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14 Reviews on Residents Medical

  1. Richard Asciukiewicz
    August 31st, 2022

    A highly trained and professional team

    A highly trained and professional team. Residents Medical assisted my clients in completing the medical residency they wanted to. In the past, I represented medical school graduates who requested me to examine their contracts. I’ve also continued representing Residents Medical as they grow their reach within Graduate Medical Education.

  2. John Brackett
    August 28th, 2022

    They helped me secure research positions at a top university

    My experience was that of an international student with a low test score, and I tried for a long time myself; however, I could not secure an interview. I know that each applicant is unique and their circumstances are different; however, I know that you must be prepared to make an effort to be able to be successful. After some luck, I heard about Residents Medical’s existence. I was apprehensive and unsure initially; however, after talking to some clients who successfully established relationships, I realized it was worthwhile to invest in my future and myself. They helped me secure research positions at a top university and provided one-on-one tuition to prepare me for my board exams and hands-on clinical externships. I passed my board exam and received great letters of recommendation, and now I am an enrolled resident.

  3. Greg Draghici
    August 22nd, 2022

    Dr. Karthik is the best

    I made three attempts to pass my step 3 board examination. Another shot, and I’d be ineligible for practice within America with the status of a board-certified medical professional. It was causing me stress because if I failed, I’d have to quit. I discovered Resident Medical’s USMLE preparation via Twitter. I joined and instantly noticed the distinction. I received courses designed specifically for me and was taught by a resident who is a top Step 3 score. With a systematic approach and an anxiety-busting coach for test-taking, I took the test and realized that I scored 221. I was able to have my career dependent on this test, and I am thrilled that I decided to go with Residents Medical to help me to pass the board examination. My instructor, Dr. Karthik, is the best, and his style of teaching rather than classroom style worked for me!

  4. Kevin Bell
    August 19th, 2022

    I fully support their work

    I was very optimistic when I decided to sign up for teaching for Step 3 with Residents Medical for my Step 3. I graduated from the Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland, and had a difficult time with my exam. They connected me with an excellent tutor who helped me improve my weaknesses in Biostats. I completed step 3, but I could not get to the residency. I contacted my counselor for guidance and asked them to assist me. We have a long-standing relationship in common with Residents Medical and our counselor, Sheila. They helped my husband gain experience in the program, where they interviewed him. He was then matched for a residency at Nassau University medical center on Long Island in Internal Medicine. They helped me prepare for my interview, and during SOAP, I was able to interview in a nearby program at my home and was accepted! I am very content, and we thank Residents Medical. The staff is extremely accommodating and has never given up in the face of all my difficulties. Now, I’m a certified resident with an internal medicine specialty. I fully support their work and look at recommending my fellow applicants to residency who struggle to become an intern.

  5. Brian Prendergast
    August 16th, 2022

    top-quality research institute

    I’ve been working with Residents Medical for four years, and in the year that I completed my medical degree in Internal Medicine. I was delayed due to my health issues. However, RM did not give any of me up. My entire Curriculum Vitae was revamped. I was accepted into a top-quality research institute at the Charleston Area Medical Center in West Virginia, where I was close with the Director of Programs. It’s been a long process for me. I’m from Nigeria, and I struggled on my own and almost abandoned my goal of becoming a physician. It was remarkable how my counselor, Dr. Dang, guided and encouraged me after I had given up on my dream and thought it was impossible. I was post-matched in June to an August 2022 start in a categorical internal Medicine Program in Michigan. I want to thank the entire staff for their help at Residents Medical!

  6. David Traubel
    August 8th, 2022

    the online Zoom sessions were excellent

    I did not pass the USMLE Stage 1 exam. I didn’t have an idea of what I could do. I am a Medical student studying at St. George’s in the Caribbean and recently completed Kaplan classes. I was informed about the Resident’s Medical tutoring program through professionals who are currently Residents. My tutor is a Dermatology Resident who scored more than 220 on her boards! I could study with a plan, and the online Zoom sessions were excellent. I received my score and got 220 in Step 1. I had no idea I could receive a 220. I’m planning to use Residents Medical for my Step 2 tutoring! Their USMLE method of preparation is better than all other exam prep programs out there.

