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  1. Michael Gutierrez
    Jan 6, 2023

    I had the unfortunate experience of working with Mr. Gray

    I had the unfortunate experience of working with Mr. Gray as my insurance broker and was highly disappointed by his level of professionalism. Not only was he consistently late to meetings and unresponsive to my inquiries, but he was also rude and disrespectful. I would not recommend Mr. Gray to anyone in need of insurance services.

  2. Noreen Morris
    Aug 3, 2022

    An excellent experience

    I discovered Michael through a search on the internet to find Key Man Life Insurance for our small-scale company. After I secured a fantastic rate from him and more, he also helped me save money for my own life insurance needs—an excellent experience and more efficient customer service in the last few years.

  3. Alejandro Marcel
    Jul 30, 2022

    the perfect product and at the best price

    We had trouble getting the insurance we required; however, Michael and his team were able to provide the perfect product at the best price.

  4. Richie Strutz
    Jul 30, 2022

    We highly recommend

    We collaborated in conjunction with Michael Gray to purchase critical man life insurance. Michael was more pleasant to deal with. He was highly efficient and thorough, and we felt at ease working with him through the entire process.

    We were also impressed by the speed at which we were able to obtain coverage. We highly recommend anyone seeking life insurance contact Michael Gray and his firm.

  5. Raymond Taylor
    Jul 14, 2022

    how thankful

    “We cannot overstate how thankful we are for all you give us over and over again. You’re the best! Thank us from the heart.

  6. Simona Rewters
    Jul 13, 2022

    extremely thorough in pursuing my request

    Insurance agent Michael Grey Jr. has been extremely thorough in pursuing my request to make a change in my beneficiary.

    He made a phone call with me to ensure that I had received my acknowledgment of Prudential Insurance, which I could not receive until after one month.

    He called the firm and is in contact with them.

  7. Alex Meyerovich
    Jun 20, 2022

    They are extremely helpful

    Michael, as well as Kary, are top-notch! They are accommodating and ensure that you get the most price for your money. They will call you back as they say they will and are always on time.

  8. Debi Arendell
    Jun 20, 2022

    the guy is a great

    Mr. Gray has worked with me for the last ten years to help me get the most current insurance options at a meager cost. He was always prompt and polite. I highly recommend him to anyone with insurance requirements. In addition, the guy is a great general person too.

  9. Brian Zelinski
    May 27, 2022

    We got what we needed

    We had no luck finding the right insurance, but Michael and his team found the right product at the right price.

  10. Margaret Orth
    May 11, 2022

    Excellent service

    These are the kind of things I don’t do, but I am making an exception. MEG was able to take our request and turn it around in a lightning-fast manner.

    They also provided us with a policy and a price superior to any other we had seen. Excellent service.

  11. Alex Meyerovich
    Apr 29, 2022

    Michael is now a member of the Gray family!

    Michael Gray is now a member of the Gray family! The circumstances that have presented themselves to our business over the years have been difficult. MEG Financial has been there and has provided industry insight related to our insurance requirements.

    MEG Financial is a turn-key service that we have never regretted. Knowing Michael is there to help us has taken away the worry of “What if?” This review is not paid or compensated.

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