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Is Loveholidays legit?

Loveholidays has 46 reviews on, with an average rating of 2.2 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are dissatisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, caution is advised when considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach Loveholidays customer care?

You can contact Loveholidays customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at +44 208 175 1145

Where is Loveholidays located?

Loveholidays is located at address 5th floor, Domestic Cleaners Hammersmith, 3 Shortlands, London W6 8DA, United Kingdom.

46 Reviews on Loveholidays

  1. Ciaran Wexford
    2 rating

    Limited Flexibility and No Refund Guarantee

    Dec 22, 2023

    It's not much cheaper than booking separately. Also, there is no guarantee of refund in the event of having to change the flight's departure date and then make a new reservation. Not even taxes. Airline recommended that, since the trip was scheduled through a third-party the changes must be handled via Love Holidays. I would strongly suggest not to use these services unless specific dates for stay are specified and a huge savings will be secured as there's you can't make any changes to this. In the end, it will cost you far higher overall for your vacation. Learned lesson.

  2. Karol
    2 rating

    A Disappointing Tale of Flight Cancellations and Independent Rebooking

    Nov 17, 2023

    Experiencing Love Lost in Booking - Our return flight, booked initially with Love, encountered a setback when Ryanair canceled it. Faced with rearranging flights or opting for a refund, we reluctantly chose the latter, as the available flights in the following days didn't align with our plans. This decision led us to independently book flights and accommodation, incurring higher costs than the original package, including an additional night in the hotel.

    Regrettably, Love Holidays offered no assistance or financial support for our predicament, leaving us alone to navigate the rebooking process. Communication with Love Holidays proved challenging, primarily through their Twitter help message center, making the ordeal even more frustrating. The overall experience was far from ideal, and the financial burden persisted as our insurance company provided only a minimal payout.

  3. Adrian Luca
    1 rating
    Oct 22, 2023

    I do not recommend using loveholidays because customers are not a priority for them!

  4. Barry desmond
    1 rating

    Terrible company

    Sep 13, 2023

    First time with loveholidays

    worse holiday in 45 years to many problems.but it's a company that just wants your money.after that you are a forgotten passengerwe missed shuttle could not read Spanish.2 taxis at 340 return of money for shuttle bus.asi am told IT WAS OUR FAULT
    just be careful

  5. Yucef
    1 rating


    Aug 12, 2023

    Me and my brother booker holiday trip to Agadir . The hotel what's scrap not like presenter on the web site of lovehoidays. The food what's horrible , room olddd al.broken no hot whater toilet broken and dirty , no A/C WHE SUFFERT FROM THE HOT 55° , I SPOKE TO RECEPCIÓN AND THE HOTEL DID NOT DID ANYTHING ABOIT IT . I.SPEND 1450£ for nothing , MUSIC TIL 4 AM , THE BUFFET LOOOS LILE A BUCHER ROOM , lovehoidays said the will get back to me and nothing happend. No solución nothinggggg. I AM Soo ungryyyy uffff ???????????? my hard worker money IS LOST .AS WELL THE OFFER THE HOTEL UNDER 3 DIFFERENT NAMES BE Carefully. DO NOT BOOK WHIT LOVEHOIDAYS.COM THEY WILL LEFT YOU STRANDET . BETHER GO TO YOUR LOCAL HOLIDAY Agency EVEN IF YOU PAY MORE .

  6. Frances Caton
    1 rating

    Big rip off

    Aug 9, 2023

    Don’t book with this company. Offer you hotel which then find out over 3 hours from airport. Not the one on advert that they state. Then you cannot speak to anyone on phone. They try to increase price or sat will charge to cancel £75 on day booked! Cancelled hotel after about 20 calls and a week of going on there website. Only gave money back when said taking legal action. Avoid at all costs. Not real prices.

  7. John
    1 rating

    Don't use them!

    Jun 28, 2023

    Terrible company

  8. Helen Miller
    1 rating

    Do not trust this company

    Jun 27, 2023

    Do not trust Love Holidays. We booked a package all inclusive holiday with a sea view room, when we arrived at the destination airport there was noone there to transfer us to our hotel. I tried calling Love holidays and couldn't get through to anyone. It was after midnight, and the hotel was over 100km away. We ended up having to get a taxi which was on a meter, it cost us €180 just to get to our hotel.

