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19 Reviews on Dr. Najeeb Lectures

  1. Saira Bano
    1 rating
    Nov 12, 2023

    Unveiling a Troubling Customer Experience with a Deceptive Dr. Najeeb Lectures

    I had a disappointing experience with this service. It's pretty clear that they're not legitimate, and I've already taken the necessary steps by reporting them to the local police. I paid the subscription fee but couldn't access any of the promised videos and lectures. Even more frustrating is that I keep receiving emails claiming my payment didn't go through and demanding additional charges.

    Seeing such practices is disheartening, and I'm surprised that these websites can operate so openly. It's a shame that they can continue to take advantage of people.

  2. John botelho
    2 rating
    Jun 10, 2023

    Not provided with a refund

    I've been misled by the $5(USD) deal with a refund of 95% of the offer. I've been charged $299(USD) with no permission. After knowing the goal, I successfully completed the 8 hours course. Then I liked and joined Facebook as well as Youtube, respectively. I was not provided with a refund. I am in complete agony. I am in a state of financial ruin. I'm from a modest family. $299(USD) exceeds my family's income per month. WE CAN'T AFFORD THE COST. PLEASE REFUND ME !! Please don't send me a copy-paste response ! !. This site doesn't allow me to share my email address on this site.

  3. Tami Aric
    3 rating
    May 19, 2023

    Discount does not exist

    I love Dr. Najeeb's lectures; however, their claim about a 95% discount does not exist. To be fair to them, they offer the option of a refund of 95% after seven days. It would be better to provide the exact amount they are charging.

  4. Arby Cohen
    4 rating
    Apr 26, 2023

    A fantastic instructor and person

    I'm not sure how many people claim that it's a fraud. I got lifetime access over 1.5 years ago for 10 dollars, and it works well. It could be that they've had a change in their T&C ID. In any case, Dr. Najeeb is a fantastic instructor and person. The way he explains concepts is different from other teachers in the area. There are a few bugs and issues with his app and website. I couldn't log in to the account I have. I wrote them an email, and it's resolved. Kudos to Dr. Najeeb and his staff.

  5. Kadie Myers
    5 rating
    Apr 25, 2023

    An undisputed legend

    Dr. Najeeb, in my view, is an undisputed legend on the medical platform. .... Due to his expertise, everything is straightforward to grasp... His method of giving lectures allows each of his students to understand the subject thoroughly, not just those who are watching the video, but also the people like us viewing it on video. .... Hats off, sir...

  6. Lara Prestipino
    4 rating
    Apr 22, 2023

    People are negatively affected

    I wanted to see evidence opposing Dr. Najeeb's staff. I had also signed up and completed the Milestones, believing they'd reimburse me. However, it has been two months; I received no reimbursement. However, just a few days after, they mailed me a screenshot of the process for reimbursement, and upon confirming it with ank, with which I am a member, I found out that they'd given me a refund. The only thing I can say is: Don't give up Hope. There is a flaw within their system, and thousands of people are negatively affected because of the policy. However, keep in contact with the company. Someday you'll get your reimbursement, I think.

  7. Arch Emperor
    1 rating
    Apr 10, 2023

    The performance and issue a refund

    After seeing an advertisement for unlimited access to PS88 at $5, I purchased it and discovered later that they'd removed PS88 from my account! I contacted them several times, and on several occasions, they said they'd check the performance and issue a refund; however, I have not received a refund!! Such a BLATANT SCAM!!! I will notify any authority I can!

  8. Jeffrey Wohlrab
    2 rating
    Mar 25, 2023

    The lectures are excellent!

    The lectures are excellent! However, I signed up during the promotion, but they charged me the total amount. I received a letter with excuses and promised to refund me within a month. A lot of letters between them. It's been two months since the last one, and no refund has yet. It's a great way to take your money. Don't be a fool.

  9. Rodolfo Gonzalez
    1 rating
    Mar 25, 2023


    SCAM! Total scam website. I signed up and paid 118 euros for a subscription to unlimited lecture access. However, I'm not able to view the course. The account is not functioning, and every time I try to log in, the website redirects me to the home page. I've tried contacting customer support on this site, but until now, no reply. I am distroubledd anxious because I need to study for my test. This site is a massive fraud.

  10. Shane Louth
    1 rating
    Mar 23, 2023

    It's a complete fraud!

