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22 Reviews

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Is Excel Book Writing legit?

Excel Book Writing has 22 reviews on 99consumer.com, with an average rating of 3.0 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are dissatisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, caution is advised when considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach Excel Book Writing customer care?

You can contact Excel Book Writing customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at (888) 324 4729

Where is Excel Book Writing located?

Excel Book Writing is located at address 505 N Lake Shore Dr STE 217, Chicago, IL 60611.

22 Reviews on Excel Book Writing

  1. John Jung
    1 rating

    How can you trust a company that doesn’t honor its contracts?

    Feb 18, 2024

    My unhappy journey with Excel Book Writing in Chicago began on March 3, 2022. After nearly two years of dealing with this company, I can no longer waste my time with this unresponsive and poorly managed company. The book took three times longer than they promised it would take to get published. They guaranteed book sales in the first year through their marketing efforts or my money back in full. Instead, they built a standard website that went defunct because they wanted to sell me expensive services to keep it up. Without any marketing by them (even though I paid them for it), there were no book sales. They were also supposed to produce an audiobook. After 18 months they still have not completed the audio book. The project managers seldom responded to me and after endless requests to finish the audiobook, they delayed, delayed, delayed. Yet their Facebook promotion claims that client satisfaction is their priority. My contract deliverables are clear. They indicate in all of them that if they are late, or if I am dissatisfied in any way or they do not meet their obligations that I would get reimbursed in full. However, Excel denies this. How can you trust a company that doesn't honor its contracts?

  2. Nathaniel Wilson
    5 rating

    New writer with a vision

    Feb 9, 2024

    so for the service has been great hoping to get book published and 9n the market soon. been writing for years tried to self publish but messed up because I had no help proofing it. much to expensive. but excel worked with me. hopefully we can get it done in time for me to see it. I believe we can with their help I'm sure we can get it done. Brandon has been very helpful in this.

  3. Victoria Golden
    5 rating

    Victoria golden’s excel book review

    Feb 9, 2024

    This has been one of the best experiences of my life. I absolutely love working with excel book writing. I’m so happy I choose them to help make my dream book ???? come true. I have an amazing team. I’ve had three project managers through this process and they all are amazing and skilled at what they do. Ethan, Travis, now Brandon! I have no regrets or complaints. I’m now a published author now thanks to excel book writing. ✍️ Brandon is now my project manager and he has provided me with everything I need for my project to be nothing less than a success!!! Please if you’re looking to write a book even if you don’t know where to start please reach out to excel book writing. I promise you will not regret it. They’re helping make me famous and help my book reach as many platforms and become In many readers hands as possible. I thanks god for leading me to them. Amen ????

  4. Waylon Brown
    5 rating

    Book Publishing Review

    Feb 9, 2024

    Brandon has been very thorough and has strived to see my father's book finished to completion. He has always been very kind and patient with me in the process. He has very good people skills and I've been pleased with his efforts up to this point. Nothing negative to say about him or the company. I am anxious to see the final publication. The entire extended family has been waiting for this and it's finally happening!

  5. Martha chrisp
    4 rating

    My Excel Experience

    Feb 6, 2024

    This review would have been quite different if it hadn't been for Ethan Rogers. From the beginning I had issues with getting my illustrated book published. Seven months into the project, I was introduced to Ethan. From that point on everything changed. Ethan was easy to talk to, understood the issues and he began to work with me. He was engaging and interested in helping me to make specific choices of illustration content from my written words. He stepped in more than once to bring this book to fruition. It had been a long process. Finally, with a lot of work and consideration I have a lovely illustrated children's book that I am proud of. This book exists because of Ethan working hard to make sure it was exactly what I wanted.

  6. Noelle Jauregui
    5 rating

    Excellent so far

    Feb 6, 2024

    David has been working with me on my book and he has been excellent. We are not done, but I don’t see why things would change. He has been encouraging and supportive the entire way. I even did a complete revision that would annoy a lot of people but he is committed to helping me develop something I will be proud of. David is an asset to your company hopefully he is rewarded for his excellence.

  7. Victoria
    5 rating

    Editing and publishing

    Feb 6, 2024

    My editor David Basley keeps me updated with how my book is coming along, sends me updates of the edited chapter's. He never once pushed me to pay for the extra promotions for my book unlike my previous editor did. Which I will say was annoying I've got to say. Yet David never once ever did that to me because he's fully aware that my book is way beyond important to me due to personal reasons. David is always on point and doesn't mess around.

