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114 Reviews

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Is Dazzling Cleaning legit?

Dazzling Cleaning has 114 reviews on 99consumer.com, with an average rating of 1.2 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are dissatisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, caution is advised when considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach Dazzling Cleaning customer care?

You can contact Dazzling Cleaning customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at (833) 450-1848

Where is Dazzling Cleaning located?

Dazzling Cleaning is located at address Austin, TX 78701, United States.

114 Reviews on Dazzling Cleaning

  1. Joan
    1 rating

    One star is a gift

    Mar 20, 2023

    What a joke they lower you and with their $39 cleaning and then want to charge you $200 a month if you want to cancel I had an additional charge three days later for $49. They keep on sending me these automated emails. These “cleaners” or at least the one I had was a joke save your money.

    1. Danielle

      Absolutely a scam

      Apr 20, 2023

      As all the others are saying... they will charge you for nothing and never let you go after you get that first nightmare, I mean, cleaning. Stay away!!!

  2. Dhekra
    1 rating

    I clean better !

    Mar 19, 2023

    They suggested a male cleaner. I was a bit concerned but I thought man are strong I’m sure he’ll clean better than a woman. The guy literally laughed at me when I told him about the laundry which was a service I asked for so paid for. I spent the rest of the time waiting for him to leave . From then he sounded like a criminal in my house that I wanted to get rid of. I tipped him 20 still and he left a semi clean house not looking neither smelling different. I had to finish up. The more annoying fact is that once you want to cancel those robotic emails that they call customer service starts playing games to keep you pay . So sneaky I had the experience with Justfab before and I know the technique. Though I don’t care now I have an email so if another dime is charged, I’m blocking from the bank !!! Scammers it’s just a simple service (cleaning) that I don’t know how they found a way to mess it up! Better find someone nice and who you trust to come work in your home not scammers !!!!

  3. Sundus Khan
    1 rating

    Very poor and scammy service

    Mar 19, 2023

    This is such a pathetic service. They have unprofessional cleaners who are not trained and almost always ask for reschedule at the last minute. On top it, their business model is super shady. On their home page they no where mention that early subscription cancellation costs you $200. And because of this reason I’m stuck with this shitty company for 6 months, giving them money monthly and not being able to avail any service because their cleaner cancel at last minute. Sick and tired of scammy company.

    1. Bill
      Apr 18, 2023

      Cancel your credit card you used with them so they can not continue charging you.

  4. Sean Carter
    1 rating

    Don’t EVER use Dazzling Cleaning

    Mar 17, 2023

    I had my cleaning service on Wednesday March 15th at 10:30am with Dominique. Dominque was earlier than the appointment time which wasn’t an issue. She was finished with her cleaning and left at 3:00pm I’ve had a cleaning service that I used for about a year prior to booking with Dazzling Cleaning, so I had expectations of what I was expecting my cleaning service experience to be like. This was not it at all. I’m not as disappointed in Dominique’s ability, but rather the inconsistency of the customer service from your company.

    I originally tried to find out why I was charged 3 different separate charges ($49, $50, & $7.50). I realized that the $49 was for a membership fee which I tried to get refunded because I was under the impression that I was only suppose to be charged $57 for a 5 hour cleaning which I didn’t even receive a 5 hour cleaning. After having difficulty only trying to receive the $49 charge and not being 100% satisfied, I wanted to just cancel everything and be done with Dazzling Cleaning all together. In resulting of doing so I was then charged another $212!!

    Not to discredit Dominique by any means. But I did not even receive $269 worth of any cleaning what so ever! Nonetheless, now I’ve been charged $318.75 for 1 cleaning. This is utterly ridiculous and even more disappointing in the lack of customer satisfaction which is clearly stated on your website that the guest satisfaction is guaranteed. I am beyond frustrated at this point and I demand to be refunded!

  5. Karan
    1 rating

    The worst ever

    Mar 15, 2023

    Believe all the reviews given here. This company is a scam. Their cleaners are not real and their vouchers are a way to get you stuck in a minimum 6 months deal.

  6. Rhonda
    1 rating

    Rip off

    Mar 7, 2023

    This has got to be the worst cleaning I’ve ever gotten. They sent a 20 year old boy who was new and never cleaned a house before. No cleaning supplies. No help or training. All by himself. I had to literally walk him through everything and show him how to clean. It was awful. They had a special first cleaning for $19/3 hours of cleaning. Then I happened to look at my credit card and saw that they had taken the $19 then another $49. I tried calling them and the number is no good. Hmm. I got scammed. Ugh!

