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33 Reviews on Dr. Nyla Raja Medispa

  1. Rivera Vazquez
    Jan 7, 2023

    the excellent service

    I recently had a treatment at Medispa and was blown away by the excellent service and amazing results. The staff was all so friendly and welcoming, and the environment was simply gorgeous. I can’t wait to go back and try one of the other treatments soon. Overall, a wonderful experience and highly recommended.

  2. Iram
    Dec 15, 2022

    Its all about sales and money

    The clinic in London absolutely stunning and dr nyla herself was stunning too…I was hoping when I had a consultation with her it be of her trying to make me look my best and offer suitable treatments…she didn’t even come over to look at my face properly but it was all very rushed and trying to sell the most expensive treatments and when I told her I can’t afford the whole package of 1800 she said you can pay 900 now and when I said I think about it she continued to put pressure on me…after some research I got the same treatment of skin tightening at a fraction of a price at another clinic who actually cares and didn’t treatment me as another number to make money on

  3. Barbara Jackson
    Dec 8, 2022

    Love the team at Medispa, I have been attending the clinic for a number of years now and really enjoy my visits. I’ve recently started the Emface treatment and can’t wait to see the result!

  4. Louise McCarthy
    Nov 28, 2022

    Glowing skin!

    Recently had the oxygen facial before my wedding as recommended by Dr Nyla, the treatment left my skin so luminous and glowing!

    I can’t wait for my next treatment!

  5. Maisie jones
    Nov 27, 2022

    Lip filler

    Had my lip filler at the Cheshire clinic, very happy with the result. Natural and full!

  6. Julie Johnston
    Nov 26, 2022

    I have been visiting Dr Nyla Medispa for several years, I initially had the ultracel treatment and skin tightening as my skin had lost a lot of volume as I went through Menopause, the treatments improved the jowl area and tightened around my eyes. I now have a top up treatment one per year to maintain my result.

    I highly recommend the clinics approach to natural collagen stimulating treatments!

  7. Elizabeth Ryan
    Nov 25, 2022

    Dr vadim is great!

    I recently attended the Mayfair clinic for Acne laser treatments, he is very knowledgeable and really ensured I received a thorough treatment and aftercare. My skin has improved significantly, I am going to purchase another course of laser treatment.

  8. Sophia
    Nov 24, 2022

    Great experience and results

    I had skin tightening and fillers/Botox. I really see a difference and am so pleased with the results. Staff are really nice.

  9. Ashtone jones
    Nov 14, 2022

    Love my result!

    I visited the Liverpool clinic for a consultation for stretch marks, I was recommended a course of intracel needling and skin tightening.

    I finished the course of treatments 3 months ago and I am very pleased with the improvements to my stomach! It has made me more confident!

  10. Matthew Johnson
    Nov 8, 2022

    Consultation with Dr Vadim & Dr Nyla. Coolsculpting.

    Visited the clinic in Mayfair for Coolsculpting Around 3 months ago .

    At the time had a really good consultation I met with Dr Vadim and Dr Nyla both were extremely honest very trustworthy people

    The advise me to spend some time considering my options and also recommended reading some literature which was really good which they gave me

    Two weeks later I managed to get an appointment for the treatment and I have to say the staff at the Medispa clinic were exceptional , in fact outstanding.

    I have visited other clinics in the past however they are very interested in knowing all about Dr Nyla‘s clinic and I really feel like she is probably the best in London and hence why so many people are intrigued by the services she offers,

    Three months on I have to say I look so much better I am not body conscious and I could honestly recommend Coolsculpting with the Medispa team at Mayfair.

    You will not be disappointed

  11. Kitten Smith
    Nov 5, 2022


    I feel scammed, there’s no price list anywhere and they told me I only pay once for all treatments needed but when I needed more treatment they denied telling me they said I paid all up front, I feel bewildered and scammed but I believe her heart is in the right place and the nurses were liars that’s not Dr Nyla fault. She’s not about money she’s about trying to make people look beautiful k honestly believe that, she is a beautiful soul.

  12. Sarah Barron
    Nov 4, 2022

    I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Medispa Alderley Edge

    I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Medispa Alderley Edge; I received a fantastic treatment from a Therapist who performed my Dr. Nyla Transformation Facelift, which was suggested by Dr. Ny.la herself following my consultation. Thank you, Dr. Nyla, and thanks to the staff for a fantastic experience! I’m sure I’ll return after my treatments have been completed. First, I would like to test the new skincare range Morpheus8.

