followed up, kept in touch, and acted on our behalf. Alex was concerned and gave his 100 percent to get the best possible outcome for us. DeAnna was very thorough and communicated quickly, and was a tireless worker to finish the refinance within a short time. Both were exceptional, and it was a relief to have such excellent communication and to establish a trusting rapport that gave us confidence in the company too. We could not have had a more effortless experience. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend anyone to use the service from our experiences. Thank you!

  24. Minino Mansu
    Dec 11, 2022

    Very disappointing experience starting day one

    Very disappointing experience starting day one. I had a difficult time finding someone to explain the required paperwork. The documents were lost between the processors twice. After months of constant excuses for why the loan was not completed, we decided to cancel the loan and go to a local lending institution finished in less than three weeks, with a higher cost ... Keep it local, and you will have a real people to speak to and work with. wWouldn'thave give them a rating of zero stars? We had wanted a manager to contact us several times to discuss the waste of our time and effort with American finance, but we haven't received any phone call or email. Terrible

  25. Ben White
    Dec 9, 2022

    Suzanne is not aware of the urgency, making my refinancing experience dreadful

    I hope that Suzanne Dew sticks no one else as their consultant. Suzanne is not aware of the urgency, making my refinancing experience dreadful. Each week she's not working, and she sends many emails to receive just one-sentence explanations. Two months later, I'm yet to receive an answer. ..,

  26. Kristal Madrid
    Dec 7, 2022

    Our American Finance team was considerate of our time and money

    Our American Finance team was considerate of our time and money. They made all the necessary information available to us and speedily processed our transactions. Jaime helped us refinance an extremely enjoyable experience. A delightful delightful

  27. Gabriella Cebreros
    Dec 5, 2022

    American Financing is the top

    American Financing is the top. I've never been more satisfied with a business regarding the quality of customer service and the general level of customer care. The staff at the company go beyond the call of duty to make your home purchasing experience effortless, painless, and quick. I would also like to express that I am grateful to have had the assistance of Eric Freiboth and Michelle Weingardt. Both have made my experience a pleasant one. Consider American Financing!

  28. Frank Gaffney
    Dec 4, 2022

    This complex loan had a quick closing timeline

    This complex loan had a quick closing timeline, which was completed (21 days to close). The staff from American Financing was proactive and very accommodating. Katy was my primary contact throughout the entire process. I will work with her to secure my next mortgage loan in six months. Thank You!

  29. Feroz Mojadedi
    Dec 2, 2022

    Emily addressed them with the same professionalism.

    The experience we had with American Financing from beginning to finish was flawless. Every person we spoke to was amiable and efficient with our inquiries and concerns. Emily Griffith was accommodating in the days leading up to the date we were due to close. Emily kept in touch with us to inform us of the following steps and what we could expect. If we ever had any additional questions, Emily was prompt in responding to us. Whatever our concerns were, Emily addressed them with the same professionalism.

  30. Tonya Knight
    Dec 1, 2022

    We didn't have the best experience.

    After reading numerous positive reviews, My experience was not good. When I worked with Ralph for a few days, he seemed encouraging and optimistic. Then he went missing for a week due to personal reasons, as stated on his voicemail. He returned as a completely different person. He was bitter and dull and not eager to give us the most favorable mortgage or even a home. We tried the guild mortgage earlier in the year and were offered a better loan, but with less. We decided to try American finance and get a boost and a better credit score. We were offered lower amounts to purchase a house. I'm convinced that Ralph didn't do his best. We didn't have the best experience. We are convinced it's impossible to find the house we've always wanted.

  31. Joseph Tringali
    Nov 29, 2022

    American Finance was wasted entirely time

    I contacted this company because they sponsored the radio show I listen to. They checked my credit, which I was reluctant to conduct since I was not interested in being subjected to the investigation. American Financing said credit was insufficient to qualify for refinancing ( strange considering our credit score is 720 ). They said they would employ a credit counseling service to contact the customer to " fix " our credit. Still, we haven't received any communication from them. However, they must have sold us our information as our mailbox is now complete with offers to refinance from Trinty Mortgage, Wells Fargo, etc... My time spent in the office of American Finance was wasted entirely time. I'm now writing the radio show to inform them about that. Awful!

  32. Laura Williams
    Nov 26, 2022

    Terrible experience

    The refi we applied for was delayed because the appraisal changed the date. American Finance did not honor its "skip two mortgage payments" scheme. However, they sold my loan as soon as possible and collect the additional payment. Then I got an invoice from my homeowner's insurance company because the company could not get the right amount—terrible experience. The agent may need to upgrade his mortgage calculator and stop deceiving customers.

  33. Robin Runnels
    Nov 23, 2022

    I don't recommend this company.

    After a month of collecting documentation and wading through obstacles, we were informed that they could not provide the type of loan we had requested. It seems that mortgage "professionals" would know how to perform their work and what products they can deliver! We were just two days from closing, and AF had already advised my insurance company that they were the lien holders. I'm still trying to have my homeowners insurance sorted out. I don't recommend this company.