    It's a complete fraud! If you input your card details to participate in the $5 promotional offer, you'll be charged $299. This won't be refunded to you by the T&Cs that are hidden on their site. They have no contact at all! The contact information on their website and their correspondence are nonexistent. The company also rewards positive reviews if you're looking for a refund of $294!

  11. Trey Young
    1 rating
    Mar 22, 2023

    Beware... Absolute disgusting

    The most delicious website on the web. Please don't believe me on it, but do your research. Hundreds of individuals (including myself) paid five bucks for a subscription and were then charged up to 100 dollars or more. Like me, some had luck and received the money back after a few weeks of angst. However, the majority of people did not get a refund. Absolute disgusting Beware...

  12. William Champs
    3 rating
    Mar 21, 2023

    I could dispute these charges to my credit card

    Dr. Najeeb's lecture is excellent for understanding anatomy if you can comprehend the lecturer Dr. Najeeb. I purchased the discount of $5.00 for lifetime access, but they charged my credit card $299.00, not twice, but three times! There were two charges totaling $299.00! I'm glad I had a credit card, not a debit card! I could dispute these charges to my credit card, and they resolved the problem.

  13. Monica Smith
    1 rating
    Mar 19, 2023

    There is no other option

    The videos are great. However, I would like to see that you don't require their helpline. The company isn't trustworthy at all. I faced a lot of issues with my payment. I was forced to wait several months (and write many emails) until they came up with solutions, but then they broke their word and said they were regretful (because "their policy has changed"), but that's it. There is no other option; they haven't even responded to my emails.

  14. Michael Beatty
    4 rating
    Mar 18, 2023

    I'm not sure why people say that it's a fraud

    I'm not sure why people say that it's a fraud. Perhaps they have changed their T&C ID. However, Dr. Najeeb is a fantastic instructor and person. His approach to explaining concepts is different from others in this area. I purchased lifetime access about 1.5 years ago for 10 dollars, and it works well. I had trouble logging into my online account. There are a few glitches and bugs in the website and application. I emailed them, and it's resolved. Kudos to Dr. Najeeb as well as his staff.

  15. Kurt Schneid
    3 rating
    Mar 15, 2023

    A complete mockery for students

    I've awarded him three stars because I enjoyed his videos. He did a great job with an advert in which I was offered an account free from him when I completed an outstanding one. I did as most students did. Then they told me they required a foreign credit card to get the account they had for free! That's what's the reason! I was a student and had never even had a bank account. How do I expect to get the MasterCard or visa? I haven't earned any money yet. This is why I posted to his attention on his Facebook account, explaining why I did not have a credit card and what I could do with my free account. I was banned from posting further. I wrote them to inquire why I was not allowed to comment and also informed them that I did not have an account with a credit card. I also mentioned my ID in the mail. Guess that they completely blocked me from their site, and I could not locate them. Are they transparent? I'm talking about what kind of mockery you are making against your colleagues in the future. However, I love him with all my heart. I'm hoping this is the last time this happen.

  16. James Haun
    3 rating
    Mar 14, 2023

    It is impossible to rest and continue your studies by studying books

    Your lectures are unique and breathtaking! It is impossible to rest and continue your studies by studying books and reading them one line at a one. However, I understood concepts through your lectures, and indie,edy, your thoughts are unstoppable, and you impart to study them nts.

  17. Roberto Alvarez
    1 rating
    Mar 13, 2023

    They're tricking people

    They're tricking people. Be cautious before making any payments to this site. They have charged me a subscription f, but I can't take advantage of the classes. I thought that medicine was an oath. However, I have seen doctors even robbing patients.

  18. Blue Saint
    4 rating
    Mar 12, 2023

    Sir can present complex topics

    Sir can present complex topics using actual examples that help to make connections with the objective medical conditions we'll encounter when we become doctors. He encourages students to participate in the class rather than a lecture-oriented one, making it stay engaged until the very end. He also tries to reinforce his ideas repeatedly, which helps students make sense of the concept.

  19. Thomas Aellis
    2 rating
    Mar 11, 2023

    This isn't ethical

    He gives fantastic lectures. But, I am dissatisfied. The company charged me more than I was told, and the website is confusing. I'm short of money. Considering I had exams, I believed it was a great deal to take advantage of this. After receiving the first email in which he described the steps, I responded that I had completed them all and hadn't received an answer. I wouldn't suggest enrolling if you're unwilling to risk a significant amount of money. I was barely broke as a college student and hhadnbecomeentirely broke. This isn't ethical.

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