  13. Ashley jackson
    Nov 1, 2022

    Very happy!

    My friend recommended I visit Dr Nyla after she had some treatments at the clinic

    as soon as I arrived to the clinic I was impressed with how attentive and friendly Dr nyla was.

    She really took time to listen to my concerns and create a treatment plan that would improve my skin.

    I would recommend Dr Nyla’s clinic to everyone, my confidence has improved and I am the happiest I have been in a long time!

  14. Marie Johnston
    Oct 24, 2022

    Thrilled with my results!

    I visited Dr Nyla’s Medispa in June for a consultation, I have previously had fillers elsewhere and was unhappy with how different I looked.

    Dr Nyla recommended that I refrain from having anymore dermal fillers and start to treat the cause of aging. I was recommended a skin tightening treatment and a lifting treatment which is apart of there transformation facelift, over the course of Treatments friends, family and co workers complimented how great and fresh I looked.

    I’m so happy with the outcome of my treatment, I look like me but refreshed. My skin is glowing.

    I received the best service and was recommended to use her skincare alongside treatment, this was my first time using medical grade skincare and I would never look back.

    I can’t thank Dr Nyla enough for taking the time to listen to my concerns, recommend a plan to age gracefully!

  15. Victoria Carrington
    Oct 21, 2022

    I'm pleased with the results

    I was running a half hour late and was not informed until I inquired half an hour before my appointment had ended. I felt highly rushed when I entered the room. The discussion was not on the services. I know these kinds of businesses can be very busy; however, when I pay a reasonable price for a treatment, I’d like the experience to reflect the outcomes. My experience was not personal. However, I’m pleased with the results.

  16. Briston Lee
    Oct 18, 2022

    Painful experience with Dr Nyla

    It was a horrible, awful and painful experience! I posted my experience with three other women who posted their horrible experience to Dr. Nyla’s page, expressing that the treatment did not perform as expected; still, instead of responding to one of us, she removed the comments immediately. Be aware that all of her “positive Instagram posts” do not reflect the true nature of her work, as she removes posts that are negative and blocks users immediately.

    I’m hoping the three other girls can write on Google to review their experiences so that she can’t remove the posts! It’s a good idea to consider what posts she’s deleted to her advantage? I’ve had a horrible experience with her. I received one treatment of ultra-therapy completed and paid for two of them upfront, believing they were a reputable firm. The results are as stated for the highly costly treatment.

    I was unsure about getting the treatment because I only came to see a doctor for a consultation, but she convinced me to go through the results and could be assured of no downtime. So I went ahead by undergoing this expensive treatment for my face. The following week, I experienced the most horrible skin reaction that was not an adverse effect of the procedure.

    After speaking with and visiting the nurse, I was informed they would connect me with the specialist to help to clear the skin and provide me with an exchange only for the second procedure I did not have yet. After three months, they moved me from post to post and made excuses for why they didn’t see me and didn’t help my skin to improve. It was highly stressful, and I was utterly depressed.

    Service for the customer was terrible after they took my money, and nobody was communicating with one another or sharing messages. Finally, I spoke to the supervisor Stacey, and she said they could not assist and would not offer any refunds for the previous treatment I had not received.

    I needed to reach out to my solicitors and my bank. The bank gave me a full refund on all my treatments after contacting my clinic and reviewing the documentation I gave them. Further research has revealed that she’s being investigated through the GMC! Additionally, the ICO is investigating her in a data breach investigation.

    Also, please read about TRUSTPILOT. An individual identified as Hazel has had a similar experience as me and has also gone through the court!

    1. Pp
      Nov 3, 2022

      Same experience!

      hey, I had exactly the same experience with them. I left some feedback on Instagram but this was deleted and I was blocked as well.

      I tried to get a refund through my bank but they refused this saying it was a service I paid for and it was provided so even though it didn’t work they can’t give me a refund. please could you explain how you managed to get a refund as I’d like to try again. It wasn’t cheap!

    2. Cannotsay
      Nov 5, 2022

      I was told by 2 beauticians I would only be charged once but then when I needed more treatment they said I had to pay again.

  17. Gina L
    Sep 8, 2022

    Worst and scam Dr. Nyla Raja!

    I went to Dr. Nyla Raja Medispa in August this year because of concerns over the appearance of wrinkles on my face, specifically my forehead. I was intrigued by fillers, but the nurse advised me that the skin must be tightened before I apply any fillers.

    She also suggested the BTL Exilis treatment. It could significantly improve my forehead lines. I was informed that a minimum of 6 sessions are required and that some patients have experienced incredible results.

