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Is Haloflights legit?

Haloflights has 38 reviews on 99consumer.com, with an average rating of 4.4 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are satisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, feel free considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach Haloflights customer care?

You can contact Haloflights customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at 3025202656

Where is Haloflights located?

Haloflights is located at address 256 Chapman Road, Newark, Delaware 19702, United States.

38 Reviews on Haloflights

  1. Shley walker
    1 rating

    Scamy and Fraudy Company

    Dec 28, 2023

    I don't trust all of the comments there holidays are very poor and not professional.My experiences with them were extremely bad, and it left my companion very unhappy as she's disabled who is unable to move quickly.the agency booked for us a train that goes between euro disney paris and Lille to connect with the Eurostar, bearing in mind that I had informed that they had told them many times regarding my partner, so my train left delayed by 18.51 and I arrived in Lille at 19.57 Check-in time was Eurostar closing at 20.00.

    We arrived at the city of lille just after 20.05 reached the eurostar check-in by 20.15 but the check-in counter was shut. We were unable to rebook our tickets. We were told that we needed to notify the agent, but was not the case and were unable to help. We were required to pay a find a room and pay for the night that cost 300 Euros in the UK and buy a second train tick to the return trip, which cost us an additional 300 euros. This business doesn't listen to the needs of their customers the needs of their customers. I will be discussing to ABTA is this company shouldn't not be operating.

  2. Raj T.
    3 rating

    Stellar Service from Roger Houston, but Lingering Concerns About Management

    Nov 17, 2023

    At first, I was pretty displeased with Halo when they unexpectedly canceled my hotel reservation in the Maldives due to a slight delay in the final payment, and I wasn't even notified. Nevertheless, Roger Houston proved to be a shining star. He went above and beyond, successfully reinstating my booking with the initial hotel and confirming all our requirements. I extend my gratitude to Roger for his exceptional service.

    However, I harbor reservations regarding the overall management of this business, as my attempts to reach them by phone have gone unanswered.

  3. Susan Hutchins
    1 rating

    It was terrible communication

    Jun 10, 2023

    I was forced to alter my impression of the company to reflect that it was terrible communication through email and telephone. At the start of this conversation, the person allowed me to evaluate my experience. Since then, it's been a shambles! It makes me wonder whether this is a trustworthy company.

  4. Lesley Koch
    4 rating

    A very active and responsive

    May 19, 2023

    Ryan Jackson is a very active and responsive young man. He's always fa and highly knowledgeable. I attempted to organize an excursion for my birthday son's birthday in September. He wanted to go to Dubai and Abu Darby, and he gave me some options, pictures, and answers to my queries. He was always available and ready to help me. I would highly recommend Ryan. Thank you for your time, and good luck.

  5. Stanford Baddley
    5 rating

    I would highly recommend

    Apr 22, 2023

    Hailey is what has made my upcoming journey to Dubai as well as the Maldives, extremely thrilling! The hotels she suggested are stunning. Hailey has made the process seamless, from hotels to flights, to the option of paying with a plan. It's so simple. It's a dream to be there. I would highly recommend halo lights to anyone and request Hailey.

  6. Janelle Scoles
    5 rating

    I would certainly recommend

    Apr 21, 2023

    I'm very grateful to have had the chance to have Mr. Chris help me. The gentleman was friendly and friendly to me as well as to others. He was also very patient and helped make the process easy for me. I would certainly recommend him in the future.

  7. Laurie Jameson
    5 rating

    Professional and friendly

    Apr 8, 2023

    Patrick is great at helping us in changing the timing that we fly. In addition, he's been professional and friendly. In addition, He was able not to change our flight times and get our seats assigned.

  8. Machell Bennett
    1 rating

    Unclear regarding pricing

    Apr 3, 2023

    Unpredictably, unclear regarding pricing, not willing to cancel reservations within minutes of making the reservation. No vouchers were ever issued—refused refunds within 24hrs before reservations.

  9. Lozano Corso
    5 rating

    I was thrilled

    Apr 2, 2023

    Dylan was fantastic and could explain everything, and I was thrilled. He knew I was celebrating my birthday and decided to give me a present.

