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20 Reviews on Art Storefronts

  1. Matthew Jablonski
    May 20, 2023

    CEO Nick Friend's Perspective

    Without responding to a flurry of emails, promoting Art Storefront's free website and marketing strategy package, I still did not feel comfortable with them assisting me. Finally, CEO Nick Friend wrote a personal email to me that I found almost as a threat. I've copied and pasted it, here:

    Your new art-selling website.

    Built by us.

    Managed by us.

    For free.

    For life.

    With 50+ best practices for closing more art sales.

    Get the Deal »

    Ends today.

    Nick Friend
    Owner, Art Storefronts

  2. Megan Jones
    May 20, 2023

    An enormous quantity

    I have just started to watch the different art marketing Zoom calls available through Art Store Fronts provides. This ASF program is intense, and a wealth of knowledge and experience can be drawn from it. The format is question-answer or a presentation about a particular topic. I've learned an enormous quantity! The sessions are a treasure.

  3. Fremont Jablonski
    May 20, 2023

    CEO Nick Friend's Perspective

    After trying to lure me into a free contract, with them overseeing my marketing strategies and a free website, with my hesitancy, CEO Mr. Friend's wrote a personal email to me, that I took almost as a threat. I've copied and pasted it, here:

    Your new art-selling website.

    Built by us.

    Managed by us.

    For free.

    For life.

    With 50+ best practices for closing more art sales.

    Get the Deal »

    Ends today.

    Nick Friend
    Owner, Art Storefronts

  4. Karim Wahba
    May 18, 2023

    Extraordinarily dissatisfied

    I am extraordinarily dissatisfied with all they've provided to date. The company seems more focused on selling packages and memberships than any other. It's set up so that once you make a sale on a print, it is also the cost for it. The price is too high and doesn't justify the ti: e and the cost of creating it.

  5. Adrian Sarmento
    Apr 25, 2023

    A few issues

    Setting up involves putting in every necessary sequence for system integration. After completing the training, I experienced a few issues. This wasn't due to the system but rather a nagging that I experience when doing technical things [that give me a headache in my right brainIt's a headache for me. When I called Support, I was in contact with Candy. She was very thorough in solving my three main concerns ----- She was awe-inspiring, and her advice was spot to the point ! !!! !

  6. Jeanette Lisalda
    Apr 22, 2023

    Technician has been fantastic

    Every designer and technician has been fantastic. My issue lies in the video. If they could have a transcript with pictures showing how things are accomplished, that would be great. It's hard to go between my web page and the video for my fix.

  7. Mark Martinez
    Apr 20, 2023

    It was published well

    Recently I had an issue that had a flaw, and it kept appearing in a gallery wrap print. It was printed again and came back. Then they realized the image file wasn't cropped correctly enough to one side. After it was corrected, it was published well. I appreciate the help Daniela in resolving the issue. However, I would have liked to know that someone informed me of the cause earlier. I'm sure that this isn't the first time this type of issue has occurred. The problem was solved At no extra cost to me.

  8. Peter Del Vecchio
    Apr 10, 2023

    The Jury Is Out

    I just had a brief Zoom meeting with one of their salespersons. The “special sale price this week” does not seem unreasonable, but then if you want them to completely manage your portfolio, which would probably be the main reason somebody would do this in the first place, then they tack on an additional management fee over and above that. In addition to all that, then there’s a monthly fee, which, even for a modest-level program, comes to about $260 a month in total.

    When I asked the very nice woman on the Zoom call whether she could provide me with statistics showing their success rate with nature photographers like myself, she said she could not - because they don’t categorize artists by media.

    Well, I said to her than that I’m hesitant to be investing thousands of dollars upfront with no track record being produced to me on their behalf from them, so that I could make an informed judgment as to how to spend my money. She replied that they could not give me exact income results. I reminded her that I did not ask for exact income results, but rather, just some sort of reasonable statistical proof that their product was worth my investment.

    She promised to email me some information and an hour later it still has not arrived. So the jury is out…

    So far, even though they seem nice enough and even though I was inundated by literally dozens of emails wanting my business once I express interest through their Facebook ad, I was very very surprised that they do not organize their internal statistics so that specific artists, whether photograph, oils, or other media, can see a reasonably usable track record as to whether my considerable investment will bear fruit or not. I found that a little hard to believe, but that is the case. The jury is out…

    1. Travis Glade
      Jun 6, 2023

      Do you expect a company to just do everything for you for free or at an extremely low price? How will they see profit? Pay employees? Their marketing team, IT, support? I'm sorry but this entire post is so unreasonable, you have go to be realistic and realize the company itself needs profit just like you do.

  9. Jessica Higgins
    Apr 10, 2023

    Products most effectively

    There were many questions about the expensive membership for my work and that of my deceased son. I chose the Silver package with the website's webmaster, everydayregularetings, chat with individuals in the corner while working, and many articles and more! I'm amazed at the vast quantity of live assistance available! Plenty of tools to help sure that you're successful. My goal is to have my "shop" ready to open and take benefit of the assistance you can get from them to understand what you can do to market your products most effectively.

