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46 Reviews on Inspire Uplift

  1. Michael Sprawling
    Jun 9, 2023

    The deceit and the disappointment

    The deceit and the disappointment. I used to be a seller on this website for about a year. However, it's completely removed the payment to sellers and engaging in fraud. I have had to take down my listing. Customer service isn't being responsive. I've written the founder Aaron Wallace 8 times, but Wallace also doesn't respond. This is a scam site that does not compensate sellers! I don't recommend purchasing or selling on this site.

  2. Harald Buchholz
    May 20, 2023

    It is not responding

    A disgusting website in the sense of ways of conducting business. I own a clothing business. I set up a store and also sold some items. Ultimately, the products were on time, and the clients were pleased. But! I have not received my cash through Inspire Uplift. Support isn't responding to me! It is not responding to emails or my messages on live chat. What is the best way to contact you? How do I conduct business when there's a delay in withdrawals for a month? Signing up with us as a seller is not a good idea!

  3. Erin Dawkins
    May 20, 2023

    It was extremely poorly designed

    I bought an Orthopedic pillow for Side Sleepers. It was extremely poorly designed. The earhole was not big or large enough, and the buffer size wasn't enough to adequately support your head. Inspire Uplift refused to stand against a defective product.

  4. Kelly Haakenson
    May 16, 2023

    Not available

    I purchased and received the sandals. They were too large and broad for my feet. They weren't available in half sizes. The company would not allow me to return the items. The quote: "Every company has its size chart, and according to our size chart of the product, we shipped you the same size you ordered, so we cannot proceed with your return request." THEY DON'T FIT! Make sure you are aware!

  5. Caitlin Quintanilla
    Apr 24, 2023

    This is convenient for their customers

    I found many great items on the website and decided to purchase an attractive bra. I ordered only one so that I could put it on the line. First, I discovered it's made in China. Then I waited over 60 days before I received it. However, I did not go without asking questions. They kept the message after 60 days. Then they claimed it had been lost during transit. What if I wanted a replacement? I'd bought another that was unnecessary, so I did not have to and requested a full refund.
    What's more... I was forced to take their offer since they can't make a refund within 60 days. They will not be used once again! This is convenient for their customers. We'll find out how long it will last. Thank goodness I didn't purchase it excessively, or else I'd have to pay for it out of pocket.

  6. Travis Jordan
    Apr 23, 2023

    The best quality product

    Beware the Buyer! The products sold by this business aren't like they appear. You believe you're receiving the best quality product using crafty words, profitable sales, and detailed images. Don't get fooled. However, cheap plastic produced by China is what you receive.

  7. Rebecca Williams
    Apr 21, 2023

    The size is far too large

    I purchased two pairs of ortho sandals. I'm an 8.5. However, the size I paid for comes in 8 or 9. It suggests you go one size larger when you're in the half size, so I bought the size 8. The size is far too large. I would have fit into the size of an 8, so they're too big for me. They are refusing to provide either a refund or credit or return.

  8. Lahiru Darshana
    Apr 19, 2023

    It is essential

    The company's claims are not genuine! If customers are dissatisfied with a product they promote,y cannot exchange it for a full refund within some time! I bought the dog hair removal product, and it is essential to note that it must be stated as only suitable for pets not larger than 10 pounds! Additionally, there was no indication that the packaging or instructions were in English, and the package included $9.99, which I had to pay three times the price!!

  9. Michael Delguidice
    Apr 7, 2023

    Inspire uplift

    stole 200$ from me.

  10. Ami Feltovich
    Mar 23, 2023


    By mistake, I ordered 2 mugs.  I ordered and paid for a flute mug.  Then I got an email saying something was left in my cart so I went to the cart and paid for another mug which was a guitar mug.  Then I received a double confirmation.  Order numbers are chronological with the second order having a higher order number.  I asked to cancel the "second order"(the guitar) but they cancelled the first - the flute, which I got as a gift.  They're$25.00 each.  Customer service did nothing, and after several back and forth emails, they will not do anything to help.  So I'm stuck with a$25 mug I cannot use.  There is no return policy anywhere on their website.

  11. Theresa Randazzo
    Mar 7, 2023

    The technical description is not on the product's page.

    Inability to find answers to questions through chat. I needed dimensions, and they were accessible to the staff. We didn't want to miss sales, so we bought the item. However, I am not sure it would fit in my chair. The technical description is not on the product's page.

