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114 Reviews

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Is Dazzling Cleaning legit?

Dazzling Cleaning has 114 reviews on 99consumer.com, with an average rating of 1.2 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are dissatisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, caution is advised when considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach Dazzling Cleaning customer care?

You can contact Dazzling Cleaning customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at (833) 450-1848

Where is Dazzling Cleaning located?

Dazzling Cleaning is located at address Austin, TX 78701, United States.

114 Reviews on Dazzling Cleaning

  1. Ruth
    1 rating

    Dazzing cleaners

    Mar 29, 2024

    This is the biggest scam I have ever been suckered into. I wouldn't even give them a one but I didn't have a choice of O. I made a big mistake and gave them my credit card information, before I had any cleaning done. I am a senior and my disabilities will not let me clean house. I asked them if I could get four hours instead of two: and of course they said, "yes" Well, no one came to work me over and over again. I called to have this canceled; they finally sent a girl. She asked for something to eat. I showed her the items I'd bought for my great grandson. So she got something to eat, something to drink, then sat on his bed and took a break. She just swept and moped the center of my living room and kitchen and bathroom. She didn't move a stool, chair or anything small. Then, she didn't even stay two hours. Oh! she also called me and told me she was outside. And said she had been outside for fifteen minutes; and still left before two hours. I called sever times to cancel; but they are still charging me.

  2. Michael Evans
    1 rating

    So they say $19 for your first clean.

    Mar 26, 2024

    So they say $19 for your first clean. What they don't tell you is that they automatically sign you up for a membership that costs $50 per month, you're still charged the cost of the cleaning, plus taxes, AND if you don't want the membership, they charge you $160 for the cleaning. The cleaner did good but NOT $160 good. This is a scam. STAY AWAY! Try another company that doesn't have a user agreement that auto signs you up for a 6 month membership.

  3. Steve Long
    1 rating

    Too expensive

    Dec 13, 2023

    49$ month only covers administrative costs. The cleaner is separate (OK, that I understand), but 49$ is high. My first cleaner hid in the bathroom for most of his clean, didn't do much- As he was leaving found out he was dying of AIDS. . The second cleaner did a fair to good job but didn't listen to what I told her. Has caused me a trash problem. The next one, well here goes. Started booking at $19/ hour. Didn't show. E-mailed company since there is seldom anyone to talk to. They set me up -with my specs on what I could afford. The cleaners all charge different amounts. Monday canceled, Wednesday, canceled, Friday day canceled, they set me up on Saturday, their choice of cleaner. After she started working, found out I was paying her $30 an hour. Then she worked-HER choice because I told her the time was up, and I had to pay her extra, don't know what she did for those 30 minutes since she was late getting started. Total was $121 for 3 1/2 hours. DONOT EVEN START WITH THIS COMPANY. unless you can afford $30 hour. Then give it a try. This has been an expensive mistake on my part.

  4. Jill
    1 rating

    Cancelled after 2 cleaning

    Dec 6, 2023

    Cleaners did not clean well. The monthly fee is pointless because if the cleaner cancels and no one picks up your date, too bad for you the consumer. Hard to cancel plan. More expensive to cancel the plan then originally stated.

  5. Jason Urbanik
    1 rating

    Dazzling Cleaners is the worst company

    Nov 16, 2023

    Dazzling Cleaners shows a lack of accountability towards their staff. They do not provide a support number to address any issues and instead advise you to directly communicate with your cleaner.

    It's quite unfair that they charge you if you cancel with less than a 24-hour notice, yet their own cleaners can cancel without facing any consequences. These cleaners seem to have a keen understanding of how to manipulate the site in order to exploit customers like you in terms of time and money.

    In my experience, out of the four different cleaners I had in less than six months, I wouldn't recommend a single one of them. I also cannot recommend Dazzling Cleaners as a reputable company.

    After I canceled my membership, they went ahead and deleted the negative reviews I had left for the cleaners. Furthermore, they even attempted to contact me and sent an email claiming that they would personally oversee my cleaning to ensure my satisfaction. It's ironic because that's what I had expected when I initially signed up, not when I chose to cancel my membership.

