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2 Reviews on 4Structures — John Darer

  1. Brian Turner
    August 27th, 2022

    John is an incredible person

    John is an incredible person. I contacted John from the blue for tips on solving the issue of a structured settlement. He immediately got me and offered innovative and valuable solutions. He gave at least 1/2 hour for his efforts. In addition, because of the circumstances, he was likely in no position to gain anything from his contribution. John is the kind of person looking to share his expertise and assist others.

  2. Anonymous
    August 26th, 2022

    4Structures scammed me through shit settlement deals.

    Someone told me that 4Structures helps consumers deal with settlement disputes outside the court. So, I met the expert from the company and was given a date for the next meeting with all the documentation and proofs, along with other things.

    Surprisingly, the man sitting in front of me during the meeting was someone in his 30s and did not seem to know much. And he did tell me that he was there to collect the information so he could schedule the meeting with John Darer, the person responsible for everything at 4Structures.

    I was willing to meet this man as he was supposed to solve my problem. I was involved in an accident, and the person who got injured was asking for too much money. So, when I went to the office of 4Structures, I was in dire need of quick resolution. It was affecting my business, my family, and everything around me.

    Although I was not the one who got hurt, the mistake was of the other party. He drove right in front of my car in the middle of the night. I was ready to take care of the hospital bills, but he asked for much more.

    I did not have that kind of money, and it seemed like a plan to hurt me. So, I walked to the 4Structures office, where this man greeted me, took all the details, and asked me to return after three days.

    When I reached his office as planned, I met John. He was more innovative and seemed like a guy who knew what he was doing. However, I was distraught by the way he spoke to me. He did not even say Hello and asked me to share all the documents. Also, he asked me to write down the number of the guy hurt by my car.

    I did as asked. He said I must wait for a few days, and he would return to me with the proper papers and plans to settle this amicably. I left and waited for the call from that office.

    After a week and waiting a lot, I got a call from 4Structures saying they had curated a complete plan to deal with the situation. He also said they have talked with the other party and are ready to make changes to the deal.

    When I reached the 4Structures office, a guy gave me a paper with all the agreed terms and asked me to go through it. Well, the amount wasn’t changed at all. But they did change the payment terms. Instead of paying in two installments, the words said I would get six months to make the payment.

    This was frustrating. I asked that I would like to see John and these people said that this was the best they could do.

    Also, I had paid them a lot of money to turn the deal into my interest. And this is what they came up with. They did not even return my money, and I had to hire someone else to take the case with proper detailing. I was able to save a considerable amount, and because the mistake was of the other guy, all the charges were brought down.

    4Strucures still owe me a lot of money. And I would not ever forgive them for what they did to me. This was a total nightmare. If you ever come across this company, run the other path. Or else they would leave you with nothing but a lot of pain and anger.

    1. The Businesss Owner
      August 29th, 2022

      The Businesss Owner

      I am the Business Owner. Let me make this clear. Our client’s satisfaction is paramount to us—many other reasons to underscore why the above is not an honest review. I won’t waste your time. JD does not have an assistant of any age, as described in the above fake review.

      Furthermore, the same person has written a complaint on another site admitting that JD worked alone. Our business does not lend or advance money, nor do we accept money from clients as described in the above fake review.

      You can read what the business does by visiting our website or contacting me.

      JD has 5-star reviews from Google, Better Business Review (17+ years), Yelp, AM Best Client Recommended Expert (10 years) Even a 4.7 /5 positive rating from Pissed Consumer.

      BBB A+ Accredited

      [Link Redacted]


      [Link Redacted]

      Google Reviews

      [Link Redacted]

      A..M. Best Client Recommended Expert (10+ years)

      [Link Redacted]

      Summary of reviews here

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      JD devotes over 120 pro bono hours each year to helping consumers as the Structured Settlement Watchdog.

      [Link Redacted]

      JD has exposed many bad actors over 17 years as the Structured Settlement Watchdog. Some of those bad actors in an under-regulated industry have the motivation to write bogus reviews and complaints like the one that appears above. They hate it.

      See Structured Settlement Watchdog FAQ

      [Link Redacted]

      Anonymity does not allow the business to address the issue. When one client posted something, they hid their identity, but we could figure out who it was. The individual gave JD 5 stars on the same complaint.

      In closing, I will stress again that our client’s satisfaction is important to us. Thank you.

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