What Are Pre-Designed Engagement Rings? 

Monday, April 8, 2024

The idea of pre-designed engagement rings is not a new one, because rings as an ornament and as a symbol of fidelity have been around for centuries with some amazing history behind them. Just to give you a snippet of history, during 16th-century England, posie rings were trending as a form of engagement rings which were carved with short love poems and were given in the same way as a pre-designed engagement ring. 

The phrase “promise ring” became popular around 1970, with a similar meaning to a pre-designed engagement ring, and the custom of gifting a ring during a proposal or to profess your feelings continues to this day. 

History of engagement rings? 

The custom of exchanging rings between couples since the beginning of time has always been seen as a sign of commitment and a promise of forever. However, the recent trend of couples opting for pre-designed or pre-set engagement rings has emerged, and it is a trend that has been embraced by couples of all ages, which might have sparked a debate on whether pre-designed engagement rings are here to stay or just a fad. 

However, the practice of exchanging rings to express commitment dates back to ancient times, when they were constructed of minimal materials such as braided grass or reeds. In ancient Egypt, engagement rings were constructed of precious metals with elaborate patterns. 

During the ancient Greek and Roman culture rings were also exchanged, to symbolize the partnership between the couple. The term engagement ring, as we know it now, was first emerged during the Middle Age. The modern rings are frequently embellished with diamonds or symbols commemorating a couple’s wedding or engagement.

What are pre-designed engagement rings?

You might wonder what we are referring to when we mention pre-designed rings.  A pre-designed engagement ring is a style in which the ring has already been designed. These rings are the perfect choice for those who are looking for beautiful rings and don’t want to wait to customize and select every single aspect of their desired engagement ring. 

Well, to simply explain this to you, these rings are the ones that are pre-designed with the diamonds, and the setting has already been selected for the ring. The only thing that you have to do is just go and buy them.

Which style is the best for pre-designed ring? 

If you can’t decide on what would be the best option, we recommend classic solitaire rings since they are a timeless choice for individuals who can’t settle on a style. If you prefer additional glitter in your engagement ring, we recommend a halo-style engagement ring. These rings just allow the center stone to show all of its beauty. 

But wait, if you have a soft spot for rings with a vintage flare, we recommend pre-set vintage-inspired engagement rings, which are the ideal choice for you. If you are in search for a website to shop for pre-designed engagement rings, then you are in luck. 

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Friendly Diamonds
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