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13 Reviews

PinnacleQuote Life Insurance

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Is PinnacleQuote Life Insurance legit?

PinnacleQuote Life Insurance has 13 reviews on, with an average rating of 4.4 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are satisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, feel free considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach PinnacleQuote Life Insurance customer care?

You can contact PinnacleQuote Life Insurance customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at 8553803300

Where is PinnacleQuote Life Insurance located?

PinnacleQuote Life Insurance is located at address 9428 Baymeadows Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32256, United States.

13 Reviews on PinnacleQuote Life Insurance

  1. Howard Fyvie
    1 rating

    Deceptive Practices and Disappointing Service

    Nov 8, 2023

    My experience with PinnacleQuote Life Insurance was highly disappointing. I thought I had purchased a full coverage policy. Still, to my dismay, I later discovered that they had provided me with only liability coverage, all the while charging me total coverage rates. It's incredibly frustrating to feel like I've been taken advantage of by an insurance company that's supposed to protect my interests. PinnacleQuote Life Insurance's misleading online representation only adds to my frustration, as it creates a false sense of legitimacy that they do not live up to. My advice to anyone considering their services is to exercise caution and carefully scrutinize their offerings, as my experience left me feeling like this company had deceived me.

    1. Daniel Ray
      Mar 21, 2024

      You must be confusing us with someone else, we do not offer liability coverage. In addition, you do not and never purchased a policy from us as we have no record of Howard Fyvie.

      Feel free to call me, 888-531-7955, my name is Danny Ray, I am the owner.

      You would have only dealt with me or Lisamarie if you got a policy as we are not a call center.

  2. Donald A Deem
    5 rating

    Danny Ray has the most effective skills!

    Jan 6, 2023

    Danny Ray has the most effective skills! He assisted me in obtaining an excellent plan. He was able to handle all the documents, explained the details thoroughly, and promptly responded within the same day that I originally left an inquiry. I highly recommend entrusting his services for all your term insurance needs! Thanks!!

  3. Patricia Carroll
    5 rating

    Fantastic experience

    Aug 3, 2022

    From the very beginning, Daniel Ray made this a fantastic experience. His quick responses and honest approach proved a no-brainer because the prices were highly competitive. We now have to find out how the insurance company is performing.

  4. Deebeh Charanek
    5 rating

    I was extremely impressed by Lisamarie Monaco

    Aug 1, 2022

    I was highly impressed by Lisamarie Monaco. She's amazing! The attention and care she offered to help me locate the best coverage were above what I expected. It was like speaking to an old acquaintance. I believe we're now friends.

  5. Normandy Banquets
    1 rating

    I wouldn't recommend his services to anyone

    Jul 30, 2022

    I have been afflicted with a lot of threats and rudeness! I wouldn't recommend his services to anyone. You can do yourself a favor and take a look for other opportunities. I will be filing my reports in the right places early Monday morning.

    1. Daniel Ray
      Oct 8, 2023

      Not sure you have the right company. We have no record of you ever reaching out to us as we only engage with consumers that initially engage with us.

  6. Barbara Dlusky
    5 rating

    Excellent communications and service to customers

    Jul 30, 2022

    Daniel was extremely friendly and patient with all of my questions. This helped me determine the best way forward, which is why I am grateful for his advice—excellent communication and customer service.

  7. Christy Borjes
    5 rating

    I am satisfied with the insurance

    Jul 17, 2022

    It took us quite a while to settle my insurance mostly because of Google mail not functioning for a week or so, but I got the job done and am grateful for the assistance Dan provided me. I am satisfied with the insurance coverage thank you so much Dan Have a wonderful thanksgiving.

  8. Dennie Norman
    5 rating

    Danny was extremely helpful

    Jul 14, 2022

    Danny was accommodating as well as knowledgeable about the insurance industry for life. He was also highly professional and customer-focused. Danny did his best to find me the right insurance company.

  9. James Browne
    5 rating

    Danny Ray is the best!

    Jun 20, 2022

    Danny Ray is the best! Danny Ray was my preferred choice when I faced an issue with a friend who could not get Life insurance! He was eligible for insurance due to his medical illness. I discovered this business on the web and reached out to them for assistance, and I am grateful to you for reaching out to me. IMMEDIATE coverage There is no waiting! My father can relax knowing that funeral costs will be paid. The most significant benefit is .....

  10. Anita Sypniewski
    5 rating

    The most enjoyable experience

    Jun 20, 2022

    It was the most enjoyable experience I've had with Ins co. Excellently informed and pleasant. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience. Thank you for all your assistance, Ed

  11. James Honeycutt
    5 rating

    Professional and very customer-oriented

    May 27, 2022

    Danny was accommodating and knowledgeable in the life insurance industry. He was professional and very customer-oriented. Danny was very patient in finding me the right company for my needs.

  12. Tracy Stallings
    5 rating

    Danny Ray is a true professional

    May 11, 2022

    Danny Ray was an excellent professional who quickly helped us purchase burial and life insurance. He was knowledgeable and thorough in assisting us in obtaining the information we needed. We feel now secure and financially assured. Thanks Danny

  13. Michael Golden
    5 rating

    Pinnaclequote Insurance Specialist Agent Danny Ray Positive feedback!

    Apr 29, 2022

    Good morning to all the Pinnaclequote Life Insurance Specialist Customers Center. I hope you are smiling well. I also hope you all have a wonderful day at work. To end, I want to say that Agent Danny Ray, one of your outstanding staff members, was very professional and helpful when I emailed about Burial Insurance Information.

    Last but not least, I want to say that Agent Danny Ray has always been a positive representative for the Pinnaclequote Life Insurance Specialist Company. He replied quickly, and it was a great experience. To all those who work for this particular company, may God bless and watch over you. All praise to the Lord, God is Good Amen.

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