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5 Reviews on Alpha Flight Guru

  1. Efren Hernandez
    July 29th, 2022

    Thank you, Mike, for doing fantastic work!

    We had been planning the trip we would take to Europe for two years; however, Covid had altered our plans. The travel agent, Mike Ostia, was excellent in arranging our flights.

    He completed the process in just two hours and with excellent day-of-flight times! We will continue to make use of Alpha Flight Guru! Thank you, Mike, for doing fantastic work!

  2. Ricardo Trevino
    July 8th, 2022

    This is precisely the kind of service

    Sheena from FG, I was contacted by FG. I gave her the flight I was planning to book for my trip to France, and she proved highly efficient in arranging everything within an hour. This is precisely the kind of service I would expect from Flight Guru! She also utilized the credit I’ve had from covid.

  3. Hugo Contreras
    June 25th, 2022

    I believed in his judgment

    I took a flight from Portland to Bangkok by Vancouver cost me $465. The guys from you said you could get me a better deal by having premium seats. When I made my booking, I realized that I got premium seats on one route from LA through Japan. The flight cost $735 and departed at 618 am, so I had to arrive at the airport before 3:00. It would be nice to describe the entire flight before the customer book.

    I could not look through my email, and all the agent could say was that this was an improved flight. I believed in his judgment.

  4. Artem Sverdlov
    May 13th, 2022

    Book Booking Solution for Everyone

    Everyone once took a trip to another place. Perhaps you are aware that hotels must be booked in advance. I made the booking right before my flight, and it was OK. Unfortunately, something happened to my booking, and I needed to find a new service to book a hotel.

    This company was a blessing. They did everything quickly and efficiently. This service was invaluable and saved me from missing my flight and vacation if it wasn’t for them.

  5. Nancy Bird
    May 3rd, 2022

    Do not do business with these crooks

    Absolute Crooks I paid $2600 for a business-class flight and got nothing in return. I took every penny. I was forced to cancel my trip because of covid. However, I was promised a credit for one year. I tried to book another flight, but Ken Avino was very slow to respond to me.

    They then tried to charge me a thousand dollars more than the price I paid by booking direct with the airline. I requested a refund, and was offered $800. This was never paid. Another dodgy move was the change of name from Flight Guru. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE CROOKS. MANY OTHER REVIEWS ARE ABOUT THE SAME THING.

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