  6. Liz
    1 rating
    Nov 9, 2023

    They lure you with $19.00 for first cleaning and your charge will really be $49.00 on your credit card. Then they hook you if you attempt to CANCEL by charging your credit card an additional $154.25! WHAT A SCAM!

  7. Mia park
    1 rating


    Nov 3, 2023

    TOTAL SCAM. DO NOT USE. please avoid what I fell for. I was excited about their $19 cleaning invitation. there's NO WAY to delete your credit card once entered into their site. and even if you keep unselecting their subscription service, they'll charge you anyway, as they did to me. there's no phone # or anyone to talk to. AVOID THEM.

  8. Lynn
    1 rating

    Do Not Use These People

    Nov 2, 2023

    Do not fall for this company's scam!!! They charge their monthly fee you even if you haven't had a cleaner accept your request!!! They will keep charging your account monthly until you pay them a cancellation fee which is a total for the 1st time cleaning without discounts!!! You never "talk" to a person, everything is done thru messages or email and they have no sympathy for you! Please beware!! Oh they offer you vouchers for upcoming cleanings if there was a problem, but if you can't get a cleaner to accept your request, what good is a voucher???

  9. Charlotte FERGUSON
    1 rating

    Hidden fees

    Oct 30, 2023

    I was checking my bank account and discovered a 50,00 + fee that I wasn't aware of. Their advertising says cancel anytime. So I did after the first unsatisfactory cleaning and cancelled any future cleanings. Their website is so confusing ,you can't tell whether or not you are free and clear of their scam. I just had to pay 138.00 to get out from under this scam. All I can say is don't fall for this.

  10. Jamie Wagner
    1 rating

    It is a scam

    Oct 23, 2023

    The first time no one showed. The second time a person clearly on drugs came by with his wife and a dog. It took them 3 hours what I can do in an hour. Then he got into a fight over the phone at my house. I was so uncomfortable. The guy kept talking to me and would just randomly stop cleaning. There is no one to call if something goes wrong. I tried to cancel, but they kept taking my money. I had to cancel my debit card to get them to stop stealing my money. They are so sketchy. I emailed 5 times to cancel and they just ignored my emails responding that I could try their more trusted people. It isn't fair that I can't give them a zero. Don't use this service. They still charge you a fee even if you don't use their service.

  11. Lawonda Williams
    1 rating


    Sep 30, 2023

    DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.! You have been advised, informed, and forewarned.

    This company is worst company and has the worst cleaners life has to offer. If you consider yourself to be a person with any sense at all...stay as far away from this company as you possibly can.

    If you value your home, your time, your money or your sanity , don't you ever, ever, ever, ever, never, ever, ever, ever use Dazzling Cleaners.

    1. Johnny Twobad
      Oct 6, 2023

      I agree. I have no idea how legit any of the Five Star reviews on this site must be, because they have thousands of negative reviews on the Better Business Bureau website, there is a Facebook Group- Dazzling Cleaning is a Scam, and there are hundreds of complaints on pissedconsumer.com.
      How they are still in business is beyond me.
      DO NOT ACCEPT their low Introductory Offer. Once they have your credit card info, you're stuck. You didn't know it, but in addition to cleaning services, you signed up for a six month membership! Sucker!

  12. Navaz Bilimoria
    1 rating


    Sep 25, 2023

    SCAM SCAM SCAM!!! They have false marketing, misleading, absolutely poor service, the first cleaner cancelled 10 minutes before the appointment, the second cleaner showed up 2 hours late and left within 1 hour, and then they charged my card $225 dollars for 1 hour of cleaning! Absolute worst customer service!

  13. M Waneka
    2 rating

    DISLIKE this company - very hard to work with

    Sep 19, 2023

    The cleaners are variable - sometimes good, sometimes not, it's an unknown, and I'm sure they're getting used by the company just as are the customers. BAD situation for all. I gave it two stars because I feel bad for the cleaners too, otherwise 1 star.

