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24 Reviews on Homeaglow

  1. Andrea B Jude
    Jun 2, 2023


    Please do not use this service. Sounds like such a great deal but it's a TOTAL RIP-OFF! Supposed to save hundreds of dollars in cleaning services with a $49.99 monthly membership.
    OK, let's review: $49.99 monthly
    $150.00 for cleaning
    $33.90 SERVICE FEE!
    $11.43 tax
    Some bargain that is! Don't fall for the initial description for the first cleaning! You will be locked in for 6 months!!!! It's not true. Both cleaners I had left early, one 1/2 hour each time the other 1.5 hours. Cleaning was mediocre at best. Do you really have to ask the "cleaning person" to dust? I had to re-clean one of my bathrooms because it was just sprayed and wiped and had dirt and streaks all over the tub & tile. Specifically asked to have my kitchen cabinets and baseboards wiped down, both left early but still had finger prints on my cabinets and dust on the baseboards. My next step was to check if they are registered with BBB, they are NOT but do have plenty of complaints! Disappointed with myself that I fell for this BS (they refused to refund my money and discontinue the membership after contacting them with my issues and basically said "too bad", so no satisfaction there). DO NOT USE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jade Ashleigh
    May 26, 2023

    Not dusted and barely vacuumed

    Not dusted and barely vacuumed. It took 3 hours to clean four bedrooms that were clean at the beginning. It just needed to be vacuumed and dusted. Terrible job. It's not worth the cost. If I could connect a photo or video following her departure, I'd be able to show you how awful it was. Do not waste your time and cash. There was no response to the telephone at the Coro address.

  3. Dawn
    May 25, 2023


    I wish I had done thorough research before I contacted Homeaglow. I had the same experience many have stated here. You get all excited because the commercials are engaging and who wouldn't be excited about getting their WHOLE HOUSE cleaned for $19?? Plus they do your laundry and wash your windows. Well, here is what is NOT going to happen. Your whole house is not going to be cleaned for $19 - unless you live in a Barbie doll house. What you get for $19 is 2 HOURS of cleaning. And extras will cost you in hours. For example, if you want your laundry done, that counts as one hour of cleaning, leaving you less time for, well, cleaning. Also, you, without your knowledge and full understanding, are contracting for cleaning services for 6 months at $49 a month. When you try to cancel, they assure you that YOU SIGNED THE CONTRACT, so you are obligated. To get out of the contract, you have to pay the full amount for your first cleaning AND the first month of your contract. That's what happened to me. So, I paid $39 for my first 4-hour cleaning. Then I paid $49 for my first month of the contract (which they refused to refund). And then I paid an additional $192 for the first cleaning. So, total $280. And my house was already clean. I was preparing for guests and it took Homeaglow over a week to settle on an appointment. I couldn't wait around for them, so I started cleaning myself. They finally came through the day before my company arrived, but like I said, my house was clean by then, so I paid almost $300 to have someone come in and go over what I had just done. I went with Homeaglow to get away from the other legit - but overpriced - companies. Bad decision. You may get hooked up with a good professional. Just know that going in, you will pay dearly for these services as you pay the monthly fee and their administrative fee plus the cleaning fee. False advertising at its finest!

    Date of experience: May 04, 2023

  4. Becky Nickle
    May 22, 2023

    Professionally completed

    Professionally completed. My cabinets are shining as new. My glass doors are great for cleaning. If you need a professional, contact them, they provide professional service. Eric is very efficient. He takes the time to speak with you and discuss what you require at home. He was very polite and was careful to go over the detail.

  5. Ray Dorado
    May 20, 2023

    Decided not to hire

    after reading all the reviews. i would never hire this company. They should name it "Rob you clean and go". It's different than what they say in the commercials 🤔

    1. Tom Mamie Jr
      Jun 2, 2023

      Sounds like you never used them. No details whatsoever. Only stated "after reading". Unfair in judgement if you never utilized their services.

  6. Emerald Tutwiler
    May 13, 2023

    My Wrongfully Deactivated Account

    [Regarding my deactivation:]
    The client Emily agreed to a reschedule via SMS
    (from 5/11/2023 to 5/15/23); and then cancelled and told homeaglow that they did not confirm a reschedule, resulting in me being locked out.
    Please reactivate my account.

    1. Christine
      May 21, 2023

      Can Clean For You

      Hello, I recently applied to work for this company but after looking into the reviews, I see that they charge the people wanting the cleaning way more then what they are actually giving the cleaner just to make money off of the clients. After seeing that i am not looking to work for them. I am branching off on my own if you have not found a cleaner feel free to give me a call my name is Christine 484-686-3300. No hidden fees and very flexible! Cleaning is not just a job for me i actually enjoying it!

  7. Jean Hart
    May 8, 2023


    This company is a scam. Attorney General should look into this company. is not set up well. They get you to get one cleaning, which was so bad that I couldn't believe he had a job with anybody, so bad.Then when yiu go to cancel they charge you 139.00 plus the 19.00 they advertised plus one month of your so called contract 49.00. This company can not be legit.
    DO NOT EVEN TRY THIS COMPANY. They are a scam!!!

