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40 Reviews on PM Master Prep

  1. Lisa Kane
    September 2nd, 2022

    Thanks Scot Payne & Coach David Young

    Suppose I were to say that this material and the exam put me in a state of doubt! This was true until I came across those PM Master Prep flash cards. After that, I could sense their enthusiasm and love from Scott. I immediately ordered. Then I asked for more information and, surprisingly, not was I able to get an email, but I also received a phone contact from Scott himself. After we talked, I signed up for the Accelerator course, and my understanding changed from being confused to completely understanding it!! And having my accountability coach was just the icing on the cake. Naturally, my doubts and confusion turned to confidence. Not only did I get through, but I also passed the highest score in all areas. The complex became simple for me. If you want to gain an accurate and logical understanding of PMI-PMP and get it right in the first attempt, then PM Master Prep will be the place you should go. Thanks, Scot Payne & Coach David Young. I AM CERTIFIED!

  2. Karen Smith
    September 1st, 2022

    I recently successfully passed my PMP test earlier today

    I recently successfully passed my PMP test earlier today. The scores in the three categories were all higher than what was expected. I found Scott and PM Master Scott quite late in my preparation, but his style and content were by far the most powerful. I read Scott’s eBook and then signed to the simulator online. The most amazing thing was getting a call from Scott five minutes after signing up. He contacted me to inquire about what he could do to help me get ready and offered me a study session the following day. Servant leadership personified. I highly recommend this service to anyone studying for exams, and my only regret is that I didn’t find them earlier. Thank you, Scott!

  3. John Werner
    August 28th, 2022

    Scott's course is fantastic!

    Scott’s course is fantastic! I recently completed my PMP exam today! It’s quite a bit of work and dedication, but I guarantee you, Scott is able to make it clear and practical. TStudyingother material can be overwhelming, but Scott and his staff make the entire subject simple and understandable. Trust the course, and you’ll not be disappointed This is the best! THIS IS THE BEST! We appreciate it, Scott!

  4. Merle Owens
    August 27th, 2022

    Scott and co. are the best in their field

    Scott and co. are the best in their field. Their approach is highly reliable. After taking part in the difficult questions, which were easy to answer, and the weekly calls with accountability coaches, I found the test surprisingly simple. There are tons of sources available. My sole regret was that I did not discover Scott earlier.

  5. Joe Hagofsky
    August 25th, 2022

    I am awestruck by this program!

    I am awestruck by this program! Scott’s approach breaks down everything into logical steps in a fun format. I immediately jumped into the course and had fun with the sessions for study. We tackled difficult questions, examined how we came to our conclusions and grew together as a group! I am sure the study sessions were crucial to improving Scott’s content in the program. Scott’s video explained the entire process, and I could grasp it quickly. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to become a PMP. You’ll have a fantastic time working with Scott along with your coach for accountability.

  6. Mildred Figueroa
    August 25th, 2022

    Amazing program

    Amazing program. I’ve gone through several programs and did not pass the test previously! I completed this program in 14 days and passed the test with flying colors. The water by scoring above target on every single thing! It’s quite a bit of work, but it lets you know what they want instead of just reciting details. Excellent program, Scott!

  7. Anesta Dawkins
    August 23rd, 2022

    I am so happy

    This is the most effective program for getting PMP training. Scott instructs students in a way so that they don’t have to remember any information. I scored above the target in all subjects, and I can assure you that it was due to Scott and his accountability coach. Every cent spent is worth the effort. I am so happy.

  8. Scott Ullman
    August 20th, 2022

    Scott along with his colleagues are amazing!

    Scott’s style of teaching was easy and simplified aspects of Project Management processes to the level that, when I took the test I kept thinking, “it can not be this easy.” I achieved above the mark in all areas, and had only 33 minutes to go before I was done. Scott along with his colleagues are amazing!