  14. Ursila
    1 rating


    Sep 18, 2023

    Scam! No one has ever shown up - they keep canceling at the last minute. And I am being charged repeatedly. Website does not allow you to cancel membership!

  15. Claire
    1 rating

    Cleaners never turn up

    Sep 12, 2023

    Dont waste your time. I booked 3 different cleaning services and the cleaners here are so rude - they even confirm they are coming and then never turn up.

  16. Charlotte Sell
    1 rating

    Late arrival

    Sep 11, 2023

    Arrived 20 minutes late with 2 people instead of one. I told them to leave. There was no phone warning that they would be late. Filed for refund of charges.

    1. Susan nelson
      Dec 11, 2023

      Did you get a refund I got charged abuse $500 for one cleaning I’m pissed

    2. Sandra Durden
      Oct 13, 2023

      did you get your money back

  17. Thay
    1 rating

    Don’t use dazzling cleaning

    Sep 7, 2023

    Once I bought the "Voucher," I understood I was supost to pay $49 monthly. You guys charged me today $101 + $192 to cancel the subscriptions. I wanna my money back. ($192 cancellation) because the charges I received did not make sense. You guys use the term unlimited, which is improper because you have to pay for each visit. First I paid for four hours but received about 2.5 hours of work. You guys don’t do what you say. No 4 hours. No $49 the price. Please I wanna my money back. I am not gonna pay $192 for cancellation. Waiting for my money back. Thank you

  18. Neil Cowley
    1 rating

    Scam avoid!!!!

    Sep 6, 2023

    A scam of a site that overcharges and lies directly about the prices.
    Their 'terms' mean that they have zero liability, zero commitment, zero responsibilities except you have to pay no matter what.

    As such, it's an invalid contract.

  19. Chelsi Runyan
    1 rating

    Beware! It’s a scam!

    Sep 4, 2023

    Terrible company, horrible service. Very misleading on the terms of your membership.

  20. Jemimah Katung
    1 rating

    Scam! Dazzling Cleaning

    Sep 2, 2023

    First, they don’t tell you you’re entering into a contract when you follow the link on their YouTube ads. So I did fall for that cheap bs that ended up costing me what you would actually hire a professional cleaner to do. Secondly, it took forever to get a cleaner cause either they either never showed up or showed up late after I canceled due to no-show. Third, their cleaners are ******** and the one that did show up damaged my properties then tried to hide it. Like literally rusted my towel rod and left the rust in the brush, which then stained my white shower floor. They then said it won’t be covered cause it is still functional, then o had to threaten legal action for them to send me a form which I never knew they sent because I didn’t get a text for some reason about getting an email from them, but other times I got the text. By the time I filled out the form they said the time to file had passed and I’d have to pay the amount the assessed to cancel my contract, which I entered into blindly but not consensually. It has been a mess and I hope no one else falls into the trap. I would appreciate a replacement or an adjustment of price to cover the damages.

  21. Nada Salem
    1 rating

    This is a fraudulent company!

    Sep 1, 2023

    I purchased online a cleaning voucher to try their services, and I do not know how I ended up with a $49 per month membership for at least 6 months! If I want to cancel, I will be charged $248.60!!

    The cleaner who was supposed to clean my house sent me another person instead of herself, and when she finally showed up, she complained so much about the company!

    I wanted to give the company the benefit of the doubt, so I requested another appointment with another cleaner. But that cleaner did not show up on the set day! After that, my card was charged for the full amount claiming that the cleaner had been locked out and no one had answered the door!

    Beware! Do not use Dazzling Cleaning!! Fraudulent company!!

  22. Rose Friend Schmitt, PhD
    1 rating


    Aug 23, 2023

    THIS IS A SCAM!! Do not use this company. I have had a membership since March, and during that time, more than 1/2 of my appointments have been canceled. Many of these cancelations were at the last minute, and no one could replace the cleaner I selected. I have tried to find a phone number for the company, but they don't have one. I've also e-mailed the company, and while they have responded, they insist that I continue paying them. I am reporting them to the Better Business Bureau, to the Florida Department of Professional Licenses, and to the Florida Attorney General's office.

