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53 Reviews on AGM Renovations

  1. Greg
    May 25, 2023

    The AGM Disappointment

    We used AGM to renovate our kitchen because Mike Holmes endorsed this company. They advertise: ‘No need to deal with contractors’ and of course the best: ‘your kitchen will be done within 3 weeks exactly the way you envisioned. Nothing could be further from the truth. AGM ripped out our kitchen on August 25, 2022. It took AGM 9 months to almost finish our kitchen.

    We finally got to the point of never wanting an AGM-related person ever in our house again. It was so frustrating dealing with them.

    If you use AGM for your renovations, you had better be available to be home every time a contractor appears. You are expected to be the project manager. You will need to let each of the contractors into your home. You will need to explain to each of them what needs to be done. There is NO AGM oversight. AGM subcontracts out all workers. The contractors are required to send photos to AGM when they complete their work. You will be required to send photos to AGM of incorrect or incomplete work.

    The quality of work is definitely subpar. The AGM general contractor who is not an AGM employee repaired our drywall after tearing out the old cupboards and after the new cupboards were installed. Below are a few pictures of their repair job. These pictures were after their second attempt to fix it after we complained about the sloppy job and they had come back to fix it. We later had to repair the drywall ourselves at our own expense.

    Another example of quality work by AGM is the caulking between cupboards and walls and countertops. They use inferior caulk that after 3 months shrunk and cracked. Again we were left to repair the caulking at our own expense.

    The reality is that you will wait for weeks at a time just for someone from AGM to show up and you will be grateful that some progress is finally being made. This will go on for months and months. If you want your renovation done properly, do NOT hire AGM. You will only be frustrated by the lack of oversight, the slow progress and the inferior workmanship.

    Just be warned that if you do use them and then choose not to pay them due to poor quality work or incomplete work, you can expect them to put a lien on your house!

  2. Mohamediqbal Shaikh
    May 22, 2023

    Beautiful Bathroom by AGM

    We hired AGM for our bathroom renovation. The work was completed with minimal disruption of our daily lives at home. we now have a modern bathroom to take pride in. Vadim the renovator is very reliable, professional and pays attention to minute details. We have already recommended AGM to our friends and family. Whoever has seen our new bathroom are very positive about AGM! We are sure AGM will get few projects from our friend circle!

  3. Susan Doupe
    May 20, 2023

    The entire crew was pleasant

    We decided to hire AGM again for the second time. The company had renovated our kitchen earlier in the year, and based on their excellent service and quality, we decided to hire AGM to remodel our basement with no doubt—another time we've enjoyed working with the team. The entire crew was pleasant, courteous, professional, and extremely tidy. The work was finished in time and looked fantastic. The issue arose when the work was completed, and AGM needed to be back to rectify some cases; however, they handled it quickly and fixed the problem as required. We are happy with their job and will contact them again to work on the next one!

  4. Ted Gentile
    May 19, 2023

    Knowledgeable professionals

    My experiences working with AGM Renovations have been unique! The kitchen I have been remodeling is stunning, contemporary, and spacious. Everyone in my family is enjoying it right now. The artisans were all knowledgeable professionals. The results are of high quality! Also, we must note the excellent customer service provided by the AGM administration staff! I would undoubtedly recommend AGM to all of our friends and family!

