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22 Reviews on Peachy Essay

  1. Stephen Q.
    1 rating
    Nov 14, 2023

    Expensive Assignment

    This service is unbelievably pricey. I had a tight deadline of 20 hours for a 12-page assignment. While they did manage to deliver on time, the cost nearly bankrupted me. We're students, not millionaires, and the exorbitant fees are a burden.

  2. John Chrzastek
    1 rating
    Jun 10, 2023

    It had grammar errors

    The work was entirely outside of the idea. It had grammar errors. Unprofessional. They will reimburse you only if they fail to pass the test!

  3. Trinity Malbrough
    4 rating
    Apr 10, 2023

    The prices are reasonable

    No necessity for exam stress; my tutor meets every deadline and produces high-quality homework. I am guaranteed an average grade of B. The prices are reasonable for term papers, essays, research papers, dissertations, and other research papers. Each assignment will be taken care of. I am a happy client.

  4. Helen Dawson
    2 rating
    Nov 10, 2022

    They provided two outstanding essays on time.

    I was very stressed about two assignments due by the following week that I didn't have the time to finish this. A friend of mine gave me the URL for Peachy Essay. I'm glad that I decided to order from them. They provided two outstanding essays on time.

  5. Kim Overbeck
    2 rating
    Nov 8, 2022

    The writer's work is outstanding

    The writer's work is outstanding. The language is too academic, making it somewhat challenging to read. However, the content is superb. Like always, the customer service representatives were beneficial and friendly. The support was excellent.

  6. Andy Weltman
    2 rating
    Nov 6, 2022

    I have never been expected to submit my paper.

    When this firm of experts assures me that they will give me top quality, you can be sure they'll honor their promise! They delivered my essay in a matter of two hours from the deadline. I have never been expected to submit my paper.

  7. Emma Pearson
    2 rating
    Nov 4, 2022

    I was very pleased with the help in my work

    I was delighted with the help in my work. I'm having a few math-related matters, and this program helps me find fresh ways and solutions for my assignments. Thanks.

  8. Robert Bicheno
    2 rating
    Nov 3, 2022

    I am sure to return with additional work.

    I had a task on Theology & Religious studies, and I could see that most businesses that offer help with essay writing could not handle this assignment. I received an excellent paper from your company, and I am sure to return with additional work.

  9. Kevin Olusesi
    2 rating
    Nov 2, 2022

    The ordering process was easy

    The ordering process was easy, and their team offered me a discount coupon. Thus, I got an excellent price for the research paper. I decided to set the deadline for a week, and my essay was due two days following the delivery date. This gave me enough time to write the article myself if the company failed to complete the assignment like others. The prospect of a refund was appealing to me because I was unwilling to throw away money on a poor company.

  10. Vivien Oliver
    2 rating
    Nov 1, 2022

    I received decent marks in my biology project first time

    I received decent marks in my biology project the first time. I was consistently criticized for a late submission. Thanks to Peachyessay for helping me submit it on time.

  11. Anatoliy Skvirskiy
    4 rating
    Sep 1, 2022

    I am grateful for your help

    I'm thrilled to have stumbled on your site. It's simple to use and trustworthy. In addition, your authors are top experts, and I can only have positive feedback to share about the service. I am grateful for your help, which is available every day. It's comforting to know that you'll receive a reply any time of the day. I'm ecstatic to work with an accomplished and knowledgeable team like yours.

  12. Matthew J. Turney
    3 rating
    Aug 25, 2022

    Please increase your support

    While looking for an essayist to write about how mobile phones have changed our lives, I came across this site. I loved the prices, but the customer service was with a lone voice. I was impressed by the speed at which I received my essay, and I was extremely pleased with the writing quality. Thank you very much for all your hard work, but Please increase your support.

  13. Eric Emery
    2 rating
    Aug 23, 2022

    The Peachy essay writers are typically available

    The Peachy essay writers are typically available even in the evening for temporary assignments in the six months I've been using them. The peachy essay also offers positive customer service that is always eager to assist the customer. This is a reliable service that I will continue to use for my essays and assignments.