  23. Nancy Williams
    1 rating

    Horrible experience

    Aug 14, 2023

    I had to get a new debit card today. Had one good cleaner, who was always late. the rest either didn't show up, did a terrible job or were stoned. I tried to cancel three times, but they charged me anyway. No way to get a hold of them.

  24. Elane McIntyre
    1 rating

    I got scammed. I cancelleld and got charged TWICE anyway!

    Aug 6, 2023

    I signed up then got to thinking about it and got to searching about them. Got cold feet and cancelled.
    I even removed my account info and password, and credit card info. What a joke, they slammed me twice for $39 anyway. I TRIED TO SIGN INTO MY ACCOUNT AND COULD NOT, SAID ACCOUNT NOT FOUND.

  25. Ashley Snipes
    1 rating


    Aug 6, 2023

    A real scam to its core, canceled after the 1st month, and they charged me for six more months!

  26. Sylvia Cokton
    1 rating

    Overcharging on my credit card

    Jul 27, 2023

    I cancelled my plan in April and am still being. Charged on my credit card. You can never call or write a email. Phone number listed is fraudulent.

    1. Elane McIntyre
      Aug 7, 2023

      email is: [email protected].
      they are very good at sending refunds! I hate to say it but they were correct and I was wrong.

  27. Sylvia marks
    1 rating

    Zero star for Dazzling cleaning

    Jul 25, 2023

    I ordered a cleaner and paid for 4 hours, but the cleaning service never showed up! With no replies, because you can’t dial them, the number doesn’t work! Nor did they refund me or send someone else! Not sure if you can depend on them. I think that it’s just a company that uses you.

    I wouldn’t advise anybody to go with the service. I hired a service I paid for four hours to the house. Keeper never showed up and never called me about texting. They didn’t issue me a refund, nor do they have a telephone number that you could contact directly. It doesn’t ring, and it doesn’t work, so I have zero stars for this company. I think it’s a scam.

  28. Kelly J
    1 rating

    Account charged ZERO STARS

    Jul 21, 2023


  29. Meme
    1 rating


    Jul 20, 2023

    Dazzling Cleaning is a Scam! The cleaners text saying they can’t clean more than one bedroom for the promotional price. That is not what they initially stated. The first leaner came to my house spent four hours and my house was not clean!

  30. Franco
    1 rating

    Just scam

    Jul 19, 2023

    Don't trust a single word of this company. Totally a scam, the trick is to auto-let you get a half-month so-called membership and won't let you cancel easily. Find a more reliable business. I go negative star if I could.

  31. Kristina Hedrick
    1 rating

    Terrible service

    Jul 18, 2023

    I work a lot of hours. Have teenagers, animals. I can’t seem to find a decent housecleaning solution. I contacted dazzling cleaning and it’s so unprofessional. Can not talk to a person. The cleaner never showed up. I’m so aggravated!!

  32. Bianca Randall
    1 rating


    Jul 11, 2023

    They gave me a FREE 3 hr voucher for cleaning. When I used the voucher, I specifically selected ONE TIME use. They automatically signed me up for a 6-month commitment!

  33. Heather Walker
    1 rating

    Rip Off

    Jul 7, 2023

    My cleaner is excellent. However, the cost is ridiculous. Plus a membership fee of $49 a month is a rip off. The say it's for a half off fee. Nearly $40 an hour does not reflect a discount.
    Plus, there is no way to contact a live person or even send a message.

  34. Franco Mortarotti
    1 rating

    *****AVOID***** I'm sure my 1 star is

    Jun 24, 2023

    In a sea of 1 stars, but I'll tell me story anyway.