  10. Kristine Graham
    5 rating

    I took way too long to respond.

    Mar 31, 2023

    Hailey Drake was accommodating and knowledgeable. She provided me with all the information I required. Furthermore, Hailey was extremely patient with me, as I took way too long to respond. Thank you so much for your time, and I hope we can stay next in contact.

  11. Dyan boothe
    5 rating

    Highly accommodating

    Mar 29, 2023

    I couldn't be happier for a hard-working and patient agent like Dylan. He was willing to answer any questions I had and find me a trip I loved, and he was a tireless worker to ensure I enjoyed my trip to celebrate my birthday. He confirmed I was up to date with the process and highly accommodating. I will not only suggest Halo Flights for your travel plans. However, I will also recommend Dylan as your travel agent. When I was overwhelmed by the follow-ups, Dylan was calm and patient and delivered outstanding customer service. Halo Flights management, you are a great agent, and that's Dylan. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm looking at a fantastic and unforgettable celebration of this vital birthday!!

  12. Deanna Presti
    5 rating

    The most excellent.

    Mar 28, 2023

    Dylan is the most excellent. He is calm, patient, and understanding. He has helped me plan my trip effortlessly and even helped me with my visa applications. Thanx, thank you very much; Dylan can't wait to embark on my destination and have fun doing it. You are the most excellent. I will plan every trip with you and recommend everyone to you.

  13. Dwight Martin
    1 rating

    This company is fraudulent

    Mar 27, 2023

    If I could award ZERO stars, I would! This company is fraudulent and a fraud. Could you not deal with them? I've been begging for a refund for several months and have been ignored repeatedly! The agent does not stay in contact, and various agents will contact you on social media and ask you to make payments to get your money! It's a scam and a scam!

  14. Gail DeMasi
    5 rating

    I'm not a single complaint.

    Mar 24, 2023

    The most helpful travel agency we have ever dealt with! We received a fantastic value for our trip to Dubai and the Maldives. I'm not a single complaint. The hotels (The Atlantis Palms in Dubai and Siyam World in the Maldives) were fantastic.

  15. Michelle Kinsey
    1 rating

    This company is a scam

    Mar 22, 2023

    This company is a SCAM! The same goes for Dylan Taylor. Do not believe the fake reviews. They wrote the reviews themselves. They are frauds!! They've promised me the possibility of a refund for several months. They have been sending fake receipts and emails. No one on the review has any experience with taking an actual vacation. The thoughts are mainly about customer support and telephone calls. This is all FAKE! BEWARE! Beware of scams! yourYourey!

    1. Big dohlp

      I thought

      Sep 21, 2023

      I was look at all.the review for each page and other web site and I had saw like 3 or 4 post alike on two other web site and u know nom.....it use to be like aleast two to five review bad on a page about a company but this site its all good post and no bad reviews see that what I look at and then why would a person take her child to dubi for his birthday if he under 18 or 15 smdh that how I know it's scam but counting ur days cause people work hard for there money ???? for people be out her take people money

  16. Lynn Isaeff
    5 rating

    Found a fantastic price

    Mar 20, 2023

    What can I say ?!?! I'm not sure how to describe Dylan's services. I booked travel packages within a matter of an entire week. Dylan was incredible and was able to secure me the perfect cost for my cousin's honeymoon. Even though I'm planning my daughter's wedding and the budget is not a lot, Dylan found a fantastic price that allowed me to cover my cousins' honeymoon. I can't wait to work with Dylan again. 10/10

  17. Pamela Rowe
    5 rating

    Focus on detail is admirable

    Mar 18, 2023

    My experience using Halo travel was fantastic. I would suggest Halo Travel to my friends and family!! Dylan Taylor, my travel agent, is highly professional and ensures that our travel details are followed to meet our travel requirements at the lowest cost. Dylan's focus on detail is admirable.

  18. Sharon wilson
    5 rating

    I would highly suggest

    Mar 13, 2023

    My 42nd birthday trip has been a blast so far! Dubai to Maldives didn't leave me wanting more. We would recommend a Dinner in the Sky and Red dress photo shoot. Chris set up the trip, and it was a great experience, which included a fantastic Dinner and Dune bashing excursion, which was off the beaten path! I would highly suggest Halo Flights!

