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24 Reviews

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Is VisitorsCoverage Inc. legit?

VisitorsCoverage Inc. has 24 reviews on, with an average rating of 2.5 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are dissatisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, caution is advised when considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach VisitorsCoverage Inc. customer care?

You can contact VisitorsCoverage Inc. customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at 8663849104

Where is VisitorsCoverage Inc. located?

VisitorsCoverage Inc. is located at address 2350 Mission College Blvd, Santa Clara, CA 95054, United States.

24 Reviews on VisitorsCoverage Inc.

  1. Erwin Glassée
    2 rating

    Deceptive Insurance Plan Misled Me about Pre-Existing Conditions Coverage

    Nov 8, 2023

    I carefully chose a specific insurance plan based on the information provided both on VisitorsCoverage Inc.'s website and in their brochure. The main selling point for me was that the plan supposedly covered the acute onset of pre-existing conditions. That's why I decided to invest in a pricier option.

    However, my optimism quickly turned into frustration when I delved into the fine print of the terms and conditions that you're required to accept after providing all your payment information. It was there that I discovered a stark contradiction - acute onset of pre-existing conditions was excluded from coverage.

    This kind of discrepancy is not only misleading but it also raises serious concerns about the integrity of the companies involved. I now question whether this insurance plan will come through if I ever need to use it. This experience has left me feeling deceived and uncertain about the reliability of the plan I thought I had secured.

  2. Corina Cornish
    4 rating

    Excellent coverage

    May 16, 2023

    Excellent coverage at a fair price and a quick and straightforward purchase online. Uncertain regarding coverage, though. I'd instead not make claims because I want to ensure the excellent health of the person I bought this item.

  3. Austin Fletcher
    3 rating

    It is not possible

    May 15, 2023

    I'd like to see Paypal as a method of payment. It is not possible to find enough choices for the price. The 2023 year will see people wanting to pay using various ways rather than just a credit card.

  4. Adel Ainslie
    5 rating

    Prompt service

    May 14, 2023

    I've dealt with this company twice, first with my mother while she was in town and required urgent medical attention, and the other time I booked my travel insurance. We've both received rapid and prompt service!

  5. Patricia Fasulo
    1 rating

    Difficult to use

    May 13, 2023

    We don't suggest it! Coverages aren't easy to find, and no pre-existing protection is provided for all plans. The website is messy and difficult to use, and the information structure and keyboard control are terrible. The interface is not easy in any way. The coverage's descriptions have been made challenging to read, and they hide great detail. They don't permit the user to request a quote for events with different types of ages and will ask for you to complete the process again with different age ranges and various dates for travel dates.

  6. Katherine Stewart
    5 rating

    An enjoyable experience

    May 11, 2023

    Most of the time, I come across many sites that are easy to use. The one you have created was easy for me to navigate through and for me to find details. This is always an enjoyable experience. It also made me feel that I made several good options to choose from in my coverage, and I hope that, if I require medical assistance, the range will be up to the expectations I have set.

  7. Livie Susini
    5 rating

    The sales staff is helpful

    Apr 7, 2023

    The site is simple to use. The sales staff is helpful and practical. It's quick for me to choose a strategy. But, I'd appreciate the possibility that "home country/country of residence" can be more clearly defined since I'm not living in my country of residence, which is causing lots of confusion.

  8. Michele Wilborn
    3 rating

    Unless you're wealthy and have enough money to pay for monthly insurance

    Jan 6, 2023

    It is a great alternative for immigrants new to the country for small things. But when I inquired, "if you suffer from cervical cancer, and it later moves to the uterus, which happens to be a separate organ, what will happen? ?"... I was informed,d "same illness so not covered," which was very depressing. When you purchase, they market it for "new immigrant," but when you ask for help with larger health problems, You receive a "this is only a travel insurance" type of reply... However, it's better than not being insurance coverage from Medicare since you're newly arrived and aren't eligible for assistance for at least five months... unless you're wealthy and have enough money to pay for monthly insurance of $800. :/

  9. Sandra Sorie
    2 rating

    We were relieved that we didn't use it.

    Jan 4, 2023

    It's easy to buy and customize, except for COVID-19 coverage. It's impossible to predict the time a country is likely to cross the tier. This waiver does not guarantee coverage for medical treatment for half of the causes of death. I didn't know the release existed until I purchased it. We were relieved that we didn't use it.

  10. Linda Rubin
    1 rating

    Inferior business to purchase insurance from.

    Jan 3, 2023

    Inferior business to purchase insurance from. I've bought my parents' visitor insurance from them for over seven years. The first time I had to make a claim, my FIL was diagnosed with a retinal detachment can note to file claim because the HCCMIS Atlas Insurance company refused to accept my claim, even after filing the HCFA/UB form. The VisitorsCoverage representative on the phone could not assist me in any way or assistance and requested that I speak directly with the insurance company. As it appears, I'll suffer an expense of $9K after I've paid well over $1K in insurance premiums. Beware of this company at all costs.

  11. Jackie Morey
    1 rating

    This is fake insurance

    Jan 2, 2023

    I purchased the Visitor Coverage Tokio Marine HCC Insurance for my father when he traveled to the USA. The insurance we bought was a one-time purchase, and we had to pay out of our pockets. It's been almost a year since the insurance was purchased, and the claims aren't resolved yet. This is fake insurance, don't believe it.

