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27 Reviews on Business Skies

  1. Nadine Rosenfeld Waldbaum
    1 rating
    Nov 1, 2023

    Terrible service

    Terrible review. Non responsive after my initial booking. Not clear or transparent about anything and extremely unhelpful staff

  2. J P
    1 rating
    Oct 24, 2023


    I would give them -5 stars if I had a choice. I never got my refund back for canceling a booking. They said it would take 2-3 months. It has been 16 months and I am still waiting. They don't answer my calls or reply back to my emails and voicemails.

  3. Rohit
    2 rating
    Oct 12, 2023


    I booked my ticket through Business Skies. They made me transfer 192,000 points to a random account which they are legally not allowed to do it. I was not aware of it but now that I have read about it, it is not legal to do that. They charged me an additional $1716.32 saying that the partial ticket was booked using miles and remaining ticket with cash. That was not the case. Unfortunately I could not travel and had to cancel the ticket. They never used miles to book the ticket. I asked them to refund me the miles in my Aeroplan account but they never did that and never even used the miles to book the ticket. Hence Air Canada said they cannot refund the miles as they never used it to book the ticket. Legally they are not allowed to transfer miles from credit card.

    DO NOT BOOK WITH THEM. If it has happened with someone, file a complaint in US department of transportation and they will take strict action against them.

  4. Ann
    1 rating
    Jul 17, 2023

    Outrageous fee, no revelation up front, and does not answer phone

    While booking a flight with Delta online, an Eric Zimmerman came online to help. I assumed he was responding to my "help" request from Delta and was a Delta employee. He later acknowledged he was a private agent. He helped me finish my booking. When I received my credit card charges online, I noticed $6000+ to Delta, and $1700+ to Business Skies. That is the outrageous charge. part. Even if he did provide some assistance, it was not worth that amount of money. I left a message to call me, and when he didn't, I called him. Someone picked up the phone, then hung up immediately. I called again, and the same thing happened. When I tried to use my phone for another call, I could not access a free line, I just got loud beeps.

  5. Dora Amdur
    1 rating
    May 30, 2023

    Beyond disappointing

    5/23/23 Good luck trying to get service once you paid for tickets. I need help and have requested help several times. Mario just doesn’t respond. He replaced an equally unhelpful agent.

    5/30/23 The nightmare continues. No service. Flight only two weeks away. Gabriel replaced Mario, but still no help. Beyond disappointing. The worst way to conduct business.

  6. Ashley Lynch
    5 rating
    May 8, 2023

    An absolute satisfaction

    I've used Business Skies twice so far; it was an absolute satisfaction both times. Aiden was fantastic each time. He was able to accommodate my needs each time. I'll call his number for future trips.

  7. Alexis Toes
    1 rating
    Apr 15, 2023

    Not a good idea

    It is not a good idea to treat loyal customers like thieves! The salesperson charged me $2.34 to test my credit card to avoid fraud. In his own words, the salesman told me this method I used the last time I made a reservation through this particular company. It is not fair to complain about this specific step of the booking process. What I am asking is, why should we perform this each time? In particular, for repeat clients? If you violate me, I'll relocate my business to another place!

  8. Stacey Roberta Barnes
    1 rating
    Mar 28, 2023

    No response

    I reached out to them on their website, gave them lots of details, they sent me a confirmation letter and some further questions. Poof, radio silence. Even though they say they will be right in touch, gone, nothing, nada! This was going to be a good test to see if theyncould handle a 6 flight deal. oh well, on to hunt for some other company.

  9. Allen Tiffany
    5 rating
    Jan 24, 2023

    Excellent service

    This was the first time that I'd worked with this company. Tony Lambert, my agent, was a pleasure to work with. He was very patient with me in finding the most efficient route and price for a difficult trip. Superior to the other travel agency I've used before. I haven't been to the airport yet, but so far, excellent service.

  10. Jane Theoodoulou
    2 rating
    Dec 14, 2022

    Very unhappy.

    The salesperson was excellent. The salesperson was great. I booked two business class flights for two persons - from Barcelona, both from and to Barcelona and LAX. The first was operated via Swiss Air. My chair was broken! I was unable to lie down flat. Another was when I got home by Air Canada (from LHR). The entire business class was hurt! There was no audio, video, or even chair movement. The business class was not equipped with electricity. Very unhappy. I realize that this is only the booking agency. However, airline companies (Swiss air and Canada air) were a disaster. In the amount I spent, I received the equivalent of a coach at the side of the aircraft.

