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13 Reviews on Dazzling Cleaning

  1. Meylin Gonzalez
    September 28th, 2022

    Dazzling cleaning

    The girl came to clean my house but she took some of my cleaning products she told me she wouldn’t clean my drawers and when I came back from the store she had all my cleaning products out and I saw some of my stuff on her basket!! That’s very unprofessional I’ve trying to cancel it won’t let me..I request to speak to someone they won’t talk to me …

  2. John Mushinski
    August 9th, 2022

    A total rip-off!

    A total rip-off! They continue to bill customers even when you’re not using their services. Be attentive to their reviews! Only reviews that are not with small words that the company pays for are excellent. Other sites similar have only one star for over 350! This is the lowest rating you can give a lead. I’ll need to launch an additional campaign to come out ahead of them to inform the world that the exact algorithm is targeting them. They’re horrible! Watch me

  3. Jerry Curtis
    August 3rd, 2022

    It did not work for me

    The scenario goes as follows: I had an appointment scheduled on 25th August, but the cleaner didn’t show up. Then I was told to reschedule the appointment. So I changed it to 1st August, 10 am without any details. The work was changed to 3rd August, at midnight.

    It did not work for me. So I had the new start time set to 10 am on 3rd august and am currently trying to make the necessary adjustments. I’ve been receiving confirmation emails for the previous two days. This morning, half an hour before the appointment time at 9:34 am, I got a message from the cleaner stating that she was late and that the earliest she would be able to arrive was 11:30( that’s not working for me, and was the reason why I had to reschedule in the first place).she requested me to move the appointment, change the time, or contact another person.

    Today, my entire day was wasted because of their services. Since their continual conduct is unprofessional, I decided to cancel my membership, and they charged me $154. Since their employees don’t attend the scheduled appointment, and I canceled the membership, I’m paying the amount. Is that reasonable?

  4. Christine Doty
    August 1st, 2022

    I was so disappointed

    I was scheduled for an appointment and was ready to meet them at the scheduled time, but they never came to work and neither returned my texts or phone messages. I was devastated. They’re awarded an extra star in addition to one because they actually reimbursed my money promptly after I requested it. Their customer service regarding refunds is effective, but don’t expect them to show up and clean your home, mainly if their company’s name is Tiffany.

  5. Lino
    August 1st, 2022

    I hired 4 hours and cleaning person did not clean anything

    I hired Dazzling Cleaning and they scheduled the cleaning for 9AM. A day before the cleaning person asked if she could come at 11am because she had a doctor appointment but did not want to change in the app, and I complied. BIG MISTAKE.

    She arrived but could not enter the community and only texted me, and I was busy with a client. She waited a bit and left. I message her right after my client call (45 minutes after the agreed time) and she said she was not coming back, although I had hired her for 4 hours, therefore I still had 3:15 remaining.

    Then she kept asking who would pay her, even though she was not willing to come back. Go figure.

    The worse is that there is no way to contact any person at Dazzling Cleaning, everything is badly automated. And when I tried to cancel they say they may change 171 dollars on early termination fees.

    This is a case where the company abuse of their clients on the fine print, with all sorts of traps.

  6. Vicki Beaufoy
    July 31st, 2022


    The first time I participated in Dazzling Cleaning was in March 2022. They had a man to clean my home who performed a fantastic job. I’ve tried numerous times to change the schedule of my bi-weekly cleaning; however, because I live in a region that doesn’t seem to have many cleaners, I’ve not been able to change the cleaning date. It’s been over four months, and the company has refused to allow me to exit my contract, and they continue to charge me a monthly fee. There are numerous complaints regarding the same issue.

  7. Sergio Lara
    July 28th, 2022

    John was fantastic!

    John was fantastic! He was very friendly. He was engaged in conversation with us, which we shared. We got to know him. He appears to be a fascinating person. John was a great help in cleaning my apartment. The job was exactly as I requested. He was looking at my next visit.

  8. Nancy Meshell
    July 27th, 2022

    she had not done the job she was supposed

    The plan was to arrive at 10 AM, so I made a trip to a friend to let her be at home. I had scheduled 3 hours of cleaning time with the help of Lemeckah. I was aware that it would be difficult work, so in addition to what I paid via the app, I paid her $50.

