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  1. Jose Maciel
    Jan 16, 2023


    It is a good idea to recommend these sites to everyone who desires to learn and is trapped at home. The programs they offer each accomplish the purpose, and you’ve learned so much by the end! They offer a variety of excellent information that makes learning enjoyable.

  2. Chris Gregory
    Nov 2, 2022

    The worst experience

    The worst experience I’ve had with email spam. I can’t unsubscribe from their list of email addresses; they email me three times daily. They don’t have an email address I can use to send messages. If there was a rating less than 1 star, those people certainly got it. Worst experience ever

  3. Kim Sykes
    Nov 1, 2022

    I signed up for their fifteen days trial

    I signed up for their fifteen days trial. The advertisement said this was free, so I assumed I would not be charged for the 15 days. It was just me. Payment is taken immediately. I’m guessing there’s a small print that I overlooked. But, what I am furious about, and the suspect could be illegal, is that I hit “Submit” for a payment of 99 dollars. The 118 dollars I paid was due to the added tax, something I wasn’t aware of before submitting the price and therefore wasn’t a part of. Throughout a period, the 19 dollars of tax is an additional 228 over the amount. That’s extortionate. That’s why I didn’t sign-up to pay that. I’ve canceled my account and asked for a refund. If it is not given in full, my bank will raise an action—shame on you, Mindvalley. You operate in mindfulness and wellness; however, this pract, ices aren’t ethical or mindful.

  4. Glyn Ward
    Nov 1, 2022

    I had canceled my subscription however

    I canceled my subscription. However, I was charged $499 to renew my membership. When I phoned to request a refund, I spoke to a “customer service agent” named Rudy. Rudy was appropriately named for his rudeness. He gave me a talk on managing my money better, which wouldn’t be a problem. Wow, wow. Naturally, I am not interested in taking any other Mindvalley training shortly.

  5. Lina Ukor
    Sep 8, 2022

    I hate Mindvalley!

    I am disappointed by Mindvalley and its founders, Vishen and Jim’s partners. I had problems with them before. They charge in advance for the following year. They returned the money, but today, I purchased another course, which did not work. When asking for support, I got the answer from a robot to send the mail to reply to all – they have great seminars, but what is this good if you can not access them?

  6. Jenni Hadfield
    Aug 28, 2022

    It used to be really good

    Mindvalley was very enjoyable, and I was planning to attend multiple Masterclasses. However, I found that a few of them disappointed me, particularly with the sheer volume of emails I received when I decided to sign up for a particular subscription. I genuinely believe that Mindvalley requires something better, possibly safer, or simply making a video of intelligent people discussing the subject.

  7. Dana Henzie
    Aug 25, 2022

    Wow! For such an allegedly forward-thinking and innovative business

    Wow! For such an allegedly forward-thinking and innovative business, it isn’t easy to believe that Mindvalley cannot keep up with the claims of its founder regarding the ease of obtaining the money back. From the feedback I’ve seen, I will go by reading one of DaSilva’s books instead. We hope that the reviews improve shortly.

  8. Gregory Cotton
    Aug 18, 2022

    I was not happy

    Mindvalley’s first experience was excellent. Some amazing courses. I signed up for annual membership. After that, in February, I changed my phone. I was unable to log into the new device. I sent multiple messages to Mindvalley. They haven’t responded. The company even attempted direct debits for the following year. There was no response to my question about not being able to sign into my account and access my account. This means I can only use it from July until Feb and then pay for the entire year. I was not happy.

  9. Ann Bietsch
    Aug 8, 2022

    I sought an exchange but was denied

    I made the payment on the 28th of August. After examining what was provided, I decided not to take the course. I sought an exchange but was denied. I’m not interested in their program. All I need is the amount of money back.

  10. Robin White
    Aug 2, 2022

    I am deeply saddened by the soulless people behind this business

    Jose Silva wanted his knowledge utilized to benefit his “betterment of mankind” and the world. Suppose you come across a long extravagant ad that extols the virtues of money and sports cars but concludes with a push-to-buy strategy.

    In that case, you immediately know it’s about exploitative practices. But, I am thankful to Mindvalley for helping me discover the concepts (through their ads) created and taught by the extraordinary man. The ideas can be easily obtained by purchasing the book for under 15 dollars or at no cost via YouTube. I am grateful to those who are seeking to make this information available to improve the lives of humanity rather than filling their own pockets with money.

    I am deeply saddened by the soulless people behind this business who are causing stress for those who want to make a difference in their lives but who are too ignorant to recognize this alleged money-making scheme, as evident by the testimonials of those who have been ripped off for trusting in the one-click 15-day money-back assurance. I’m sure that someone within the company could be in the “alpha state” to enable this button to appear and function if they wanted to:

  11. Jeanne Penuel
    Aug 1, 2022

    I'm experiencing severe issues with the app

    Although I enjoy the classes, I’m experiencing severe issues with the app. trying to find assistance – instead of being trapped in a maze of FAQs or virtual assistants is impossible. This is a significant problem with mind valley and something they must solve. They certainly have the funds to resolve this issue and avoid many miserable customers/flims reviews like the ones below.

  12. Jason Kramer
    Jul 28, 2022

    I've never experienced the kind of customer service. I hate them!