  5. Dirk
    May 9, 2023

    The AGM Nightmare

    We contracted with AGM Renovations for a large kitchen renovation. We read the many very good online reviews and decided to proceed. Part way through the project, we decided to read the reviews again, focussing on just the poor ones, and found these much closer to our experience.
    The General Contractor (GC) was onsite a total of 7 times, and a total of 24 hrs [equiv. of 3 work days]. We were not happy with the quality of some of the work, including drywall repairs, caulking and door install and had the work brought to a higher standard by ourselves and contractors of our choosing, at our expense.
    After the initial 2 day cabinet install, it was determined that 9 end panels and doors were missing, as well as filler strips in 10 areas, that shelves were missing for all the lower cabinets and many of the upper cabinets, that hardware to install handles on the 22 drawers was not provided and an addl 66 shelf brackets were required. We detailed these deficiencies to the Project Manager (PM) electronically. Approx. 6 wks after initial install we were informed that AGM had severed ties with the original cabinet manufact’r and they sent cabinet manufact’r 2. We spent half a day walking him through the project and providing him with the list of deficiencies. Over the next 5 wks that group was onsite an addl 3 times but we realized on the last visit that the completion pieces they had manufactured were not a colour match, were not the same profile as the original cabinets and were not a lacquer finish. We reported these deficiencies to the PM and 2 wks later AGM send Cabinet Manuf’r 3. We went through the same process with them walking them through the project and deficiencies.
    AGMs website states “No Need to deal with contractors”, “No need to invite strangers into your home”. During the initial 17 visits by subcontractors neither the GC, nor any other AGM personnel were onsite to instruct, direct or supervise their chosen subcontractors. This required that we the client obtain from AGM the schematics for the kitchen/pantry layout, walk each contractor through the site, provide basic information as to the requirements, and deal with any resulting mistakes and damage they caused – which, in our opinion, there was on multiple occasions. The subcontractors supervised by us the client included, cabinet manufacturer number 1, plumber, electrical assistant, electrician, HVAC, counter manufact’r, cabinet manufact’r 2, cabinet manufact’r 3, and cabinet painter.
    The project was completed 9.5 mos after the final design meeting, whereas the AGM contract and literature states an “estimated 8-9 wks” to “substantial completion”. Our view is that this was an excessively long delay. At 10 wks our kitchen looked substantially the same as the day of demo and we had not seen the AGM GC once since the 3 hrs he spent during demo.
    In our opinion if you want to avoid a high pressure sales process, avoid frustration, avoid having to virtually beg for the work you paid for be completed, be treated fairly, and you desire quality work completed in a reasonable time period, do NOT use AGM Renovations

  6. Jeff Simpson
    May 1, 2023

    Excellent Bathroom Renovation!

    Our bathroom was very old and we hired AGM to renovate it. We had an excellent renovator Andy who worked on this project. We have everything new and beautiful! We love the sink, toilet, shower, bathtub, floor tiles, vanity and pot lights. Workers were professional and they completed everything on time. Any flaws that appeared later were quickly repaired without hesitation. Our communication with the AGM office was also superb!

  7. Mickail Butler
    Apr 30, 2023

    Kitchen Renovation to Our Great Liking!

    AGM Renovations renovated our kitchen last month. In addition to installing new cabinets and countertops, they also did the floor tile, backsplash, electrical work, plumbing, patching and painting. The quality of workmanship has been excellent and all the trades were very courteous and always on time. I will be looking to hire AGM again for future renovations.

  8. Judith Hunt
    Apr 29, 2023

    Perfect Master Bathroom Renovation!

    We recently had a master bathroom renovation done by AGM.The trades crew were wonderful! They were knowledgeable, punctual, paid attention to detail, and had extremely competent construction skills. The cleaning crew cleaned up thoroughly each day. The project completed within the quoted budget. The quality control lady Lina communicated with us regularly. The bathroom has turned out amazing and we love it! We highly recommend AGM for excellent work and trustworthy service!

  9. Joel Godfre
    Apr 28, 2023

    Very Pleased With New Kitchen by AGM

    I am very pleased with the kitchen renovation by the AGM team at my home. I got what I wanted as our project manager Alex was both able to understand my requirements and to turn them into a beautiful reality. A worn out, old, and inconvenient kitchen has been turned into a great kitchen space to dine and enjoy family get together. What I most appreciate from AGM is their ability to find solutions to all the problems that came up during the renovation (regulations, plumbing deterioration, etc.). I will definitely call AGM again when I am ready for my next renovation project.

  10. Iuliia
    Apr 25, 2023

    Excellent work done

    I hired AGM company for second time and didn’t regret! My sister came to Canada and I needed more space for her family for the first time, AGM renovations done a great job, it was fast and professional, thanks God for this company for excellent work!

  11. Fabiola Ramirez
    Apr 24, 2023

    I highly recommend

    The basement was revamped with AGM's help, and we're pleased with the work quality and care they charged. Designer Gloria was able to help us with our basement's layout and also with selecting suitable materials. It was an absolute pleasure to work with, and we were amazed by her drawings and designs. Kyle was the project supervisor. Kyle communicated with us about the project schedule ever daily. We knew when the team would arrive to finish our basement and what they'd be working on. The contractor was very professional and always assisted us throughout the remodel. Minor imperfections were dealt with efficiently at the final stage of the work. Overall, the work was completed on time and efficiently while causing minimal disruption for us. We'll certainly contact them to discuss additional renovation projects in the future! I highly recommend AGM to anyone looking for a basement renovation.