    She sent me a text at 12:30 telling me that she wouldn’t arrive until 1. It was now 12:30, and I had been at my friend’s house for 3 hours, and I needed to stay for an additional three hours. I called her at 3:00 (2.5 hours later), but she had gone. She left without telling me to know.

    I returned, and she had not done the job she was supposed. She didn’t put the shelves in order and didn’t wash the table. Therefore, she left early and didn’t finish the job. I informed her that I thought the $50 I paid her was sufficient for the work she completed and that I’d like reimbursement of the money I had paid through the app, but she refused.

    Don’t choose Lemeckah as your cleaning service for Dazzle, or you’ll be disappointed. Lemeckah was not an employee with a W2 at Dazzle. Therefore, they do not influence her granting money back.

  9. Carol Sternlieb
    July 25th, 2022

    My dad's house was filthy

    My dad’s house was filthy. It was also dirty, and Emily could get the bulk cleaned up. The bathroom looked amazing when Emily left! The inside of the refrigerator seems so much better as well. The only thing she didn’t do was other essential items that should be part of the cleaning (dusting or wiping down surfaces). Also, she was done and left within 2 minutes, but not in the 3 hours we had reserved. I’m disappointed since I wanted to offer the essential tip to express my gratitude for everything. However, I am also unsure if we received the complete “dazzling cleaning” experience. (

  10. Tracie Harris
    July 22nd, 2022

    He was a bit late

    He was a bit late. During the tour, I mentioned some specific things discussed in the initially prepared cleaning synopsis: throw out garbage and install new trash liners. In his time, he wasn’t enough to complete the kitchen, bedroom, or living room.

  11. Sharon Gates
    July 21st, 2022

    the trash was placed in the trash bins

    While Destiny did a great job cleaning the bathrooms however she didn’t remove any trash and was constantly asking me what else I would like her to complete. The bathrooms were clean, but the garbage was placed in the trash bins.

  12. Dodi Allen
    May 19th, 2022

    This is a fraud!

    This company was hired to clean my 1200 sqft house for eight hours. Robin, the cleaner, arrived 45 minutes late. Robin cleaned my living room, but not my kitchen. It took her 4 hours to clean 500 sq. feet.

    She ran out of time and couldn’t clean the rest. This company warns you not to hire them. I was charged $135 for 2 rooms. This is a fraud!

  13. Milsto
    April 14th, 2022

    Scammed me!

    According to the Terms & Conditions, I bought a voucher. This will give you a Forever Clean Membership that allows for future cleanings of 50% or more. Membership costs $49. Your membership can be canceled at any time. Canceling your membership before the six-month payment period will result in the first clean being charged at the full price.

    The total cost for the service was $158.70. March 4 was $49, and the service’s total cost was $158.70. When I purchased the service, the cleaners were employees, not independent contractors. Although she may be up to the company’s standards, I don’t want her to disappoint me if she comes back not live up to my expectations. The cleaner’s rate was $18/hour, while the platform rate was $5/hour. The coupon was valid for six hours.

    The voucher was subject to a $15 processing fee and a 15% cost. I canceled my cleaning plan before the 4/4 direction. I thought that was enough for me to cancel my membership. When I received the bill, it was clear that canceling the program does not cancel your membership. This is a deliberate misrepresentation, I believe.

    I will be charged $254.90 for withdrawing. Canceling before your membership expires is subject to full payment for the first cleaning. It is sensible to pay the total price to avoid members being able to balance or taking advantage of the membership discount. Secondary terms that I only discovered after I purchased the coupon state that the total cost for the 1st cleaning is $333.90, or $55.65/hr x 6 hours plus $79.

    The value of the first cleaning has increased by 142%. This is dishonesty, and this is predatory. Cleaning costs $158.70. Already paid $79. I was tricked into paying $49. The company already had $128. Even though she wasn’t up to my cleaning standards, she still cleaned. I haven’t used the membership and will cancel the next month. I want to be charged $30.70, and our company will close.

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