    1. Bill


      Apr 18, 2023

      Cancel your credit card or they will continue to charge you monthly

  7. RR
    1 rating


    Mar 1, 2023

    This shady company is screaming loudly as a SCAM!!! Too bad they just stole money from my credit card as well. I was allured to try their low price first cleaning for $29. What I did not know is it's heavily false advertising online to rip off new customers. Customer service is barely existed. Only 1 person named Emma to reply email. That is the only customer service/email. I experienced multiple continuous last minute cancellations of service, no shows and terrible job! It's just too exhausting to deal with this company! Finally a crook cleaner came in 90 minutes late with no tools or supplies. She does't know how to do any cleaning or done any! She was just sitting on my couch watching videos on her mobile. She left me the same dirty apartment as before. When I complained, I was asked to show video as proof. No refund was given. This is the worst nightmare I had to deal with. It wasted me so much time! Back and forth over 20 emails with custome service. I ended up doing all cleaning by myself. I realized even I was offered some coupons, I don't want to use this disgusting service EVER just to save myself from headache! But before I knew, I was already signed up to a membership fee $49/month. I was never made known to this or agreed! If I choose to cancel, there is $150 penalty fee. what the hell! Stay away this sh_tty company by all means, even they offer you FREE cleaning. No free only headache and waste of time! The headache they bring is way bigger than zero job they will do. They will steal your credit card without any of your consent! I highly doubt they vetted any of the cleaners at all! DazzlingClean and Homeaglow is the same company. It takes turn to charge the card. Please note: Trustpilot was notified by the merchant to take down my honest bad review. I believe many other honest customers' bad reviews are also taken down the same way. That's how it remain 4+ . Be aware. Definitely a scammer. Too many tiktok videos exposed it. Ready to put up a huge fight to get your money back!

  8. Bashka Kucharska
    1 rating


    Feb 23, 2023

    This company is a SCAM! Avoid it at all cost! We scheduled a house cleaning, the "cleaning person" arrived late, didn't clean at all, went through all my personal items in all the cabinets!!! To top it off, he was taking breaks every 15 minutes to smoke and talk to his girlfriend. And then we were charged $300 for the "cleaning" and canceling their services. This company is a joke! The worst experience ever. I wish I did a better research beforehand.

  9. Jo Anne Burnside
    1 rating

    I fell for it!

    Feb 22, 2023

    I am almost 70 yrs old and disabled. Cleaning is a challenge and needed help. I used my Debit card and paid $19.00 for voucher. Followed all instructions and when I came to enter debit card info again( it explained needed info again to complete processing and confir appnt. When I entered to my surprise it wouldn't accept my payment. why not? My card was accepted for $19.00payment. Called several times leaving messages but no returned call back The web site takes you every where but customer service. I kept digging deeper until I found a page where I could send email. Hmph we will see what response I get if any

  10. Saundra Saldana
    1 rating

    Scam: it’s Not What You Think

    Feb 20, 2023

    After purchasing the voucher for 7 hours of cleaning I cancelled all other appointments because I was dissatisfied. Three months later I realized that I was being charged $49 a month for membership. I wrote to them asked them not to charge me again and was charged an additional $209 to cancel my membership which I didn’t know I had. Yes, I paid over $450 for one cleaning that I was dissatisfied with. This is absolutely awful!!!! I wish I had checked out the reviews first with the Better Business Bureau. Don’t trust them! I checked one star because I couldn’t check zero.

  11. Mrs. Fisher
    1 rating


    Feb 19, 2023

    This place is horrible. I signed up with them and apparently it was through a membership they were charging my card without my knowledge and without letting me know. And when I asked for them to get out of the membership they told me that I would still be charged and that I had agreed so I continued with the service I didn't see any problem with using it I mean everyone's house needs to be cleaned. However whenever I was scheduled a cleaning for a specific time and date which they would actually choose I didn't even have the option I just got a window of time to choose from so the cleaner would choose and then they would cancel on the same day. That left me in a very bad situation a couple of times. I'm writing this right now because this is the 2nd time and I am seriously disappointed ! Do not use this company you will regret it!

  12. Lana
    1 rating

    The Worst!

    Feb 19, 2023

    if I could give a Zero review I would. They come 2 hours late and use your cleaning supplies. They don’t call when they’re late and when they are they don’t apologize. Not impressed and will not use them again.

    1. Bill

      Cancel immediately

      Apr 18, 2023

      Cancel the credit card you used when signing up with them or you will continue to be charged monthly

  13. Afton Nielsen
    1 rating

    Complete FRAUD COMPANY

    Feb 18, 2023

    This “company” has been beyond emotionally draining. They want to charged all these membership fees for services never provided. $200 for nothing. It’s impossible to get any customer service support. This has been the most frustrating, exhausting, 4 month and ongoing nightmare
    DO NOT EVEN CLICK ON THEIR LINK. ITS ALL A SCAM. I can’t even believe they are legally allowed to take anyone’s money

    1. Saundra Saldana

      Scam: it’s Not What You Think

      Feb 20, 2023

      After purchasing the voucher for 7 hours of cleaning I cancelled all other appointments because I was dissatisfied. Three months later I realized that I was being charged $49 a month for membership. I wrote to them asked them not to charge me again and was charged an additional $209 to cancel my membership which I didn’t know I had. Yes, I paid over $450 for one cleaning that I was dissatisfied with. This is absolutely awful!!!! I wish I had checked out the reviews first with the Better Business Bureau. Don’t trust them! I checked one star because I couldn’t check zero.