  9. David Feder
    August 17th, 2022

    Scott's work is original and clear, and concise

    Scott’s work is original and clear, and concise. He’s worked incredibly hard to develop the material and simulator, and that’s all you require to finish the PMP successfully. You’re in good hands. Take the course and trust me, you’ll be good.

  10. Donnabel Rodriguez
    August 16th, 2022

    Thank you Scott and his team!

    I completed this course over three weeks and did not understand the material before participating. I’m thrilled to announce that I cleared my exam on my first try with the highest score in each area. I am so happy! The format and content can be a game changer when preparing for this test. Thank you, Scott and his team!

  11. Evgeny Nefedov
    August 14th, 2022

    this program is the way to success!

    If you want to pass the pmp exam effortlessly, this program is the way to success! I passed the test by using 3AT, thanks to this program! When I was taking the test, I realized that I was utilizing the information I gained from the coaching calls or watching the videos compared to the program, which was taking me in the wrong direction…I hope to leave ten marks on my encounter working with Scott and Salvador since they consider the success of their clients as their own.

  12. Timothy Marriott
    August 11th, 2022

    PM Master Prep is the One-Stop-Training-Shop for Project Management Prep!

    PM Master Prep is the One-Stop-Training-Shop for Project Management Prep! This program offers you everything you require: energizing videos by an incredible trainer, coaches who inspire you every week, fun worksheets that make you think about the subject matter, and efficient exam preparation modules to identify the areas you need to work on. I was on a transformative journey with my coach (from PMPrep Team) PMPrep Team) and Scott was incredibly supportive each step of the way. I PASSED THE EXAM *ABOVE TARGET*!

  13. Duston Brown
    August 9th, 2022

    PM Master Prep can be awe-inspiring

    PM Master Prep can be awe-inspiring. After trying to learn the PMBOK, reading other books or listening to podcasts, etc. I discovered this course and thought it was a gem to be found mainly because he can adapt to how learners learn. Face-to-face virtual meetings every week, video lessons, and his book. He can cover everything! I can tell you that the only reason I could achieve the score I wanted was the fundamental and profound knowledge I was taught through this class. Don’t let it pass you. Learn the course, and you’ll be able to give. I’m sure of it.

  14. Jayme Lott
    August 6th, 2022

    PM Master Prep has helped me pass the PMP Exam

    PM Master Prep has helped me pass the PMP Exam and exceeded my expectations! They will guide you through how to tackle different types of PMP questions. They also provide the necessary support to ensure you get through the test. Scott ensures you know every aspect of the PMP procedures, so you don’t have to learn them. The course is an intensive course of 7 days at a pace suitable for you. Alongside Scott, you will receive an instructor to guide you throughout the course. Salvador, the coach Salvador is exceptionally patient and genuinely will do everything to help you succeed. I would highly recommend the PM Master Prep. It has opened my eyes to how to think about all procedures in a manner you can comprehend and retain.

  15. Apryl Robinson
    August 4th, 2022

    PM Master Prep from Scott Payne is the best!

    I completed my PMP test today, achieving all the above goals and my thanks go the Scott’s Program! Scott’s course is an excellent one! Scott and my teacher David put the information in logical terms, making it much easier to grasp the concepts! It was beneficial to have weekly sessions with “classmates,” and we answered difficult questions together. Thank you, Scott, David, and my class! It was a lot of work but also a lot of fun all at all times! I wouldn’t be able to have accomplished this without you! If you’re looking for the best way to prepare for the PMP exam, you’ve discovered it! PM Master Prep from Scott Payne is the best!

  16. Joel Neal
    August 3rd, 2022

    I entered the course cautiously

    I entered the course cautiously. I’d never been to an instructor-led course prior. I was advised to re-learn all the lessons I’d learned before. I was instructed to become uncomfortable when doing something completely different. However, just like everything worth it, I remained dedicated to the process as I challenged myself and my colleagues and coaches and was pushed toward my goals. Scott has devised a program that allows anyone with expertise in project management methods to visit, feel at home and learn at their own pace to pass this test. I cannot thank him enough, but I would like to thank my accountability partner Kelly Clark for genuinely understanding my particular requirements and making the plan work for me.