  11. Stephen Winham
    5 rating
    Dec 14, 2022

    Excellent customer service.

    Excellent customer service. Ben Davis took care of me like a member of the family. For the first time in my life, I was taken care of with a personal touch. My experience was truly incredible. I highly recommend Ben Davis and his company.

  12. Victor Franks
    5 rating
    Dec 1, 2022

    Olaf was extremely helpful

    Olaf was accommodating in coming up with many options. He came up with precisely what we wanted. He helped us save cash by using air miles to pay for the initial leg of our journey. The cost was very reasonable!

  13. Susanna Wiles
    5 rating
    Nov 28, 2022

    I had a great overall experience using Business Skies

    I had a great overall experience using Business Skies. It was not a case of endless phone calls; I was faced with trying to purchase tickets with other companies prior. I received my ticket via email within the hour after providing my credit card to make the purchase. Tony was professional when he answered all my concerns and questions. I will continue to use Business Skies in the future.

  14. Simon Gray
    5 rating
    Nov 19, 2022

    He kept in contact during the whole process

    We were dissatisfied that after we had agreed to a price, it was not on the table, but an alternative was. Our representative Daniel did his best to get it to the level we desired and got it there. He kept in contact during the whole process.

  15. Victoria Jones
    2 rating
    Nov 1, 2022

    I wouldn't recommend using business-skies.

    I contacted the firm because I and my family, including six people, were headed to Europe for a cruise and needed to fly from Hawaii. We talked with Tony, who was a helpful and friendly person. Then, we immediately came across a good route because it's not easy to travel from Hawaii. The cost was more expensive, but we believed it was a possibility. I applied for the credit card transaction and was informed that in 5 hours, it would be verified. After one and a half a day, it was not confirmed, and I was told we could no longer obtain it. Even though, during this time, I had scheduled another flight for flights with shorter connections within Europe. This threw us up.

    However, we stayed with Tony as we worked together over the week until we found an itinerary that worked. While working with him, other air brokers I collaborated with had better pricing options, but I stuck with Tony. However, we eventually discovered a suitable itinerary with Tony, with a price of 500 extra per individual (nearly $30k in tickets for six of us). I asked for help regarding trip insurance or other methods to reduce costs, but they refused. Even when they charge it to your credit cards, you can see the amount significant any is making in profit that much. I'm grateful for the work Tony put into this, but I wouldn't recommend using business-skies.

    1. Hany Soni
      Jan 24, 2023

      Very disappointing customer service

      Business skies representative booked one leg of my journey in economy class. Upon asking about it, they said business class was not available. We checked with them about baggage allowance. They assured us of no extra charge. Still airline charged us for extra baggage. Business skies representative asked us the receipts for reimbursement which we sent them. Now no one responds to our emails or phone calls.

  16. Kerry Freeman
    5 rating
    Oct 21, 2022

    Nick Coleman was great

    Nick Coleman was great. He was highly attentive, and. he did not seem to be most patient with my indecisiveness. I must admit that after I paid the company over $4000 for a round-trip ticket in South Africa, I checked their website. It was the inconsistent references that resulted in numerous nights of the night of sleepless nights. However, after contacting my airline, I was happy to find it. That I actually, in fact. have confirmed. It confirmed. and fully. I Paid for the flight. I'm sorry for those who have had bad experiences with Business Skies. My experience couldn't be better.

  17. Sally wakeman
    1 rating
    Oct 3, 2022

    Terrible company - no customer service and lost huge amount of our money

    I'm not sure if this company is made up of 2 guys sitting in a garage, but it feels like it. We purchased 4 business class tickets with them which we needed to reschedule after COVID prevented us from traveling to India. I tried rescheduling our tickets which were supposedly good for 24 months, over 4 months ago, and initially when I tried to reach my first agent, I never heard back (supposedly he now runs the company, but no one answers his line). Then another agent, Steve Bennett, took over. He continually said he will work on our bookings and get back to us in a couple days, but I never heard anything other than excuses, and we are now out over $10,000!!!!! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.

