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  1. Thomas Paulson
    July 26th, 2022

    Excellent customer service

    Excellent customer service provided by Tom in the computer department in the St Helens Ravenhead Retail Park store. I was there with a colleague and bought the Hewlett Packard printer.

    There wasn’t one available on the shelf of the printer I wanted, even though the website said they had them available.

    Tom looked over the tablet to see if it was in availability, then picked one up at the Warehouse and took it to the pay counter for me. Thank Tom for your help.

    Tom for a great experience. I received excellent service from Chris at the pay desk and we talked about the time I met my friend in the Dixon store 40 years ago.

    Thanks Chris for the memory and your excellent service. I receive a receipt every time at my email.

  2. Clark Dalphone
    July 16th, 2022

    The negative review isn't concerned

    The negative review isn’t concerned with Curry and the delivery service. It is about communication between Curry’s and the delivery company. …. Both gave me dates that were different, and neither knew when my Dyson fan was due to arrive.

    They guessed and did not know. …. I was planning to go on holiday in the coming days so when I placed an order for it, the promise of its arrival date was crucial since I wanted to bring it along.

    When I placed my order, the arrival date was altered! Contacting anyone aware of that anything was incredibly time-consuming and tedious, which makes ordering Curry’s shortly an I’ll ask myself!

  3. Ray Esparza
    June 27th, 2022

    This is ridiculous service

    I purchased the PS120 keyboard. After four months, it was defective. I experienced an unprofessional customer service experience when I tried to return it. I was forced to wait for a week using my laptop until a new one would be delivered.

    When I complained and was offered a PS30 goodwill reimbursement by a return phone call from the Finance team. Waited two weeks, no call. I called back four times, found that my number was incorrect, and then was given PS50.

    The agent who called me back told me that my manager didn’t believe that it was PS50, and I was horrified that they thought that I had been lying, but he was able to listen to the call and finally confirmed that it was PS50.

    He claimed that it’s now authorized. I believe him now, and I’ll be getting a callback from the finance team. What’s the worst part? Five days later and no contact or payment. I’m denied if I want a transfer to the finance department or their phone number. This is ridiculous service.

  4. Anonymous
    May 31st, 2022

    very professional

    An oven was purchased. A week later, we agreed to deliver on a Sunday. T didn’t expect this, ut it was very convenient for us.

    I was informed of a time slot one day before delivery and called just before the arrival time (which was within the time slot).

    The installers removed my oven and fixed the electricals. This was before we bought the house.

    They were very professional and did not charge me any extra for this. Excellent all around.

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