  12. Terry Trumbower
    Mar 7, 2023

    She claims I've repeatedly tried and consulted twice with your customer service representative

    She claims I've repeatedly tried and consulted twice with your customer service representative. However, I can still avail my discount of $5, which I believe to be an offer to welcome me. I will make an order for the entire amount. I want to receive the $5 check or $5 bill via mail. Thank you so much. Keep healthy

  13. Marshall Pearlman
    Mar 6, 2023

    This bra is difficult to locate among all the bras on the internet

    This bra is difficult to locate among all the bras on the internet. I was trying to find this bra and saw it in The Wonder Braa a few years ago; it was sold only on television. I purchased them and then wanted more but couldn't locate them. It isn't easy to place an order if you do not have an email address (and yes, many people don't)

  14. Todd Linden
    Mar 5, 2023

    The majority of you wear Gildan brand

    The majority of you wear Gildan brand T's. However, have proven to be a reliable brand. It can pill after several washes. I would instead use my own Bella Canvas brand for my T's. Regarding the cost is as it is concerned, this shirt was between $6 and $7 to have it printed up, and you cost $25. What's the deal? The price shouldn't exceed $19.95. It's nice to pay for shipping and tax.

  15. Jayson Roman
    Mar 2, 2023

    Absolutely terrible service and horrible experience

    I placed my order in April in the early months of, and up to today, I have not received it for more than fifty days, and they have stopped responding to my emails and claims. They're not going to refund my money also. Terrible service and a horrible experience.

  16. Stephen Flynn
    Mar 2, 2023

    I didn't receive my purchase

    I didn't receive my purchase. I was informed that it was delivered to the wrong address and they'd re-ship it. If I didn't receive it, I called them and was told they were out of inventory. They gave me credit for the purchase, which I did not want since I purchased it elsewhere. I was assured I would be refunded and notified when the money was put into my account. This refund was never received. If I called again, I did not receive a response. Beware

  17. Gail Lamberta
    Mar 1, 2023

    I placed an order just a couple of minutes ago.

    I have just placed my order. It was nothing different than any other order I've ever made online. This is the only "shopping experience" with this particular company. I've never seen whether I've received an email confirmation yet. This isn't a review of the product or any other thing. I placed an order just a couple of minutes ago.

  18. Fran Waldman
    Feb 28, 2023

    Thank you, inspire Uplift

    I've placed several orders before and every time received my item(s) promptly manner, particularly the first time, which delighted me. I've not experienced any issues to date from this business. Also, I like receiving notifications when my order has been shipped and updates. Thank you, inspire Uplift

  19. Lisa Sweet
    Feb 25, 2023

    I finally got my order delivered

    The layout was a bit complicated and required re-do orders a few times to make it work since it put two pairs in the identical color and then added three pr after I tried to correct it. It was impossible to add the second text, the $5 disc. Then I finally got my order delivered. I am thrilled to have found this item, as I've searched for years in wet Oregon. Also... Thank you.

  20. Kenneth Specht
    Feb 24, 2023

    Everything went smoothly

    Everything went smoothly until I needed to check out. I made use of PayPal. They never offered a promotional place for me to get my initial discount. It was tough to find the billing information edited...3 attempts to go through the entire procedure! I was utterly ruined!

  21. Ruthann Roberts
    Feb 22, 2023

    The company is not responsive to all messages

    The company is not responsive to all messages, and when they do, they ask for additional details already provided in the email sent out. I am aware of the delays in the delivery time due to Covid, but it's been two months since they started telling me that "it's on its way." No support via phone Chat can perform essential functions; everything else goes to the escalated team. It took 23 emails to reach a no-resolution. I sent an email to the president. The president blocks all emails from outside that could tell you enough about the company's values. The president isn't even willing to listen to his customers. Right, Mr. Aaron Wallace?

  22. Sherry Macauley
    Feb 21, 2023

    Super cool advertisement for the product.

    Super cool advertisement for the product. It is straightforward to navigate the site, even including the promo codes, which are usually terrible to be included when ordering from another website - regardless of what product you are buying. The checkout process is as easy as it gets. If the product arrives on time, you get your day off because that's what you're entitled to!

  23. Joyce Wade
    Feb 20, 2023

    The website is easy to use

    The website is easy to use, which is great since I'm not proficient in technology. I've just placed my first order of ginger oil to treat foot and leg swelling, so If it does work for me, I'll post my results shortly.

  24. Alan Whitehouse
    Feb 18, 2023

    Your system of communication is a joke!

    It took me three weeks or more and not more than twenty emails until somebody replied with the information that the credit card number started with a zero while the others were O's. A zero usually has an arrow through it to indicate it is an integer. I asked, and that's the way I discovered it. Your system of communication is a joke!

  25. Joshua Abel
    Feb 17, 2023

    Worst Online Vendor EVER.

    I purchased the four Items through Inspire Uplift two weeks before Christmas. They did not respond to my request, and we were getting close to Christmas; I called to inquire about the status. I also stated that they were Christmas gifts and would like them to arrive before Christmas. I received two gifts on Christmas Eve, but as of today, January 1, I haven't received the additional two gifts. The items I received were way overpriced junk. What did the $13.00 shipping cost? Worst Online Vendor EVER.