    I’ve paid for the Evercoach membership but did not have access to the service. Therefore, after a few attempts using AI support, I contacted the customer service department, and they connected me with Shikha Bhakri.

    I have been sending emails and messages to and from her for over one month. She has always responded 4-7 days later, and my issue isn’t resolved. One time she responded within 24 hours was when I tried to explain why the problem wasn’t solved after calling the Tech team. She asked, “Can you uninstall the application and restart it?

    Thank you for the suggestion. I’ve never experienced the kind of customer service that is so awful! I would like to see Mindvalley improve their customer service and train them on being more courteous and taking customer complaints more seriously.

  13. Barry Sawarth
    Jul 25, 2022

    life-changing experience.

    In 2021, I met Mindvalley, my mentor, now Marisa Peer. As an officer on the brink of suicide, Mindvalley and Marisa helped me save my life.

    On the weekend of 1st July 2022, I attended my first Mindvalley event following my certification as one of Mindvalley’s first certified Life Coaches.

    Another life-changing experience. If I had captured that space’s intention, love, and passion, we could make the world a better place in minutes.

    Join forces with something greater than yourself. Congratulations to the entire team. The most impressive thing was that Vishen let his team be the top performers, and they were all.

  14. Sandy Johnson
    Jul 18, 2022

    the customer support team puts me off!

    If I had the option of choosing one star, I’d choose. Each time I attempt to contact customer service, the system connects me to the help of a robot. After I type in human, a human will call me within a week after sending a message, and it takes another week before they return. The issue I’m having isn’t resolved within one month! Mindvalley’s content is fantastic, but the customer support team puts me off!

  15. Sarah Navel
    Jul 15, 2022

    Confident that the method is effective

    I am confident that the method is effective because I have tried it before, but I’m not sure about the number of stars I should award you. I settled on five because I am confident that the method is effective. But, after reading a few of the reviews in these, which are new from this year, I’d be inclined to give a 1-star rating for Customer Service.

    I strongly recommend ensuring that Customer Service pays attention to negative reviews and makes all the steps, which includes refunds, straightforward for the customer. All actions must be smooth, including the cancelation and refund procedures. Hassle-free.

    If anyone wishes to cancel their subscription after 3, 6, or 12 months, or any other time you want, they’ll be able to do so without hassle. Additionally, it will help to stop charging the credit card of those who demanded cancellation. Make sure you respond promptly to emails and calls. So there’s another point.

    Vishen does a great job of spreading the Silva Method. Vishen is very active in promoting Silva Method, but it’s plagued by negative feedback since Customer Service isn’t diligent, and customers feel they’re getting scammed.

    Get your actions in order and pay careful to what everyone else is talking about. I have read many complaints saying the exact fact tells me you’re not paying attention or taking action.

    I was about to sign up this morning, but after I read through all the details, I will purchase the book or other books until you have resolved your Customer Service issues internally.

    No one wants to be sucked in by endless calls and emails to have their money returned and their subscription terminated. It could quickly become an unending nightmare.

    Customer Service must be top-notch! Find an answer that is not a reason to keep potential clients satisfied. Customer Service must be at par with the program’s standard and Vishen’s unstoppable efforts to spread the word about it. I wish you all the best as you pay attention and be aware.

  16. Edwin Melendez
    Jul 8, 2022

    The link doesn't work This is a shame

    I was interested to know the return policy before placing an order. In a response from customer service, they said to go over their policy on cancellation on the refund page. The link doesn’t work. I would suggest against using this business if you’re not allowed to share access to information. Please do not use them until they solve their problems. This is a shame, as I was hoping to join.

  17. Yan Gurtovoy
    Jun 27, 2022

    Poor customer service!

    Poor customer service! They advertise their prices monthly, but they bill yearly. Most companies let you cancel any time and receive a refund for the remainder of your subscription, but not Mindvalley! I’ve just quit my job and need the money, but they will not pay me back because “it would be unfair to other customers.” A course that has no trial period for free, as well as no cancelation policy, could be considered a ploy to make money!

  18. Tara Ingram
    Jun 16, 2022

    Fantastic encounter dealing with Mindvalley

    I had a fantastic encounter dealing with Mindvalley client service. I had to end my membership and request a refund as I wanted to get the money to be returned.

    My husband was fired following my joining. While $400 might not seem like much to many, it’s an enormous amount for our family of seven, particularly at this moment when we suddenly have only one source of income. My customer service representative, Hannelore, was extremely kind and accommodating.

    It was a fantastic experience! The response I received was awe-inspiring and unexpected. I cannot even begin to express how I’m grateful for the personal care and consideration paid to my particular situation.

    I was treated like a person, not as a quantity, and I felt so loved, particularly the messages of encouragement and optimism sent to me. I want to see my situation change soon since I want to be part of this beautiful, incredible community.

  19. Ronald S Jones
    Jun 8, 2022

    Mind Valley has issued an unauthorized charge on my card

    Mind Valley has issued an unauthorized charge on my card. I do not have a subscription nor any arrangement with Mind Valley to authorize payments. I reached them via the “support” link, and they refused to issue an offer of reimbursement. This is a clear case of theft and not an accident. Their stated intentions to assist people to seem to be in complete contradiction with their theft saga. I want the money back to purchase food.

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