  12. Amanda Anderson
    Apr 22, 2023

    Extremely spacious

    My experiences working at AGM Renovations have been unique! The new kitchen that I renovated is modern, beautiful, and extremely spacious. My whole family enjoys hanging out right now. All the tradespeople are highly knowledgeable professionals. The results are of high quality! Also, we must mention the outstanding customer service provided by AGM personnel! I'll undoubtedly recommend AGM to all of our friends and family!

  13. Dianna Herbst
    Apr 11, 2023

    DO NOT USE AGM - Kitchen Remodel Nightmare

    AGM is a horrible company to work with. My project was started on August 16, 2022 and just completed April 5th, 2023. They did not show up to work on the kitchen for 3.5 months! The actual contractor was great but i have been told that they were not getting paid by AGM so that they could not complete the job. I also had to call AGM to give them my second payment as they had filed my project away as it was started in 2022. This is unacceptable. My PM was fired! She did not have any of the correct measurements and the cabinet guy (who was awesome) had to remeasure everything. Everyone i worked with said that this was going to be the last project that they do for AGM.

    Then they tried to charge me another $3500 for a change order that i never signed or agreed to. Sending in my final payment today and so glad to be rid of them.

    For my final payment i have been informed that they no longer will accept credit cards. They asked me for my bank information and a copy of my drivers license so that they could withdraw from my account. WHO DOES THIS. I told their controller that i would send them a cashier's check as they are not doing anything to my account. Pretty shady.

    I also chose AGM as Mike Holmes was their spokesperson and recommended them. Apparently he should be fired. Worst experience for such an expensive exciting project.

  14. Jennifer Dykes
    Apr 8, 2023

    Efficient and professional

    I was recently fortunate enough to have AGM Renovations complete some work on my basement. I was extremely pleased with the outcome. They were efficient and professional, and the quality of the work they did exceeded my expectations. The PM (Sasa Rajic) of the project was extremely detailed and professional and delivered this project well before the timeline estimated. Highly suggest AGM Renovations for any renovation need.

  15. Lora
    Apr 5, 2023

    The best experience I’ve ever had!!!

    Before agm renovation I called small companies for my renovations but it was a disaster, such a mess, rude, and they asked me to pay them more after they finished their work… agm is so qualified and has nice personal! They are real professionals, I will do my next renovation only with this company

  16. Su
    Mar 22, 2023

    Poor quality. Expensive. Dishonest

    I saw work done at a relative's house; a toddler could do better. Limit you to a concise list of products with inflated prices. The price guarantee offered at the time of sale is not honored. AGM is dishonest. Their communication style is coercion and delays your project. Project due dates mean nothing. I have a leaking pipe that has now damaged stuff. They are just incurring more damage. you are made to sign pre-prepared reviews. Shifty quality of work with no follow-up. What a way for MIKE HOLMES to discredit himself by representing this company. shame

  17. Luwaine
    Mar 22, 2023

    Very shady. Dishonest. Unprofessional. Thieves

    AGM renovations hire unskilled workers. They are insulting. They offer bribes for good reviews. They put a lien on my property for monies I do not owe them. I am not moved. game on. I will ensure everyone knows not to hire this company. I now had to hire a lawyer to fight them, but I will sue them. Totally.

  18. Suzy
    Mar 11, 2023


    Total scam company led by a crooked owner.

  19. Hughdel Stewart
    Feb 18, 2023

    Shady unprofessional practice

    Contacted AGM March 2022 to renovate 2 bathrooms. Reason for tsing this company 1 radio advertisement Mike Holmes was a spokes person and secondly they provided financing. I was arrived fir 89000+. Work began April 17 contractor left June job was not completed. Inquiries sent re status of return. AGM did ne until the end of September congratulating me on reaching my milestone completion. I informed them that the work was not done. I had requested that they take off monies from them the original cost and I would sign off. That was was not accepted. Agm counsel then informed me that a construction lien was added to my property. I then had to obtain legal counsel which I could not afford thus resulting having to borrow from family and friends I was also bullied into taking out a new loan for the payment that was not released.9nite ne[new loan or lien would be perfected). To date almost a year later work is still not completed.