  14. Marcie
    1 rating

    Don’t fall for their lies

    Feb 18, 2023

    This company offers a voucher but it’s really a hidden agreement for a membership with their company. The first cleaner didn’t show up. The second cleaner canceled her appointment with me, but then showed up on my doorstep and said everything was fine but then sent me a text afterwards telling me I had to pay her directly and it was twice as much money as I would’ve paid. The second cleaner also didn’t show up when I try to complain to the company there is no phone number to talk to, and they just rescheduled me for a day that I was not available and when I went in there and canceled it, they charged me a cancellation fee. Then I get an email that they are charging me a monthly fee for a membership and if I cancel it there is a huge cancellation fee. I am quite horrified with this company. I’ve had to have a clean house but yet they have charged me all this money I am convinced it’s some guy in a basement figure out plans on how to create fraud.


  15. Claudia Barrios
    1 rating

    Not a real business

    Feb 15, 2023

    This business uses false advertisement and misleading language to collect your credit card information, which is later used to charge you a membership fee you never agreed to. There is no phone number, and the chat feature does not work. I was only able to communicate via email.
    Once you buy the "Voucher," you cannot cancel any services. Only reschedule the cleaning dates and the number of hours. I called them to ask for a breakdown of benefits because the charges I received did not make sense. I was informed that I had entered a "membership" that I could not cancel before August without incurring $180 additional fees.
    Their business model is you pay $49 in a membership fee that you did not agree to pay, in addition to the cleaning fee of the person who comes to clean your home. So for a one-time cleaning, you end up paying $180,
    They use the term unlimited, which is improper because you have to pay for each visit.

  16. Dee
    1 rating


    Feb 9, 2023

    Dazzle Cleaners, Inc. with fraudulent and thief membership practices. DO NOT/DON'T get swayed by their ads. After booking a house cleaner, on the day of the appointment, the cleaner called an hour before the appointment to say ForeverClean had overbooked them and, therefore, they would have to cancel. I responded that this was an incorrect communication and they needed to direct this to ForeverClean.

    In addition, ForeverClean has horrible customer service with endless cleaner options. It was/is easy to go to a competitor and never book from ForeverClean via Dazzle Cleaners, Inc. again. Plus, we hope you don't waste your time and money working with ForeverClean via Dazzle Cleaners, Inc.

  17. Renee
    1 rating

    NOT dazzling at all

    Feb 9, 2023

    Dazzling Cleaning is not dazzling at all. It's a scam and they are actual CROOKS. They don’t make it clear that this is a membership-based service at sign up. Cleaners are not trained, the scarce few that have high reviews are not able to be booked, & cust servc takes 3-4 days to reply.
    A total rip-off! Be attentive to their reviews! Only reviews that are not with small words that the company pays for are excellent. Other sites similar have only one star for over 350! This is the lowest rating you can give a lead. I’ll need to launch an additional campaign to come out ahead of them to inform the world that the exact algorithm is targeting them. They’re horrible!

  18. Deedee
    1 rating

    Run don't walk ...

    Feb 9, 2023

    Dazzling Cleaning is not dazzling at all. It's a scam and they are actual CROOKS. They don’t make it clear that this is a membership-based service at sign up. Cleaners are not trained, the scarce few that have high reviews are not able to be booked, & cust servc takes 3-4 days to reply.

  19. Disgusted Customer
    1 rating


    Feb 6, 2023

    They don't make it clear that this is a membership-based service at sign up. Cleaners are not trained, the scarce few that have high reviews are not able to be booked, & cust servc takes 3-4 days to reply
    Here's their reply to the above & my request to cancel
    I understand you want to cancel your ForeverClean because of several reasons. Allow me to address them one by one.

    1. I'm sorry cleaner Ceasar's cleaning didn't meet your expectations. Part of Dazzling Cleaning's Resolution Process gives you the right to request a partial or full refund from Ceasar up to 72 hours after your appointment. Unfortunately, that time has passed.

    Based on our standard payment procedure, we processed payment to Ceasar once the work was completed for your appointment. And because of his rights as Independent Contractor, we cannot mandate a refund without his consent.

    Because Cleaners on the Dazzling Cleaning platform depend on good reviews for clients, he may still offer a partial refund to you when you leave a review. Not only will this help document your side of the dispute, it will also allow future customers to take your experience into account when choosing their cleaner. You may update or leave your review here:
    Rest assured that we are striving to improve customer experience by proactively overseeing the performance and reliability of Independent Contractors. Please know that Ceasar was penalized accordingly, this is aside from being blocked from claiming your future requests.

    2. I understand you had a hard time reaching Customer Support and I apologize for that. Our system is designed to ensure that you can reach your cleaner by phone at any time. As soon as your cleaner is confirmed, their phone number will appear on your dashboard. We encourage you to reach out to them from your dashboard for any instructions or clarifications on your appointment. This ensures a clearer line of communication with your cleaner.

    In addition, customer service is always here to take care of your needs 7 days a week, while we don't offer phone-based customer support at this time rest assured that we are here to help via email and text 24/7.