  26. Barbara Weimer
    Feb 15, 2023

    I hope my order won't arrive within three months of delivery

    When I checked out, I wasn't sure of the items I bought, so I had to double-check my purchase. There were two items in the cart. Below was a line with two images of the things, but I wasn't sure if I got doubles of an object. I hope my order won't arrive within three months of delivery.

  27. Rose Juliano
    Feb 13, 2023

    The original order was returned as it took more than two months to be delivered.

    After I asked them about the credit, I waited for over a week and 12 emails before receiving a gift card. I finally received an email telling me to contact them if I was ready to use the credit (no refund credit is only available on items that are discounted, and all items are discounted. The original order was returned as it took more than two months to be delivered.

  28. Diane Nelson
    Feb 12, 2023

    Seller doesn't respond. Site just looks fake.

    Ive been trying to contact a seller for days. no response. Site seems very suspicious. I would not buy anything from there.

  29. Daniels Bernice
    Feb 12, 2023

    It's so simple

    It's so simple. The video helped me better understand the product I'm purchasing. I scrolled down to see my size. Select a color and the best high-quality. Add it to the cart and go to the checkout. Free shipping means I have more money to spend on shopping. Gorgeous colors too.

  30. Micheal Maston
    Feb 10, 2023

    I'm trying to cancel an order I made in December but haven't yet received it

    I'm trying to cancel an order I made in December but haven't yet received it. They won't let me cancel the order, and I wasn't assigned to someone more senior than the chat representative (who says to hold off and not provide me with any additional details). Consumer law provides guidelines on what you can do when a company does not send anything (see Federal Trade Commission - Consumer Information Your Rights when Shopping via Telephone, Mail or Online). I am filing a formal complaint, claiming they are in breach of the law. I urge others to follow suit.

  31. David Luther
    Feb 8, 2023

    They are excellent and unique items in general

    When I visit the website and click on a product to get details, then click "back and go through the entire list of items I've seen before, I get to the effect I was last at. There ought to be an option to return to the last place on the list. Additionally, there's no information about when my order will be delivered to me or even an approximate date. Payment made, and that's that. However, they are excellent and unique items in general.

  32. Michele Gerena
    Feb 7, 2023

    Quality product with reasonable cost

    Quality product with reasonable cost. The device is of upper-level quality. I find it superior to my previous phone holder since it can be mounted to the AC vent's top gray faceplate, which can lower the phone's height, moving out of the way and creating a better line of windshield location for safer driving conditions.

  33. Karl Deardorff
    Feb 5, 2023

    I've tried everything to help jellyfish swim

    I've tried everything to help jellyfish swim, and the only thing they do is stay on top or sink to the bottom. I've attempted to use both bottled and filtered water. I used dish soap just as was suggested in the directions. I looked online to see what other people had suggested making them more able to swim and tried everything, but they didn't stay in the water long enough. It would be an ideal gift if they did swim, but I wouldn't suggest it since my kids aren't swimming. They also allow two weeks to return items, while most stores provide 30 or more days from when you receive the item.

  34. Russell Morgan
    Feb 4, 2023

    I am sure I will be delighted with my purchase

    I am sure I will be delighted with my purchase, but PayPal confusion was because I don't have Paypal; however, after my purchase was finished, my bank told me that they had taken my payment from my account. Also, I hope the bra I purchased, lg/Elgin white is the first image shown with straps in white wide that go to the front. It is displayed in a light-colored purple. However, in the final photo from Nederland, I couldn't discern.

  35. Ethel Grasso
    Feb 3, 2023

    I bought a Magic LED Drawing Board for Kids

    I bought a Magic LED Drawing Board for Kids, and after it arrived, I could see that it wasn't the product featured in their advertising. When I returned it, I was informed that I wouldn't receive a refund; instead, the gift card was to buy another item. Why would I want to buy another product from a business engaged in these illegal methods?

  36. Ryan Esposito
    Feb 2, 2023

    There's no place to record specific details about our wants

    There's no place to record specific details about our wants. For example, if the package comes from, or if you have to take the receipt in the box since it's someone else's gift... Your site is restricted... as well. Access to your Customer Service department is not ideal. You are only using email. It isn't perfect.

  37. Karen Alleva
    Feb 1, 2023

    My Christmas present never arrived

    My Christmas present never arrived. After two months, I requested a refund but was repeatedly told to wait since the shipping took a bit longer patiently. I was told I needed to call the shipping company to locate the missing order. The shipping company admitted the order was lost, but Inspire refused to refund. I challenged the charge to the credit card provider, and they credited my account.

  38. Akane Suzuki
    Jan 27, 2023

    Anti Fungal Laser Treatment Pen Set For Acne and Nail Fungus

    I bought this my Chinese friend as a present.
    No Order confirmation, No Tracking number, Super lenthgy delivery time(Three and a half month).
    The item my friend finally recieved was not what they advertised on their website.