  20. Hugh Brennan
    Feb 18, 2023

    Beautiful Basement by AGM

    Our basement is finished by AGM crew and I am very happy that they were on schedule always and met the target. The quality of work is great! We have completed furnishing it and it looks gorgeous! Everything worked out really well for us and we recommend AGM!!

  21. Manny
    Feb 17, 2023

    Beautiful Kitchen Renovation by AGM

    AGM kitchen renovator has done a great job renovating our kitchen. The new layout has opened up the space really well. The new kitchen is both functional and has lots of room. It’s now a place with large enough area where the whole family gathers without feeling squeezed anymore. We thank AGM for this new experience in the kitchen!

  22. Manny Anthony
    Feb 16, 2023

    Great Kitchen Renovation by AGM

    AGM kitchen renovator has done a great job renovating our kitchen. The new layout has opened up the space really well. The new kitchen is both functional and has lots of room. It’s now a place with large enough area where the whole family gathers without feeling squeezed anymore. We thank AGM for this new experience in the kitchen!

  23. Larry Smith
    Feb 15, 2023

    Happy With AGM Bathroom Renovation!

    Very happy with the bathroom renovation work that AGM did for us. Finally we have our dream bathroom! Great workers and great renovation company to work with!

  24. David Park
    Feb 2, 2023

    Very Happy with the new Bathroom renovated by AGM

    AGM crew has managed our bathroom renovation project very well and we are very happy both with the process and final result. We have everything that we wished for in the new bathroom thanks to the design consultation with Gloria at the start. The new bathroom is a beautiful enhancement to our home living and we thank everyone who was part of it from AGM!

  25. Jane Richards
    Jan 29, 2023

    Bathroom Renovation

    AGM has renovated our master bathroom this month. Work reflects great craftsmanship. A great experience overall. The bathtub, shower, vanity, lighting along with the floor and paint brings out the best that we could have imagined! Thanks guys for the overall great experience!

  26. Elizabeth
    Jan 26, 2023

    Stay away from AGM Renovations

    They are unskilled and unqualified, not to mention extremely unprofessional senior management.
    We have a AGM Renovations Victims Group on Facebook to warn other home owners.

    1. Susan Laurent Pryce
      Feb 16, 2023

      I am also having a terrible experience with AGM renovations. I would highly recommend persons avoid them.
      very poor craftsmanship
      price gouging...... tried to charge me $6000 for a panel upgrade and $3000 for a gas line
      no communication ; their way or the highway
      sent me a lawyer's letter to threaten me .
      I have time and enough monies to deal with them

  27. Peter Dunphy
    Jan 25, 2023

    Avoid Avoid Avoid

    Quick and simple review.

    They advertise as being a company of expert contractors. After taking your money, they scout for local sub-contractors to do the work. Even their project managers are hired and (after being overloaded with work) replaced.

    Find a local company with a team who will do the work themselves... avoid this company. It's a scam, a scam that I spent nearly 50K on. It riles me still... hence I post as much as I can on social sites and the BBB.

    As long as one person avoids this company, I will sleep better at night... hoping that AGM and Mike Holmes don't.

    1. Elizabeth Hayde
      Jan 26, 2023

      AGM Renovations Scam

      Don’t hire them, we regret hiring them
      We had to redo our bathroom again as their contractor wasn’t not a qualified plumber and didn’t do the plumbing well.
      Leaks in our living room and basement
      We had to rip out the bathroom and hire someone else to redo it.
      Huge expense because of AGM Renovations

  28. Dave Berry
    Jan 25, 2023

    Kitchen Renovation Done Very Well!

    My kitchen renovation project by AGM has been a great experience. Very well planned execution within the allotted timeframe. New kitchen accommodates all our kitchen accessories very economically and leaves plenty of room for family gatherings around the island! We are very happy with Michael who oversaw the project and kept us informed during and after the project!!