    I decided to continue, and I was asked whether my skin felt more supple each time. The skin never felt better; however, I was assured it took time.

    After six sessions, I’ve waited for four months after six sessions and have seen no difference! My skin has not been rejuvenated, and my lines are the same as before treatment.

    The only difference is that I have been pushed out of pocket due to 1500 GBP. I’ve sent three emails to various people at Medispa to inform them that I was dissatisfied with the service, but no one has responded.

    I wouldn’t suggest this method to anyone because it simply isn’t practical.

  18. Jayne
    Aug 29, 2022

    Disingenuous Doctor & bad reviews

    Every negative review gets removed, so people looking at this clinic see the reviews left and decide to give it a go. The majority of good reviews are made by staff or friends of the Doctor.

    This Doctor talks about empowering women and wanting to make a difference in their confidence—what a load of rubbish.

    The only thing she is interested in is lining her pocket and selling you treatments that do not work, and when you confront her, you will be advised that you need further treatments or filler. It’s like a cattle market.

    You go for the consultation with Nyla, and this is where she gets you to sign up for treatments after exaggerating what treatments you need and pointing out things you didn’t even notice about yourself because this is part of her selling tactic.

    The next part of the consultation is getting you in a room to start the treatment (you have committed then).

    You will be asked to sign, sign, sign while laying on a bed with multiple staff around you, putting iPads in front of you. You won’t get to read what you are signing. That’s their plan.

    That’s the last time the Doctor will see you. She has done her job (the consultation). The treatments do not work. The Doctor needs to be struck off.

    1. Salam Uhehi
      Nov 5, 2022

      True, True, True, she is the queen of manipulation but her heart is in the right place and lots of people do get improved skin but not everyone. She does care, she does, but if you’re not happy, go see them and ask for your money back.

  19. Karen Ayersman
    Aug 23, 2022

    Dr. Nyla Raja is a professionally skilled physician

    Dr. Nyla is a professionally skilled physician with a distinct medical background. She can swiftly assess and recommend necessary treatments, explaining in detail the process involved. I have always been able to feel she is sensitive to my needs. The thing she offers is the opportunity to look at all possibilities before you make the final choice. I have been with Dr. Nyla for over six years and highly recommend her practice.

  20. Douglas Tewksbury
    Aug 20, 2022

    Dr. Nyla, as well as her staff, offer outstanding service

    Dr. Nyla Raja, as well as her staff, offer outstanding service. She is highly understanding and helps you to feel comfortable. I wouldn’t suggest her more highly to anyone seeking any treatment! The staff at Medispa were extraordinarily welcoming and could answer all my questions to the best of their ability.

  21. Cheryl Zlotnikov
    Aug 18, 2022

    I would highly recommend this clinic

    I would highly recommend this Medispa and Dr. Nyla for Botox and fillers! I’ve seen various doctors get Botox and fillers, but I’ve never had a service like the one Dr. Nyla gave me. She is thorough in her work, listens, and knows what you’re searching for. As a beautiful young woman, she sees potential in each face. She is always willing to assist in every manner she can. I was very impressed with the staff, who were polite, professional, and always eager to help.

  22. Dolores Hardy
    Aug 16, 2022

    I am feeling fantastic!

    I went to Medispa for a recommendation. I was not dissatisfied! When I walked into the clinic, the care they took provided to me was exceptional. I was registered with a therapist and went to see Dr. Nyla for a consultation. She completely understood my needs and made me feel at ease right away. The first session with tightening my skin was perfect, and I’m getting results. I am feeling fantastic! I am looking forward to finishing my course.

  23. Nicole Treat
    Aug 12, 2022

    She's the most amazing!

    Doctor Nyla immediately transforms you into a celebrity! She is concerned about you and your body and can make you feel confident and able to talk about your worries! She will eliminate any! Never been more satisfied! She’s the most amazing!

  24. Thomas Wannop
    Aug 10, 2022

    10/10 would recommend

    I’ve suffered from Acne for a long time and finally decided to take action. I was booked into a complimentary appointment with Dr. Nyla, and we discussed potential treatment options. We ultimately concluded to go with the best treatment could be the dermalux and Envy facials. Since starting my course, I have noticed an improvement in my skin’s appearance, decreasing spots and redness, dramatically increasing my confidence. I wish I had seen Doctor Nyla sooner. 10/10 would recommend

  25. Ramasamy Thangavelu
    Aug 7, 2022

    It was unprofessional

    The consultation was speedy. The case said, “you need this and that, give me your money and go.” In the room, Dr. Nyla constantly checked her phone messages and responded to various. It was unprofessional. It was like having an interview with the Queen rather than an appointment with a consultant. There were obvious reasons why I chose not to continue.