  19. Annette Atwood
    5 rating

    We highly recommend this company

    Mar 12, 2023

    Dylan Taylor was extremely helpful in helping us plan an excursion in The Maldives as well as Dubai. He answered all of our questions and helped us come up with dates that would work for us. He was extremely flexible and accommodating. We highly recommend this company and look forward to flying with Halo flights shortly!

  20. Brian Hubbard
    5 rating

    He's very professional regarding

    Mar 11, 2023

    I'm delighted to leave an honest review of Dylan Taylor, who helped us book our trip. He's very professional regarding what I need, and for any concerns I have asked him about, he's immediately available to assist me. He was able to explain it clearly. I'm thrilled and content to have him as my travel advisor. I'll use him again for my next holiday. Thank you very much for everything, Dylan, and please keep up your great work. I'm sure you'll be an asset to your business.

  21. Julie Roberts
    5 rating

    Excellent in helping

    Mar 10, 2023

    Dylan Taylor was excellent in helping me prepare for my birthday! I was going on vacation to Dubai and the Maldives. Dylan Taylor provided some unique perks. He was also super meticulous with every detail. I appreciate your patience, my buddy! Thank you for making me more enthusiastic about going on this adventure! Keep it up.

  22. Carol Papermaster
    5 rating

    Extremely helpful

    Mar 8, 2023

    Ryan has been fantastic from the moment I first contacted him through Instagram. Knowing he'll stay in touch with me throughout the entire trip to the day of my journey is fantastic! Ryan has been extremely helpful in helping me organize my birthday trip in 2023. I'm excited about this trip and the incredible itinerary he's created.

  23. Rhonda Magnotti
    5 rating

    A better advantage

    Mar 6, 2023

    I have recently made another international travel through Dylan Taylor. Dylan remains at the same high standard of service and quality as he provided when I completed my first international travel reservation with Haloflights USA. Also, Dylan has been consistently accommodating to my requests to change or add packages associated with my reservations according to my requirements, and he retains a higher level of persistence! Haloflights USA has a better advantage over its competitors because they offer monthly installments, which other travel companies provide; Dylan'srofessionalism and practical interpersonal skilaskills allow flights USA to retainer and keep returning customers.

  24. Kathleen Galloway
    5 rating

    A great employee

    Mar 4, 2023

    Elsie was extremely accommodating and pleasant to collaborate with! She assisted me in booking my hotel reservation for my honeymoon in the Maldives. She's knowledgeable and quick to answer my messages and calls. She went above and beyond to ensure we received the dates and facilities we had in mind. We are fortunate to have such a great employee!

  25. Karen Gaydos
    5 rating

    He's a professional in his work.

    Mar 2, 2023

    The second time I've used Haloflights for the second time. I was pleased with my first experience. Then I reached out to make another booking for the trip. Dylan Taylor assisted me this time, and he was over and above my expectations. He's a professional in his work. He assisted me with every detail I needed about places, hotels, and destinations to visit. Also, he helped me create my plan. I would like you to put a lot of effort into your work. I truly appreciate your efforts. He's not finished with me and will continue to help me at every step of the way with any questions I may have. I want to thank you. Dylan Taylor was a pleasure planning the next time I travel with you.

  26. Father Hoff
    5 rating

    They're very organized

    Mar 1, 2023

    I went on a vacation with my pals at the last moment. I must say that the service Elsie Jeffry and Chris Cooper provided was excellent. They helped me set the payment plan allowing me to travel on the trip. And now I'm counting down the days until my trip. They're very organized and have reviewed all the details I needed to know before my trip to Dubai. Thank you, Elsie and Chris!

  27. Rhonda Smith
    5 rating

    Even more enjoyable

    Feb 28, 2023

    This is my second time using Halo flights to book a holiday. Dylan Taylor helped me secure the best trip to the Maldives six months ago; now, he's helping me with the excursion to Bora Bora. I'm confident I can count on his knowledge to help me make my trip even more enjoyable next year!