  29. Joni Carpenter
    Jan 7, 2023

    Kitchen reno

    Our kitchen reno was completed 6 mnths ago and has haunted me ever since. I should have never signed off on this job, but did out of fustration. Nothing was done correctly and forget about having it fixed. Pretty much everything is an upgrade! This could be a very lengthy review, however, these are my issues....small chip in corner of granite counter, worse tile job ever seen, embarrassing to show anyone. Workers travelled 3 hrs to get to us, language barrier, piece of floor and baseboard not replaced, cutting tile on kitchen floor with no sheeting to protect any other rooms. Would not install our microwave as we would have to pay an additional $950 for an appliance package. Paid to upgrade to have painting done, not professional painters btw, same crew that did everything else. They were using a flat paint in the kitchen, which is not appropriate and we had to go and buy more paint ourselves to have done in proper finish! I now will have to pay a professional to have someone fix what should have been done right the first time. I did email Mike Holmes with no response and our project manager had no interest in making this right. Please look elsewhere for your renos. I do have photos if anyone is interested.

  30. Robert Jared
    Dec 10, 2022

    Happy with Kitchen Renovation

    AGM team did a great job renovating our kitchen. We love our new kitchen with a nice quartz countertop and an island. There is a good reason to spend lots of family time in the kitchen area- thanks to AGM

  31. Joanne
    Dec 5, 2022

    Bathroom renovation was super bad

    Oh God pls pls 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 do not hire them.

    I hire this company to finish my bathroom in vancouver was nightmare. Cam was manager to organize materials and contractors but he was super lazy to come and check the job

    So [redacted] guy and team.

    And pls 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 if u hire them at least do not pay them until they finish the job as soon as u pay u are in big trouble.

  32. Jordan White
    Dec 4, 2022

    Bathroom Remodelling

    AGM Renovations has remodelled our bathroom and it has turned out really beautiful. The new glass-door shower, the elegant vanity, and new lighting has enhanced the appearance quite well. The trades at AGM mare highly experienced. The new bathroom design by Gloria is highly appreciated. We are very pleased with the work!

  33. Jiji
    Dec 3, 2022

    Bathroom project

    Omg I was so exited when I book my appointment to renovate my bathroom because every time when I go there I felt bag became it was old. The bathroom work met all my expectations!!! Especially the team work, because I already had a negative experience with other renovations company! Thank you for my beautiful bathroom!

  34. Stefan
    Dec 3, 2022


    Beautiful work, we love our new kitchen.
    thank you AGM.

  35. Matthew
    Nov 17, 2022

    Our kitchen remodel was a nightmare.

    We engaged AGM Renovations for a kitchen remodeling that included new flooring and backsplash, brand new cabinets with a slightly different layout, brand new lighting fixtures, installation of the new appliances we supplied, and brand new baseboards, of course, due to the floor's change.

    The first attempt at flooring was so poorly done that AGM's Regional Manager claimed the only choice was to tear it up and start over. The second effort is more successful.

    The cabinets were put on the floor that was crooked and required removal and put back in place. However, a few minor damages were caused, and the cabinet maker was aware that the damaged products were unacceptable and tried to fix the problem.

    A non-electrical person put the lights in. an electrician. They put the wires together in the ceiling, throwing away the connector boxes that were included together with the light fixtures. On their third attempt, they found an electrician who is qualified. I demanded being inspected by ESA that was completed.

    The baseboards used featured two distinct styles. One wall was 10 feet long and made up of two boards with a poor-quality scarf joint.

    The design of the kitchen was awful. One corner cabinet is so thin that I can only reach it using the left side of my hand. Don't believe that AGM can provide the "qualified designer"!

    Installation of appliances: As required, the devices were placed on the premises (in the garage that we share with our neighbors) before the work started. When it was time to install, we were told that moving the refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher from the garage to the kitchen was our job.

    From beginning to end, the renovation took about four months. We've also spent a month fixing damage (broken doors, door cappings), replacing the poorly-installed trim, and repainting as required. I'm replacing the drawer glides. They have gorgeous full-extension glides, but they're two inches too long.

    We have an appealing kitchen but with some practical issues. The main problem was the lack of acknowledgment or acknowledgment of responsibility from the contractor or the ill-named "Quality Control" person who was our primary contact. Every issue was addressed by "that's how we do it" or "it's not our fault; your house isn't straight." This is indeed the point. No house is straight, and a reputable professional should be in a position to solve this.

    The bottom line is that they're costly and unresponsive, and unprofessional, and the subcontractors they employ don't appear to be proficient. I would recommend staying a long distance from AGM.

  36. Jenni Wainwright
    Oct 21, 2022

    We decided to switch to a more dedicated team.

