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12 Reviews

12 Reviews on George Dimov CPA

  1. Dimitri
    Feb 1, 2023

    great service & speed!

    This company has been instrumental in keeping us out of trouble with the IRS. After years of receiving letters, I finally said “no more” and engaged the team to:

    – file returns that were missing from prior years
    – negotiate a settlement with the IRS
    – put me on a payment plan until I can pay off my balance
    – get my bookkeeping in order

    I am finally set up like a true & proper firm!

  2. Jermal Spells
    Jan 10, 2023

    We couldn't enjoy the same positive experience

    We couldn’t enjoy the same positive experience we’ve experienced when dealing with George and his team. I was aware that our tax returns would be more complicated than in the past, so I repeated the process of checking in to determine if they required any additional information. They followed up just a few days before the deadline, and we filed on time, but it was stressful. A reviewer has said that – If your taxes are easy/moderate, TurboTax is a better choice.

  3. Marilee Crawford
    Aug 9, 2022

    The Dimov Team is very accommodating and operates quickly!

    The Dimov Team is very accommodating and operates quickly! I particularly appreciated the fact that Bob shortly answered my question. This was my first experience working with them, and I’m sure that I’ll return next year.

  4. Barbara Karleskint
    Aug 6, 2022

    I would highly recommend them to anyone

    I hired the company I approached to offer services, and they did everything to assist me. They were responsive to my emails, even on weekends and at night. In case I had a problem, they were there. This is an honest review by an actual person. You won’t know what you’ll discover on the internet. They were prompt and got the task completed. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Thanks, Dimov, for your help!

  5. Catherine Jam
    Jul 15, 2022

    George Dimov CPA is the best, reliable and authentic CPA in the town.

    While tax season is stressful, as it might be for some people, it is a great relief to have discovered Dimov Tax. They could take care of the tax deadline well in advance, which is challenging to come across these days. I would also like to express my gratitude to Brian and Baomei for providing fantastic service and concern.

    From my experience with this company, the two were always in a position to provide that unique personal touch that made me feel valued, not just another customer with a list of things to do. I’ll be working with this firm from now on and recommend others.

  6. Brett Hervat
    Jun 30, 2022

    Great experiences working with George Dimov CPA

    We had a great experiences working with George Dimov and his crew over the past four years! They are highly knowledgeable about different tax issues and offer exceptional customer service. I highly recommend them to anyone! They are fast, reliable and Trustworthy CPAs. I’m no longer stressed out about tax season anymore after working together with George as well as his staff.

  7. Ruth Ford
    Jun 23, 2022

    George Dimov, CPA's Staff is Naive!

    I retained George Dimov, CPA of NYC accounting and consulting, to prepare our tax returns for 2021. After an initial interview, I was pretty satisfied with the choice and impressed by the knowledge and kindness of the CPA assigned to our file.

    I was advised to submit all our documentation and complete the tax organizer by 3/23 to ensure that our returns were ready to go by 4/15, and I did so.

    Approximately one week later, I was contacted by the CPA George Dimov CPA, and asked some pointed follow-up questions, which I answered the same day.

    The CPA thanked me and said he would return to me shortly regarding the returns. By 4/14, I had heard nothing from the firm at all.

    Thus, at 9:00 a.m. on the 15th, I called and emailed the CPA to inquire about the status. I was advised that he was not in the office because the CPAs had worked well into the evening the night before.

    I received a return phone call at 11:00 a.m. with the CPA telling me they did not have time to complete my returns and would be filing an extension request on my behalf instead.

    When I asked whether I should nevertheless send in some payment to the IRS and FTB, I was told, “yes, but because we haven’t completed the returns, I’m not sure of the amount.”

    He then recommended, to be on the safe side, that I pay a little more than what was detailed in the current draft of the returns, which he would send me via email after we got off the phone.

    He told me the total amount I should pay would be approximately $25,000.I told him that I would have liked to know of this $25,000 liability before the day it was due, and he said, “didn’t we send you the draft returned a couple of weeks ago?”

    When I said “no,” he said, “You know, I’m sorry about that. I understand if you are disappointed. I’ve been disappointed with this practice for the last couple of years – it’s just gotten a lot harder to complete these things, and sometimes clients don’t get us all the information we need….” Similar excuses went on for a few minutes before I finally let him go.

    A few minutes later, he emailed me the draft returns with a form to complete for ME to request the extension (after promising me he would take care of that). I opened up the draft returns, and the income he has listed for us is tens of thousands of dollars higher than what we earned (which explains why he thought we owed $25,000 when we did not).

    I wrote back and told him to file the extension request he promised to file. He wrote back again, pressuring me to do it, but finally capitulated when I repeated this directive for the third time.

    I suspect he wanted me to file the extension request myself to disclaim responsibility for the situation if I later sued him for malpractice, but of course, I don’t know for sure what was going on in his head.

    To summarize, I contracted with this accounting firm to do one thing – timely complete my tax returns. I submitted all they needed in the timeframe they said they needed it in, I responded to all follow-up inquiries the same day, and they failed to complete my returns on time.

    What’s worse, I strongly suspect that I would not have known about this problem until after April 15th if I had not contacted them that day to ask what was happening. Suffice to say, NEVER again…

    1. Mendy Clerk
      Jun 23, 2022

      Thank you for sharing Ruth, I think the CPA is good but their staff does not look so professional.

  8. Briana Bartel
    Jun 20, 2022

    Outstanding level of service with Dimov CPA

    Dimov CPA Tax amazed me with its outstanding level of service. The entire staff from George Dimov Tax is highly competent, efficient, and responsive. They were able to resolve my problem quickly but with a great deal of professionalism. I highly recommend Dimov Tax for any tasks related to tax or accounting. Thank you for all of your assistance. We greatly appreciate it.

