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16 Reviews on Anna Chan, CPA

  1. Roger Moeller
    Jul 11, 2023

    The worst accounting company.

    I am highly disappointed with the services Anna Chan, CPA, and her accounting firm, Bowery Expatriate Tax Group Inc, provided. My experience with them was nothing short of a nightmare.

    First and foremost, their communication skills were abysmal. They were slow to respond to my emails, and when they did reply, they failed to address all my questions and concerns. This lack of effective communication led to frustration and confusion on my part.

    Furthermore, their handling of my tax filing was entirely below par. Not only did they delay the filing process, but they also failed to provide me with all the necessary information I needed. This lack of organization and attention to detail is inexcusable, especially considering the hefty price I paid for their services.

    To make matters worse, I was shocked to discover that I paid over $6,000 in taxes, far exceeding my expectations. This demonstrates a complete lack of expertise and efficiency in their tax preparation services. Additionally, I was hit with penalties due to their errors and negligence, which further exacerbated my dissatisfaction.

    What truly bothered me the most was their apparent disinterest in maximizing the benefits for their clients. They seemed unwilling to go the extra mile to ensure that I received the best possible outcome. This lack of dedication and customer care is simply unacceptable.

    Based on my terrible experience with Anna Chan, CPA, and Bowery Expatriate Tax Group Inc., I cannot honestly recommend their services to anyone. Their poor communication, slow response times, lack of attention to detail, excessive fees, and overall indifference to client satisfaction make them the worst accounting company I have ever dealt with.

  2. Nelly Sayago
    Jul 8, 2023

    Anna runs an excellent business!

    I emailed Anna to inquire about her services, and she promptly replied. My taxes were completed in just two days. Any questions I asked were answered quickly. Thank you for the excellent service! I would recommend their services to others.

  3. Brenda Sheehy
    Jun 6, 2023

    Anna Chan, CPA is a knowledgeable, helpful and direct.

    She's knowledgeable, helpful, and direct to the essential. She was very effective in trying to help me understand financial matters, and I was pleased with the service. The price is affordable for the services she provides. I'll be back. Thank you, so thank you, Anna.

  4. William A Dofflemyer
    Jan 10, 2023

    I have had terrible service from this company

    I have had terrible service from this company over the past year. It seems like Anna isn't handling as much of the work directly anymore, as everything has been submitted late and I was told about already completed filings. The penalties for these mistakes have been costly, and I am now trying to fight them. I would not recommend this company.

  5. David Finney
    Aug 9, 2022

    Anna is exceptionally skilled

    Anna is exceptionally skilled. She explained what would be the best regarding my particular tax needs. She completes my tax returns quickly. The staff is extremely accommodating. I am delighted by the services, and I would recommend it.

  6. Freda Cave
    Aug 8, 2022

    Anna is highly diligent and makes sure that tax returns

    Anna and her team are highly efficient, and you can be sure of their professionalism once you have used their assistance for tax returns. Anna was always prompt to respond and answer any of our concerns.

    Our tax returns were complex; however, Anna was adamant about the issue. Anna is highly diligent and makes sure that tax returns are submitted correctly. We are looking forward to working with Anna in the future years.

  7. Karen Breslin
    Aug 6, 2022

    Excellent customer service

    This accountant is exceptional. He has a fantastic personality and filled our tax returns at a very reasonable cost. We've had a bad experience with taxes with other accountants because my husband and I aren't the best tax knowledgeable. They were sincere with us and didn't overtake us. I would highly recommend this company.

  8. Peter Burrows
    Aug 4, 2022

    Very accommodating

    I am getting ready to relocate overseas to work as an ex-pat and cannot stress enough how fast and simple Anna has helped me understand what my tax obligations will be. Anna is wonderful to work with and very accommodating.

  9. Cathryn Thompson
    Aug 3, 2022

    David was fast, knowledgeable and thorough

    David was fast, knowledgeable, and thorough. He was able to get me a refund, and most importantly of all, he billed me much less than any other tax accountant I've spoken to.

    He was even late to his office to work around my schedule, and I was amazed by how quickly David could finish the job. I would highly recommend David as my tax accountant of choice now!

  10. Julie Bracken
    Aug 1, 2022

    Amazing customer service

    In my first year of making tax returns, and as you would expect, I was utterly ignorant about what was involved. My colleague who is using their services suggested I try them out, and I'm grateful I decided to.

    The staff was extremely welcoming, and Anna was extremely accommodating and professional. And she took the time to answer my queries and explained everything Amazing customer service. I'm thrilled and would highly recommend them!

  11. Joanne Corry
    Jul 31, 2022

    Highly recommend

    I run two companies that pay Bowery tax exemption. I have many questions regarding my company, and Anna is accommodating in answering many of my questions about tax, employment payroll, and sales tax. Anna is extremely professional and assists me in filing a breeze. Highly recommend.

  12. Elizabeth Bacon
    Jul 28, 2022

    They are fantastic

    They are fantastic. The price was very affordable. Anna proved to be knowledgeable and observant, and, most importantly, she could explain things clearly and concisely to me. Additionally, they were mindful of the environmental impact and could complete my documents electronically.

  13. Anthony Walsh
    Jul 28, 2022

    Highly highly recommended!

    I visited my local Bowery bureau and had a wonderful experience. The person who processed my taxes was amiable and patient. She was willing to conduct a thorough investigation and give me the required information. The cost is also affordable. Highly highly recommended!

  14. Lynda Buick
    Jul 25, 2022

    They were very professional

    The tax issue I face is complex because it is international, and I'm not aware of the steps to take when dealing with IRS. They took a long hour explaining tax laws and regulations I should be able to adhere to as a non-native. They were very professional, and the entire process was relatively easy.

  15. Tesfaye Wakjira
    Jun 30, 2022

    The worst accounting services by Anna Chan, CPA

    The worst accounting services I've ever received. They did not excel in communication. They were always late in responding to emails and never clearly addressed my questions. I was charged over $6,000 in tax, far beyond my expectations. The IRS delayed my tax filing, and they did not provide the necessary information I required to file correctly. The whole process was a mess, and the filing process was chaotic. I had to pay penalties in addition. They didn't take the time to offer you the best benefits that you could claim. I would not recommend their services to anyone.

  16. YoungJoo Yang
    Jun 20, 2022

    Terrible service

    Terrible service during the past year, possibly because Anna isn't handling a lot of the work anymore directly. All paperwork was submitted late, and I was repeatedly told about already completed filings. The penalties were hefty that I am now able to fight.

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