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12 Reviews on Premia Solutions

  1. Antonia Perez
    August 4th, 2022

    The service is top-quality

    The second time I’ve used this business to repair my scratched alloy wheel. The service is top-quality, and they have restored the alloy to its original state.

    The most important thing that I’m concerned about is the amount of length of time from the moment I reported the problem until the day repair was completed. In this instance, it took about six weeks. In other words, I am happy with the services provided.

  2. Laurie Mitchell
    August 4th, 2022

    Excellent service.

    My car was damaged by an abrasion inside the tire’s wall that was not fixable. I remembered that I had insurance on tires and filed an application. I contacted the garage that was recommended. When I brought my car to them, they completed the part of the form required for my claim. They also arranged for me to get my new tire and then emailed the information that was needed to the insurance company. I was notified that my request was paid to my bank within a week. Excellent service.

  3. Doina Stanescu
    August 2nd, 2022

    Unfortunately, I'd need to ruin my car to meet Trevor again

    Repair completed on one of the hottest days of the year to date. I moved my appointment to early morning to allow repainting before it became too hot. Even at the end of the painting, it had risen 20 degrees in just an hour. I was aware of the noise and, overall, a good guy. He did an excellent repair as new.

    You’d never be able to tell anything was wrong. Repairs an alloy and one minor scratch for me—a lovely guy. Unfortunately, I’d need to ruin my car to meet Trevor again.

  4. Rose Licary
    August 2nd, 2022

    I am completely happy with their service

    I’m not a big fan of buying insurance on alloys, but fortunately, I did when it was given to me at the time I purchased my car. Premia Solutions are 100% outstanding. I’ve had to submit several claims, and they’ve dealt with the claims swiftly and quickly. There is no hassle or awkward questions with them, unlike other kinds of insurance. I am thrilled with their service.

  5. Robert Mcwilliams
    August 1st, 2022

    Friendly, professional, and the metals are excellent

    What is one to say? The car was taken to the alloys shop to be repaired. The garage was where we met. Chatted. We went on a break for a couple of hours, then returned after the receptionist rang. Alloys are looking brand new. Thanks.

    Personally, The entire team was helpful. We were taken to the garden center for lunch and then returned after being contacted to do excellent service. Friendly, professional, and the metals are excellent ***** top-quality.

  6. Nora Humphries
    July 31st, 2022

    Excellent service, and the wheels appear like new

    Excellent service, and the wheels appear like new. The second time I’ve had to make use of Premia Solutions, who contracted work to The Wheel Specialists in Fareham. It was a lengthy lead-in because they were busy and had to have the vehicle for three days to finish the job—easy booking process and completing work.

  7. Amy Postell
    July 30th, 2022

    A new tire was fitted due to sidewall damage

    A new tire was fitted due to sidewall damage. Completed online form, sent photos BMW recovered my vehicle and the job for 250 pounds.

    Now you need more information on the tire fitters VAT number, and I’m at a loss for forms that will arrive eight days later. I’m guessing you’re hoping I’ll forget about it.

  8. Russell Garland
    July 14th, 2022

    this insurance is in place and quickly

    I was a bit unsure about how simple the process could be, but it’s straightforward. The photos were uploaded, communication was clear about what to do next, and the process was smooth and without hassle, which is not common in the modern world! Peace of mind knowing that this insurance is in place and quickly addressed.

  9. Joseph Bausano
    July 11th, 2022

    my experience in the last few days was insignificant

    The score could have been higher, but my experience in the last few days was insignificant in that it took too long to reject an assertion that I had previously talked to an employee about and thoroughly explained at the moment. The reason behind the declination must be apparent and a decision made upon first contact.

  10. Bev Groves
    June 20th, 2022

    they also covered the repairs

    One of my tires’ sidewalls was damaged due to the pothole. After I had sent photos of the damaged area, filled out the form, and received the receipt from the fitter of my tires, I was happy to hear that they had accepted my claim and transferred the replacement to my bank account.

    I used their services in my previous vehicle five years ago to repair my damaged alloy wheel, which they also covered the repairs. Be sure to adhere to their guidelines and take great photos, which is crucial to the claims.

  11. David Morley
    June 20th, 2022

    Very disappointed with your method

    I’ve never claimed on my car insurance.

    I tried to claim it for the first time, but my claim was denied because there was corrosion from earlier damage that I had not previously claimed.

    Therefore, instead of making one claim, I should have filed several before this one.

    Very disappointed with your method. It is a waste of money to pay for this kind of policy.

  12. Sarah Lovegrove
    May 31st, 2022

    The process was very straightforward

    The entire process was very straightforward. After completing the online claim form and uploading photos of my wheels, I received an email within a few days confirming that my claim had been accepted, and Perrys would contact you within five days to schedule a time for me to have my repair done.

    It was only a few days before Perrys contacted me, and an appointment was made for a two-week repair.

    I was satisfied with the repair at Perrys near me. This is my second claim for wheels. I was required to pay the bill in full and get a refund. I didn’t have to pay the bill this time and got a refund.

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