  12. Tracy Symanzik
    1 rating

    The insurance company doesn't pay the claim

    Jan 1, 2023

    The buying process is simple, but The insurance company doesn't pay the claim. The reason for this is that they don't have the proper documentation, I contacted the hospital and they informed me that they don't receive any correspondence from the insurance. Don't buy this insurance policy, as you'll be paying the entire cost for hospitalizations.

  13. Cathy Simao
    1 rating

    I purchased this plan for my parents,

    Dec 26, 2022

    Buying plan is simple; however, they don't pay one cent! I purchased this plan for my parents, who were visiting us, and they were well-nourished and youthful (6 and 5 years old). The last time my dad complained of chest pains while they saw us. I took them to the hospital. I was informed that his heart was in a severe state. He underwent surgery, and the medical bill was $1 million. The insurance company told me that it was pre-existing and closed my case without even a penny. The hospital finance department informed me that they have a good reputation for marketing. However, they do not make any claim. Avoid falling into their trap !!

  14. Denise Lund
    1 rating

    I lost on this scam to pay for the doctor in a foreign country.

    Dec 22, 2022

    I tried to claim back money due to a sickness I contracted while traveling and contacted the Insurance twice. I was told my claim was being reviewed but never received any response. When my insurance ran out, I was asked if I wanted to renew. Never. I should have saved the money I lost on this scam to pay for the doctor in a foreign country.

  15. Anil Kumar
    1 rating

    They believe it's an existing condition.

    Dec 20, 2022

    Please don't purchase this! !! However, regardless of what transpires, they'll say that it's an existing health issue, so it's useless to get insurance through this company. It's which is a total cost and time. I have to pay over 10k for my hospital expenses as this company refuses to pay any amount! The entire process they use are fraudulent! The appeal is futile nobody cares about the actual situation, and they believe it's an existing condition.

  16. Sheilachu Gomez
    1 rating

    There is no connection to the relationship between the spouse and child.

    Dec 17, 2022

    There is no connection to the relationship between the spouse and child. !!!!! If my 18-year-old isn't a child and you refuse to give me any other choice than a spouse, you're out of your stomach. It's apathetic and gutter-level thinking that you can make your child a spouse and NOT OFFER any OTHER OPTION on your internet buying OPTIONS... sick and PATHETIC.

  17. Donna Ricci
    1 rating

    Absolute worst insurance I have ever had.

    Dec 14, 2022

    Absolute worst insurance I have ever had. I was charged an additional amount for insurance coverage in the event of acute symptoms of a pre-existing illness. I checked all boxes, such as the condition was stable, there was no new treatment needed, less than 70 years of age, etc. When I realized that I had an emergency need for insurance, I called the insurance company and was told it was protected. But they didn't provide any coverage. Make sure you save your money and look for a different source. Like many others, I'd want to sue them, but it's too complicated because I'm in a foreign country. They extort money from the people they are able to take advantage of.

  18. Yvette Anguiano
    1 rating

    I'm not satisfied! We took out advanced coverage for our parents.

    Dec 9, 2022

    I'm not satisfied! We took out advanced coverage for our parents. Suppose I want to visit a doctor, regardless of which doctor I select from the network providers, and contact three orthopedics and two docotor. All of them said they could not accept the insurance of the surgeon. It seems like a waste of money! I think it is challengingly to find docotrs who will get this kind of insurance.

  19. James Heaton
    1 rating

    I am not happy!

    Dec 1, 2022

    Took advanced coverage for parents. I am not happy! When I want to see doctors, even if I choose a doctor from their network provider listorthopedicsthree orthopedic and a couple of doctors, all say they do not accept visitor's insurance. I feel it's a waste of money! I think it's too hard to find doctors who agree with this insurance.

  20. Ralph Rowland
    5 rating

    Thank you Melissa

    Jul 14, 2022

    Melissa was able to assist my friend, and I bought travel insurance. She was responsive, providing all information required with professionalism and kindness. She was always readily available. It indeed was a five-star service. Thank you, Melissa

  21. Michelle Klassen
    3 rating

    The price was too high

    Jun 20, 2022

    I thought that the price was too high. I'm hoping the rest of the service will be worth it. Am trying it out in the beginning. Bye

  22. Kevin Weldon
    5 rating

    Highly knowledgeable

    May 27, 2022

    Risha was highly knowledgeable. She was patient and understanding. Your company provided insurance for me. I chose your company because of its ability to help an older woman like myself. I was only looking for quotes. I bought our travel insurance.

  23. Clorissa comer
    3 rating

    Attractive but not too restrictive

    May 11, 2022

    Telephone codes for countries required to be filled out during the procedure must be kept in alphabetical order. Too few: the country of residence must not be the same as the destination.

    Not everyone needs insurance to travel internationally. Why? You can buy or extend insurance while you are in the destination country. You can think outside the box.

  24. Anonymous
    3 rating

    Frustrating Talk

    Apr 18, 2022

    Before I bought my policy, I wanted to make sure that "Covid-19 Coverage" would be listed on the policy when I printed it. After a lot of searching, I finally found the information I needed. The chat rep tried to sell me a Comprehensive plan instead of a Limited plan. I didn't need a project with a higher price.

    It is. I asked him to inform me that my policy would include the words "COVID19: Covered same with any other illness to or exceed the medical maximum" (VISA Letter). He never told me this. I decided to try it out and buy the Limited Plan to see the language. It was a frustratingly long and tedious chat conversation.

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