  8. Esnel Milord
    5 rating

    Exceptional Services

    Jan 31, 2024

    If you’re in search of a reliable, innovative software company, look no further than Excel Book Writing. Their team of seasoned professionals consistently exceeds expectations, offering cutting-edge solutions and exceptional customer service. They took the time to understand our specific needs and provided a tailor-made solution that greatly improved our operations. We are thrilled with the results and highly recommend Excel Book Writing for writing ebook and content needs

  9. Lanee
    1 rating

    Do Not Trust On Excel Book Writing

    Jan 21, 2024

    DO NOT DO IT !!!!! Beware of giving your book to these individuals They will attempt to imprison your books for you to buy the marketing services they offer. I purchased a package that included 50 books, to be released for a book launch, which was planned for mid-november 2023. It is now the beginning of January 2024, and I'm still not able to get My books, despite the person who was representing me, Hardin Scott, assured me that they would.

    In the end, I was forced to push my event twice because of the lack of books, I was forced begin accepting orders via Barnes and Nobles, just to ensure that everyone gets their books in time. Excel uploads the books to Amazon as well as Barnes and Noble and then said that I'd need to wait until Amazon to review it. This may take up to up to 10 days.

    They did not send me a book sample Instead, Excel delivered 10 books in order to keep me from arguing and also assure me that all my books were coming. Never again will I ever make use of this shambles of a publishing house. They are not true to their word.

    They only want to get you to purchase their goods because they believe people are obsessed with money and the sale of books. Just wanted to be awed by my accomplishment, which was a huge one after havingn't written in almost 20 years. I trust this company for my work that meant everything to me, but then my celebration was damaged three times.

    I'm not even able to find my book! There are bookstores that have asked for an e-book copy but I am unable to make that happen because now I must order author copies from a different REPUTABLE business just so I will have copies to distribute because Excel will not send me my books in the manner they said to deliver them. I'm definitely going to challenge the matter through my credit card provider in the event that I don't receive my book or return within the next few days.

    The books are three months over the due date and nobody cares. EVEN THOUGH I ALREADY PAID FOR ALL OF THESE THINGS!!! They didn't even accomplish anything, other than of uploading books on Amazon as well as Barnes and Noble, which I could have handled myself. I was charged $1050 to get this "service". NEVER AGAIN!

  10. Deanna Nelson
    5 rating

    Book Review - "Christ in My Prayers"

    Jan 17, 2024

    Yes, I was very pleased with Anthony with Excel Publishing and those that He worked with. I was always treated with much respect, care and consideration. I knew there was a lot of time, work and diligence that goes into a book to finally get it to the final printing stage. We did have many corrections along the way. It took patience on both sides to get my book to the place where I was very pleased when the final hard covered book came through the mail. I believe Excel Publishing was very fair in the cost to publish my book and the final completion of my book. Thank you Anthony!!

  11. Frank Dumond
    5 rating

    Excell book writing

    Jan 16, 2024

    Great customer experience, upbeat people who want to get the best product out, great follow up with the project flow. My project manager keeps me well informed and up to date on my project as well as explaining the process so it is easy to understand. My experience with excel book writing has been a great first experience for me. I would certainly recommend excel to anyone looking for help writing a book

  12. Amorio Parish
    2 rating

    Rocky Writing Experience Issues

    Oct 20, 2023

    My experience was rocky as my project was behind, and I became very frustrated with the entire process. I still haven't received the books I paid for, and follow-through wasn't always there. However, the writing experience was good enough to bring my book to life. Overall, I wouldn't recommend anyone to go through the ongoing issues.

  13. Amorio Parish
    2 rating

    The Challenges of My Book Project

    Oct 17, 2023

    My experience was rocky as my project was behind, and I became very frustrated with the entire process. I still haven't received the books I paid for, and follow-through wasn't always there. However, the writing experience was good enough to bring my book to life. I wouldn't refer anyone to do it due to the ongoing issues.

  14. Deanna Nelson
    4 rating

    Journey with Excel Publishing and Anthony Connors

    Oct 9, 2023

    I was genuinely content with Excel Publishing and my collaboration with Anthony Connors. Crafting a book demands an extensive effort to bring it to publication and print, which calls for abundant prayer and patience. Thankfully, I found the patience I needed, knowing that Excel was putting in its utmost effort to ensure my book's completion outstandingly. I felt immense satisfaction with the final product and the professionalism displayed by Anthony. They fulfilled all the details and achieved the precise look I envisioned for my book within a year, covering all 139 pages.

  15. Nijai Naraine
    1 rating

    Experience with a Deceptive Company

    Sep 27, 2023

    Excel Book Writing is a SCAM company! They made me so many promises, and after they got my money, they did NOTHING. They ignored my emails, phone calls, etc. They promised to give me a full refund if I were not 100% satisfied. They even put this in writing. They LIED! They took my money and gave me NOTHING! I saved up for a long time to do this and gave it to a SCAM company! I should never have used this company (if it is a company). They even asked me for my username and password, which was fishy. I should have run from these scammers!!