  7. Kenneth Beaumont
    August 5th, 2022

    I am extremely thankful

    I am incredibly thankful I am so grateful to Residents Medical. I was forced to leave my Neurology program at the University of Arkansas. I believe my professional career was made. When I look back, I will not take that job. However, as foreign medical students, we accept any residency we can get! I re-evaluated my CV, completed extensive research, earned an MPH, and then focused on my passion, Internal Medicine. I was unable to complete my medical residency. I was about to give up, but a fellow member of an online group suggested Residents Medical. They offered me hope, helped integrate my application to the Internal Medicine program, and helped me prepare for Step 3 and ITI. I did well and proved myself, and I was given the off-cycle PGY-2 Categorical position in Internal Medicine in August. They were fantastic, and the counselor, Sheila, was also great. Thank you to Residents Medical.

  8. Kevin C. Jones
    August 4th, 2022

    My experience in Residents Medical has been fantastic

    My experience in Residents Medical has been fantastic. I was a medical doctor with a low score, but I was on an extended vacation (due to health issues in my family) and had difficulty finding a program that was compatible with my needs. What worried me was the fact that I wasn’t receiving interviews. Disillusioned and desperate, I decided to reach out to RM and will always be grateful for it. They helped me enhance my application and placed me in a research position in the residency program. I was able to interact with faculty members regularly and increase my resume and my experience. If I tried for a second time, the experiences would be different. I was a highly competitive applicant and was matched to the program I had done my research on. I am grateful that I took the leap and joined Residents Medical.

  9. John Harrington
    August 1st, 2022

    Good staff, excellent people

    Good staff, excellent people. In a period where residency positions are becoming more competitive, they’re competent to help applicants obtain important research positions, which require working with prominent faculty who are experienced in the process of selection. In medicine, nothing is guaranteed and especially not a highly sought-after residency. If you are persistent and receive guidance from RM, you’ll succeed more than if you try to complete the task independently. Do your best, strive to be the best, and remain patient.

  10. Rich Owens
    July 16th, 2022

    Their USMLE method of preparation is superior

    I am a medical student in St. George’s in the Caribbean and have just completed Kaplan classes. I did not pass the USMLE Stage 1 exam. I had no idea of what to do. I learned about Residents Medical’s tutoring offered by experienced tutors who are current Residents. My tutor is a Dermatology Resident, and she scored over 250 on her Boards!

    I could study with a plan, and the Live Zoom sessions were fantastic. I received my score and got a 220 on my first step. I didn’t think I would achieve a score of 220. I’m going to utilize Residents Medical for my Step 2 tutoring, for sure! Their USMLE method of preparation is superior to all other exam prep systems out there.

  11. Liam Anderson
    July 15th, 2022

    Residents medical should be investigated

    Residents medical will send you to places where you are only a slight chance of obtaining a residency application. They will point your fingers at you if things don’t go according to plan. It is not fair to receive this treatment after paying for a 6 figure contract. We hope someone will look into this business and its methods.

  12. T Fraust
    June 30th, 2022

    Pinky promises only, No real business with Residents medical.

    The organization tries to rip individuals out of money-making residency slots. Most of the time, you are contact via Sheila, who sweetly promises you that you’re the perfect candidate and then sends you to a site to conduct a study.

    If you visit the clinic, you will see three additional medical individuals sent by the residents. If you ask them questions, they’ll hand you the contract, or Mrs.Everest will appear and yell at you. They will ask you to take an interview however, you will not be able to get residency there.

    They claim that we had promised an interview and that we met the promise. They are rogues playing with the emotions of people and should be punished. They are not far away from the day someone will sue them.

  13. Dr. A Patel
    June 27th, 2022

    Thank you Residents Medical

    I am very thankful for Residents Medical. I was forced to quit my Neurology program at the University of Arkansas. I was convinced that my career was done. In retrospect, I shouldn’t take that job, but as a medical graduate , we accept any residency we can get! I updated my CV, completed extensive research, earned an MPH, and then focused on my passion, Internal Medicine.

    I did not get a medical residency. I thought I would give up, but a Facebook group member suggested Residents Medical. They gave me hope, incorporated me into the Internal Medicine program, and helped me prepare for Step 3 and ITI. I did well I was able to prove myself and was given the off cycle PGY-2 Categorical Internal Medicine in August. They were fantastic, and the counselor, Sheila, was excellent too. Thank you to Residents Medical.

