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20 Reviews on Alpha Flight Guru

  1. Mike Hurry
    Jul 3, 2023

    Alpha flight guru's second experience was awful!

    I strongly advise against using this company. Our previous experience with Alpha Flight Guru was positive, so we decided to try them again.

    Unfortunately, when COVID-19 emerged, they declined to provide a refund despite the airlines offering one. Instead, they offered a credit.

    Now, as we attempt to utilize our credit before it expires on June 30, 2023, we encounter issues such as bounced emails and a deactivated website.

    Furthermore, our consultant has been unresponsive despite numerous attempts to reach out. It is worth considering paying slightly more through an airline or an authorized travel agent for your peace of mind.

    Initially known as Alpha Flight Guru, they later changed their name to Booking Vault, which raises suspicions about potential future name changes. I urge you to exercise caution. I believe in the concept of Karma.

  2. William Gatling
    Jun 10, 2023

    A minor issue occurred regarding the correct times

    I contacted the company four times, and each time, I received an email or phone call within a minute of call or email telling me they had got me, and they didn't even know I called support. I waited for four days, and there were no tickets. The money was charged to my account immediatelyManager phoned me right after posting my reviews. After a bit of work, they got their act in order. A minor issue occurred regarding the correct times listed on the E-ticket. However, the person who issued the ticket later discovered it to be a blunder. It is possible to try again, and if I'm lucky, I'll know the manager's phone number.

  3. Paul Elias
    May 20, 2023

    No answer

    Sin Air said it would not use points for flights; however, it did. Sin Air confirmed that was the case. I'm requesting reimbursement of 50% of my ticket, but I have no answer one month later than the date of departure: infrequent email responses and no sign of anything going on. I won't be using the service again, and I'd advise anyone else to take extra care.

  4. Patty Smith
    May 17, 2023

    Not promoting

    It was not a pleasant encounter. I was referred to this site by an advertisement when I was looking for flights to the United States. On their site, they claim that they provide international and domestic flights. COOL. But when I called, I was informed they concentrate on business and first-class international flights. There is almost always no cost saving for domestic flights, exceptionally shorter ones. Thanks. I could have saved you an hour by not promoting something that isn't yours.

  5. Savina Lillard
    Apr 22, 2023

    The best flights

    Great help in trying to satisfy my demands regarding flights and connections, and I also pricappreciate Chris's fast replies and determination to continue looking for the best flights for me.

  6. Mathew Curto
    Apr 20, 2023

    A good journey

    Cris Acosta was highly accommodating. He kept us informed and was a tireless worker to ensure we had our flight. It has been a good journey since we have been with this business for over six years.

  7. Courtney Taylor
    Apr 8, 2023

    An excellent experience using a ticket

    Cris secured great flights for me, with plenty of time in between, so I didn't need to fret about transfer times. The return trip via Chicago reduced my traveling time, but O'Hara was a complete hassle. Security checks took more than an hour, and I was thankful t had plenty of time to prepare for my next flight. Cris Also took care of my meals because I had to change my mind several times. Overall, it was an excellent experience using a ticket e-ticket sn 8

  8. Reynaldo Rosario
    Jan 12, 2023

    I would not recommend using this airline

    I had a similar experience to other posters where my flights were canceled, and I was only provided a full refund, not a refund. I would not recommend using this airline due to their disappointing refund policy.

  9. Kathryn Georgiou
    Nov 19, 2022

    Do not believe in Flight Guru with your information or money

    Do not believe in Flight Guru with your information or money. After buying a flight from Newark for $246 to Lisbon $246 and submitting my passport information, I was interrupted at work at least four times by an unidentified number that appeared to be spam. Finally, I received an email asking me to return the call and stating that to get my ticket, I'd have to pay another $250, which is more than double the cost of my keys. When I requested to cancel my flight, the agent continued to offer me the more expensive ticket. Flight Guru is a shambles of a business, and you shouldn't ever buy from them.

  10. Annie Brady
    Nov 12, 2022

    Stephanie was a top-notch, professional customer service

    Stephanie was top-notch, professional customer service throughout the booking of business class flights. She was highly skilled, knowledgeable, and friendly. I was delighted with the excellent customer service throughout the entire experience.

  11. Sharon Hutchinson
    Nov 8, 2022

    I wish him recognition.

    Felix was more than willing to assist me! In the aftermath of a minor issue, Felix demonstrated that he genuinely wanted to ensure I had a great experience. He has raised the bar for the quality of customer service, and I will use this service from now on when I book flights. I wish him recognition.