  28. Dan Shummway
    5 rating

    I appreciate you

    Feb 26, 2023

    I'm fortunate to collaborate alongside Dylan, who is professional and patient in his work. He clearly explains everything. Even though we changed dates occasionally, he could still meet my needs. Great customer skills. I am excited to travel next season with the company. Thank you so much for everything, Dylan. I appreciate you.

  29. Sandra McDonough
    5 rating

    Quick to react

    Feb 24, 2023

    I needed to make some modifications to my travel plans. Dylan was quick to react. He did everything he could to ensure everything was done how I wanted it to be. He is extremely accommodating and holds his word to his commitments. I had a great time working with him.

  30. Johann Pyle
    5 rating

    He quickly responded

    Feb 23, 2023

    Dylan Taylor was outstanding as an agent for travel. He quickly responded to all our inquiries and provided us with the best vacation for my family. We were so pleased with him that we extended our holiday by a week to the Maldives by 11 days, instead of one week. He's fantastic, and we will use him shortly for further bookings. He is the BEST!!

  31. Lucille Drew
    5 rating

    The service was fantastic

    Feb 22, 2023

    The service was fantastic; Chris explained all the necessary information I required to know. His assistance was quick, efficient, and professional. This was a huge plus; I would recommend Haloflights to anyone looking for holiday packages.

  32. John Laurito
    5 rating

    Excellent service

    Jan 12, 2023

    Thank you to Ella, who provided me with the best service. This is my first experience booking a flight with Halo flights, and I found the personnel (Maria) very efficient and patient. She kept me informed throughout our flight—overall, excellent service.

  33. Deborah Kennedy
    5 rating

    Mathew was extremely helpful

    Oct 21, 2022

    Mathew was accommodating during my dream vacation for 2023. He answered all my questions regarding my plans to visit Dubai and Maldives Awe-inspiring holiday package. I highly recommend him to family and friends to help with future travel. Great Company.

  34. Dutney Block
    5 rating

    Excellent service provided by Robert Williams

    Jul 29, 2022

    Excellent service provided by Robert Williams. He offered my companions and me great value for all of our travels this year , Dubai last March was an memorable for us all , we have upcoming trips that we have booked with him between September and 2022.

    Robert is exceptionally patient in meeting our requirements when it comes to finding good hotels and locations suitable for us all. I appreciate your help Robert .. From everyone .. Lolita Subido, Beatrice Taylor.Cynthia Quitaleg , Cecilia Vidad as well as filomena of Guzman .

  35. Kelly Douglas
    5 rating

    Excellent service

    Jul 8, 2022

    Dillan was notable for putting the trip I took from Medellin Columbia into one. I was highly impressed with the entire customer experience: excellent service and a great bargain. I'll be sure to use Dillan on future travels and avoid booking websites on the internet altogether. Thank you for your excellent service.

  36. Alex Gabaldon
    5 rating

    Dylan Taylor, was excellent!

    Jun 25, 2022

    It was beautiful to book my honeymoon with Haloflights. Williams, as well as Dylan Taylor, was excellent! The whole process was smooth and fast. They arranged for us to have an all-inclusive stay of 8 nights at the magnificent Intercontinental Hotel in the Maldives.

    We highly recommend booking with Haloflights to meet any travel requirements! They were extremely efficient and helpful. We are so excited about this trip.

  37. Kimberly Williams
    5 rating

    Extremely pleased with the Haloflights services

    May 13, 2022

    We were extremely pleased with the Haloflights services and are very happy with our decision as a family. We found Lucas Scott, our travel consultant, to be exceptional.

    Lucas was patient with all our requests and took the time necessary to meet our needs. We feel confident that he helped us save a lot of money on our trip. Without reservation, I would highly recommend him.

  38. Gladys Guzman
    5 rating

    Professional and helpful

    May 3, 2022

    Dylan Taylor was a fantastic travel agent. He was very patient with me and helped me tremendously today. He designed the perfect vacation package for us. I was initially nervous about booking this package because of social media, but Dylan answered all my queries and gave me confidence.

    I am his regular customer and will continue to work with him on future vacation packages. Dylan is a great person to work with on any future travel plans. If I can, I will give him 100 stars. Dylan, thank you for being so professional.

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