    3. Dazzling Cleaning offers a variety of ForeverClean vouchers, so I've double-checked which voucher you purchased.

    Based on your account history:
    On January 13, 2023 12:37PM EST, you purchased a 3 hour voucher, which included a ForeverClean Membership.
    On January 16, 2023 11AM EST, you got your first cleaning with Ceasar & your ForeverClean Membership started.

    I'm sorry if you may have missed the terms, but the ForeverClean you purchased is a membership program intended for customers who want multiple cleanings.

    For your reference, Ive attached copies of each of the 4 steps you went through when you purchased your ForeverClean membership deal. Ive confirmed that all of the terms and conditions of the membership and the voucher were readily presented to you on the website prior to your purchase.

    ForeverClean is a membership that gives you unlimited cleanings starting at just $36 for 2 hrs (a $60 savings). Learn More:

    Your membership can be canceled anytime online under the Foreverclean option on your dashboard or by contacting support. However, canceling before the 6-paid month commitment term is completed will result in a First Service Discount Adjustment, which is your first cleaning being charged at full price per your agreed terms at purchase found on , and in our Terms of Service & Help Center. (on Jan 16 for $135.35)

    While I do understand the reason for your request, due to your membership terms, I apologize but I cannot cancel without you being charged the First Service Discount Adjustment.

    But because we value your membership, I have made these adjustments to your account:

    * I've upgraded the credits in your account into a 2-hour of FREE CLEANING voucher that will automatically apply to your next appointment.

    * I've reduced your ForeverClean membership fee to make it more affordable from $49 to $36.75/mo (A permanent discount!)

    * I've issued a free month so you're enjoying your ForeverClean discount totally free through March 16, 2023!

    I hope this is a better fit for you to keep your membership and that you will give us another chance to make things right for you.

    Here are 3 cleaners we recommend in Fayetteville:
    Crystal H
    - Has a 5.0 stars rating
    - Current availability makes for easy rebooking

    Carolina S
    - Current availability makes for easy rebooking

    Cassandra M
    - Current availability makes for easy rebooking

    - Emma, Dazzling Cleaning HQ

  20. Seth Harcrow
    1 rating

    Refused to give me a refund after over-charging me

    Feb 4, 2023

    The absolute WORST. They reel you in with the $9/2 hours cleanings but little do you know you are entering into pay them $150+ with the fine print "terms and conditions" that no one ever reads. It's not justifiable taking advantage of customers when people think they're getting something for $9 when in fact they're unknowingly signing up for something WAY more.

    The cleaners didn't even stay for 2 hours, they left way before and did a horrible job. Customer support wouldn't do anything at all they just kept repeating the same thing even though I said that I cancelled my membership before I was charged the full amount. They replied saying I just cancelled the cleaning, not the membership. Then continue to offer me more services. They find loopholes that you are unable to check and prove yourself so they can get your money in a dis-honest way. And by that time your blood is boiling with frustration, so this is me telling you now, RUN AWAY.

    1. Bill


      Apr 18, 2023

      Cancel the credit card you used to order their services or you will continue to be charged monthly.

  21. Alyssa Beach
    1 rating


    Feb 2, 2023

    The person or people running Dazzling Cleaning are criminals. After hiring them to clean once, I filed complaints with them about overcharging for the visit, and about damage to my property - including permanent damage - and said obviously I would not be continuing with their service. I also blocked them from charging my card (with my bank) and they have since continued to attempt to charge my card UNDER DIFFERENT ALIASES and addresses hoping I wouldn't notice!

    Charges have been disputed, but I want these people held accountable. There are thousands - literally thousands - of reviews of people ALL having the same experience with them. They claim offices in different cities (Chicago, some in Texas, New York), they only ever have ONE name signed on all emails (Someone allegedly named "Emma") and there are no phone numbers to call to resolve issues. Clearly they're a scam company, and they're literally stealing money for no services rendered.

    1. Tamerrika
      May 26, 2023

      I will join you for holding them accountable…I’m interested in starting a class action lawsuit there are enough complaints for an investigation to be launch. We can not continue to allow them to defraud customers.

  22. Bacho kevlishvili
    1 rating

    Thieves and scammers they will steal your money

    Feb 1, 2023

    It is just a scam… Do not do it unless you want to see unauthorized charges on your account. Service itself was okay but most important thing is that I bought one time cleaning but they would not let me finish process unless you say how often you want clean your house and you have to put the card on file. So I purchased 1 time cleaning with one card for one time ourchase and used the other one which was cenceled for leave it on file because I had to. 2 days later they charged my card which I did not have on file meaning that they keep information for your card and charging as they want… try to contact customer service and send them emails without having someone replying back. Guys they will steal your money STAY AWAY they are thieves

