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7 Reviews on MasterClass

  1. Carlo Signorini
    Jan 16, 2023

    Avoid this service at all costs!

    I originally received a gift subscription, but the company auto-renewed it even after I canceled several months ago. Despite multiple attempts to get a refund and contact customer support, I’ve received no response. Avoid this service at all costs!

  2. Penny Stephens
    Nov 30, 2022

    I am not receiving any assistance from them to fix this

    The masterClass is a fantastic platform. However, they’re a bit sloppy regarding billing. After giving my mum a one-year subscription, I’ve been charged for a second year with no notification of an account that is not being used, and I am not receiving any assistance from them to fix this.

  3. Biplab Mohapatra
    Nov 30, 2022

    They're greedy and parasitic

    I received a masterclass for a student at 1 dollar per year. I didn’t use it, and it’s up to me. I’m not worried about that since it was a mere dollar to test whether you liked the program. However, when I go to the login page, there’s nothing but “cancel the subscription,” as their help page suggests. I didn’t have a linked card (maybe because I signed up as an undergraduate student? I’m not sure), so I believed everything I paid for was a one-time thing, and I didn’t look at it.

    However, for the past two years, they’ve charged me 180 dollars, and I’ve not realized it until recently, as the 1 dollar “student deal’ is activated by auto-renew, which is the default. Please be sure to correct me if I’m not isn’t shown anywhere other than on my bank statement each year. And, of course, many classes are conducted by independent contractors, meaning that most times, the design and the quality of content aren’t excellent. I wouldn’t pay $1 for a calendar year with this company or even $180. They’re greedy and parasitic. Don’t even bother.

  4. Duncan Horsley
    Nov 15, 2022

    I can only say that canceling renewals can be a pain

    I can only say that canceling renewals can be a pain. Some of the content is excellently made. However, it’s a bit on the surface. You nYou need to visit the website if you’ve got an account there, and loading your subscription can take a long time when the website is loading very quickly. Why wouldn’t a legitimate company let you manage your account on an application where you have been identified as the user? This is too suspicious for me.

  5. Ricky Williams
    Nov 11, 2022

    The content is not of any value neither.

    It wasn’t obvious it would automatically renew, or I wouldn’t have signed up and tried for weeks to stop it, but it wasn’t easy. The content is not of any value either. I’m convinced that it’s a scam.

  6. Sophie Gallagher
    Nov 9, 2022

    be careful

    I signed up and chose the plan of $15 per month in the hope that I could end the program at any time. I entered my credit card information in, and afterward, in small letters, as it was processing, I got a total of $180. ….I quite quickly hoped it didn’t go through, but it did. I then submitted the request for refund/cancellation, and it said it’ll take 5-10 days. I hope that the refund process goes smoothly without issue. It’s a bit unethical to present it as if you’re paying $15 and then need to go through the tiny print to figure the total amount is $180. ….be careful

  7. Stephen French
    Nov 6, 2022

    This is a shame since it looked beautiful

    I was given a masterclass as a present. However, I didn’t bother taking advantage of the program for more than one year without realizing that it had expired after one year. The company is very effective in ads, and I realized I should have used my “gift subscription” only to discover that it had expired. I contacted customer service to see if they could extend the subscription. However, I was told I could avail of a 14-day trial instead. The original price of $180, I thought it was a meager price and gave me the impression that the company was wise. I’d think twice about buying the Masterclass gift subscription for someone else. I’m not able to comment on the contents. This is a shame since it looked beautiful. I’m also not going to activate the 14-day trial due to this issue and the comments that many customers have trouble canceling their subscriptions.

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