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Is Nusuk Hajj legit?

Nusuk Hajj has 15 reviews on, with an average rating of 1.3 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are dissatisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, caution is advised when considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach Nusuk Hajj customer care?

You can contact Nusuk Hajj customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at +966920031201

Where is Nusuk Hajj located?

Nusuk Hajj is located at address Saudi Arabia.

15 Reviews on Nusuk Hajj

  1. Mohamed
    1 rating

    Nusuk site

    Mar 25, 2024

    worthless .whole night in the wagerij and afterwards my reserved package could not be paid . For the second tour pressies the problem sifted for hours in the queue and afterwards my package was sold. I've been working on it since December and nothing afterwards, what a shame. لا حولَ ولا قوةَ إلا باللهِ
    worthless .whole night in the wagerij and afterwards my reserved package could not be paid . For the second tour pressies the problem sifted for hours in the queue and afterwards my package was sold. I've been working on it since December and nothing afterwards, what a shame. لا حولَ ولا قوةَ إلا باللهِ

  2. SrWhoWantsTo GoToHajj
    1 rating

    When God Created man, Saudis did not get in the "smart people" line.

    Mar 14, 2024

    Noone on the face of this earth would invest in something that costs their entire life savings without knowing if what you're paying for will "come through". Except for the Muslim wanting to do Hajj, that is, and Saudis have taken advantage of that.

    Nusuk is ????.
    It was easier to go to Hajj prior to Nusuk and it's incredibly ill created website with constant glitches, problems. With all of the wealth that Saudi Arabia has, they can't hire someone competent to create a website that actually works? Look at websites that receive a heavy daily flow - FedEx, USPS. Do their websites just shut down when there are million of users?
    A simple lottery system will prevent every Muslim on earth from assuming that they're going to Hajj this year, now just to have their money stuck and waiting on refunds.

    Saudis wake up. You have won the award of the most despised country. If you can't do a job well, hire the best techs from India or China.

  3. Mahezabin Saranwala
    4 rating

    A Grateful Reflection

    Nov 17, 2023

    I was a bit upset about being unable to log into my account. However, upon contacting customer service, my app issues were swiftly resolved. I'm delighted to have successfully booked in Rawdah. May Allah bless my brothers and sisters who perform such fantastic work worldwide.

  4. Salma Akter
    1 rating

    Abandonment and Frustration

    Oct 30, 2023

    We had a dreadful experience with The Hajj Nusuk. They failed to provide transportation services, leaving us stranded for essential journeys to Arafat, Muzdalifa, and the Mina camp. It was a chaotic and frustrating ordeal as we were forced to scramble and find alternative transportation for each leg of our pilgrimage. The complete lack of organized bus services left all the hujjaj from Ireland in a state of abandonment and distress. I would strongly advise against choosing The Hajj Nusuk for your Hajj journey; they provided a subpar and disheartening experience that I wouldn't wish upon anyone.

  5. Meshal Alnashwan
    2 rating

    App for Hajj Nusuk Issues

    Oct 21, 2023

    I find the Hajj Nusuk app quite buggy, but I can still use it if I understand smartphone features. I can't help but wonder how people from third-world countries are working with it. The biggest issue I've encountered is that even when I need to use the app for Rawdah specifically, I may not find an open slot until four or five days later. It's frustrating to think that some people are only in Madinah for 1 or 2 days, and they would never even be able to book an appointment in that short time. I think the process they've come up with is faulty and needs some reconsideration.

    1. Rayhan Azeem

      Such a Shame.

      Mar 23, 2024

      In the Qur'an, I've seen the word "nusuk" mean "sacrifice." I have sacrificed far too much for this mess of a site. My daughter could do a better job. So many glitches, and it's so expensive! I set an alarm at 12 in the middle of the night to check for packages. They won't answer your questions at all, and they've pretty much used religion for their own benefit. I'm sick of this.

  6. Doha Rabei
    1 rating

    Hajj Nusuk Refund Delay

    Oct 21, 2023

    Nusuk Hajj stole my money!!! I canceled my booked hajj package and issued a refund on your website on 13-aug-2023, and you promised to refund within 28 days. I called many, many times, and you still hold my money.

  7. Rager Banu
    1 rating

    Poor Customer Service Experience

    Oct 21, 2023

    I forgot that Hajj Nusuk customer service doesn't reply to emails or social media. If you try to call us internationally, you'll have to deal with an unprofessional team that doesn't even know how to solve your problems. I called to solve the issue of my ejected payment, but the assistant didn't bother to help and replied, "Just choose another package." I asked if a technical team was available, and he responded with a disappointing "No." I couldn't help but wonder how my problem would ever get resolved. He assured me, "They will contact you," but as I reflected on the first sentence, it was clear that no one was bothering to help!

