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6 Reviews

6 Reviews on Traveler Assistance Services

  1. Stanley Korus
    July 29th, 2022

    Valeria was very graciously

    Valeria was very gracious, taking care to address all my questions as my elderly relative was traveling abroad and had insurance. I had to help guide the procedure concerning reimbursements. They told me they completed the process within a brief period (1 or 3 days max). Therefore this is a great thing to thank you!

  2. Stephanie Chevalier
    July 14th, 2022

    They are a scam

    I really regret having chosen this insurance, as we had an emergency with my daughter (although not life-threatening), and I called them as soon as I arrived at the hospital, informed them all day long about what procedures were done, and when I sent them the invoices they responded that I hadn’t respected their contract (you know, these 50 pages contracts they know nobody reads) and should have called them before even doing anything, which obviously I didn’t know, and I really called them from the entry of ER so it’s really too easy to escape their obligations this way. I really recommend others looking for an insurance to look elsewhere, this one is not trustworthy and will always find a way to not reimburse you.

  3. Courtni Ricks
    July 8th, 2022

    the best customer service

    Love TAS. It’s impossible to go wrong with TAS. I don’t know the number of times we’ve utilized these services. They always provide the best customer service. Thanks.

  4. Shea Jones
    June 25th, 2022

    none of them answer me when I called them

    I’m not aware of this business. However, I’m talking about the site where they provided me with a lot of trouble, and, the best part is after my trip was canceled after I paid the extra $400, they never contacted me when I phoned them. They want to take my review down because they don’t like it. I’ve explained to you this was an institution, so I didn’t provide an exact date when they’ll cancel my review because they dislike my judgment.

    They do not trust these people as they are sponsors of lawyers. This isn’t a particular business, maybe it’s different, but this is the website. This website provides me with the name of an agent, Gerard He never responded to me after I visited Egypt when I paid for my trip’s itinerary, and I never got a response, which is why they charge me more money. Still, they never provide me with what I need.

  5. Katalina Alejandra
    May 13th, 2022

    resolve the problem

    After making the call to the central offices, a doctor called me. They then called me with the prescription. Luis Emura, the assistant, did the same. He consulted the doctors to resolve the problem.

  6. Hailey
    April 19th, 2022

    Potential Scam and poor service

    This service seems like a scam in certain situations. Since July 2021, we have constantly communicated with and this company about several bills due to medical emergencies. They keep repeating the same message. They are just delaying the case.

    We visited the two addresses (Panama and Miami) that they had referred the hospital to for the sending of invoices. They do not exist, or they are different businesses. Client services staff are trained to avoid misleading responses and give the same misleading response. It was $6k in total, and they still haven’t paid it.

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TRAVELER ASSISTANCE is a multi-Latin company with 25 years of experience, the online leader in assistance services during the course of a trip abroad: • Medical in Health and Accident: hospital and outpatient. • Legal and personal in cases of emergency. • Lost, stolen, or delayed baggage. • Case of delay and cancellation of flight or trip. • Damages to third parties. • Psychological treatments. We have our own international assistance network, without territorial restrictions, and alliances with companies in the assistance sector.

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