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5 Reviews on VisitorsCoverage Inc.

  1. Ralph Rowland
    July 14th, 2022

    Thank you Melissa

    Melissa was able to assist my friend, and I bought travel insurance. She was responsive, providing all information required with professionalism and kindness. She was always readily available. It indeed was a five-star service. Thank you, Melissa

  2. Michelle Klassen
    June 20th, 2022

    the price was too high

    I thought that the price was too high. I’m hoping the rest of the service will be worth it. Am trying it out in the beginning. Bye

  3. Kevin Weldon
    May 27th, 2022

    highly knowledgeable

    Risha was highly knowledgeable. She was patient and understanding. Your company provided insurance for me. I chose your company because of its ability to help an older woman like myself. I was only looking for quotes. I bought our travel insurance.

  4. clorissa comer
    May 11th, 2022

    Attractive but not too restrictive

    Telephone codes for countries required to be filled out during the procedure must be kept in alphabetical order. Too few: the country of residence must not be the same as the destination.

    Not everyone needs insurance to travel internationally. Why? You can buy or extend insurance while you are in the destination country. You can think outside the box.

  5. Anonymous
    April 18th, 2022

    Frustrating Talk

    Before I bought my policy, I wanted to make sure that “Covid-19 Coverage” would be listed on the policy when I printed it. After a lot of searching, I finally found the information I needed. The chat rep tried to sell me a Comprehensive plan instead of a Limited plan. I didn’t need a project with a higher price.

    It is. I asked him to inform me that my policy would include the words “COVID19: Covered same with any other illness to or exceed the medical maximum” (VISA Letter). He never told me this. I decided to try it out and buy the Limited Plan to see the language. It was a frustratingly long and tedious chat conversation.

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VisitorsCoverage is proud to simplify purchasing travel insurance by offering top-rated plans and an easy-to-use website. We also offer unrivaled customer support. We want to make it easy for travelers to find travel insurance and spend more time traveling. We have more than ten years of industry experience and are committed to helping travelers learn about travel insurance.

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