    Frustrated, I chose a package and its payment method, opting to pay by cheque at one of their offices. I called again to inquire about the office hours, and to my disbelief, the assistant didn't know the office hours of our own offices. Can you imagine that? It's genuinely frustrating and disappointing!

  8. Hanan A.
    1 rating

    Package Payment Issues

    Oct 21, 2023

    The Hajj Nusuk is the worst website I've ever dealt with! This service wasn't ready to be published, and choosing a package felt like a complete waste of time. When I tried to pay, I received an error message stating that the box no longer existed.

    Can you believe it? And if you're fortunate enough to attempt settlement through the two supposedly convenient methods of bank transfer or credit card, you'll still face rejection from their end. The transaction doesn't even make it to the bank verification stage.

  9. J. Knakmuhs
    1 rating

    Navigating Nusuk's Unhelpful Helpdesk

    Oct 21, 2023

    I find the Nusuk helpdesk almost entirely useless, so I believe it's better to share information about my experience on forums like this to help others troubleshoot their problems. I hope that the terrible service I've experienced isn't a glimpse of how bad the organization and customer service will be as we get closer to going.

  10. Ali Karkoukli
    1 rating

    Dealing with Unscrupulous Vendors

    Oct 21, 2023

    Beware of thieves like Hajj Nusuk, who take your money and offer no assistance when encountering minor issues after making a purchase. When you invest in their services, they swiftly collect your payment, yet they become unresponsive when you seek support for any problems.

  11. Mohammed Qureshi
    1 rating

    Subpar Online Booking Platform for Pilgrimage

    Oct 21, 2023

    The online booking platform, which plays a pivotal role for millions of Muslims eager to embark on a sacred pilgrimage, falls significantly short of expectations. Unfortunately, it is marred by numerous technical glitches, payment processing problems, and a disheartening lack of transparency. This underperformance is particularly disappointing, given the crucial importance of this platform to the global Muslim community.

    The platform's unreliability can result in undue stress and frustration for those seeking to fulfill their religious duties. Pilgrimage is a profoundly spiritual journey; any obstacles or uncertainties during the booking process can detract from the overall experience.

    The platform's operators need to recognize the profound significance of their service to countless individuals worldwide. Addressing and rectifying the persistent issues with the platform, such as improving its technical infrastructure, streamlining payment processes, and enhancing transparency, would undoubtedly enhance the experience of pilgrims and demonstrate a commitment to supporting their sacred journey.

  12. Omar
    1 rating

    Nightmare Experience with The Hajj Nusuk Travel App

    Oct 21, 2023

    Nightmare app. It was designed to ruin my once-in-a-lifetime trip to Madinah. And as for the millions of old people who don't know how to turn on a smartphone, forget about navigating this slow, error-ridden combination of bloated bureaucracy and draconian gatekeeping app. I could see them crying at the gate.

  13. Moin Salam
    1 rating

    A Disastrous Encounter with a Terrible Company

    Oct 21, 2023

    The worst company like Hajj Nusuk I've ever dealt with, DO NOT USE. It's been four months, and I'm still awaiting my refund. The customer advisers they have speak very poor English and can't seem to understand a word I say. They keep repeating to email and create a ticket, which I've done more than 50 times. Dealing with this company has been a complete nightmare.

  14. Sumer
    1 rating

    Crying at the Gate My Madinah Trip App Nightmare

    Oct 18, 2023

    Nightmare app. It's designed to ruin my once-in-a-lifetime trip to Madinah. As one of the millions of older people who don't know how to turn on a smartphone, I can forget about navigating this slow, error-ridden combination of bloated bureaucracy and draconian gatekeeping app. I can see myself and others like me crying at the gate.

  15. Mahezabin Saranwala
    1 rating

    Troubles with a Hajj Booking Service

    Oct 17, 2023

    I would strongly advise against using the Hajj Nusuk platform to book your Hajj journey. Unfortunately, my personal experience with them has been highly disappointing. I sent them my hard-earned money for Hajj, and to this day, they have not refunded a single dollar. They keep reassuring me that they're working diligently to return my funds, but it's been four months with no money returned. I've made countless phone calls and sent over a hundred emails, but all I get in response is the same generic message they use for everyone.

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Nusuk Hajj is an authorized platform that reserves and oversees sacred Hajj pilgrimages for individuals from Europe, South and North America, and Australia. It serves Hajj and provides individual packages comprising various services (such as flights, accommodation, transportation, sustenance, accompanying guides for pilgrims, multiple payment options, and verification of all required documents) over the Internet between the Ministry of Hajj and the user.

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