    1. Neique

      Bad service from a cleaning perspective

      Feb 13, 2023

      I didn't realize a lot of customers were having issues. cleaners also have isues with clients. I am a homeglow cleaner but I get a lot of customers from dazzle and dazzle does not have it set up where if a client cancels within 24 hours they will get charged a $20 fee for canceling after the 24-hour mark like homeahlow does. I service a lot of areas up to 40 miles which is equivalent to an hour away I don't mind taking that drive however there's been a couple of times where I'm almost at a destination and a client decides to cancel or want to reschedule. and half the time I can't reschedule because I'm booked for the next 3 weeks so I have to let another cleaner pick up the job. not only do I waste my time sometimes driving to some of these areas but I do not get paid anything from dazzle when a person canceled and I get penalized for canceling a job because a person decides not to answer the day of the appointment my account get deactivated for 24 hours and to get it back I have to wait 24 hours or I have to pay $20 fee to reactivate it when it wasn't even my fault for canceling I didn't cancel because I wanted to I canceled because the client was not responding to cancel it themselves and it's hard to get do another job with it up there.

  23. Ivan
    1 rating

    Don't do it! Save yourself!

    Jan 27, 2023

    Terrible experience. Misleading prices with required 6 month membership with monthly fees. FREQUENT cancelations by cleaners. Subpar cleaning. Cleaners frequently late. Customer service is terrible.

  24. Natasha Lusk
    1 rating

    Straight Thieves

    Jan 26, 2023

    If I could give this company less stars I would… I found the promotion on TikTok that they would clean for $19.00 so wanting to try something new I did. The cleaner lady barely got what I needed done and spent an hour just cleaning my oven alone. I still tipped her 20 because she did clean it well.
    I so happened to check my bank account and these fools drafted me for 30 dollars, then 49.99 TWICE!
    There is no customer service to call they don’t respond to help desk tickets I literally had to cancel my bank account because they will not stop charging me, mind you I’ve only had 1 cleaning!!!

  25. Jyotsna
    1 rating

    Below average satisfaction

    Jan 22, 2023

    Cleaners booked are not always reliable and punctual. Company needs to do a better job in maintaining the quality of service

  26. WKB
    1 rating

    Stay away....

    Jan 21, 2023

    Stay away: I would give it zero (0) stars if I could because, sadly, I, too, have found it to be a scam. Do not purchase any service from this company lest you want to have to fight to get your money back a short time later because they've kept none of the promises that they've made.

    Not only did the first cleaner cancel just hours before my first appointment, but then one was assigned to me on a day that I didn't request and then - surprise! - she never showed up, either. Maybe, just maybe, my experience is an anomaly, but, reading the other reviews, clearly it's not: I don't know if this is a real company that's completely incompetent or a nicely-dressed and -marketed scam that has taken advantage of too many folks, including me. Fool me once....

    1. Bill


      Apr 18, 2023

      Cancel the credit card you used to pay for their service immediately. They will continue charging you if you don’t

  27. Jaye Williams
    1 rating


    Jan 21, 2023

    They convince you to sign up for a membership that's saving you money. No 2hr clean costs a membership and $100. They're a racket! They charged me $92 for a 4hr cleaning but only paid the girl $60. And she has to buy her own cleaning supplies. So that's my $49 dollar membership every month plus the extra you don't pay the cleaners, and their hard earned money for products. Shame on you!!
    I canceled after 3 months and they still charged me the listed rate of my first clean... I thought it'd at least be prorated based off the 3 months of membership. And had to go through so many hoops on the app to cancel! No matter what, they make sure they get their money for doing nothing but being a cleaning person head hunter behind an app!

  28. Phoebe Walker
    1 rating

    A big disappointment

    Jan 21, 2023

    I have been trying to establish services with them since before Thanksgiving and must say out of more than 4 appointments set I have only had an actual cleaner show once and even but several hours late. I don't understand how you run a business whereas people except you job and then on the day of they are a no how, have excuses as to why they can't come, don't answer messages or provide anything to let you know they are not coming. This was a pointless venture and not worth the time, effort or stress put into this process. People should be held accountable and docked for not being professional and considerate of peoples time. I am more than upset and will never allow them to upset and disappoint me again.

  29. Erin R Wassum
    1 rating

    Fraudulent Cleaning Service

    Jan 21, 2023

    My initial thought was to try a new service to help with cleaning since I am a single mom and work full-time. Not only was I canceled on multiple times the first time I scheduled, but I had also planned to have my apartment cleaned for a particular weekend and guest. The service was not able to accommodate. I was also never informed at any point when I filled out my information online, and only discovered "the fine print" when I tried canceling the service. Dazzling Cleaning is a ploy that locks you into a cleaning service for 6-months and charges you full price without your knowledge if you decided the service is not right for you. It is illegal for a service to automatically enroll you in a monthly charge without your knowledge. Do not fall into this companies trap!!! DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE!!!!

    1. Yanicke
      Jan 21, 2023

      Omg !!! Can you help me! The same thing is happening to
      Me. My housekeeper looked like a crackhead no teeth. I purchased 8 hours and she cleaned for only 3 said she will return at 10am, no show. Now they want to charge me full price for cancellation. I didn’t even know I signed up for a membership and want to charge me full price for a cleaner who didn’t clean properly and was a no show the /bud, lying that she completed 8 hours when she only did 3. I’m so pushed! I’m going to cancel my credit cards.