  26. David Ottaviano
    Aug 4, 2022

    I love the sincerity of the doctors

    I love the sincerity of the doctors. I visited this clinic due to a slight indentation on my cheek on the right. Doctor Nyla, who examined me, explained that while she was attentive to my concerns, she did not feel I was worthy of the procedure, primarily because of the expense and the slight alteration. I had another appointment with a doctor today and was informed that I could be able to have 2-3 milliliters within the same region. I explained what Dr. Nyla told me, and he advised me to go for it. I’ve chosen to follow Dr. Nyla’s view because I believe she is a frank and compassionate doctor. She will only do what is suitable for young people, not taking advantage of vulnerable patients as some doctors. I highly recommend Dr. Nyla as well as her staff to those who are concerned about subtle enhancements.

  27. Edith Dawson
    Aug 3, 2022

    Excellent service was provided by staff who were terrific

    Excellent service was provided by staff who were terrific. Cool sculpting – the process was unproductive and did nothing to make a difference. I believe exercise and a healthier diet is the best method to shed fat ( unless you opt for more invasive lipo or Tummy tightening). I’ve learned my lesson.

  28. Barbara Pettit
    Aug 1, 2022

    Staff were friendly and were wonderful

    Cool sculpting. The staff was friendly and excellent. However, the procedure was an expensive waste of money and resulted in no change. I’ve learned my lesson. Exercise and a healthier diet is the best method to shed fat ( unless you opt for more invasive lipo or tummy tightening).

  29. Lloyd Samuel
    Jul 15, 2022

    The treatment was unique

    I’ve been seeing this clinic for a few months now, and I’m amazed by how much improvement I’ve noticed in my face and other things. Initially, I tried treatments for my face, Morpheus8 and ultra cell. After seeing how my skin was more swollen and tighter, I decided to test Btl exiles for my upper and back.

    The treatment was unique and was like a massage with hot stones, and after two sessions, I noticed my skin was much more firm and smooth. I had my sixth session on Frida,y and my legs have never looked this great! Thank you, nurse Geri and her team, for taking care of me and restoring my confidence!

  30. Terry Hensley
    Jul 8, 2022

    Thank you to the entire staff

    I’ve been going to the Cheshire facility for the past four weeks for treatments off my treatment plan that Dr. Nyla has put together for me. Already I see tremendous results… I am so comfortable in the clinic. Nurse Debbie performed my filler on my lips. She was remarkable, with no bruising, and was highly gentle while taking me through the entire process. Melissa Senior therapist, has been working on my BTL and ultra cell treatments. She’s so professional, explaining all the details and helping me relax. I love going to the clinic every time I go home. I am younger. Thank you to the entire staff.

  31. Leticia Salinas
    Jun 24, 2022

    excellent experience, professional and always friendly

    With the modern technology, excellent experience, professional and always friendly, welcoming and secure. I completed the second Morpheus 8 session and am delighted indeed. The results in my very first one were incredible. I will be back whenever I can, and that happens to be next Friday for a different session. Rock on!

  32. Atia Hussain
    May 13, 2022

    Save your money!

    I visited this clinic after losing my son. My sister had warned me that Dr. Nylas is prone to bad reviews. She will convince you to pay 1500 for laser treatment and then try to sell you more expensive treatments. She did exactly what she said, even though she looked at me. Another PS1500 was offered for my neck, which I didn’t consider a problem.

    I was not myself, so I gave in to pressure and decided. It was a waste of money and made no difference. I did not bother with the second treatment. I went to another Liverpool clinic and got Botox and dermal Filler for a fraction of its cost. I saw immediate results. Save your money!

  33. Angelina
    Apr 21, 2022

    Mayfair Outstanding Clinic

    The most incredible experience I had was with Dr. Nyla a year ago. It’s the best decision I have ever made. After weight loss, I experienced a few problems with my neck and face. This caused me a lot of stress. Dr. Nyla recommended ultra therapy and skin tightening treatments. Wow, the results were terrific. A beautiful lady named Debbie also did fillers for me. It’s been amazing.

    They not only cared for me physically but also for my mental health. It’s lovely to have the confidence that I’m in good hands and to see stunning natural results. I have been back a few times for top-ups and reviews. I will continue to visit the clinic every year to maintain the beautiful results. Thank you so much.

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