  34. Manuel Rocha
    Nov 20, 2022

    My issue is with false advertisements claiming

    American Financing uses deceptive marketing, and its representatives claim that they provide the option of financing that is not offered. We began receiving texts and phone messages from various lenders within the first 24 hours of our experience using American Financing. They also took my information to fill out an application before approval and my credit. I'm a high-end credit. My issue is with false advertisements claiming that they provide a service that's not only available to get personal information, which I believe they sold.

  35. Maricruz Alvarez
    Nov 19, 2022


    Awful! Greg Lapoint does NOT return calls; the payment was changed without explanation, and another representative, James, cannot provide any reason. Very rude. !!!! We were returning customers. They only assist customers who have meager rates of interest!

  36. Lora Goins
    Nov 18, 2022

    We won't work with this unsavory company, and you shouldn't.

    I spoke with Greg initially about a loan. Everything was great, so we moved forward to apply. I just talked to Lisa Morris after they did an invasive credit pull. She gave us options we didn't ask for and did not have the same numbers as Greg did during the initial phone conversation. Lisa Morris kept repeating, "it's simple math." If it's that easy, perhaps all of your colleagues should be aware of that. We won't work with this unsavory company, and you shouldn't.

  37. Franco Tingle
    Nov 18, 2022

    Communication is extremely difficult

    Communication is challenging, and generally, communication is non-existent. Whenever I needed to fill out additional required forms, no one followed up with American Financing. I had to call the company and was unsuccessful in getting someone to answer the phone. We were cleared to close the loan and schedule a closing date. On the day before our closing time, I checked the internet, and our loan is now processing on the site. There was no call or email message to American Financing. I am thankful that the loan was canceled. I do not want to go through them again.

  38. Ashton Bennett
    Nov 15, 2022

    The lesson I learned was $8500.

    At the time of writing, I must be angry at myself for not making a call to Rocket mortgage before. I wouldn't use this company again, even if it were the only available company. I was repeatedly misled. At tThis company altered their numbers so many times that I don't know how many. In the end, I had to terminate them immediately and then refinance using a rocket mortgage to receive the cash I could from my investment property's equity. The lesson I learned was $8500.

  39. Teresa Lopez
    Nov 12, 2022

    All I can tell you is how bad This company is.

    All I can tell you is how bad This company is. First of all, our loan agent is at the end of our loan. There are no calls or emails from us. We then get an amount that is pretty decent on our refinance, to pretty all of nothing since they charge the cost of a luxurious used car to cover our closing costs. We wanted to refinance to make sure we have money to pay off things and not just for lone ones. It was the most awful experience ever—what a joke. I'm amazed that Hanady and the legendary Payton Manning would even consider backing these individuals.

  40. Terry May
    Nov 9, 2022

    It was so frustrating.

    My clients were using American Financing. After almost three weeks of not communicating after ratification, they messed up my clients' files, eventually closing at the wrong time and costing them. They were constantly moving the goalpost because of errors they made and did not communicate these problems until it was too late to rectify them. I received a phone call at 6:45 p.m., the time I was at, to inform me that they had to postpone closing a second time! We were told that evening, before a closing time after the title company was closed. .... It was so frustrating.

  41. Sandy Olewine
    Nov 6, 2022

    Scam with a shady business

    Scam with a shady business. I was able to get all my personal information. We told you we'd call you back to talk about your options. They never called me back, and neither did they provide any details. Instead, I've received 30 calls every day from different businesses. They take your information and sell it to other companies to call you. They won't take your call or contact you when you realize it. Imagine this.

  42. Laurie Thompson
    Nov 4, 2022

    AF is an incredible experience.

    A home purchase can be complicated, but buying a home with AF is an incredible experience. We, unfortunately, had the worst encounter with the group. We had to go through four different individuals following a change in staffing. It seems that no one could ever be on the same wavelength. Communication was not there, and we were in the dark about specifics concerning closing. We did not receive a response when we made phone calls or emails for days. We almost missed the closing deadline and were given the wrong time for closing by our loan provider. I strongly suggest against making use of them.

  43. Gregory Tiffany
    Jul 20, 2022

    I would recommend them

    They were on the radio, and I heard about them for a long time and then finally, I gave them an inquiry, and the information I heard on the radio was 100 100% accurate.

    I could not be happy with their service. I refinanced my home, paid off loans, and received some cash back to pay for upgrades. And everything went smoothly and quickly.

    I would recommend them and return them if I ever want to refinance my home again.

  44. Frank Steffen
    May 31, 2022

    American financing was so easy and painless

    American financing was so easy and painless. I used it a few years back.

    My loan officer this year was not as helpful.

    This year, the lady who worked on my loan took too long to answer questions I had already answered.

    She gave me false hope about the amount she would approve for and wasted my time.

    For weeks, I received calls from American financing calling my number a million times.

    They all wanted the same information I had given to someone else.

    It isn't as painless now as it was in years past. It is very annoying, a waste of time, and complex.

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