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7 Reviews on Excel Book Writing

  1. Stev Auwesha
    Sep 24, 2023

    A Word of Warning

    I recently had an incredibly disappointing experience with this company. The job they did for me was abysmal, and the communication was equally bad. Clearly, they didn't care about my needs as a customer, and I wouldn't recommend them to anyone. Save yourself the frustration and look elsewhere.

  2. Jeffery Stone
    Sep 20, 2023

    Scammed in Self-Publishing, My Unfortunate Tale

    I had a terrible experience. I felt like I was scammed. It's been five months, and they still haven't published my book. I finally figured out how to do it and posted it myself. They won't issue me a refund, like they guaranteed. I paid for marketing and an ISBN.. and got nothing. I am genuinely displeased. This is an honest review. I changed my name, but I am a natural person.

  3. Venus
    Sep 17, 2023

    Exposing Excel Book Writing Company

    It's my responsibility and human duty to let all you dear writers know that please don't trust Excel Book Writing company! They are fraudsters, and they are masters at professional deception. I signed a best-seller contract with them, but they didn't uphold any of the provisions in the agreement. Per the contract terms, I requested a refund of my hard-earned money, but they haven't responded to my emails, texts, or phone calls.

    I'm genuinely frustrated because the money I entrusted to them was my savings earmarked for publishing my book. Please take my experience as a cautionary tale and do not place your trust in them.

  4. Lauren Ogino
    Sep 15, 2023

    Unfortunate Experience Dealing With Excel Book Writing

    I strongly advise against investing your hard-earned money in this company. I experienced what seemed like excellent communication with them initially. Still, as soon as they received my payment, they completely disappeared and tried to manipulate the situation when I sought a refund for legitimate reasons. Their so-called "100% money-back guarantee" is empty words. They assured me that my refund would be processed within 25 business days, but it has now been approximately 40 days with no response or follow-up.

    I requested a refund because of their apparent incompetence in producing a simple children's book and their shady behavior. At this point, I'm even contemplating taking legal action by involving the local police department and consulting my attorney to secure my funds' return. It's truly disheartening to deal with such a company.

  5. Obbi Bolton
    Sep 12, 2023

    Beware of Excel Book Writing SCAMMERS !

    I believe that Excel Book Writing is a scam company. In my experience, they have been dishonest and deceptive. I suspect the positive reviews you may come across are not genuine but fabricated. It seems like they couldn't remove the negative reviews, so they created fake positive ones to offset them. I strongly advise against doing business with this company. In my opinion, they are nothing but scammers who may take advantage of you and your resources.

  6. McBride
    Sep 6, 2023

    Nightmarish Experience with Excel Book Writing

    I'm frustrated with the services I've received! I've had to proofread and correct my entire book, and it's still not ready! I paid them over $3.5k in December; all they do is lie. They promise to have the book ready by Friday, but when Friday comes around, there's still nothing!

    I've been dealing with this for months, and it's incredibly frustrating. I'm natural, and I've filed complaints with the BBB and the attorney general. I'll be filing a lawsuit this week in Cook County. Excel Book Writing is nothing but a scam! I strongly advise anyone considering their services to go elsewhere.

    If you have any doubts about my experience, please call me, and I can email you all the paperwork. By the way, in my opinion, they deserve a zero rating!

  7. Anonymous
    Aug 29, 2023

    Highly Appericiated.

    Kenneth Walker the Director of the operations called me and we spoke, we are now in the process of building a major project! The whole company of Excel is so superior that I would recommend this company to every person that is writing a book. Thank You so much for what you are doing. May God bless this project and K. Walker! Tiky Benz

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