    The product's name : KD-7910 (Made in China)
    The false info on their website : 905nm infrared pulsed laser.

    My Chinese friend directly contacted the manufacture in their chat box on other online shopping website and he was informed that the commodity does't have the function he needed.
    We showed pictures of the chat history and the contact peron's phone number to Inspire Uplift as proof but they just repeated that they sent the exact same item as thier specifications on their website. So reduculous.
    They don't have any intension to confirm anything with the seller or manufacture.

    Now I am going to report this scam company to BBB(Better Business Bureau).
    I may not give my money back but my friend and I are doing this for other consumers not to let them waste their money and time to deal with this scammer.

  39. Ruth Peabody
    Jan 13, 2023

    The return policy is absurd

    I purchased the attachment to a drill that could be used to cut wood. It didn't work at all. We contacted them to inquire whether they could return our order; however, they did not respond to us within the required 15 days due to the Christmas season. The return policy is absurd, and their customer service is an even greater joke. Could you not buy their products?

  40. Cynthia Harker
    Dec 29, 2022

    Simpleand straightforward

    Simple. However, you will only barely tell what information belongs to what section when you place an order. The printing is highly, delicately light gray. I couldn't say where to enter the email or where to type the name, ty, or state. Similar to the one beneath this box, I've noticed that it reads "Thank you for your feedback" in a very light gray print, even though the background also has a gray-white hue. The image is barely noticeable. Apart from that, it's excellent.

  41. Jeffrey Mohrlock
    Dec 29, 2022

    They arrived independently and at a very convenient time

    I've always hesitated to buy from overseas because of how items go. It's lost and is often of low quality and not as good as the advertisements and then the idea of uplift, but it sounded different. I tried them and am glad I did. Three purchases that all three delivered with all the high-end and worth the money. They arrived independently and at a very convenient time. I'll order from them in the future and recommend that you do the same.

  42. Kathleen Bodine
    Dec 28, 2022

    I am so glad that an organization still produces the old sort of de-fuzzer!

    I am so glad that an organization still produces the old sort of de-fuzzer! I had one from some time back and have been unable to replace it. It wasn't as costly as this one, but the original cost of $40 is absurd for the materials employed. Sad! Even with a discount price, this item isn't cheap, but I can't locate a more simple tool elsewhere.

  43. William Rinshed
    Dec 27, 2022

    I wasn't happy with the item and believed it was not working well.

    Do yourself a favor and shop in other places in case you decide to exchange the product. I wasn't happy with the item and believed it was not working well. I asked for a way to return the item and was sent countless emails that were not answered; only one was born in a day, then they informed me that they needed to see a video showing it not working correctly, so I created one. After that, I was told that management claimed it worked as it should and that I should follow the diagram they sent. The item was a self-centering drill bit that wobbled wildly during drilling and did not find the center of the hole. My video featured the drill bit I purchased from a company that works exceptionally well and is manufactured by a company in the USA. Today, I was told that it's working fine. They don't allow returns once the drill bit is open(it was in an envelope with a ziplock). Before anyone from inspires/uplift gets back to me asking me to contact them via their website, I've already met with Charlotte and have been through enough of what they refer to as customer service. I'll take this as a 30-dollar lesson to search for another. If you want to return something, then you should invest the money. It also took way too long to get there.

  44. Stephanie Evans
    Dec 26, 2022

    I did receive some unwelcome looks and rude comments from others.

    When my son was just a young man, we made an outing across the country to ensure he could visit relatives. He was already walking and very active, and I was worried I might lose him at the airport. Luckily, I discovered one of the "baby leashes," which made keeping my son near me easier. But, I did receive some unwelcome looks and rude comments from others.

  45. Elvia Quintyne
    Dec 25, 2022

    They have cheated dozens of users

    I made the initial appeal on the 11th. A scammer from Russia is working on their website. They have cheated dozens of users. I've provided all the evidence and stated that if any additional information is required, please get in touch with me, and I'll add it to my proof, but they don't respond. I send emails daily to the chat; however,r they don't respond to any mail.

    1. Lara
      Jul 24, 2023

      I have suspicions about a seller from Russia too.
      Can you email me?
      I want to know if it's the same one.

  46. Deborah Kraut
    Dec 23, 2022

    They will sell you damaged items and not return your money

    I purchased a foot massager through Inspire Uplift. The mat I received didn't work or generate an electrical signal. I contacted customer service to request a refund or return. They asked me to send a video. It is impossible to display in the video the absence of any impulses. They then were unable to issue a give a refund. I read many negative reviews on the internet claiming this mat is not working. I strongly advise against buying this mat. They will sell you damaged items and not return your money. In addition, they remove any negative reviews from their site.

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