  8. Elisabeth Linn
    Apr 30, 2023


    This company is a scam - avoid at all costs. They con you with an offer of cleaning for $19 then lock you into a 6 month contract, provide a terrible service then charge you a lot to cancel.

  9. Richard Schmerber
    Apr 13, 2023

    Scheduling issues

    I’m a new member, and the first appointment went great; however, at the next meeting, the cleaner never showed up at the appointed time. It was rescheduled for the following Thursday, but when I went to check to make sure it was still on only, to find out it had been rescheduled without contacting me for the Wednesday while I had something else planned for the time they had changed it to. What pisses me off is that they do not list a phone to contact them—just hiding behind their web page with no way to refute charges.

  10. Madame Archer
    Apr 11, 2023

    Meticulous and precise

    This was the first time we used this type of service. Jia was amazing! She was meticulous and precise. She was able to ask me what my top priorities were. She then went over and beyond! The home was destroyed, and a heavy burden was removed. I'd highly recommend Jia to any person.

  11. Sherri
    Apr 5, 2023

    This company and its customer support is Awful!

    I saw their ad on TV and decided to try them since I was looking for a new cleaning service; I Booked my three appointments for March 21st, 28th & April 4th. I received a confirmation and my first cleaning discount.

    The dates for my cleaning service are now March 28th, April 4th & April 11th without anyone contacting me. March 21st arrives, and no one shows up for my cleaning service. I went on the site to see why and found that my choices had changed.

    Now I'm angry and call the 833 customer service number only to get an automated response that someone will contact me in 48hrs. I never did get a call from them!

    So then, I received an email that I have two appointments booked for March 28th. So I followed the link to cancel 1 of the appointments to receive an email later stating both appointments had been canceled, and my new appointment for cleaning is now April 4th.

    I called the 833 number and went on the website to get help, and the same thing happened again! No call or response from either.

    It is now April 4th, and low & behold, 9 minutes before my service begins, I get a text message from Shannon saying that her car wouldn't start and needs to reschedule. I asked her when she could come next, but there was no response.

    She didn't respond until I threatened to report her to the company! Then she became rude and combatant. I told her I wouldn't need her to reschedule since I was done dealing with homeaglow.

    I called the 833 number again and received an automated response. I left an angry message that if I didn't hear from them by the end of the day, I would report them to the Better business bureau and leave a review about the poor service I have received from all aspects of this company.

    Did I mention that I've been billed for a service I never received on top of everything else? I'm So frustrated, and I know I can't be the only one with this experience with Homeaglow!

    1. M
      May 12, 2023

      I signed up as a cleaner. I completed two jobs and both. I went above and beyond the scope of the job description and as the result the customers were impressed and tipped me generously. The problem was with the 1st customer who after tipping me and praising now seem to accusing me of stealing. She claimed she couldn’t find things after I left. I tried contacting the support team and got no response from them and meanwhile this woman is harassing me.

    2. James
      Apr 26, 2023

      Horrible service

      Do not use them. No phone number for customer service. No background checks. Danger.

  12. S. Wilson
    Mar 31, 2023

    Ex cleaner

    I am a former cleaner at Home a glow. I took a job wanting a basic cleaning. When I arrived it was a move out of a 3 story house. The carpet was in process of being cleaned by a cleaning company.

    As I was walking in I noticed the garage was full of trash. A bit unsure, I met the client at the door. She requested the kitchen be cleaned and all walls wiped down. And also, 3 bathrooms to be cleaned. After telling me this said she had to leave and contact her when I was done in 3 hours.

    When I got to the kitchen there was trash left everywhere. A paint sprayer in the kitchen sink soaking in water. I began cleaning out cupboards picking up trash, when in a bottom cupboard there was a used syringe. It really caught me off guard, was lucky not to get poked. At that time, I went to see what the rest of the house looked like. Bathrooms had beer bottles everywhere, cat feces and urine.

    One of the carpet cleaners said “be careful, this is a drug house.” At that time I decided I was done. I tried to call the client, no answer. Tried 3 more times, no answer. The carpet cleaners stated they also could not reach her.

    I sent a message to Home a glow telling them my situation, and left. A few days later, I was informed the client was requesting to be refunded the $52 I was paid. She also stated that i stole a speaker from her house. She had my account on hold, due to “theft.” After telling home a glow again what happened, I finally agreed to refund her money to be done with this. Home a glow without any proof or knowledge of the incident posted publicly her comments that I stole from her. And all of my jobs were canceled.

    It would be nice if Home a glow, trusted their employees. I feel I was definitely wronged.

    1. Carolee Rosenquist
      Apr 26, 2023

      Thank you for your honesty….

      Based on your comments above regarding the way they treat their employees as well as other customers not being able to contact anyone the day of service at HomeAGlow I will not be using this company. I was seriously considering it but if they treat their employees this way, that gives me a heads up that the treatment of the customers would be even worse. Thank you for sharing your experience! It “sealed the deal” for me.