  30. Kat T
    1 rating

    Complete scam

    Jan 20, 2023

    Complete scam, charges you a $200 fee which they cant decide is either an "early termination fee" for a membership that you never consented to or a "full price cleaning" despite having paid already for said cleaning. Avoid at all costs.

  31. Sisi ronke
    1 rating


    Jan 14, 2023

    This is a detailed review but trust me its worth it! Read the whole thing then decide if you want to use them or not.

    I hope you believe this real review over the fake marketing strategic reviews they have on their website.

    I am a victim of thier terrible service and dubious ways.
    Apparently once you click on thier trail, you get to lose on everyday! cause
    1- the service is bad
    2- you pay $49 monthly if you use or do not use thier service (even if you notify them that you dont need thier cleaner via thier calendar)
    3- once you click on trial you are automatically enrolled into thier membership, which you cannot cancel for free, you get charged $158 to cancel. they dont care if you hated tgier service or if thuer cleaners did not do as expected!
    4- you can't reach them, you call thier customer service (no response or call back) you try thier live chat, no response atall!

    This is based off my experience and the experience of my friend.

    Avoid them and Thank me later!

  32. Lydia Beckham
    1 rating

    Stay Away!

    Jan 9, 2023

    I had recommended this service until this week when I had an issue regarding a charge and attempted to resolve it with them. Their chatbot has been offline for quite some time, and they do not provide on their website any other means of reaching them.

    I was relegated to using a 3rd party consumer site to find the customer support number, though when I called, it went straight to voice mail. The recorded message promised to call me back within 2-3 business days. They have not called back. So I then had to find their email address, and the representative I corresponded with was unhelpful and very dismissive of my issues. I can no longer say this is a reputable company. After looking into their company, I see that they have a 1.3 stars with the Better Business Bureau, 1 with Yelp, and several other consumer sites have very negative reviews about this company.

    I will be finding a new cleaning service and warning everyone on all social media platforms about the poor practices of this company and the sub-par customer service it provides.

  33. Leslie
    1 rating

    What A Scam....

    Jan 5, 2023

    Although it isn't officially a scam, it has all the same earmarks. Rather than formally accepting terms and conditions, that aren't really visible until you enter all your information. They keep your debit/credit card information on file without your permission. Even though the service is not performed or acceptable, they do not let you cancel without outrageous charges that they automatically put on your debit/credit card without your permission.

  34. Christine Alfonso
    1 rating

    Run!! Scam!! Fraud!!!!

    Jan 5, 2023

    On November 20, 2022 I hired SCAM Dazzling Cleaning to clean my apartment. They had a deal for the first cleaning is $19 (I paid $24 to clean the refrigerator) YAASHIEK BENJAMIN the cleaner broke my glass shelf in my refrigerator and let the company know. I tried looking for a phone number to contact them and they had no phone number, no email address, their "help" section does not work. I had to search online for a whole day to finally get an email address to contact them through pissed customer. They kept charging my card with random amounts to my card and had to call my bank to issue me a new card, reimbursement for the other charges, but kept $24 that was owed to the company. Now, I found out that they automatically signed you up for a subscription and if you cancel you will be charged $224. I reached out via email on November 21, 2022 to let Emma at Dazzling of my broken shelf. They did not respond until November 24th and asked me to file a report and upload pictures which I did. On December 1, 2022 Sears came to give an estimate on the shelf which ended up being $251.55. I provided all of the receipts and they stated they filed with the claims department. I followed up on Monday December 12, 2022 and received an answer yesterday stating that I did not file within the 72 hour timeframe!!!. The cleaner YAASHIEK BENJAMIN has disconnected all of his numbers to contact as well but found his email and social media which I have contacted him which he has his own side business. I see this company now has an F with you (BBB), horrible reviews with Yelp and other sites. This company charges customers and some cleaners do not even show up. Nowhere on their website states you signup for a subscription. All I want is my money back that I paid for the repair of my refrigerator.

    The cleaner YAASHIEK BENJAMIN was very rude when I asked for my money back for my glass shelf that he broke, told me why didn't I clean my house myself and that I was a demon. I just had major multi-level cervical spinal fusion surgery and this was the first time I hired someone to clean my home as I could not move. This scam of a company keeps reaching out to me to hire them and to stop reporting them which I will not stop until I get my money back!

    [email protected] & [email protected]

  35. LIlly Bird
    1 rating

    Thieves and Liars

    Jan 4, 2023

    We hired a housekeeper through Dazzling Cleaning, which turns out to be a scam in and of itself. Laura arrived late with her teenage daughter to help clean. During the three hours they were in our house, my 17 year old son mentioned that his wallet was missing off of his desk. When I asked the cleaners if they had seen it or possibly moved it, they denied seeing or having it. She even said we could check her bag. Our video system captured her saying she forgot something in her car which is when we believe she hid the stolen wallet.

    My son is out $200 plus the hassle of replacing a learner's permit and debit card. Lesson learned on his part.

