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  1. Erika Rivera
    Jan 13, 2023

    The flooring company we chose was incredible!

    The flooring company we chose was incredible! Constance was extremely friendly and patient when we selected hundreds of choices. After we were placed on the agenda, everybody arrived at the right time and worked quickly, and we were back to enjoying our lives as usual. The night before, my husband and II were out, the workers went home and were concerned about our sleeping arrangements because they had not completed the flooring. When we returned home, the flooring crew was already putting together an extra bed for our guests. The process was straightforward, and we would recommend the company to anyone.

  2. Michael Green
    Jul 26, 2022

    The staff was extremely courteous and professional

    Two great encounters using Aggieland Carpet One Floor and Home.

    Excellent service from the moment I entered the store through the installation process.

    The staff was extremely courteous and professional, and the price was fair. We will never use another hotel.

  3. Peter Gropp
    Jul 16, 2022

    No response to emails or calls

    No response to emails or calls. I had to fight to reach a company. The bathroom’s vinyl was put in place with ripples. The repairers returned and informed my tenant that it couldn’t be fixed, and they left. I finally found someone to resolve the issue and was scheduled to repair it again. I was told it wasn’t fixable due to the sub-flooring issue. Why didn’t they inform me of this before?

    Did I think I would not be able to say anything? They finally agreed to repair the sub-floor and adequately put the vinyl. I had sent an email to the owner regarding my concerns but didn’t receive a single reply. There was no phone call or return email.

    The following month, the husband contacted me asking why he didn’t feel the need to reply. The owner then explained that the sub-flooring could fail and that he would be able to replace the vinyl in the event of failure. What?? I thought they’d fixed that sub-floor for me. …. It took two months to install it and then to have it fixed.

    The company should enroll in a training course on communication. It was not a great experience. I have been a frequent customer, and this is a genuine review of the experience I had this time. The main issue is that they didn’t say that the subfloor was damaged and required fixing before the installation.

    It wasn’t until after the second time they came out to fix those ripples that I learned that it was caused by subflooring. I could have had it repaired correctly if they had told me from the beginning. At the moment of the repair and the knowledge of the subfloor problem, my tenants were back in the home, so I found myself in a challenging situation.

    I wanted to fix it in the quickest and most efficient method for my tenants. Richard said he would lay plywood in the area of concern to fix it, and we would be happy with his solution if they had told me there would be no issue before the installation. We could have repaired the subflooring promptly. They may say that they informed me, but that’s not true.

  4. Harold Borak
    Jun 27, 2022

    done an excellent job

    Many times before, Constance, as well as her staff, have done an excellent job. We have confidence in Constance to comprehend our clients’ needs and present solutions that meet our requirements.

  5. Penni Broach
    May 20, 2022

    extremely helpful

    Aggieland Carpet One Floor and Home have been used on two projects: my kitchen and primary bathroom. The installers’ product selection, advice, and craftsmanship were all excellent. They don’t stop until you are satisfied.

    They do the job with great care. Constance was an invaluable help on the sales floor. Constance is knowledgeable about her products and can listen to customer concerns and questions.

    Nolan installed the tiles on both of my projects, and I couldn’t be happier. This company is highly recommended! She was extremely helpful in helping me make my selections.

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