  17. Donald Kerrigan
    August 1st, 2022

    A friend recommended me to Scott's program

    A friend recommended me to Scott’s program. Scott set the bar high on my expectation. I’m happy to say that the accelerator program was not disappointing! Scott does an excellent job of breaking down all the details and presenting the information in reasonably small time frames. The group meetings are what impressed me most. Scott and his coaches lead questions that put you in the right mindset by taking the question in its entirety to determine the initial answer you’d be and then looking at the various choices to find the best solution. Glad to report that I passed today, with a score that was above my target across every single domain!

  18. Richard Heater
    July 28th, 2022

    I feel incredibly blessed

    PM Master Prep can be the top option for anyone looking to get their PMP. Like many others, I was through an unsatisfactory PMP Bootcamp experience and was quite depressed for a long time. After I decided to join my PMP Master Prep family (because that’s what it is! ), it changed my life. It was life-changing. Scott and his team, you’ll receive more than just coaching. You’re part of a community that’s helping you, cheering for you, and encouraging you. Scott and his team care for your success, and you can feel it throughout the process. Additionally, through this program, PM Master Prep, I met people who are important to me and created what I hope to be friendships that will last a lifetime. I feel incredibly blessed to have been a part of this course, and I would continue to suggest PM Master Prep to everyone looking to become certified.

  19. Philip Micciche
    July 27th, 2022

    It is a highly recommended course

    It is a highly recommended course. PMP Master Prep has helped me pass the PMP test with flying colors on my first try. The PMP Master Prep exam is accurate in everything you must learn to pass the PMP exam. It has a wealth of tools that will help you to learn. This program does not just provide you with all the information you must know to answer questions correctly. The program will also show you how to comprehend the questions and read the answers effectively. Scott and his team will be there from the beginning until the end with their accountability calls, hard questions made Easy, and one-on-ones with Scott. My accountable coach was Bonita, who was terrific and offered expert guidance. Scott, Bonita, and the other members of Scott’s team are people who are energetic well-informed, and helpful. You’re sure to pass between the online training and the test simulator, the calls, and Scott’s podcast.

  20. Jeff Craighead
    July 26th, 2022

    Absolute best PMP program available!

    I’m not able to rate this program enough stars. Five stars aren’t enough. I did what Scott advised me to do and was able to pass the PMP in the three areas above goals! Thanks to the Accelerator materials, Scott’s E-book flashcards, and PM One View, I was confident and prepared for the exam day. The coaching calls he made with me and his mentors and coaches and having classes with other colleagues helped me think about questions like I was taking a test in real life. PM Master Prep is not a joke. They will prepare you for everything you’ll need for the test without needing to study or read additional program materials. As I took the test, I could hear the instructors and Scott’s voices inside my head and listen to them responding to the test. The program is built on a practical and logical approach to learning, not merely memorizing information. The exam questions were precisely what the program claimed they were. I would not have reached this level without the program! Thank you, PM Master Prep!

  21. Estel Lankford
    July 24th, 2022

    Scott's primary focus is on process

    I found the Accelerator 7-day course was precisely targeted to the content required for passing this PMP exam. Other courses concentrate on learning a lot of data I didn’t require for my test. Scott’s primary focus is on process and has the perfect mix of agile and waterfall to pass the new PMP exam. Quickly He’s still working on the website in order to transition into the test of the future, however I’m confident Scott will get it sorted out. Check out his videos, make the call; take the test.