  10. Sergio Vitali
    Jan 16, 2023

    Fantastic technology and support for marketing!

    Fantastic technology and support for marketing! Each time I need assistance, I receive a quick response. In addition to receiving help, I also learn many things, particularly about the marketing aspect of online businesses. I am a satisfied Art Storefront customer.

  11. Jessie
    Jan 15, 2023

    Terrible Marketing “Plan”

    As a website, it’s fine: clean and professional, but the price tag is enormous. The marketing—the plan to have them market for you and to help you grow—flat-out doesn’t work. I gained not a single new follower with them after almost a year. On my own, I’m able to get followers, but the process is slow. They provide nothing that works outside of what we know already works: steady artwork posted regularly. But their marketing posts were annoying, old-fashioned, and sometimes horrible with grammar mistakes, poor taste, etc. I signed up because I didn’t have time to do things myself, but I basically threw my money down the drain with ASF doing any marketing for me. The staff members are super friendly, but the results are in the toilet. I would recommend doing things yourself and saving the money. If you have no idea how to put together a website, then maybe this would work for you. But I basically paid for them to do it and ended up doing or re-doing 95% of it. I highly regret signing up with them.

  12. Jacob Pritchett
    Dec 20, 2022

    Don't waste your time or money

    As a print provider associated with ASF for over two years, being able to affirm that it was an inefficient use of money and time, ASF did not provide the promises they made, and there was no communication with their clients who had concerns about their investments. After I had canceled my membership, they went to the extent of removing any evidence of the material I had contributed to their forum. What's the lowest that a business can go? Sign up for Art Storefronts and find out!

  13. Adam Massey
    Dec 17, 2022

    I'm impressed.

    The response times were quick and efficient, especially when orders were made during Black Friday and immediately pre-Christmas. Despite the minor printing issue with the mug, I was satisfied with the merchandise I received. You quickly fixed this. I'm impressed.

  14. Dolores Barton
    Dec 15, 2022

    The correct location

    The reason why someone might not have the necessary tools and be in a position to have the best chance to succeed is due to insufficient professional and top-of-the-line support and guidance from these individuals. Rarely do you see someone willing to go above the boundaries of what is required? If you're ready to be committed to your goals, then you're in the correct location.

  15. Zoey Koch
    Dec 14, 2022

    I'm still working through the first steps

    I'm still working through the first steps. My website is now online, which means I feel pressure to start going...that can cause me to become overwhelmed and get bogged down sometimes. May my Concierge come to my rescue! She helped me to make sense of and prioritize the tasks I needed to accomplish. I am back on track...

  16. Maria Delgadillo
    Dec 10, 2022

    This is the only company that does this.

    I was stymied trying to make my website operational. It seemed like a lot. Then I received an email from Jason inviting me to use their services at a substantial discount. The fact that someone cares about my progress as an artist is my world. I know they will be there to guide me through the steps. This is the only company that does this.

  17. Peter Friedrich
    Dec 6, 2022

    They're very efficient and have always solved my problems

    Hello, I am amazed by how ASF can be AVAILABLE to help you when you're stuck. They're very efficient and have always solved my problems. I am confident that I can connect via live chat to receive the required assistance. There is a lot I need to learn, but with the help of Art Storefronts, I am confident I'll get the information I require.

  18. Charles Goodson
    Dec 1, 2022

    It's not recommended.

    Great for companies that generate an income, but not ideal for account holders who are hobbyists. After six years as their customer, they will not negotiate a fair annual cost. Particularly if you're not in the US and your currency is twice the price.

    I advise you to be sure that you're not going to pay the overpriced fee before signing the fine print. At first, it's excellent marketing and is a good idea to have your work showcased here,e but as time goes by and you're looking to reduce or downgrade your cost,s then it's not recommended.

    Additionally, they'll send numerous emails you've likely never read that you've signed up to receive when you signed up. It's hard to understand why they wouldn't be willing to discuss negotiations with an existing customer for six years. Not just six weeks, butsix6 long years. It's pretty moronic.

  19. Steve Marsh
    Oct 21, 2022

    The price is high

    The price is high, and the functionality is not great. Many platforms make more straightforward templates and set-ups to achieve the same task. I did not go live. Therefore, I didn't utilize their service. But they've been unable to reimburse me for my purchase. I had to bring my complaint before the company that issued my credit card. They were able to fight against it. This supposed-to-be successful business that invites you into its "family" refuses to do justice to its customers and will not refund any money. This isn't a good thing for business.

  20. Sonia Willems
    Jun 3, 2022

    Gentle manner of consulting

    The tech staff member, Asja, provided excellent assistance with designing and setting up my brand new website.

    She was efficient and patient and was able to react quickly to technical inquiries regarding variables in the system.

    She was able to provide hands-on advice in numerous areas of operation and also referred me to the marketing team in the event of a need.

    She was a great partner in defining the nuances of the size of my files, media shipping costs, and the pricing for my work.

    She was consistently kind and patient as I progressed on the ladder of learning.

    I am very grateful for her knowledge of technical systems and her gentle manner of consulting.

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