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23 Reviews

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Is Clear Tech Pools legit?

Clear Tech Pools has 23 reviews on, with an average rating of 2.0 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are dissatisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, caution is advised when considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach Clear Tech Pools customer care?

You can contact Clear Tech Pools customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at 727 347 6770

Where is Clear Tech Pools located?

Clear Tech Pools is located at address 8045 46th Avenue North, St. Petersburg, FL 33709, United States.

23 Reviews on Clear Tech Pools

  1. Maree Kir
    1 rating

    Very Disappointing

    Mar 10, 2024

    We are first time pool owners & our pool needed cleaning was inexperienced. Clean tech pop out & advised us we needed all new device because what we presently had turned into vintage & didn’t paintings quoted $5010. We got a 2d opinion from some other corporation & changed into shocked to peer that our gadget become running flawlessly & much less than 24hrs later our pool is glowing smooth $130.

    Also I looked up the gadget I changed into quoted for & found that I became charged two times the quantity the elements have been selling for. Disgusted would no longer advocate.

  2. Vinson
    1 rating

    Serviceman Never Arrive

    Jan 1, 2024

    The services are provided by our company for property management. If we could have the option to drop the service, we'd have removed this service. Over the nine weeks that the time we've been at our house, the pool was inaccessible for six months. We've had four different technicians, and the pool has been vacuumed and scrubbed 3 times during the nine months.

    I've contacted them and have concerned me with no answers. The person that handles calls will always say they're dispatching someone to solve the issue but they never arrive and the pool remains in a terrible situation. We couldn't be more dissatisfied!

  3. Taylor Sheaffer
    1 rating

    This business is horrible

    May 26, 2023

    This business is horrible. I'm currently trying to have my leasing company replace the employees. They haven't been able to maintain my swimming pool. Don't engage these men .

  4. Andy Fermo
    1 rating

    Disrespect to the customer

    May 25, 2023

    BUYER BEWARE!!! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! Joe offers a fantastic price; however, when they state that work can be finished on a specific day and at a particular time, no person shows up or call...a complete disrespect to the customer. Three times and we've never yet even started work. The next time, I must file a lawsuit for my 10k!!

  5. Molly Wagman
    5 rating

    Never experienced any problems

    May 23, 2023

    I've used precise technology to keep my pool clean for about a year and never experienced any problems. However, my old filter stopped working last week without my awareness, and the collection began turning green. After I reached them, to come out the next day to fix the problem. They recognized that the filter needed to be changed. It was just a minor miscommunication concerning quotes, time, and everything. I contacted the office and spoke to Nicole, who handled the issue professionally. Thank you! The problem was dealt with the same way as was mentioned, and my pool was back in operation. Thanks!!

  6. Jennifer Tvrdik
    1 rating

    It's just a bit weird

    Apr 28, 2023

    Truck 183 stopped in a nearby house at 8 am at the time of this post in Saint Johns, FL - Two women and a man had their windows shut, and disturbing music played in the street for the entire time while kids took a ride on their way to school. I didn't realize that truckers could generate the bass like seemed impressive. I'm not sure why people aren't more understanding. "Look at me! Take a look! !" Everyone has an insignificant image of themselves. I'm not sure that the mid-age pool technician is likely to get any respect when the children pass by...Maybe invest in an earbud. It's just a bit weird. Nobody else seems to be enjoying the music.

  7. Karina Longfellow
    5 rating

    It was excellent.

    Apr 25, 2023

    We have just got our pool set up by Clear Technology, and aside from some minor issues that were immediately resolved, the overall experience was terrific! Morgan was excellent, as was Ryan as well as Jennifer were all great to deal with. We are delighted with our pool and will do it again using Clear Tech!

  8. Sydney Simpson
    2 rating

    Paying for their service

    Apr 11, 2023

    We currently have numerous people who show up whenever they'd like. Every week we have a new day or excuses for why they weren't there or couldn't complete everything they were supposed to do, and we are paying for their service.

  9. John George
    1 rating

    They make a dollar

    Jan 18, 2023

    If you're a fan of the smell of old McDonald's at work and management that's always off time, this is the place. For you! Don't discuss wages because they're expecting you to earn only pennies per hour while they make a dollar. Also...

  10. Deirdre Vince
    1 rating

    The lack of professionalism

    Oct 5, 2022

    The lack of professionalism is awe-inspiring, the lack of professionalism is striking, and the deficiency in quality is just as bad. These photos were taken on three different occasions. With little usage of the pool, if at all. In between cleanings. This is what the collection is still looking like. After several phone calls to customer service, there is no improvement or an expedited response considering the horrible condition of our pool. If our rental company did not have a contract with this company, we wouldn't employ them. And on the off occasion, I meet someone with a pool, I'll be sure to warn them against not even spending a dime on this company. It's a shame that some companies continue to be able to get away with poor service.

  11. Matthew Allen
    1 rating

    I wouldn't recommend Clear-Tech

    Oct 3, 2022

    I've recently moved into my home and cannot use the pool as Clear-Tech services it. The technician arrives, dumps some chlorine in, then vacuums but does not scrub and disappears within ten minutes. I've noticed algae on the pool's edge and made them aware, but without success. I collected a water sample to see if I could find a penny, and the pool had high pH levels with low chloride. This could result due to excessive rainfall, but there is no information from Clear-Tech regarding the group so that they can address it. I wouldn't recommend Clear-Tech as they don't believe in their work.

  12. Sam Green
    1 rating

    It's been this way for over the past month!

