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  1. Rito Montano
    July 29th, 2022

    Sanna of USA Tours has been magical in helping us

    Sanna of USA Tours has been magical in helping us come up with numerous trip suggestions. She has also been exceptionally accommodating to our needs and attentive throughout the process. I would strongly recommend the company.

    The hotels they chose had great places and were of a high standard. And I felt that they were thinking about the value of their price when they came up with ideas for travel or content—good knowledge of the USA.

  2. Becky Smith
    July 8th, 2022

    USA tours disclaims liability

    Overall, the experience with USA Tours has been pleasant enough; however, we are a bit disoriented about how they are dealing with our hotel issue, which is not in any way satisfying. The hotel they reserved for us was unsafe and filthy. People walked from the streets and smoke ish on hallways. They also were shouting and arguing. The radiator in our room could not be shut off, and the door handle into the hall was loos (not easy to open). We did not have a bathroom we had not been informed of (this was a demand we had to meet). In the bathroom, there was black hair and clotted blood, and very filthy. So, the hotel appeared more like a hostel. The only thing that USA tours could do was provide a different hotel. However, we were required to pay again, so it was not something to hush for. We were able to find it without any help from USA tours. Now we’re in the position that the corona incident ended our vacation, and our Ministry of Foreign Affairs called us back home. In this case, we cannot understand the disclaimer and management of responsibility and service from the United States despite a contradicting legal obligation.

  3. Ole Nielsen
    May 13th, 2022

    I highly recommend USA tours

    I highly recommend USA tours. We had to cancel our dream trip to California due to Covid-19. We have always received excellent service and feel that they will do everything for us, even in difficult situations.

  4. Bruce
    April 21st, 2022

    Super good service

    I booked a trip in January for my kids and me; we would leave in week 41 for 11 days to New York and Miami Beach, respectively. I got super good help from friendly Maria from the first call until everything was in place. Super service and friendly, skilled staff despite pure adversity with corona every day at work.

    When we got close to the date, and the corona was still here, I started to think that now you should have enough hassle to get money back as you had heard so many do elsewhere, but in good time Stefan called from USA tours, which kindly explained what I was going to do and well 14 days after all the money was back.

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