  9. Jack
    Jun 12, 2022

    They didnt onboarded me!

    I was interested in working with this company, but at first, they said they were too busy; however, If they decided that I’d like to be a client, they’d have to charge me for the initial consultation.

    They asked me three questions that I did not consider to be a good explanation of my needs to answer the three questions (which were in no way pertinent to my situation). I also added a few paragraphs explaining my requirements, which were not complicated.

    Mr. Dimov responded, saying the two of us weren’t the right match (without providing a reason), and suggested I look further. He said that if I don’t have anyone by June, I contact them to see if they have someone available for me. I found the experience insulting and certainly not the type of persona I’d like to work with.

    It’s my personal opinion. However, I do not recommend this company based on only the first few exchanges. Maybe some accountants aren’t able to manage a large client’s workload.

  10. Mike Tyson
    Jun 10, 2022

    George Dimov CPA Operated by BOTS!

    Be wary of their 5-star reviews on any website. It doesn’t appear to be a reliable tax-related company. Please investigate before choosing this business.

    They have a variety of addresses in major cities which don’t show the company’s names on Google maps, for example, the following address:

    5555 4th Street, San Fransico, CA | 1627 K Street NW, Washington, DC | 8950 SW 74th Street, Miami, FL | 211 E 43rd Street, New York, NY | 897 Boylston Street, Boston, MA | 1800 Lincoln Street, Denver, CO.

    Further, the address which claims to be in DC has an office to lease. I contacted them and asked whether I could visit their office, but they stopped me from calling every time I inquired. They asked for a hefty upfront fee and said they would begin working on our taxes immediately.

    After a month, we called them to inquire about their status, and we were informed that they required additional documents. We had provided them with the required records. After a few months of emails between we decided to share our experience with the PayPal team.

    The documentation included was from the interactions we had with people who appears as automated (BOT) emails. In the end, we received an entire reimbursement from PayPal.

  11. Eric Holder
    Jun 4, 2022

    Years of relationship went too bad

    I’ve utilized Dimov Tax to file my taxes for several years and have had excellent experiences with Dimov Tax over the years.

    I have always been impressed by the speed and speed of the Dimov Tax Team. However, a recent experience has changed my perceptions about Dimov Tax completely.

    My tax invoice in the last week from the IRS with a total of more than $6k for my taxes in 2018. It was due to an error by Dimov Tax. As I understood it they did not correctly allocate social security earnings on my tax return.

    I asked Dimov Tax pay the interest and penalties, and refund the tax penalty I paid Dimov Tax, and this would come to just over $2K in total. Dimov Tax replied that they could either cover the interest or penalties, or refund their fee, but they cannot do both.
    In our discussions I told Dimov Tax that this sudden charge was a huge cost to me.

    They insisted, however, that the bill wasn’t much of a problem since I could spread the cost over time using the installment program. Dimov Tax has also stated numerous occasions that I shouldn’t worry with this amount because I had been supposed to pay the amount in any case.

    I told Dimov Tax that, while I am aware of the taxes I am liable for however, I put my trust in the company to file my taxes properly, in order to avoid situations such as this (i.e. being hit with a greater than $6K bill two years after). In addition, Dimov Tax attempted to reduce their mistake by saying that it was an “clerical” error.

    Maybe an unexpected bill of $6K isn’t a big issue for Dimov Tax, but it’s a problem for me, a college professor. Dimov Tax has also threatened to pursue Legal action should I take any actions that impact the lives of employees.

    I’m assuming Dimov Tax is threatening me in order to deter me from publishing a negative online review about the company. It’s sad that Dimov Tax engages in this type of intimidation.

  12. Preetha Singh
    May 26, 2022

    Serious issues or lack in getting a sync

    George and his team might be the right fit for you if you are looking for a service that is a lot more automated and has a high level of accuracy.

    If you are looking for a personalized experience or acknowledgment of being a repeat customer, you might want to look elsewhere.

    You might also not like the way they explain how filings are calculated. This service has been excellent for me over the past three years. Next year, I plan to switch. Here’s why:

    1. Attention to detail. My partner and I had asked when our final summary would be ready. We received an email stating that they would be completed within a week.

    After a week passed without us hearing back, we reached out again to receive the SAME email we received a week before.

    After noticing that the message was the same as the previous week, I called back to get my summary.

    When I asked about online payment, I received a reply about mail-in charges.

    2. I have already referred three people to George and his team. I reached out to George mid-year to ask if I could make a quick phone call to ask some questions.

    I was informed that I would have to pay $400 to have a conversation.

    3. The consultation is included in every tax filing. However, I asked for a schedule, and they told me they would get back to me. They never followed up.

    This is not a bad company. However, it is essential to highlight any issues or lack of detail when filing with them.

    As the company has grown, they have become a little less detail-oriented. They are organized and now focus more on high-quality service than volume.

    1. Julee Grace
      Jun 3, 2022

      Hello Preetha,

      The same goes with me but I have to stick with them due to IRS issues that had not been resolved yet.

      The consultation is free and included in the fees but I was very surprised to pay if I need to have a Dimov on the phone. That’s sounds concerning to me because I might have to talk to him multiple times in a month and each conversation will cost me barely.

      This is the reason I will definitely going to switch and already looking for some CPA who won’t change terms in between.

      I think, what we can do is, let the new CPA sign the contract and put our terms on it. That’s like something is better than sorry.

      Thank you

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