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  1. Curtiss Peabody
    July 29th, 2022

    It was much better than I was expected

    It was much better than I was expected. I often travel to work, but this is my first time using low-cost or contour airlines.

    I love the clear directions and the helpful information available on this website. It’s challenging to get in touch with someone to solve problems.

  2. Kim Wells
    July 8th, 2022

    I wish you the best

    I was very frustrated when trying to make a reservation for a flight to England. The advertised price was $698, including taxes and fees. It was a round trip, but I was required to choose the return flight, which cost $312 round-trip, so why would I require an all-around trip to return? The final price was well over 11,000 dollars. I called the number above and was welcomed by a gentleman named Herschel. Herschel was extremely hard at arranging everything for me and even arranging seats assigned to me. The total cost for his assistance was less than 1 thousand dollars and included a free checked bag each way, and I was expected to have to shell out $60 per way. I informed Herschel that He was my Angel. I wish you the best. Be fortunate enough to be able to ask for his assistance. You will not be disappointed.

  3. Ernest Roque
    June 25th, 2022

    The worst customer service

    The worst customer service ever. If you call , you will be given the reservation number. Then they placed me on hold for over 50 minutes, and they never returned. The call was cut off . If you attempt to chat the same way, tell them they will connect you to a specialist, but they acannothelp.

  4. Mame Arlo
    May 13th, 2022

    Extra charge for seat assignment?

    Extra charge for seat assignment?! These airlines are shameless: they take stimulus money, make their employees miserable, then take money from captive clients! It is disgusting and imprudent. We are then required to view a promotional video about the airline’s dedication to its employees and clients.

    They treat us as non-human cargo and almost make fun of our humanity. You feel ashamed to be human because of your greed and pettiness.

  5. Alex Hopper
    May 10th, 2022

    Emma provided my reservation information

    Emma was my contact person for all of my reservation information. Emma was professional, polite, and patient. It was so impressive that she knew how to do her job. My experience shows that most young people don’t know how to behave and aren’t good at communicating with others.

    If it gets too difficult, they will give me another person. Many congratulations on having this young lady in the company. It would be great if all reps were as informed and kind.

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