    Oct 2, 2022

    It's been this way for over the past month! They claim they send someone out to fix the problem, but nobody shows up. If they do show up, they will add chemicals, don't clean the filter, and do not follow up! If you can use somebody else

  13. Katie Torode
    1 rating

    We are very dissatisfied and have discussed this

    Oct 1, 2022

    Clear tech pools started great. Through the year, service has become sporadic, and the response has become more erratic. I'm back from a vacation of 12 days. The pool has turned now green. The technician left the electric panel door unlocked and caused a short in the electric box, which caused the breaker to blow. The following day, I called to be assured by Shawn that someone would be there to help. There was no response. This is the situation at my pool. We are very dissatisfied and have discussed this. I am going to get a penny in the early morning.

  14. Christiane Lynch
    1 rating

    They're awful

    Sep 29, 2022

    I am shocked that this company is still in existence. They're awful. My pool was dirty for the last six weeks, if not more, in addition to being very green. Every week, there's an excuse for why they cannot reach the home to wash the pool. It's a problem for me with the particular company because I'm renting this home. My kids could clean a better collection than these supposed experts. Clear Tech Pools deserves a zero, not a one-star.

  15. Holly Pascall
    1 rating

    I wouldn't recommend Clear Tech Pools

    Sep 26, 2022

    In the last year, our pool has been green four times. Our child gate for safety has been closed twice, and this morning they parked their car in our driveway and let the gate open to our backyard. We know that mistakes happen, and we're all guilty of it now and then; however, it's becoming an established pattern. I don't know what else to say at this time. I wouldn't recommend Clear Tech Pools.

  16. Simon Butler
    1 rating

    The company was scheduled to visit every week

    Sep 22, 2022

    The company was scheduled to visit every week to clean the pool. But, three different technicians were present in just three weeks. The first two don't have a job with the company. The third one who showed up did not wash the pool, but the tech looked around before leaving. The next day to clean and left behind a plethora of white pieces across the pool. I have not sure what the culprit was. I requested that they send another technician, and they told me he was the only technician in my neighborhood. Look around, and read reviews. Do not work with this firm if you don't need to. Some reliable pool companies employ skilled and experienced technicians that are cheaper than this particular company.

  17. Paul Harris
    4 rating

    I would highly recommend them to anyone with a pool

    Sep 21, 2022

    Living in NJ and own a home in FL, and did a house sit for my good friend. Janie Pincus. She was away. She advised me only to contact Clear Tech Pools because she is confident in Clear Tech Pools. The customer service representative Nicole was very friendly and helpful throughout the process. Janie was right. Fantastic job! They were punctual, knowledgeable, professional, and at a reasonable price, and I would highly recommend them to anyone with a pool.

  18. Dave Clews
    3 rating

    I would not recommend this business

    Sep 19, 2022

    I would not recommend this business. I've used their pool maintenance service for more than one year. They have done a fantastic job maintaining the pool, but their client service is not excellent. The company I used to construct an eco drain on my back patio for more than a month. Each time I contact Ian, they give me a different excuse about why they've not yet put it in the drain. They were supposed to arrive at 9 am today, but the time is 9 30, and of course, they haven't shown up. Ian is expected to be waiting for a new pool company.

  19. Helen Wright
    3 rating

    It is highly unprofessional

    Sep 15, 2022

    I saw one of your vehicles driving through Brandon. It is highly unprofessional to stop at an intersection and go like a madman through the crowd without a signal. I pray that the level of incompetence does not translate into the way you conduct business.

  20. Sarah Manser
    1 rating

    The worst pool service in Tampa

    Sep 12, 2022

    The worst pool service in Tampa. They maintain the pool "weekly," but the guys arrive drunk and are always late. I would have had them fired some time ago. However, they're provided by my rental service, Tricon. It's green, probably 60% of the time, and when we complain, they aren't concerned because it's a contract that I'm not in control of. Here are some photos of my pool over the last year.

  21. David Clayton
    1 rating

    "THE WORST" pool service company

    Sep 11, 2022

    "THE WORST" pool service company I've ever encountered. I've used their service for one year and have experienced nothing but issues. I am forced to go with them since I lease the service from Pathlight Management. Since the day I relocated, my Spa is losing water at a rate of 4" an hour. during the year, they've been required to locate the leak, but they've unsuccessfully fixed it. They tell me to call before your arrival so that you can get your dog home, and then they don't make a phone call. Your phone says that your pool is not green after they claim they cleaned it three days earlier, but they don't arrive to clean it until the following week. Get away from them in the quickest time possible.

  22. Steve Cancade
    5 rating

    They did an excellent job

    Jul 28, 2022

    Clear Tech has resurfaced our pool because the surface had old and yellow with time.

    They did an excellent job. It took about an entire week to complete the whole task.

    Here are some pictures of an example of the design, the development, and the final image of how it appears. I highly recommend them.

  23. Philip Marotta
    5 rating

    Complete things correctly

    Jun 5, 2022

    This is the second time I've been using Clear Tech Pools.

    During my first time with them, the technician had a communication problem, so we decided to move to another company.

    Clear Tech sent Joe Pierce to look after us. He worked to do his best and went over to get us back.

    It was beautiful to find someone who truly cared about your business.

    I also promised that we'd come back if the situation didn't work out.

    However, things didn't go as planned, and we returned with Joe P as our tech. We were delighted!

    Joe is incredibly proud of his work and is always above and beyond.

    He is unequivocal and spends the time to complete things correctly.

    My husband is impressed by the clearness of our water!

    Joe knows what he is doing, and we are blessed to have him as our pool tech!

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