    We recently had Rita come clean our home. First, I received confirmation of Rita at 7pm on Saturday evening for a Monday cleaning at 2pm... As I was out of town on the Sunday prior to the appointment, I didn't check my email until late that afternoon. I tried to cancel/rearrange as she was too expensive, which the website did not allow me to do. Communications with the organization is next to impossible to do, especially on a Sunday evening or through their website (Kinda' gotcha website...).

    First I never approved someone over my original target goal of $100 to ~$134 (when I originally signed up). Second, she arrived 2 hours late. Third, she was slow in cleaning the house and broke a few item on some of the shelves in our living room. Finally, she stayed close to 10pm, and didn't even complete cleaning all the rooms. We never approved of her staying that late and we were charged the overage.....??? ???? I'm not sure how Rita amassed so many hours and still maintained a five-star rating... (suspect).

    Eventually I had to cancel the service, costing me $155 because the teaser 1st clean became null and void, and it became a full blown cost for the clean. Again, *****AVOID*****

  35. Crystal peralta
    1 rating

    DAZZLING CLEANING IS a Total scam and disappointment!

    Jun 22, 2023

    SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! If i could give this company a negative -5 stars i would. First off, let me start off by saying if you go to their website you see most cleaners have good ratings and reviews but their wording and description on their services do not specify that this is a membership. DAZZLING CLEANING IS A SCAMMM!!! You can not get a hold of anyone, their customer service is horrendous and overall nothing gets resolved. These people get you easily because a first time cleaning voucher is about $39, Now who would not want to pay little to nothing to get their place deep cleaned for an upcoming or post event?! But once you search them up anywhere else aside from their website all you see is negative reviews. I wish i would have researched intensively before i even purchased, you are stuck with a 6 month membership unless you want to pay a ridiculous amount of money to cancel, even when you have been unable to get their service. My best suggestion is call your bank and cancel your card, get your money back if you can and keep reporting these ppl.

  36. Theresa Schwartz
    1 rating

    Scam, check Better Business Bureau (BBB)

    Jun 21, 2023

    This company is a scam/fraud because they don't tell you one cleaning will end up costing you over $500. They fail to tell you that you have a contact for $50/month even if you don't use them again. When you try to cancel, there is no human to contact AND they will charge you $380 to cancel the contract. They charged me $100 for 5 hours of cleaning when my house wasn't "dirty" and when you call the company, no call back, just keep charging your card. You have to have the payment stopped through bank or credit card because they keep charging regardless. They have a horrible rating with BBB and is listed as a scam.

  37. Fallon Fitzpatrick
    1 rating


    Jun 21, 2023

    If you try to cancel within 6 months because you are unhappy with their service they charge you over $200 just to cancel. They sent the wrong cleaner and the same time and when I told the person at the door they weren’t the cleaner I had scheduled they charged me for the missed appointment and never answered any of my customer service e mails.

  38. Maryann Rolla
    1 rating

    They locked my account

    Jun 19, 2023

    I had a client who didn’t want a cleaning why she didn’t cancel it I don’t know but I texted several times and called several times the drove a half hour there and back she didn’t answer door so HomeGlow locks my account and then wants me to pay them to unlock it and I can’t accept any new jobs

  39. Dawne
    1 rating

    This is definitely a SCAM!

    Jun 18, 2023

    They charge hidden fees then when you check to see if you actually have a subscription, there is a box on the opening page which states that you do NOT have any recurring charges (and this is a LIE!). If you want to cancel, they charge you $95.

  40. RK
    1 rating

    Dazzling Cleaning is not safe

    Jun 15, 2023

    Besides having terrible cleaners, Dazzling Cleaning is unsafe.

    My last cleaner arrived with a friend. Both gentleman wreaked of marijuana. The supplies he brought included: a large cooler bag, a pink feather duster, wood polish and a swiffer. As anyone who has ever cleaned anything knows...these supplies are insufficient. They proceeded to clean the dog hair off my couch with a pink feather duster. In fact, they cleaned everything with the duster. Not one single surface was wiped down. My shower wasn't even turned on to clean. Even the sinks....just a pink feather duster.