    We are in contact with various sales representatives and feel like we're being dragged by the hand. John missed several meetings, and we decided to switch to a more dedicated team.

  37. Theresa Cullen
    Sep 29, 2022

    Bathroom remodel Chicago

    Project was completed in a Timely manner. The results are beautiful happy with it and I would recommend AGM

  38. Sarah Langmuir
    Sep 28, 2022

    Beautiful Kitchen by AGM

    We were referred to AGM by a family friend and we contracted the company to upgrade our kitchen. The work was great and the overall experience has been very pleasant. The renovator was very professional and the kitchen installer did a wonderful job. Project finished on schedule and we are very happy!

  39. Jeff Browne
    Sep 26, 2022

    Bathroom Renovation Done Well

    We hired AGM to renovate our bathroom in the condominium and we have say that it has been upgraded to exactly what we wanted. The designer Gloria AGM had assigned was amazing. She incorporated everything that we were looking for. The workers followed all the rules of the condominium and were very respectful in dealing with us. We thank all the workers for the great work!

  40. Arlene Jones
    Sep 23, 2022

    Basement Finished Wonderfully!

    We had a wonderful experience with AGM to finish our basement. The entire process of consultation to completion was amazing. Workers were professionals and very diligent. Our project manager Alex always kept us informed and made sure the workflow was smooth We have a nice entertainment area, play area for children and a nice bar which we love!

  41. K Maxwell
    Sep 15, 2022

    DO NOT Hire AGM Renovations

    DO NOT hire AGM Renovations! We had a kitchen project that took over 5 months to complete. Their quality of work is sub-standard, the contractor assigned to the job has little knowledge of construction and sub-hires out the job to unknown individuals. AGM assures you there will be a project manager and a general contractor when they sign the contract with you. We never saw the project manager on site, nor spoke with them. The general contractor left the country for two months. You are expected to be home at all times as they send the sub-contractors with no notice to your home on random days of the week to do work. You never know when or who is coming into your home! You have no idea if they are even qualified to do the work! The entire project was mismanaged, the work site was left dirty and unsafe with construction materials thrown outside on our porch for 3 months. The Kitchen Renovations Manager finally, after 5 months, creates a plan to finish the project, offers compensation for the delays, and then the Operations Manager steps in and says their manager was not authorized to offer compensation. AGM does not stand by their work, offers sub-par materials, is extremely unorganized, and only wants your money. They do not make it right when problems occur and I suspect if Mike Holmes knew of their practices, he would be ashamed to be connected with them. AGM Renovations does not deserve to be endorsed by Mike Holmes' reputation.

  42. Marlene Bond
    Aug 27, 2022

    Basement renovation

    Your company turned our vision into reality. It was done on time and as close to budget as one can get. I will confidently recommend AGM to anyone that asks for a renovation company suggestion. Our project manager Sasa Rajic was top-notch. e highly contributed to your 5-star review.

  43. Sahni
    Aug 8, 2022

    Great work

    After hearing lot of horrible instances of independent contractors, I was recommended AGM by one of my friends. Exactly, a month after contacting AGM for the first time, my basement was completed with good quality. Matthew Donnelly (Matt) was highly professional who made sure that I have plan for the coming week well in advance, I didn't have to worry about a single tradesman. Within a week, framing, electrical, plumbing, dry walls were completed and in next 2 weeks, the whole work was completed. I didn't had even a single complaint and I am really glad that we had Matt with us to take this project to completion on time. I would really recommend AGM to everyone. Nit on expensive side, but worth every penny.

  44. Jerry Watson
    Jul 26, 2022

    Extremely high pressure sales company!

    Extremely high-pressure sales company! They're looking for a non-refundable upfront deposit based on a telephone conversation and an estimate based on photographs without proper measurements! It is imperative to sign the contract now, or you will lose the $1000 discount if you wait until the next day.

    I followed Mike Holmes's advice and said goodbye! This post will not be made available to anyone to read as it's not a compliment, so it will be hidden on an obscure website that I haven't found! Beware of doing business with such a company!

  45. Amit
    Jul 18, 2022

    AGM Renovation is worst at first meeting :(

    At first, we had an appointment with John, and he was unprepared. John did not even look at the pictures we sent him, saying he needed to download them.