    Upon arrival it was like they weren't expecting us, I had seen other reviews saying the restaurant provided a meal/sandwiches etc when you arrive but everything was closed.
    The room we were given was not the see view we had booked but a carpark view instead. We spent 2 nights in that room (out of 5 total) until the hotel were able to move us to a sea view room. The hotel had no record of the additional payment I made to secure a sea view room.

    On our first day I got into a live chat with Love Holidays regarding our issues. The lady was very blunt and unhelpful about our issues, she said the hotel needed to sort the room, and the transfer didn't show on our booking (she said I specifically opted out of a transfer, which i know i didnt do) and couldn't be added for the return to the airport. She told me we had to make our own way back to the airport. When I told her we couldn't afford that she said it wasn't their responsibility and ended the chat.

    The place we visited and the hotel we stayed in were beautiful, but Love Holidays really tainted experience and caused up quite a lot of worry.

  9. Lloyd Cookson
    2 rating

    It was an enormous Con

    Jun 10, 2023

    I booked a 5-star Rhodes vacation with Love Holidays. Rhodes Palace ( not a resort, but it is a conference center!! Rooms are crumbling! You are even charged for using tea, coffee, sugar, and tea in the hotel room! It is impossible to contact the love holidays customer service to complain. We also paid extra for a fast transfer, which took us 40 minutes to sit in the terminal waiting for people to board. All of it was an enormous Con!

  10. Nina Walker
    3 rating

    No explanation

    May 20, 2023

    I was sent an email stating that my vacation could not be booked but with no explanation of the reason. In a phone call to the customer service department, they informed me that the room I attempted to secure was unavailable and I needed to alter the type of room. This issue was solved, but their communication could have been more efficient.

  11. Jeff Frederes
    1 rating

    So awful

    May 18, 2023

    On my first trip in over 27 years, I had a trip to Rome in the Happy Valley. It was supposed to be a bungalow, but it was just a wooden structure that had no coffee maker or tea; the first day, I could not locate my way around, and I called Happy Valley, and they told me not to talk, so I was forced to stay in the hotel for one hundred euros for the camping was so awful I tried to book an. Early return flight.

  12. Jorge Aguilar
    2 rating

    Food was decent

    May 12, 2023

    We arrived for the first trip to the hotel was late. It was around 2 am due to a delayed flight. The reception staff didn't provide beverages or Food even though we were tired. We also had a bad experience with the team. They were rude and highly aggressive, and the animation was terrible, not even daily. Suppose the time was just 1 hour long. In that case, it was boring; no nighttime entertainment, such as dancing, playing, etc. Food was decent, although not exceptional. We ate at an Italian restaurant, which was terrible. The Food was awful that we didn't finish. It's nice looking and tidy, but the rooms are vintage and full of mosquitoes. We bit a lot. Bed could be noisy whenever you move. It was a nightmare... could not get a good night's sleep; the view from the balcony was excellent. However, in the end, it wasn't value for money.

  13. Rachel Williamson
    1 rating

    Unable to travel

    Apr 22, 2023

    We booked a trip and still haven't left yet. Some of us have been ill and are unable to travel. I'm trying to switch passengers, but L/H has informed me that the tickets purchased with airlines aren't transferable and that new flights will cost more than PS260 per individual. I've contacted the airline, who confirmed that the change would be made for free. It's amazing! They appear to be lying to me and charging me more than PS500 in no way.

  14. Robbin Aliot
    3 rating

    Can't find a reason

    Apr 21, 2023

    We were impressed by the vacation offered; however, we repeatedly tried to pay the agreed-upon price but weren't accepted. I Rang the Office as advised on display holiday availability; however, the price was increased. We decided to the discount for friends and family. However, the holiday was when inv came through, and the cost charged on the card was a little more than I expected. The price was displayed on the screen, but it could not be seen for 30 minutes; the system was not permitting the price to be displayed on the computer display. Great value; however, the holiday was later rechecked, and they provided the same flight and hotel for less than the initial deal, but it was not offered for us. Could this be reasonable? I can't find a reason to complain about Rep who was pleasant and accommodating; I feel like I was duped.

  15. Maggie Haas
    2 rating

    Not the best option

    Apr 20, 2023

    After I made the booking for my holiday with Love Holiday, I received an email that said love holiday should not be sold as a package deal to Ryanair because they don't have any relationship with them. We are required to send photos and identification documents to Ryanair. It's impossible to know who you are talking to. This is a significant concern as they've blocked the booking and only accept it if we submit the necessary documents. This is not the best option.