  22. Margaret Crossey
    July 23rd, 2022

    Scott's accelerator class is distinctive

    Scott’s accelerator class is distinctive. The weekly coaching calls and challenging questions, which are easy to answer, make it stand out. Everyone from the coaches to Scott and even the other students will be there for you until you cross the end of the road. I’ve been to two other boot courses in the past, and it has always been like a long cramming session to remember the most information I could. In Scott’s class, there was no reason to remember. It has provided me with a fundamental knowledge base that has helped me meet my targets across all aspects of the PMP exam. I’ll also be able to carry this knowledge base as I progress to be better at being a project manager. If you’re unsure about taking the exam, now is the time to sign up! It’s a good decision!

  23. Denis Weigert
    July 22nd, 2022

    I passed the PMP Exam today

    I passed the PMP Exam today, with every one of my “Above Target” Scores. I wouldn’t have been able to do without Salvador Scott and Salvador Scott in PM Master Prep. They were able to lay out the information in a rational way that other systems might not. Scott’s personality and ability to describe the material were remarkable. Salvador helped me organize all the information and summarize the most important details I had to focus on, which was adequate.

  24. Christian Hershman
    July 19th, 2022

    10/10 would highly recommend Scott!

    10/10 would highly recommend Scott! I completed his course for 35 hours of contact and continued my studies with Scott and his other team members. I graduated with 3 ATs! I loved Scott’s teaching logical flow instead of reciting and memorizing information. I highly recommend the coaching calls, as well as those HQME calls. It’s not easy being forced to perform, but it’s helpful!

  25. Sharon Loveall
    July 16th, 2022

    These classes help you understand the steps to take the test

    These classes help you understand the steps to take the test. Live practice with other students gives you a clear idea of the best way to tackle each question. After taking the exam, I was able to pass all the sections.

  26. John Cullen
    July 16th, 2022

    PM Master prep played an essential part in my achievement

    PM Master prep played an essential part in my achievement. I strictly adhered to Scott’s videos and coaching sessions with Scott and his team. These videos not only helped me pass the test but also helped me become a better PM.

  27. Josh Hwang
    July 15th, 2022

    Highly recommended!

    Its PMP Master Prep platform is the most effective study tool ever! I’d purchased The PMBOK Guide, several prep books, and made flashcards, etc. I had come upon Scott’s audiobook, which marked a pivotal moment in my studies. Scott was energetic logical, and clear in explaining the subject. He went through the content step-by-step. It was there that I discovered the other materials he had. I bought his PMP questions simulator, and it helped me so significantly. I used Scott’s training and passed the PMP over the target in every domain without memory! Highly recommended!

  28. Tony Robertozzi
    July 12th, 2022

    I highly recommend

    Without this accelerator course, I could not have been able to pass the PMP test. After taking another PMP boot camp in the past before being a part of Scott with his group, I can assure you that they are committed to the success of each student. The customized study programs, as well as the materials and coaching calls, are valuable. I felt like I’d won the lottery when I found this program, and I highly recommend it to anyone! I cannot say enough positive words regarding Scott and his staff.

  29. Brian Bartsh
    July 11th, 2022

    PM Masters Training is fantastic

    PM Masters Training is fantastic. I was unsure of what to expect before the course. I had read the PMBOK and attended boot camps, but none did anything to prepare me for the Exam or helped me become more effective as a PM. Scott’s 7-day Accelerator program and the coaching sessions gave me the confidence to pass the Exam. I took the test, which helped me grow as a PM.

  30. Joseph Hardison
    July 11th, 2022

    I would highly strongly recommend

    If anyone is thinking about taking the PMP test, I would highly strongly recommend taking that you take the PM Master Prep course! Scott and Scott and the PM Master Prep Team helped prepare me exceptionally well for the PMP test. The class was well-organized, and the coaching calls live together with the team were extremely useful!

  31. Mujahid Almutairi
    July 11th, 2022

    This PM Master Prep Course is an absolute delight!

    This PM Master Prep Course is an absolute delight! Scott and his colleagues guide you through all the material and are readily available if you have questions. The team will keep you on course and accountable through two weekly phone calls. This is the most effective course, from live video to audio exams and practice tests! My first attempt at the PMP exam, and I passed it beyond my expectations in all areas.

