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16 Reviews on Dulmes Decor

  1. Sam Chase
    Jun 9, 2023

    Scott is responsible for warranty issues

    We had them install Hardwood flooring in the kitchen and new carpets in three other rooms. The flooring was not at all from the beginning. The floor was cracked the day and grew worse over time. It was plates of pasta. As time went by, the carpet that was Karastan premium carpet, but within three years, it started to break down. I had a conversation with an employee in Dulmes earlier in April. The paperwork to cover the hardwood floor did not come in the boxes. We were able to inquire about it. They informed me that the lady who placed the order had left it in the office. However, the work on paper was correct. Scott is responsible for warranty issues, and we received a lot of runs around. After a few weeks of no communication any word from Scott, we decided to make calls approximately every three weeks to find out what was happening about it all; after many conversations, two floors were replaced. We are grateful to Gary Nathan and Gary. Nathan.

  2. Jeff Patterson
    May 20, 2023

    The floor is pleasant

    The floor is pleasant, and the interaction with people from Dulmes is enjoyable. A few installations might have been done better (the technicians messed with our trim while installing the flooring). Apart from that, everything worked out well.

  3. Marie Midcalf
    Apr 24, 2023

    The installation were excellent

    The construction portion was deemed too high (i.e., 1.5 to 2 days) (per Dulme's cost breakdown), which could easily have been a single-day project. However, it is believed that the quality of the products and the installation were excellent.

  4. Jeff Mcgrann
    Mar 8, 2023

    Very satisfied.

    Our husband, as well as I, were able to work together with Kenzie to select our flooring. She knew what we wanted and assisted us in finding suitable material and shade. She was also accommodating in responding to our inquiries and questions. Very satisfied.

  5. Joe Perfetto
    Mar 6, 2023

    The experience was exceptional

    Recently, we installed vinyl flooring and carpet installed in our house. The experience was exceptional, from the excellent advice from interior designer Angela Boettner to the final product, as the installers performed expert work. They were extremely courteous and knowledgeable. We were able to take advantage of the current sale and were impressed by the value they gave us with a premium quality product for a reasonable cost. We are thrilled with our new style and would endorse Dulmes Decor.

  6. Tim Saunders
    Mar 5, 2023

    I'm sure to call Dulmes to discuss my next task

    I went to the showroom "just to look." I was convinced that the stunning choices weren't within my budget. A few minutes later, Scott had packed my car with gorgeous samples and a price that was within my price range. The next day I was committed to the task. In the next few hours, Bob was on hand to measure and draw up the design for my new flooring. With an old house and not knowing what the floor beneath could look like, he created a feasible outline to install in only a few hours. After that, the day arrived, and Bruce came to start the installation. Bruce was charming and determined to make my flooring look beautiful. The whole process was easy. When you select Dulmes, you will receive top products, but more importantly, you will get professionals who are genuinely committed to making sure they do the best job possible. I'm sure to call Dulmes to discuss my next task. Mary Ryan

  7. Christine Stanton
    Mar 2, 2023

    I had a wonderful experience selecting carpet from Dulmes

    I had a wonderful experience selecting a carpet from Dulmes. Alissa was so patient in helping me choose the right rug. It took some time before the carpet could be brought into the store due to delays in the supply chain. However, they were able to schedule the carpet immediately upon arrival. The installation crew was prompt and professional, and they performed a fantastic job. I am thrilled with my new rug and would recommend Dulmes!

  8. Peter Rhoten
    Mar 1, 2023

    The experience was excellent

    We employed Dulmes Decor for all the flooring we have in our new home. Kinzie. Was well-versed in the products sold, could answer all questions, provide access to products not offered at their store, and was professional and fun to work with. I believe Dulmes Decor, overall, should be more transparent about its pricing. However, they came extremely close to the budget we had set, thanks to Kinzie. We were able to get everything we needed. The experience was excellent, and we would recommend asking for Kinzie!

  9. Katrina York
    Jan 13, 2023

    Fantastic experience

    Fantastic experience for our basement flooring installation. Nate does an outstanding task as project manager, following up with examples, scheduling things, and ensuring we are happy with the work. Glen and Charles performed a fantastic job installing the floor. There were a few areas where I was worried that the concrete floor was slightly inconsistent in how they would deal with it. When I walked in to inform them that they were already working on the preparation work to close the gaps in our flooring and even out the irregularity so that there would be no issues shortly. In our previous home, we had the flooring in the basement. Each when we walked across it, we could feel the. Great attention to detail. They are all great people to collaborate with and excellent at their work! We're discussing getting new flooring for our upstairs, and we know who we'll go to for the job.

  10. Schiano Moriello
    Jan 3, 2023

    Quality products A wide selection of flooring, tile

    Quality products A wide selection of flooring, tile, and hardwood. I took points because the installer did not cut through the door, so it did not rub against the carpet. A carpenter came in to cut the door to ensure the rug did not show wear patterns from the door closing.

  11. Wesley Skinner
    Jan 2, 2023


    The most dreadful. We had them put in an underfloor floor in the basement; it was wrong. We took another form in to correct the issues. They called us rudely later and said a base made of washboard wouldn't be a problem. Unprofessional.

  12. Claudia Tabares
    Jan 1, 2023

    I wouldn't recommend this company

    We were tricked by the positive reviews on Google regarding this company, but our experience was unpleasant. A poor-quality installation in our home, a dishonest salesperson, and a business that does not stand behind its work. That's what happens when you do business the Dulles Decor way. Are you seeking a shoddy installation? Are you apprehensive about being lied to? Are you looking to work with a company that refuses to repair a defective building? Take a look at Dulles Decor. I wouldn't recommend this company suggests anyone looking for flooring to stick with Dulles Decor.

  13. Thomas Bland
    Jul 26, 2022

    The carpet is beautiful

    The carpet is beautiful, but I didn't even mention it to the extent that I needed to buy a particular vacuum to use it. I own a Dyson...that did not work with this carpet.

    I am a massive fan of my Dyson, and now I need to buy a different vacuum to be used only for my room. That certainly didn't bring me joy. The carpet is beautiful.

  14. Mark Edwards
    Jul 16, 2022

    Never come back!

    One has been a joy to work on our machine! Our house is a time-worn antique, and we've had no issues with your services! It's a simple way to protect us! You can use the device you trust with your service provider for many years and never return!

  15. Robert Flores
    Jun 27, 2022

    One has been a joy to work on our machine

    One has been a joy to work on our machine! Our house has been an antique for a long time, and we've not had any issues with your services! It's a simple way to protect us! We can put our trust in our device to our provider for years to come back!

  16. Leslie Kohler
    May 21, 2022

    Fantastic work!

    Denise, our designer, and John, the installer, are both a huge thank you for their fantastic work!

    Denise coordinated everything ....flooring and tile, countertops, backsplash, stone around the fireplace, and new window treatments. It all came together beautifully!

    John created a beautiful layout for our custom walk-in shower. The fireplace stonework is impressive!

    Although there were many decisions to make for a new construction project, the result was quite pleasant. Again, thank you!

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