  16. Jerika Ferguson
    1 rating

    Not be refunded

    Apr 19, 2023

    We were surprised to discover that we were on holiday, our flight was delayed at night, and because we have children, we had to pay a few hundred pounds more for a later flight; however, the airline recently changed our flight to an earlier flight! LoveHolidays responded, "I'm sorry your flight times have changed. I'm afraid you will not be refunded the extra cost as the airline reserves the right to change bookings according to availability."

  17. Mike Jacobs
    1 rating

    Absolute thieves

    Apr 8, 2023

    TUI needed to shift the flight we booked to an airport further from us ( which added cost to our travel and on a day that wasn't convenient). They refunded the difference of PS148 of the cost of our flight promptly to Love Holidays, which then declined to reimburse the difference because of the "100% no refund policy" The policy is 100% no refund! What is the logic behind this? They accept our cash from TUI, which is not transferred to us. And their approach doesn't make sense and is confusing due to the poor English used! Absolute thieves!

  18. Bob Delsol
    1 rating

    Sham company!

    Jan 12, 2023

    Sham company! We were charged the correct price when we made the booking, then accepted payment, but they didn't give us a confirmation. We only got a call after one week, after we contacted them through their sales line, and then they increased the cost by 50% after the fares for flights had changed. Absolute nonsense, never again! We continued to send emails after 72hrs that they were working on it, but there was no answer until we phoned new sales bookings.

  19. Daniel Browne
    5 rating

    I was impressed

    Nov 19, 2022

    I was impressed by how easy it was to book that I could complete everything online without contacting anyone. Sometimes, they set the price of the vacation at the point of payment, which is very annoying; however, love holiday did not make this mistake, which was great.

  20. Tracey Croxford
    1 rating

    The staff is terrible at customer service

    Nov 18, 2022

    We booked a trip to Lanzarote for three adults .then we were waiting for them to confirm that we had booked the holiday .they confirmed. A couple of days later, they had to cancel our son's apartment and transfer him to a hotel further up to the next road .ours to was not taken care of. The staff is terrible at customer service. Then they set the price up and never again during the holiday celebrations for love. It should be called love mucking you up about barry Hughes

  21. Lisa Wallace
    5 rating

    The website is user-friendly

    Nov 15, 2022

    The website is user-friendly and offers the ability to select any airport and go to any destination. We were unsure what we wanted to do or where we would like to live. Therefore, the ability to quickly remove non-starters was attractive. The ability to pay in regular installments has allowed us to plan our dream trip during this challenging period for everyone. The prompt confirmation emails and detailed payment plan ensured that we felt secure in the booking process on the internet. We recommend love holidays to anyone who isn'tparticularn where they would like to travel. The range of choices is impressive.

  22. Tracy Cockburn
    1 rating

    The worst company

    Nov 14, 2022

    The worst company when it comes to customer service. Do not provide transparent information about any hidden charges. They arrange flights and hotels without knowing when you'll have to wait at the airport. Suppose you are required to depart early by hotel rules. Do not inform the hotel of any taxes you may incur at Hotels after you have checked out. We spent a lot of money on taxes and an extra cost to stay in the hotel until we left for our flight. There is no way to communicate with any person, only chat. It needs 20 days for them to respond to you. Be careful when you make a decision

  23. Don Scrymgeour
    1 rating

    A lot of the amenities promised were not available

    Nov 12, 2022

    I booked a holiday in Mexico. A lot of the amenities promised were not available. There was no mention of bars that are only for adults. Our kids were not allowed into any of the bars and restaurants in the hotel. I have complained to Loveholdiays and am still waiting for a response .....3 months have passed with very little feedback. The customer service is poor, and there's no option to call except for sales PSPSPSPSPSPS. I would not recommend ......stick with TUI and the principal operators!

  24. Craig Wheelans
    5 rating

    I'll visit the Love Holidays website first

    Nov 11, 2022

    The great price and ease of booking ensure I'll visit the Love Holidays website first. Two times I've booked through them, it has been easy and cost-effective. The site I've come across. There are a lot of hotels to choose from as well as timetables for flights.

  25. Maharie Hay
    1 rating

    Don't make a booking with these people

    Nov 9, 2022

    Love Holidays refuses to allow customers to be provided with any information regarding claiming compensation. It's beyond my comprehension since it is a law requirement and a part of Atol regulation. It took me a whole week to chat to find out how to make a claim. But I got a rude snub. Don't make a booking with these people unless you're prepared to battle on your hands. You'll now need to go to Atol and begin proceedings.