  18. Andrew Wright
    5 rating
    Sep 21, 2022

    Reliable customer service

    I had the pleasure of working on a project with Tom Mount. He was very professional and gave me the most suitable option for my class tickets. I had to alter my flight dates three or four times before he found an acceptable price within my budget. Reliable customer service. From now on, I'll only contact Tom to discuss travel issues. Five stars to Tom.

  19. Hannen power
    1 rating
    Sep 20, 2022

    Don't book through Worst one!

    Don't book through Business-Skies They completely robbed us of our money, it's been going on since June of 2020, and until now, nobody has responded, and customer service is the worst! I tried to contact them numerous times, but they never even answered me. I'm very disappointed in this company. They don't know about corona regulations!

    They booked us a plane ticket with the knowledge that we couldn't travel to Germany and that we had to cancel at a considerable advance because of corona restrictions! They took 4000$ from us, and they refunded 140$. Then they have yet to pay us back!

    Do you believe it? We can't even take the ticket to an alternative distention. It's a shame! If you want to be robbed, you should deal with this business! I waited too long and exerted a lot of effort trying to fix the problem before I wrote the review! And I will go beyond the previous one.

  20. Travis
    1 rating
    Sep 20, 2022

    Business-Skies Review

    I found the business skies services horrible and unable to meet customers' requests. They ignored a lot of requests to help me with the flight's rates and whatnot.

    The cheaper flight rates with other online apps and these business services are delayed, and you can't reach customer support! I'd instead not have to deal with this company.

    It's been over 9 hours since I've been trying to reach customer service... Three days to make a reservation... but I'm still unable to get the money I paid back??

  21. Kevin Gun
    1 rating
    Sep 18, 2022

    Business Skies Service is terrible.

    They couldn’t change my return flight back to California. Johnny asked me to forget about the original ticket and advised me to book a one-way ticket to return! He called me several times, asking me to delete my bad reviews.

    I lost around $1500 dealing with this company. They don’t have competitive rates compared to other online applications.

  22. Jumana
    1 rating
    Jul 25, 2022

    Zero customer service

    Zero customer service

  23. Jumana
    1 rating
    Jul 25, 2022

    24 hours to reach out to customer service

    Jacob: hung up on me because I wrote a bad review earlier and gave them 1 star!
    I paid the extra money they asked for just to cut it short. It's been half an hour and I still didn't get the confirmation! what kind of system are they using? why all the delay? I am afraid they will call me in an hour asking for additional money! other online platforms had the same tickets for less.
    It's been an hour since I made the last payment but still didn't get the confirmation.

  24. Jumana
    1 rating
    Jul 25, 2022

    Terrible service

    Trying to get hold of customer service since yesterday to solve my issue but all in vain.. no one return my calls or respond to my emails. . Person in charge refused to connect me with his supervisor.
    Tickets prices they offer are higher than other that are available online.
    I have money held at their account and I don’t know who should be held accountable?!
    I literally have spent 4 days trying to find a reasonable ticket !

  25. Robert Lettman
    5 rating
    Jul 23, 2022

    We'd definitely recommend them again

    We have just returned from Spain and used Business Skies to purchase discounted tickets. We saved quite a bit of money, and as soon as we bought the tickets using our credit card, we could view the itinerary of our flight on our United Airlines accounts online.

    We could alter our seats and get updates from the airline in the same way we had purchased tickets for ourselves. The company is trustworthy, and we'd recommend them again.

  26. Roxana Gionti
    4 rating
    Jul 12, 2022

    Overall, a good experience

    First time purchasing consolidator tickets. Jordan did an excellent job. I did notice that the cost was slightly higher than the initial estimate. I was also told that I did not need to pay for seating, but this is an error. Overall, a good experience.

  27. Karim Kleiber
    5 rating
    May 25, 2022

    Great deals

    After searching Google for European business class flights, I came across the Business Skies website.

    After submitting my information, I received a call from Business skies. Gabriel White called me on my best day and helped me get great deals.

    Gabriel White, Business Skies representative, is an excellent help to me. I would rate him five stars plus. Gabriel, you are the best!

    This company will be my go-to for all of my travel needs. Gabriel, if possible, I would recommend them to my friends.

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