  32. Francis Groarke
    July 9th, 2022

    Excellent experience

    It was my 3rd attempt, and I was required to pass. I was in a bad mood and needed assistance. The boot camps weren’t working. I was listening to Scott in a show, and Scott said to contact them. I did, and he called me to follow up. The program is working! I have surpassed my goal overall. Excellent experience. I 100% recommend it.

  33. Ava Gillick
    July 6th, 2022

    I would highly recommend

    PM Master Prep has been a great program. I would highly recommend this program over any other available boot camp. The staff is genuinely interested in helping you achieve that critical step toward completing your PMP Exam and is wholly committed to your success.

  34. Beth Norden
    July 6th, 2022

    Start today, and with their help, you're on the right track!

    I was lost in details, three books, self-study, and struggling to find an appropriate approach in the PMBOK. I listened to one of Scott’s podcasts, and he contacted me within an hour. I began the course over seven days, and my confidence started to build. The accountability coaching sessions and call-ins to solve questions were essential in my progress to a state where I was mentally prepared for the test. I can’t suggest Scott as well as his group anymore and the network of support you can expect upon signing up. Start today, and with their help, you’re on the right track!

  35. James Scafide
    July 4th, 2022

    The mission was accomplished

    PM Master Prep family/team can provide the best formula to help PMP hopefuls succeed on their certification journey and also help them improve their holistic abilities and knowledge of managing projects. They are an excellent resource for anyone at any time. I had the most enjoyable preparation experience ever and got more than I had imagined. The mission was accomplished thanks to assistance from the PM Master Prep.

  36. Monica Mitchell
    July 4th, 2022

    I highly recommend it!

    A fantastic program that effortlessly ties all the relevant information together. It was a very reputable program, and I was not comfortable in any way taking the test. I’ve spent the last ten years working in project management, but I was uncomfortable with the test after reading that the test is a 40 to 50 percent first-time failure rate. I’m also too busy and occupied to spend my time on something I don’t have. A well-respected Project Manager coworker with no formal experience in PM than me told me that the program he had taken and found it very useful, and I decided to give the program a try. It was true! I’m sure it’s one of the main reasons he’s one of the top Project Managers within the company. I failed on my first attempt, with all areas in the top quartile. Thank you, Scott and Team. I highly recommend it!

  37. Daniel Lord
    July 3rd, 2022

    The tools and materials that are available are exceptional!

    The tools and materials that are available are exceptional! The design and format of each class provide an understanding of the process of managing projects. You will be accompanied by a mentor who will be with you throughout the process! The entire community’s help will boost your confidence and create the foundation for success.

  38. Oscar Marti
    July 1st, 2022

    Very beneficial course

    Very beneficial course. It does not just teach you the terms but also how they are used in the management of projects, according to PMBOK. A coaching call and challenging questions that are made simple allow you to learn how to think about the exam questions. It helps you identify areas where you’re making mistakes by understanding the places you made a mistake. I passed my test in just one month and achieved the highest score. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to obtain their PMP.

  39. Brent Rawlings
    May 18th, 2022

    This program was excellent.

    Recently, I received my PMP certification. I wouldn’t be able to pass the PMP exam without PM Master Prep.

    Scott and his team brought the information alive and made it simple to understand. This program was excellent. I recommend it highly.

  40. Alex D.
    April 25th, 2022

    This program saved my life and helped me pass the PMP exam.

    The program saved my life and helped me prepare for the exam in an easy-to-understand way. It was amazing to have such a supportive community. Everybody was determined to see you succeed. Your success is our goal. The coaching sessions were great, and the weekly HQME was a real differentiation.

    I would suggest that the platform be made more user-friendly. After the 7-day accelerator, it was hard to find the lessons. The questions in the simulator were great but needed to be corrected for errors. It was otherwise a wonderful experience.

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