  26. Roy Starkey
    1 rating

    We will never book with this hotel once again

    Nov 6, 2022

    I would not even give them a single star If I could. The flight arrived at Tenerife, and I was stuck on a bus for two hours with an infant who had anxiety issues as the coach driver waited for another flight to complete his coach. The driver didn't know which hotel was where so you had to figure it out on your own. All the hotels are blue-sea resorts. The hotel was rated four stars but not. We will never book with this hotel once again.

  27. Malcolm Patten
    5 rating

    Smooth and hassle-free holiday!

    Nov 5, 2022

    Smooth and hassle-free holiday! It's hard to evaluate the company's holiday services with no issues. I believe the positive reviews are based on how they handle the unexpected or a case beyond their control! On the other hand, the entire process of working with LoveHolidays was simple and at a reasonable price. I would not hesitate to use them again in the future for our next trip.

  28. Amy Belcher
    5 rating

    I will continue to use Love holidays highly recommended

    Nov 4, 2022

    The third holiday has been booked by LOVE holidays. It's easy to book via their website. It is a great value and competitive with other online travel companies—excellent descriptions of resorts, accommodations, and hotels on their website: great payment plans, excellent communication from an online travel agency, and five stars. I will continue to use Love holidays. It is highly recommended.

  29. Steve Smith
    5 rating

    A great company to work with.

    Nov 3, 2022

    We've used Love Holidays for the past three years. We wouldn't use anyone else. The booking process is simple and to make and stress-free. They offer a wide range of holiday options to pick from. Installments payments are an excellent option since you do not have to fret about when you'll make your next payment because it will be taken from Ur account on the date specified on the reservation. It is also possible to pay the amount over several months—a great company to work with.

  30. Graham Bradley
    3 rating

    It was straightforward to navigate the website

    Nov 2, 2022

    It was straightforward to navigate the website, and it was great to avail of PS25 off the Blue Light Card. However, at the time of booking, it wasn't clear that the cost of PS17 was to pay in installments, which meant I only received PS8 off my booking.

  31. David Johnston
    5 rating

    The website is user-friendly

    Nov 2, 2022

    The website is user-friendly and allows choosing any airport or destination. We didn't know what we wanted to do or where we would like to live. Thus, being able to eliminate non-starters was an appealing option. The ability to pay in regular installments also allowed us to plan our dream vacation during this challenging period for everyone. The speedy confirmation emails that included the detailed payment plan helped us feel confident about the booking process online. We recommend love holidays to anyone who isn't sure where they'd like to travel. The range of choices is impressive.

  32. Elisabeth Scoates
    1 rating

    We were scammed

    Nov 1, 2022

    We were scammed, and they took our money to cancel our flight, but they won't offer a refund because they have their details, so we're unable to request a refund. They will not take care of my booking, and it isn't easy to contact anyone after making a booking and taking the money. Don't book in case you don't want to be scammed.

  33. Stephanie Garner
    1 rating


    Oct 29, 2022

    Gutted!! I made a reservation and paid half of my seven-night getaway in October, only to have the company reduce that to only four days! Who would want an all-night holiday? Disappointed that I have another booking in May. Let's hope that this one will be honored. I've never had any issues with Love holidays before, so we keep them.

  34. Andrew Cornes
    3 rating

    It was good

    Oct 27, 2022

    It was good when we checked in for our return flight via Easyjet without issues. However, it took us more than an hour to figure out how to check into Ryan Air; they weren't friends when we tried to contact them. The love holidays flight email must be more substantial and more apparent when it provides a different email address for us to contact Ryan Air. Since it is based on the first letter of the email addresses we provide, you might not notice that it's distinct.

  35. Stephanie Barratt
    3 rating

    I will not be using it again.

    Oct 26, 2022

    I went on a trip to Rome. There were issues with pick-up, and they didn't show up. I had to pay PS60 to get a taxi instead. The return journey arrived but brought us to the airport with only 20 minutes to board. But stressful. Love holidays were informed of a problem, but they shut down any communication and have not responded to any emails or messages. Beware that they're good if everything is in order. However, they cannot fix any isissuesExtremely unhappy. I will not be using it again.

  36. Mark Whiting
    1 rating

    I booked a vacation yesterday

    Oct 23, 2022

    I booked a vacation yesterday, and the money rolled from my account, obviously, but it was because I made an error when I entered my address for email. There is NO WAY TO TALK TO A HUMAN! ! I added co. UK as the ending, instead of .com, as I'm trying to contact SOMEONE for HELP; however, you'll need a ref to call them or send an email.