  14. Gabriel Jordan
    June 23rd, 2022

    Residents Medical's uses switch and bait!

    Residents Medical’s promotional video on YouTube shows you a person, firstly in casual clothes. This person gets to know about Residents Medical from, seemingly, his college’s notice board.

    And then he goes and searches for the firm on the Internet. After that, he confirms an appointment on

    Cut to, it shows this person doing research and assignments at various places until “Ross Michaels,” i.e., name of the person, becomes a Resident. This video is very alluring for anyone doing medically to fall for the trap.

    Firstly, we were a batch of four people who registered for their program together. I was among the many that fall for the crap that Resident’s Medical charges for! After talking with the other three, I learned I wasn’t charged the same as the other three.

    Two of us were charged 1,00,000; the other one was arrested for 1,50,000, and I was charged 2,00,000. When asked to justify the pay disparity, we were told that the faculty that would assist us was different, and hence there was a difference in the amount charged to us.

    This gave us the first shock after we signed their agreement. We discussed amongst ourselves what should be the real reason behind this? And decided to enquire about the question individually in our manner!

    After inquiry, it was founded that the doctors that they lists and brag about what they are on board with them are not on-board with them. But they, for a fact, outsource them to provide services at Resident Medical.

    If you go on their website, there is not a single clue that you would know about this fact. There are seven MD doctors that they claim are with Resident Medical. But they are hired based on requirements and demand and the in-flow of students.

    Because of this, there is a pay disparity that the individuals won’t ever come to know because they are assigned doctors based on what they’d be willing to pay. There is also a separate person who decides what they can be helpful to pay for based on the background of the students who apply for the course.

    It is shocking to know that such a business racket is run in the name of education. To expose such a racket, my other three friends and I went on knowingly and put our money at risk. After that, we were subjected to their so-called training at other institutes.

    We demanded to know the name of the institutes, which they say in the video, to which they will assign each of us. We were shocked at the response they got! The director of Resident Medical called four of us individually and told us to stop what we were doing.

    He said that he could give us the name of institutions only on one condition, and that is, we were not allowed to share the terms of institutions with each of us.

    In our next meeting, we lied to the director and agreed only to get the name of the institutions where we were supposed to do our internships! After getting the institutions’ terms, we learned that the institutions weren’t what they promised us at the start.

    They promised us some different names, and they gave us some other words. The reason behind this, they said, was that the characters that they had given us before weren’t available on the dates they were sending us on internships. They denied us when we asked to talk to the institutions and check for ourselves.

    One of the institutions with which one of our friends had contact was the one where we managed to ask, to keep a check on whether or not we were delivered truth, was the one that said to us that the institution’s laboratory and doctors were available on that date.

    And on further inquiring, we found that Resident Medical had no contact with them. In turn, they said they were shocked to hear that Resident Medical was using their name for any such purpose.

    The fact behind this revelation is that Resident Medical uses the Everest Foundation’s assets to provide high-risk agreements with them to give donations to different institutions throughout the country.

    We learned later that Resident Medical also has a few court records in which people have previously charged them with the same thing; we were in shock.

    All four of us were not made Residents, as shown in the YouTube video. And when we weren’t made as such, we complained about it and demanded our money back!

    The director denied our application to gain our money back, and they gave us our performance. They said that we were dismissed from Residency because our execution was poor.

    This is an absolute lie. All four of us were above the average performance score in all our criteria. As spoken to us by one of Resident Medical’s employees, the real reason behind it was that the director found us too nosy.

    He said that the director found four of us to threaten his business, which is why he denied us Residency.

    Please beware of such faulty people who can ruin your career and time for the gain of nothing. Please beware of the promises they make in their YouTube videos and don’t go by the videos, instead of demand in written whatever promises they make and monitor at the end of the contract whether they have fulfilled or not what they promised you at the start.

    We are writing this to provide awareness against such faulty business doers. We are going to fight this case and make sure Resident Medical suffers for what it does, but meanwhile, we are urging everyone to please think before applying for resident Medical.

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