    When I asked if they cleaned the toilet, the friend immediately got mad and raised his voice. So much so that the alleged actual cleaner had to ask him to calm down and apologized to me.

    I started to realize in that moment that I have two strange men in my home, I've seen no identification, don't know their names or even have a phone number and they clearly brought no supplies to actually clean my apartment. When I asked my cleaner why he brought no supplies he told me that they live an hour and a half away and they were running late so he forgot some supplies. Later when I mentioned the lack of supplies again he said he forgot them at the last job. I'm not entirely sure what their intention was coming to my apartment that day, but I am certain the plan was not to clean.

    I have gone back and forth with Dazzling Cleaning trying to get out of my contract because I have safety concerns as a single woman, and they refuse to allow me out of my contract unless I pay $289.

    While Dazzling Cleaning claims to do background checks, what good are they if they also allow cleaners to arrive with friends who have not been checked? I asked if there was a policy around bringing friends and they confirmed that they allow cleaners to bring friends if they want.

    I had two other cleanings with Dazzling Cleaning. They both resulted in some version of a refund based on how bad the job was. My third cleaner was a no-show. The above was my fourth, and last, scheduled appointment with Dazzling Cleaning. I will now have to pay my contract for the remaining four months but will not be allowing anymore cleaners into my home.

    1. Kendra

      Safety concerns - beware

      Nov 27, 2023

      I had to pay $150 to cancel the membership. They sent a cleaner that smelled strongly of BO, was creepy, took way longer than I booked for. He was dropped off in an uber and then asked us for more money. He also couldn't get a ride home so my husband had to drop him off at a local Walmart just to get him to leave. When I brought all this up to the company they told me to take it up with the cleaner. And after looking at his reviews, I see the first review was someone saying that had to call the cops on him. Thas was in September. So tell me why a company would still employ someone who was such a security risk. I was scared to converse with him about this because I don't want him showing up at my home. Beware of this company. They say they vet their team, but it's pretty clear they do not.

  41. Hoda Elamir
    1 rating


    Jun 13, 2023


  42. Hanan ibraheem
    1 rating

    Very very bad copany, please stay away from

    Jun 3, 2023

    starting at $19 per hour, ending in $222.25 for 3 hours for regular mobbing and regular shower cleaning, my recom, run run don't just walk away from this company. that's the worst cleaning company i'v ever deal with. please do your self a favor and get another company insted. also i forget to add how bad is their costumer services are cause you can't reach them via phone its only email, thats why they keep changing my appointment from day to day so they skiped 2 days and they came in the 3rd one 3 hours late.

  43. Tamerrika
    1 rating

    Class Action Lawsuit

    May 26, 2023

    The company is a scam I was charged for services I did not receive….If anyone wants to join a class action lawsuit against this company respond in your post -“Count me in”

    1. Dawne Hill
      Jun 18, 2023

      Yes! I want to join your lawsuit!
      Dawne Hill

    2. Hanan ibraheem
      Jun 3, 2023

      Count me in”

    3. Anita Jones
      Jun 3, 2023

      count me in

    4. Anita jones

      No show

      Jun 3, 2023

      they no showed us 5 times we are disabled and got the house picked up every thing 5 times I will not use them again how do I contact you to join the lawsuit I cannot pay a lawyer.i did not know about a monthly fee when I started

    5. Melanie
      May 31, 2023

      Hi the same thing happened to me . The girl did a good job but they don’t even know how to get in contact with them. It’s all done by way of text.

    6. Danielle Anderson

      Charges I didn’t approve

      May 31, 2023

      Count me in

    7. William Hoskins

      Time for an open class action

      May 30, 2023


  44. Hannah
    1 rating

    A horrible encounter

    May 26, 2023

    Hidden fees and dishonest practices If you want to sign a 6-month agreement where you have to have to pay $47 each month for the service. There is an additional fee to hire a professional every single time, besides the cleaning charge. The details are not set explicitly in the initial contract. They won't let you leave and charge an additional $147 if you do not like their service and wish to end your agreement in advance. Don't utilize their services. I paid $350 for a moderately-quality cleaning. In the process, I had to wash with cleaner, give her materials and direct her to Google maps to get directions to her house. SCAM!! It was a horrible encounter.