  37. Debby Richards
    1 rating

    Helpline employees could not assist

    Oct 21, 2022

    This is your favorite answer to everything: "To achieve this, we need more information to identify the reservation. I've sent you an email to request the information." I've paid more of my hard-earned cash to check into the airport since I was correct that the Wizz online check-in system didn't work, no matter what device I used. PS. My profession is computer instructor by profession, so you can't blame me for not being able to use technology... Instead of helping your customers, you tend to blame them. You must realize that your helpline employees could not assist and you have ruined my vacation.

  38. Stephen Ross
    4 rating

    Booked our holiday last minute

    Oct 19, 2022

    We booked our trip at the last minute, great value the only issue was the transfer to the hotel, we waited for 1 1/2 hours for the bus to arrive, after which it took an hour and a quarter before hotel time, we finally arrived at the hotel ( at ten thirty at night ) All-inclusive restaurant / other restaurants were not open so went to bed hungry .other aside, we were a wonderful break.

  39. Sarah Binns
    1 rating

    I will never return to them

    Oct 11, 2022

    I have paid six transactions through the Love Holiday to manage my bookings. They claimed that they did not get one of my transactions. I was put on hold for an hour if I attempted to get to the customer services line. After I was through they kept putting me on hold. I will never return to them. Please beware and avoid handling them.

  40. Paul Bassett
    1 rating

    Would never ever use them again

    Oct 8, 2022

    The only option is not to have a star rating ... I booked an all-inclusive vacation to Rhodes. The description of the hotel and the facilities didn't match the actual. Love Holidays do not inspect hotels before advertising. Since August, I've been waiting for a refund from Love Holidays; however, they have refused to pay. I would never use them again

  41. Lorraine Hanns
    1 rating

    I wasn't sure I wanted to give one thought!

    Oct 5, 2022

    There's a reason for that. Nearly one-in-five customers who write reviews have this company rated as one-star. Customer service is abysmal. I would suggest staying clear and not risking being disappointed on your trip. You might be OK if nothing is wrong, but if something goes wrong, it will be challenging to communicate with representatives, and in my case, those I managed to talk to were rude. I will never work with this company again. I wish I'd read the reviews before! I wasn't sure I wanted to give one thought!

  42. Tracy Burns
    1 rating

    This business is a waste of time

    Sep 19, 2022

    Love holidays are over. I was returning to us on the issue I tackled earlier. This business is a waste of time. Our holiday was damaged, and we had to find alternative accommodation. I thought that when you booked a package holiday, you had rights. Love holidays seem to ignore industry standards regarding the duty of responsibility and make the rules themselves.

  43. Jeffrey Smith
    5 rating

    Choosing a holiday is always thrilling

    Jul 29, 2022

    Choosing a holiday is always thrilling, and looking at the Love holiday offerings is no exception. Everything you need to know is right in front of them.

    Holiday chosen, email was replied to immediately. I was waiting for a day while all the elements got together. The confirmation email was delivered.

    The entire process was clearly explained. What more can one possibly want? Nothing. I will make Love Holidays again.

  44. Oscar Tiznado
    4 rating

    Excellent.. If you do not need to get in touch with them prior to making your

    Jul 8, 2022

    It has been a pleasure to use Love Holidays for many years without any issues. This year, the flight portion of the holiday was not available. I couldn't make a call to talk to people as they no longer utilize phones. The message center takes a long time to respond to your messages, and they stopped responding to emails. In the end, a remarkable man phoned me, and my trip was confirmed within 10 minutes. I am convinced that the phone should be returned.

  45. David Salazar
    1 rating

    I was offered a holiday that was not available

    Jun 25, 2022

    I was offered a holiday that was not available. The back office contacted me and showed me the identical holiday but different flights at an additional 49pp, so I agreed back to the office and then booked the flights with the wrong name, after which I booked the hotel with the check-out time of 28 hours before departure time, so I contacted them and was told that it would cost me an additional PS700 for me to stay at the hotel for one night longer

  46. Caron Haycocks
    3 rating

    Very unhelpful

    May 28, 2022

    You need to fix your phone system. It is a nightmare trying to reach someone.

    I had booked a trip with your company, but the dates were wrong.

    I called you to clarify that I want the same holiday, but on different dates.

    You just said, "we cannot assist you; please go to Manage your booking" I found this very unhelpful.

    It is almost ..... " we've got your money, so we don't care."

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