  13. Jason Maeda
    Mar 28, 2023

    My cleaning lady was excellent

    My cleaning lady was excellent. But as for Cozy Maid is concerned, I'm not satisfied. There's a 20-dollar fee for using the Cozy Maid's platform and an additional $7 fee for processing. I wasn't aware of this when I signed up, and I will cancel my subscription.

  14. Kaitlin Mace
    Mar 28, 2023

    I'd advise against doing business with this company

    I've not yet booked a cleaning through this company. I had planned to do so when I read the reviews. Then I looked at their website and saw some significant negatives. If you're dealing with any company and spot these typical issues, take a moment to consider whether they're worth your time: No contact number is listed on their website to reach representatives. The "Contact Us" section is simply a list of commonly asked questions with answers. If I needed to contact a representative, I could not do that until I booked my first cleaning! This is a substantially alarming sign of inability to contact representatives without first providing your credit card details. In addition to the negative reviews I've read, I'd advise against doing business with this company.

  15. Nick Carter
    Mar 27, 2023

    They helped me with my efforts

    They have me working for them for over a year and an hour and a half. It was slow at first but like all things job you do, you reap the rewards, and I've. There's no way to be perfect, and nothing simple, but I'm not saying anything negative about this company. They helped me with my efforts. I can say that this is my full-time employment as an independent contractor with aglow home Thanks.

  16. Luke Walker
    Mar 25, 2023

    The cleaning service I get each two weeks has been excellent

    There have been times when cleaners that work for private companies failed to arrive and charge me, but home aglow came in and reimbursed me twice, which was refreshing. The cleaning service I get each two weeks has been excellent, and I think it's an issue of the time.

  17. Susan Uffelman
    Mar 24, 2023

    They simply steal your money

    If it were me to grant it a zero, I would. I joined The forever Clean membership. My cleaner canceled 20 minutes before the scheduled cleaning time, and they utilized the voucher for the appointment day. I tried to contact Homeaglow at every avenue. There is no response from you. They steal your money.

  18. Sniper Dezigns
    Mar 23, 2023

    I am amazed by their service to customers

    I enjoyed the privilege of cleaning the office. There are some genuinely gorgeous employees here. They are friendly, professional, sweet, and always on hand . . . I am amazed by their service to customers . . . It's the next level.

  19. Oliver Cox
    Mar 21, 2023

    The process is slow, and most jobs take a couple of hours

    The process is slow, and most jobs take a couple of hours. They must make it more like Uber. Once you finish one task, you can move to the next one and need the ability to fill up your available time instead of missing jobs due to the time frames, etc.

  20. Shannon Campbell
    Mar 20, 2023

    Do not contact this company

    They worked well initially, but the third or fourth cleaning wasn't excellent. I stopped using them, and the next day I received a charge to my credit card of $49.00, which I do not know what it was for. The customer service doesn't work. Do not contact this company.

  21. Nathaneal Duke
    Mar 19, 2023

    This business is a complete fraud

    I began working for this company, and it's completely fraudulent. It's a scam! As a worker, you determine your rate, but they charge you $5/hour for each cleaning task you complete, so you don't make any money. And then the customers don't even leave a tip. We must pay for our gas/maintenance costs, cleaning products, etc. Your work isn't worth the price. If you're facing a problem, there's no way to contact someone directly; you'll have to communicate with them by email or chat. You do not receive a response from. I've driven to the client's houses, and they've canceled on the spur of the moment. The company isncan'targe the majority of clients what they refer to as a lockout charge since they do not charge that fee according to the business. Homeaglow promotes, but once you arrive at the client's house that you booked for, you'll find forever tidy, sparkling cleaning and cozy housekeepers, and so on. Each affiliate has its own set of terms and conditions. Clients aren't aware until they've had the first clean that they've signed the contract terms. This business is a complete fraud.

  22. Jay Strange
    Mar 18, 2023

    This is a scam

    Avoid this company. There's no customer service number, so you can't call in case of a problem that could go wrong. Cleaners won't respect the dates you've set, so you'll have to change your schedule frequently; cleaning staff show up whenever they want to, depart whenever they wish to, and may charge for extra hours without your approval. This is a scam.

  23. Nathan Thompson
    Mar 16, 2023

    Savannah was fantastic!

    Savannah was fantastic! She was punctual, and the area was left sparkling and smelled great. She also assisted me in adjusting the timing of the service as I booked it through Groupon, and it caused scheduling issues. I would use her without hesitation.

  24. Alex Ross
    Mar 15, 2023

    I love Home-A-Glow

    I love Home-A-Glow because I have my schedule and have 102 appointments that I repeat with wonderful clients. But, some write down their assignments and ask for more than they have paid or left. Customer support is never available. Support for customers sometimes takes the word of clients who are lying. My reviews are five stars each day which turns the unhappy customers out to be lying! In addition, I earn money from the app, and it's working since I notify all clients before their arrival to confirm, as some clients do not cancel their booking through the app and will I give them a courtesy phone call.

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