    Two days later, Laura was seen on video in the Family Dollar in League City using the stolen debit card.

    W have filed a report with HCSO. Do not let this woman in your house. Poor cleaning, overlooked items needing attention, and potentially theft await.

  36. Teresa
    1 rating


    Jan 3, 2023

    This is nothing more than a scam to trick people into a service they never wanted or signed up for. Sneaky, underhanded, and should be illegal!!!! DO NOT USE!

  37. Kev
    1 rating


    Dec 30, 2022

    I would recommend running the other way. Three times my appointments were rescheduled. We finally had an appointment yesterday and there she was a no-show. She wouldn’t answer her phone. There was no communication. They are not dependable. If you have an appointment they will inform you later no one is available, so they need to reschedule. One time they reschedule my mom for Christmas Eve. Oh ya, that was a great time, just perfect. I think three strikes is enough, they are fired, to many other companies that will follow through and want your business. I don’t recommend at all. Utah based. Fake 5 star reviews on their site.

  38. FK
    1 rating

    Buyer beware

    Dec 29, 2022

    I saw an advertisement on Youtube to try a cleaning service for $19.00 the first time. I signed up for the offer as I thought it was a great deal and to try a cleaning service and if I liked it I’d use them again. The clash that cleaned my apartment came and after she came I added a tip. Then I noticed a charge of $49.00 on my account. I contacted Dazzling cleaning service and they said I had signed up for a cleaning subscription service. I have emailed back and forth with the company to ask them
    to remove the charges as I was in no way aware that this was a subscription service. I do not need a cleaning subscription as I live in an apartment and would only use a cleaning service on special occasions. Instead of working with me and cancel the subscription as I clearly wasn’t not aware that this was a subscription they threatened that if I cancel they would charge me $109 full price subscription for a year. How can a business be so greedy. This is why Amazon was successful bcs they put the customers first.

  39. Jon
    1 rating

    Stole $300 from me

    Dec 26, 2022

    I signed up for a low-cost trial and it ended up costing me almost $300 for one apartment cleaning! They are a scam operation, just trying to get your money while you're not looking

  40. James
    1 rating

    Dazzling Cleaning is not a legit company.

    Dec 22, 2022

    Recently, I had the misfortune to hire Dazzling Cleaning for professional cleaning services for my house. I was attracted by their claims of superior cleaning services and eco-friendly products and methods. However, as it turned out, Dazzling Cleaning is a complete disappointment.

    Before I hired this company, I performed my due diligence and searched through Dazzling Cleaning reviews on the internet. It was disappointing to find an array of positive and negative reviews. I realized that every business has its number of dissatisfied and happy customers, and I thought I'd give Dazzling Cleaning a chance. Big mistake.

    From the beginning, my encounter with this company has been disastrous. The team was in the wrong place for the meeting, and when they finally arrived, they appeared disorganized and rushed. They did not even talk to me and didn't seem to pay attention to the things they were working on. After they left, my house was nowhere near "sparkling clean." I had to work the whole day cleaning up the mess.

    The worst thing was the service to customers. When I called Dazzling Cleaning to complain about their lack of professionalism, I was met with a lack of respect and excuses. Evidently, the company was not concerned about my satisfaction or getting things done. I'd be better off taking care of my own house.

    Ultimately, Dazzling Cleaning is not an organization I'd recommend to anyone. They might claim to offer the best cleaning services. However, according to my experience, they're entirely unsatisfactory. Avoid the hassle and look for a reliable firm that genuinely cares for its customers.

  41. WG
    1 rating

    I Felt Unsafe with Dazzling Cleaning

    Dec 22, 2022

    Unfortunately, I am not going to be using ts service again. I expected Ebony to be cleaning my house at 10 am. Those things couldn't have been farther from the truth. After I messaged them at 10:06, I was informed that she would arrive at 11:30 am.

    Once she arrived around 11:20 am, she was accompanied by a younger gentleman who I was told would be cleaning my house. That wasn't communicated beforehand, and I was very uncomfortable with this arrangement. They both walked in smelling of marijuana and also seemed to be unprepared, without booties, gloves, and water to drink.

    While I am sure this younger gentleman is great, you can tell this isn't what he signed up for. The half-done cleaning job wasn't even worth the discounted rate. Using my wifi, smoking out back, tracking in the outdoors, and fixing myself something to drink are all things I am not accustomed to in the five years I've been using cleaning services.

    Trash cans are not emptying, beds are not being made, and dishes are not being cleaned - I am confused about exactly what I paid for. While learning a new house and client can take some time, these are the basics that should come standard. I am depressed all way around.

  42. Erika Seeley
    1 rating


    Dec 21, 2022

    In October 2021, I paid for a one-time home cleaning. The cleaner who came out did a terrible job. I reached out, and they gave refunded me.

    I booked again in November 2021, and they charged me $19 to purchase a voucher deal for this on 11/15/21 on my debit card, and the service provided by this cleaner was even worse.

    I asked for a refund and cancelation of the account as it was beyond unacceptable, and I wasn't willing to give them another chance.