  12. Dave Clarke
    Nov 5, 2022

    Alpha Flight Guru truly exemplifies customer service.

    Alpha Flight Guru truly exemplifies customer service. Paul Amit has worked tirelessly with his team to create custom travel options that we can avail of and has taken special consideration of our individual preferences and needs. Furthermore, he's constantly in contact throughout the process...and is diligently following up beyond the contract's end. The company and Paul are our top options for any special travel arrangements.

  13. Paul Bramley
    Nov 3, 2022

    We were completely ripped off.

    A booking was made for a trip to New York in 2020 that had to cancel because of Covid 19. Getting credit for the flight, we paid $12000 for the journey and also lost more than $2000 on hotels that were not reimbursed. We decided to travel from San Francisco next year and were told we had an additional payment of $9300 as a credit. We were inquiring with Singapore Airlines if we could have booked Business Class for $8135 return per passenger, including the cost of flyandwith status credits. We paid around $4000 more than we would have if we had booked through the airline directly. We were utterly ripped off.

  14. Steve Shearing
    Nov 2, 2022

    We are forced to seek legal recourse to claim the rights we legally have.

    Alpha Flight Guru is holding an account with Thai Airways for us (because of COVID). We want to make use of the credit immediately. AFG has not responded to phone calls, and they have not responded to emails. We're forced to conclude that AFG does not want to react because of something that has occurred that is to our credit of us. I'd be cautious about working with them since they seem shady. We are forced to seek legal recourse to claim the rights we legally have.

  15. Natalie Gowen
    Nov 1, 2022

    I recently used Alpha Flight Guru to purchase an international Business Class ticket.

    I recently used Alpha Flight Guru to purchase an international Business Class ticket. I had to amend my return flight. Zach and Marrion did more than assist me with my request. The two of them, Marrion and Zach, were very professional, quick, and efficient when I had to make a complicated change of flight requests. I would recommend this service to others and will utilize this business for all my travel needs internationally. I've worked with companies with similar services, but none of them can compare to this team's personal support and speed of response. I got a tremendous cost, a quick rea solution to my request to change my travel plans, and well-organized communications throughout the process.

  16. Efren Hernandez
    Jul 29, 2022

    Thank you, Mike, for doing fantastic work!

    We had been planning the trip we would take to Europe for two years; however, Covid had altered our plans. The travel agent, Mike Ostia, was excellent in arranging our flights.

    He completed the process in just two hours and with excellent day-of-flight times! We will continue to make use of Alpha Flight Guru! Thank you, Mike, for doing fantastic work!

  17. Ricardo Trevino
    Jul 8, 2022

    This is precisely the kind of service

    Sheena from FG, I was contacted by FG. I gave her the flight I was planning to book for my trip to France, and she proved highly efficient in arranging everything within an hour. This is precisely the kind of service I would expect from Flight Guru! She also utilized the credit I've had from covid.

  18. Hugo Contreras
    Jun 25, 2022

    I believed in his judgment

    I took a flight from Portland to Bangkok by Vancouver cost me $465. The guys from you said you could get me a better deal by having premium seats. When I made my booking, I realized that I got premium seats on one route from LA through Japan. The flight cost $735 and departed at 618 am, so I had to arrive at the airport before 3:00. It would be nice to describe the entire flight before the customer book.

    I could not look through my email, and all the agent could say was that this was an improved flight. I believed in his judgment.

  19. Artem Sverdlov
    May 13, 2022

    Book Booking Solution for Everyone

    Everyone once took a trip to another place. Perhaps you are aware that hotels must be booked in advance. I made the booking right before my flight, and it was OK. Unfortunately, something happened to my booking, and I needed to find a new service to book a hotel.

    This company was a blessing. They did everything quickly and efficiently. This service was invaluable and saved me from missing my flight and vacation if it wasn't for them.

  20. Nancy Bird
    May 3, 2022

    Do not do business with these crooks

    Absolute Crooks I paid $2600 for a business-class flight and got nothing in return. I took every penny. I was forced to cancel my trip because of covid. However, I was promised a credit for one year. I tried to book another flight, but Ken Avino was very slow to respond to me.

    They then tried to charge me a thousand dollars more than the price I paid by booking direct with the airline. I requested a refund, and was offered $800. This was never paid. Another dodgy move was the change of name from Flight Guru. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE CROOKS. MANY OTHER REVIEWS ARE ABOUT THE SAME THING.

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