    He also informed us that if we transform our basement into a rental property, it will boost the house's value by 500k, if true. We all put 140k for a 1,000 sq foot basement to raise the value of our home to 500k.

    He also recommended two bedrooms, and I informed him that our basement is tiny and we could only afford the bachelor, then he reduced us to a single bedroom. If he had done the preparation work, he would have known that.

    It appeared we were getting an old car, not a basement remodel. I believe AGM is a great company, but the first meeting put us off.

  46. Anita Pereida
    Jul 16, 2022

    Extremely high pressure

    Extremely high-pressure sales company! They are seeking a non-refundable deposit up front made based on a phone call and an estimate of photos that are not adequately measured! Sign up now or risk losing an additional $1000 discount when you wait until the next day.

    I heeded Mike Holmes's advice and said goodbye! The comment won't be accessible to anyone else to look up as it's not complimentary, and is likely to be hidden on an hidden page that even I haven't found! Consider your options before doing business with an organization like this!

  47. Charlie Razzouk
    Jun 27, 2022

    I am thrilled with the bathroom and kitchen that AGM completed

    I am thrilled with the bathroom and kitchen that AGM completed. They completed the entire project one week earlier than expected, and then the price the client paid wasn't too high. The trades they performed were friendly and professional, and they maintained my home clean throughout the renovation. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

  48. Valerie
    Jun 23, 2022

    AGM Renovations is very bad on timeline.

    The crew arrived on Monday morning and gutted my kitchen. It was an excellent timeline, and I'm hoping we'll start asap. Wednesday, Tuesday, and Thursday, nobody came in. When I got home on Thursday evening, I contacted the KR Quality Control Specialist to confirm that my kitchen cabinets were made, but she could not provide the solution. She'll have to dig at the issue.

    It's Friday night, and nobody has turned up for work, and I have not been informed that my cabinets are in good condition to be put up. Thus, I've been without a kitchen with no counters and sink. I don't understand why they would tear down my kitchen but not even begin. I feel like the left hand isn't sure what the right hand is doing.

  49. Rob A
    Jun 12, 2022

    Their awesome online reputation misled me to hire them.

    The one thing I could say regarding AGM is that they helped me understand how easy it is to make your business look attractive online. Still, it's exceptionally unorganized, ineffective, and can cause headaches. There were issues all over the renovation of our basement. A word of caution -- don't believe the "4-week" renovation timeline because ours took four months to complete. That was due to us begging for assistance from representatives of customer service who seemed not to take any notice.

    While we fully understand that COVID caused a setback, our problems were not COVID connected. Our project manager had ordered the wrong items several times and didn't supervise the work, resulting in numerous back-ups. Our project manager was not organized and didn't try to adhere to a timeframe or answer questions promptly. He was opposed to our calls and meetings, constantly making promises that were not fulfilled.

    A second Project Manager was excellent and did all she could to rectify the mistakes of our previous manager, but it was just too little and too late. I wouldn't recommend it. You'll be longing for them to quit your home. We attempted to reach the company's CEO several times, but the calls we made were not answered.
    Take care when you're thinking about AGM. Evidence shows that Mike Holmes has been paid off to promote this business.

    Their online reviews are great, but they need to work on organizing stuff and time and keep on the terms they mentioned before signing the contract. I expect good communication when we are talking about big-ticket projects.

  50. Huge Terry
    Jun 10, 2022

    AGM helped us through the easy process 😃

    We chose to redo our kitchen after the epidemic. We realized our kitchen was way smaller than three people. We reached out to AGM since we didn't wish to deal with any issues with costly and untrustworthy contractors. We received different quotes from several contractors.

    What we liked most about AGM was the fact that we were able to pick what we wanted, and they provided a five-year warranty. These features were crucial to us as this was our first home renovation in the kitchen, and I am in the home.

    AGM helped us through the process in a way that was easy. They brought samples of their work to our home to select from. The contractors (Moe) guided us through every step of the remodel and gave us great suggestions in light of the area. We're in love with our kitchen.

    The space and storage options give an additional reason to be thrilled with our kitchen and cook delicious dinners for our children and us. Be aware that AGM does not remove walls and reconfigure the space.

    This is the reason why the timeframe is less than the majority of kitchen remodels. They make use of the footprint and space you have now and redo the room to look more attractive than it was before. Very happy with the results. 🏅

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