    I never saw another charge come through for them until 10/27/22, when an order came through for $49 on a credit card I used in October 2021.

    My debit card was authorized to be on file, and it expired in the 11 months they did not charge me. They never reached out to update this.

    They did store my credit card information and decided to use it to capture my membership I didn't even know I had.

    They set it again for $49 on 11/27/22. I do not use this card, so when I went in to check the balance, I noticed the charges and reached out to the company on 12/8/22.

    They refused to refund me and said I could cancel the membership I didn't know I had as long as I would pay them $168. I then opened a dispute with Wells Fargo and am still waiting for a resolution. I have gone back and forth with the company since 12/8.

    This company, Dazzling Cleaning, has 484 unanswered complaints on the BBB website right now for this same thing. They admitted they had no idea why they didn't charge me for 11 months.

    They said they did not keep the debit card information on file - which I know they did as it is still on my account - but they DID keep the credit card number, so they went ahead and used that one for the membership.

  43. Adam w
    1 rating

    Total scam

    Dec 20, 2022

    They continue to charge you for stuff you didn’t sign up for and won’t stop or respond. Absolutely crazy.

  44. Buster
    1 rating


    Dec 17, 2022

    Without explicitly telling you they sign you up for a 6 month subscription!! Avoid at all costs! Will be expensive if you sign up

  45. Traci
    1 rating


    Dec 15, 2022


  46. Calvin Kottke
    1 rating

    Company is a scam

    Dec 14, 2022

    I tried to book a one-time cleaning for my partner, who was out of town, as I wanted them to come home to a clean apartment. I have since been charged over $300 more than what I agreed to pay. First, they sign you up for a membership without explicitly telling you. Then, they separately have a cleaning plan and foreverclean membership. I tried to cancel the first and could, but wasn't aware of the second, and was charged another months membership without any cleaning services. Finally, unless you stay paying $49/mo for the foreverclean membership, you are charged hundreds of dollars in cancellation fees. Complete crap, dishonest advertisement and shady business overall

  47. Lisa
    1 rating

    NEVER Had An Appointment Completed As Scheduled-NO Customer Service

    Dec 1, 2022

    Scheduled multiple cleanings and NEVER once was a cleaning performed at the
    originally accepted time. Several were cancelled w/in an hour of the service. Those that did occur were "rescheduled" the day before. I gave up for the third "rescheduling request". I could not rearrange my work schedule every time for house cleaning. There is NO customer service with whom to speak-resolve problems. Monthly fee is charged regardless of satisfaction or problems. No way to cancel w/o being charged large "cancellation fee." This may be great for flexibility for its cleaners, but is lousy for clients. Quite a scam.

  48. RR
    1 rating

    Stay Away! Big SCAM!

    Nov 25, 2022

    This shady company is screaming as a SCAM!!! Too bad they just stole money from my credit card as well. I was allured to try their low price first cleaning for $29. I did not know that it's heavily false online advertising to rip off new customers. Customer service barely exists. Only one staff to reply to emails.

    I experienced multiple continuous last-minute cancellations, no-shows, and terrible job! It's just too exhausting to deal with! Finally, a crook cleaner came in 70 minutes late with no tools or supplies. She doesn't know how to do any cleaning or did. She was sitting on my couch playing videos on her mobile. She left me the same dirty apartment as before. When I complained, I was asked to show a video as proof.

    No refund was given. This was the worst nightmare I had to deal with. It wasted so much time! I ended up doing all cleaning by myself. I realized that even though I was offered some coupons, I don't want to use this disgusting service EVER! But before I knew it, I was already signed up to be charged a $49/month membership fee.

    I was never made known of this or agreed! If I choose to cancel, there is a $150 penalty fee. What the hell! Please avoid this sh_tty company, by all means, even if they offer you free cleaning. The headache they bring is way more significant than the zero job they will do. They will steal your credit card without your consent! I hight doubt they vetted any of the cleaners at all! DazzlingClean and Homeaglow are the same company. It takes turns to charge the card.

  49. Melissa Ruminski
    1 rating

    Predatory Business

    Nov 11, 2022

    Cleaner did a horrible job. They sign you up for a subscription without explicitly telling you, and then refuse to cancel for 6+ months. It’s a racket AND super expensive. Don’t take the coupon.

  50. Steve Johnston
    1 rating

    Big time Scam

    Oct 22, 2022

    They dazzle with significant savings, so of course, you pay, thinking that was all you were paying for. But after you pay, you see you are in a ForeverCleaning contract with a minimum monthly charge that is not so cheap. So you start digging for answers on their website, looking for ways to cancel this ForeEverClaning, but they are hard to find. Why would I want a contract before I was able to evaluate their services?

    You end up going down rabbit hole after rabbit hole with no real answers to your concerns. Of course, there is no phone number listed on their website. After much research, I found this number 650-513-0078. They answer as Dazzling Cleaning company with a recording but no natural person answers. It is the weekend, so I will try Monday. This is a pure scam with bait and switch thrown in. I can only say that you have been warned. STAY AWAY.

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