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8 Reviews on The Sleep Company

  1. Nayan Dube
    Jan 13, 2023

    I am delighted with it

    Excellent, extremely comfortable price great Thank you for the sleep company. And after searching for several brands, I finally found an excellent product from Amazon. I am delighted with it.

  2. Parsu Karnataka
    Oct 15, 2022

    Fake SMARTGRID Technology.

    Don't waste your time and money ordering this company mattress; reviews are almost fake. We got Sevier back and neck pain when we started using this SMARTGRID mattress. We complained to the customer care team to return the mattress.

    They were continuously saying many of our customers were facing the same issue. Moving side to side is a painful process on this bed. Once the body adjusts to the mattress, there will not be any problem.

    As per the suggestion from the team, the very body will have adjustment time for this bed, which means that any new person or visitors to the home are not allowed to use this bed as it takes adjustment time.

    Now it's almost two months, and still, issues are the same. They are not responding to the subject. We thought of encouraging a startup and adopting new technology. Unfortunately, it's left us with a bad experience.

  3. Mitul Sharma
    Sep 15, 2022

    Their 100 nights trail is lie.

    If I am asked to leave, they say I'm not at ease as I sweat throughout the night while sleeping on the mattress. They referred to "terms and conditions" and denied my request, claiming that the bed was unsuitable for Eason.

  4. Praveen K
    Aug 5, 2022

    100 nights promises does not work! False ads.

    I purchased my mattress Smart Luxe 10 inches King size for Rs. 30k in August, and I am within AP, India. It is a soft mattress and has thick foam under it.

    The mattress is so hot, and I'm unable to sleep. After trying different pillows available on this mattress, there are neck and shoulder Pains.

    We have tried so many times that the 100-night return time is now over. After eight months of grueling testing, I asked the sleep company to refund the product as the advertising was fake. I sought an exchange for a part of the price, but the sleep company declined. I'm experiencing a lot of irregularity when I sleep and am restless due to the mattress.

    Don't be fooled by the advertisements featuring air pockets or other clever tricks. Instead of purchasing this alternative, you can buy a coir mattress for just 13k, and getting a fantastic night's sleep is more beneficial. After 30k, the remainder is still far...

    Recommend buying it if you reside in the Himalayas alone. Then, I got my coffee. Are you going to be able to get on? Yes, you could lay eggs in the mattress and lie on it, making them hatch with warmth...

  5. Mira Kumar
    Jul 27, 2022

    The sleep company website sleep only!

    The sleep company website is not working correctly. I purchased one mattress from this company, which is in a lousy delivery service. They are bad at customizing. They can make custom matters of 30k and cannot create a custom cover. They cut calls while talking in customer care. They have only wasted money on Anil Kapoor, not on the Website.

    Amazon voucher not working, referring to 5% not working. Terrible service. The courier delivery boy tells us they cannot do door delivery on the 10th floor. Then who will provide? How can we take that on the 10th floor with that product in our hand? Why do we pay online? Why do we give you order if we can carry this?

  6. J. V.
    Jun 12, 2022

    The sleep company's return policy is misleading.

    I bought a mattress with numerous accessories through The Sleep Company instead of on Amazon. Beware of their website's description as well as their claims and integrity.

    I was happy with the mattress as well as other accessories. However, the mattress was a complete nightmare. The pillow caused pain in the neck of all the family members on the first day.

    Based on their stated "Free shipping and returns policy," I requested returns of my pillows by myself. However, the response of Sleep Company was pathetic.

    Eventually, when I escalated the issue, I was notified via email that the return policy is not permitted, with a vague mention of their R&D department improving the quality. So summary

    Beware! Please do not believe this business or what they say about themselves. They don't adhere to the return policy, and I'm sure they'll be the same for the trial offer of 100 days on mattresses.

    If you want to purchase Sleep Company products, please buy them on Amazon. This way, if you're unhappy with the product after one night's stay, you can return it hassle-free.

  7. Sri Dhar
    Jun 11, 2022

    The mattress was made of plastic or a mixture of rubber and plastic.

    I was looking for more mattresses that could replace my old Kurl-On mattresses and found this one intriguing as it is an imitation of the Purple brand sold in the USA.

    I intended to purchase the mattress, only to discover that they also sell the seat cushion made from the same material. I placed an order for it. I am waiting to receive the item. It's been a while since I haven't received the product.

    The rating I've given is due to the website and service not showing the correct shipping information. I also contacted their customer support, and it wasn't perfect. The representative was as if to ask why you were calling them to get the answer shortly. They are also not keen on their products.

    After receiving it, I was shocked(checking the quality). It is made of plastic or a mixture of rubber and plastic. In reality, it's a very low-cost replica that is a poor imitation of Purple(a US brand).

    It completely loses its form within an hour of use. It also has different shapes(Squares and rectangles, rhombus, etc.).

    The customer service for me is among the most unprofessional. They act like they're the local store. There is no professional way of doing business. There is no return policy!

  8. Viny Kul
    Jun 10, 2022

    SMARTGRID mattress caused severe back and neck discomfort.

    When I was asked to come back, they said I'm not at ease as I sweat all night long when I sleep on the bed. They referred to "terms and conditions" and denied my request claiming that the mattress is unsuitable for Eason.

    They did lots of delays in the delivery of mattresses. The big blunder they have made is by sending the wrong mattress was sent. And stayed for the next week after delivery asking for delivery or a new mattress, and is still waiting.

    I have tried messaging, calling, or emailing, but nothing seems to work for these idiots. I'm not sure the number of times that a person should repeat the same thing since they appear to be stuck in a loop of confusion.

    This is highly unprofessional, bordering on the criminal. I would have given minus -5 stars on help and support. Don't waste your time and money buying this mattress. All of their positive reviews are fake. Since using this SMARTGRID mattress, we have experienced severe back and neck discomfort.

    We contacted the customer care department and requested that the mattress be returned. They kept saying that a lot of our clients were experiencing similar issues. Moving from side to side is difficult on this mattress. Once the body is adjusted to the bed, there shouldn't be an issue.

    Based on the team members' advice, everybody will need to adjust to this bed. This means that anyone new or a guest at home can't use this bed because it will require an adjustment time.

    In the last two months and the issues remain. They haven't responded to the problem. We had the idea of helping a startup grow and adopt the latest technology. Unfortunately, we've been left with a negative experience.

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