    1. Christine


      Jan 9, 2024

      I am in your same shoes! I wish I would've read these reviews before I proceeded. The esiting portion was decent but they gave me a hard cell with 100% satisfaction guaranteed on a book cover, website and SEO and haven't provided any of those. I did get one book cover idea that was a girl on a prairie and my book is about a woman in the suburbs of Chicago, not an 1800s little house on the Prairie book. I discussed my concerns and immediately asked for a refund on this package once I realized it was a bad product. I've been trying to get in touch with them since September and they finally wrote back today on January 9 that they will not give me any money back. The email was actually very defensive and talked about them not being a scam company and I never made one mention of that so I found that very suspicious and concerning. I'm also concerned that they are not in fact located in the United States as they indicated.

  16. Stev Auwesha
    1 rating

    A Word of Warning

    Sep 24, 2023

    I recently had an incredibly disappointing experience with this company. The job they did for me was abysmal, and the communication was equally bad. Clearly, they didn't care about my needs as a customer, and I wouldn't recommend them to anyone. Save yourself the frustration and look elsewhere.

  17. Jeffery Stone
    1 rating

    Scammed in Self-Publishing, My Unfortunate Tale

    Sep 20, 2023

    I had a terrible experience. I felt like I was scammed. It's been five months, and they still haven't published my book. I finally figured out how to do it and posted it myself. They won't issue me a refund, like they guaranteed. I paid for marketing and an ISBN.. and got nothing. I am genuinely displeased. This is an honest review. I changed my name, but I am a natural person.

  18. Venus
    1 rating

    Exposing Excel Book Writing Company

    Sep 17, 2023

    It's my responsibility and human duty to let all you dear writers know that please don't trust Excel Book Writing company! They are fraudsters, and they are masters at professional deception. I signed a best-seller contract with them, but they didn't uphold any of the provisions in the agreement. Per the contract terms, I requested a refund of my hard-earned money, but they haven't responded to my emails, texts, or phone calls.

    I'm genuinely frustrated because the money I entrusted to them was my savings earmarked for publishing my book. Please take my experience as a cautionary tale and do not place your trust in them.

  19. Lauren Ogino
    1 rating

    Unfortunate Experience Dealing With Excel Book Writing

    Sep 15, 2023

    I strongly advise against investing your hard-earned money in this company. I experienced what seemed like excellent communication with them initially. Still, as soon as they received my payment, they completely disappeared and tried to manipulate the situation when I sought a refund for legitimate reasons. Their so-called "100% money-back guarantee" is empty words. They assured me that my refund would be processed within 25 business days, but it has now been approximately 40 days with no response or follow-up.

    I requested a refund because of their apparent incompetence in producing a simple children's book and their shady behavior. At this point, I'm even contemplating taking legal action by involving the local police department and consulting my attorney to secure my funds' return. It's truly disheartening to deal with such a company.

  20. Obbi Bolton
    1 rating

    Beware of Excel Book Writing SCAMMERS !

    Sep 12, 2023

    I believe that Excel Book Writing is a scam company. In my experience, they have been dishonest and deceptive. I suspect the positive reviews you may come across are not genuine but fabricated. It seems like they couldn't remove the negative reviews, so they created fake positive ones to offset them. I strongly advise against doing business with this company. In my opinion, they are nothing but scammers who may take advantage of you and your resources.

  21. McBride
    1 rating

    Nightmarish Experience with Excel Book Writing

    Sep 6, 2023

    I'm frustrated with the services I've received! I've had to proofread and correct my entire book, and it's still not ready! I paid them over $3.5k in December; all they do is lie. They promise to have the book ready by Friday, but when Friday comes around, there's still nothing!

    I've been dealing with this for months, and it's incredibly frustrating. I'm natural, and I've filed complaints with the BBB and the attorney general. I'll be filing a lawsuit this week in Cook County. Excel Book Writing is nothing but a scam! I strongly advise anyone considering their services to go elsewhere.

    If you have any doubts about my experience, please call me, and I can email you all the paperwork. By the way, in my opinion, they deserve a zero rating!

  22. Anonymous
    5 rating

    Highly Appericiated.

    Aug 29, 2023

    Kenneth Walker the Director of the operations called me and we spoke, we are now in the process of building a major project! The whole company of Excel is so superior that I would recommend this company to every person that is writing a book. Thank You so much for what you are doing. May God bless this project and K. Walker! Tiky Benz

    1. Joe Saxby
      Jan 17, 2024

      I have worked with several other companies and Excel has surpassed them all by leaps and bound. But the things that separates them is their service and attention to detail. A company could have great products but lousy service and that would make the company a total failure in my eyes. Rosetta Turner at Excel is exceptional and I mean that in every sense of the word. She was and still is proactive and genuinely concerned with my writings , my audios and my books being a success. When I needed fresh idea as to a better path to follow to get exposure for my products, Rosetta Turner has been creative, professional and long suffering because I am not always a patient man. I had a lot of options when it came to what company would be the best fit for my company, The Eyes of Faith. I am totally overjoyed that I found Rosetta Turner at Excel.

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