  45. Christine Burke
    1 rating

    Cancel the service

    May 23, 2023

    If I could have given a higher rating, I would have. The cleaning service arrived at a late time. I'm living in a 350 sq ft home, and within"3 hours" of "3-hour" service, only the kitchen area, as well as half the room, were "cleaned" I've continued to attempt to cancel the service in March, but the company is always trying to bill me.

  46. Gardner Barnes
    1 rating

    Dishonest and will keep charging w/o authorization

    May 9, 2023

    They advertise a $19 introductory. Do NOT believe the deal! It is a fraud!! I booked it for my girlfriend, and now they will not stop charging me, saying that I agreed to get charged monthly or pay a penalty to get out of the contract. Dishonest and crooks!!! They did not do a good job cleaning, to begin with, or I would’ve used them again.

  47. Gulden Esat
    1 rating

    Cleaners are disrestpectful

    Apr 27, 2023

    I have taken two cleaners, one I was not happy with. The other left the company. And I can never get the preferred cleaners I chose. Even though I did not approve of assigning a different cleaner, somebody assigned me a different cleaner, and when I wanted to cancel the appointment they wanted to charge me for the appointment I am canceling. That's why I asked the person in charge to cancel it, and she did not. The assigned cleaner (not my choice) showed up at my house and she cursed at me for not canceling. The company has a very high attrition rate and they work with very disrespectful cleaners, this is not the first time I am being yelled at. Now, I want to cancel my membership, and they are asking me for more money as a penalty. I am canceling because I am unhappy.

  48. Amber Telitz
    1 rating

    A terrible cleaning service

    Apr 11, 2023

    The service of cleaning does not even deserve one star. It's a disaster. The cleaning staff was supposed to be here last Thursday and called me to inform me that the emergency was over but no show on time. Rescheduled for a different day, but didn't inform me who other person was coming in and doing the cleaning. They do not call me or respond to my calls. Even after I took a few days off work to allow the cleaning crew to arrive, they said it was ridiculous that they kept calling me to inform me that I should change my appointment. How can I possibly decide to cancel a commission when they keep canceling my appointment two times? A terrible cleaning service that ought to be shut down.

  49. Fan
    1 rating

    Robotic platform of a company

    Mar 31, 2023

    When you see Dazzling Cleaning on your Facebook page, delete it. Use the pull down tab and choose. I do not want to see these types of ads. This platform is made up of scams. The prices you see are not real. There were no cleaners to show up. If they don’t show up and cancel you still get charged $49 for the month membership even though you’re getting no service. Everyone please beware of the scam as this is how they make their money. I tried over and over to cancel and I found away and took down my credit card information so that they cannot continue to bill me for that is not performed. I have had no-shows to texts on the day of the cleaning that they have a flat tire and they can’t make it it’s a scam because you’re going to be charged a monthly fee of $49 regardless , don’t fall for it. It’s a SCAM and it needs to be shut down.

  50. Glyndora Condon
    1 rating

    Disgruntled Senior Citizen and Professional with Special Needs

    Mar 25, 2023

    I was a customer. I am 66 and needed help. I saw the company's promises on FB and online and agreed, choosing the voucher-believing this was what I would pay them biweekly (misleading) and that there would no problem with receiving the services due to their further promises of filling my needed services as requested with top cleaning professionals. From August /22 to 2/15/22; 52 emails transpired, with their failed promises and my pleading for a cleaner who would: do the work properly (I have photos of the poor work done) 2 times-and mainly the emails were due to no shows and late cancellations where NO WORK WAS DONE; yet these people billed my account every month. No services Aug, Sept, late November, December, January-until the 27th and that service was unfinished yet I was billed; and nothing in February. I tried to cancel but beware since their contract only covers their end. If cancelling then they hold the customer to a penalty of over $100.00 even when their work is substandard and/or no services were rendered.

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