  14. Donald R Cenk
    2 rating
    Aug 20, 2022

    I was unwilling to throw away money on a company

    The ordering process was simple, and I received an offer code from the staff. This was an excellent price for the document. The deadline I decided to set was a week away, and my paper was due two days following the delivery date. This gave me enough time to write my essay myself if the firm failed to finish the job just like other companies did. The prospect of a refund enticed me because I was unwilling to throw away money on a company that was not as good.

  15. Wycliffe Brown
    1 rating
    Aug 16, 2022

    Customer service was very rude

    Customer service was insulting. I needed help writing an article. I contacted their customer service via chat to see if they could write it. They send me an email with a payment link. I asked them nicely if they would do it at no cost to me. I'm a student. I am not rich. He says, "sorry, we are not a charity." It's so rude. It is disrespectful to treat people with respect, particularly the poor, who cannot pay for your expensive costs. I never had a customer before and likely will never.

  16. Jennifer Durren
    1 rating
    Aug 12, 2022

    Well-trained customer service

    A typical place to do essay writing. It's not bad. However, my experience suggests that there are better options. This company writes good text with minor grammar errors and has well-trained customer service agents. These are positives. The downsides are the cost and problems with the deadlines. My order was delivered 2 minutes after the deadline had expired. For me, it was not a significant issue; however, it could be for someone else.

  17. Ronald Koller
    1 rating
    Aug 10, 2022

    Writer did not follow the instructions provided

    I required someone to write a research paper for me since I was slammed with assignments and homework from different classes. When I discovered the peach essay on YouTube as well as Reddit. I was hopeful of the possibility that "professional writers" would be beneficial in easing the stress caused by writing a research paper of 9-10 pages. I provided complete instructions and a prompt. However, the writer could not follow the instruction. Even after two revisions, the writer did not adhere to the fast, going as far as highlighting where the writer "followed" the prompt. In the hope that they had a clue, I ok'd the request and handed it over to my teacher. My teacher responded that they didn't adhere to the instructions, and I was given an 0. I hope to receive a reimbursement for my poor professionalism and the subpar essay I was given.

  18. Brandi Morgan
    3 rating
    Aug 4, 2022

    They did not just edit my essay

    I was trying to complete my research by myself. Due to a shortage of resources, I had to use my classmate's work. Plagiarism is, of course, prohibited. This is why I selected Peachy Essay for my editor service. They did not just edit my essay but also rewrote some lines and expanded it a bit.

  19. Lauren Schofield
    4 rating
    Aug 1, 2022

    The most sexist professor I've ever had

    Believe me when I tell you that my Biology instructor is the most sexist professor I've ever had. His assignments are incredibly challenging, and most of us won't receive grades higher than C. I was eager to finish my sassy essay after getting an A on a piece of work provided by these folks. I chose to go with the standard degree, so next time, I'll attempt something more challenging to see if I can score the impossible A.

  20. Donna Merrell
    5 rating
    Jul 16, 2022

    Offers a high-quality writing service

    A team that delivers top-quality writing works according to schedule and is reasonably priced for their services is difficult to beat. Because they are concerned about their clients, Peachy Essay is genuinely mother-to-be. Peachy Essay recognizes that students need help and might be financially strapped. At times our website provides attractive vouchers. My good fortune happened just at the right moment. Thanks

  21. Craig McIntier
    5 rating
    May 18, 2022

    Amazing customer service!

    I received a high-quality academic article review from the writer of my paper. Amazing customer service! They are very friendly and get back to you promptly.

    My paper needed some modifications so I sent it back to the writer. He or she quickly reworked it with high quality writing. My paper was not plagiarising. They are definitely a company I will use in the future.

  22. Anonymous
    5 rating
    May 10, 2022

    We can meet any requirement professionally

    My semester was nearly overdue after being in quarantine. Then came the daily online assignments and case studies. I am grateful to have found the best writing service, provider.

    I handed them a stack of case studies, and they delivered all my work on time. Their team worked so professionally on every request. Thank you, guys!

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