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17 Reviews on Cozy Maid

  1. Christina
    Sep 22, 2023

    Challenging Cleaning Experience

    I was an hour late because I had no transportation. I knew from my client's profile that they had two cats, but I made a mistake by bringing my dog without permission. I was desperate to get the house cleaned, so when my client let me in, I didn't even ask if it was okay for my dog to be there. Fortunately, I had all my cleaning equipment, which was a relief.

    My client then took me around their small 2-bedroom apartment and explained what needed to be done. They had booked me for 8 hours, which I thought would be enough to clean the kitchen and two bathrooms.

    I spent 6 hours in the kitchen, which was a mistake. I only cleaned the stovetop and the dishwasher's outside and hood. I didn't even get to sweeping and mopping the floor properly. My client reminded me that they still needed the two bathrooms done. I rushed to one bathroom and cleaned the toilet, sink, and bottom, but I didn't have time to tackle the tub and shower. Sadly, I couldn't even reach the second bathroom within the 8-hour.

    I didn't take out the trash, didn't clean the windows, and didn't vacuum. It felt like a whole cleaning day, but there wasn't much to show. I accidentally got some stuff on the kitchen rug and even stained one of my client's towels.

    Looking back, I should have read the reviews before taking this job. I felt sorry for my client, mainly because they mentioned I had back issues and no transportation. However, I understand their frustration and know I didn't provide a satisfactory service. I wouldn't blame them for not wanting to use this cleaning service again.

  2. Krista
    Sep 21, 2023

    Unscrupulous House Cleaners

    I don't have any stars to give here. I received a text message on Friday stating that Casia had completed my cleaning and that they would charge me $116. Unfortunately, I wasn't at home that Friday afternoon when she was supposedly cleaning my house so I couldn't verify it.

    I didn't notice any charges on my credit card until Monday, July 17th, and when I checked, it turned out that this house cleaner, Casia, had indeed charged my card without my authorization. Naturally, I reported these fraudulent charges to my credit card holder and requested them to close that account.

    Hearing that these scammers operate all over the United States is disheartening. It leaves me wondering what's wrong with these people. This experience has taught me a valuable lesson: I will avoid doing business with such unscrupulous individuals in the future.

  3. Onika
    Sep 13, 2023

    Cleaning Service Chronicles At Cozy Maid

    I was frustrated with my cleaner today. She was an hour late because she had no transportation. As mentioned in my profile, I have two cats, but she brought her dog without asking for permission. However, I desperately needed a clean house, so I let her in without complaining about the dog.

    What annoyed me even more was that she didn't even bother to check if it was okay to have her dog around. On the plus side, she did have a lot of cleaning equipment with her, which I was happy about.

    I took her on a tour of my tiny 2-bedroom apartment and explained what needed to be done. I had booked her for 8 hours, thinking that would be enough time to clean the kitchen and two bathrooms.

    To my surprise, she spent 6 hours in the kitchen alone. She only cleaned the stove's top and wiped the dishwasher's outside and hood. The floor remained unswept and unmopped. I had to remind her that the two bathrooms still needed attention. She finally went to one bathroom and cleaned the toilet, sink, and floor but completely ignored the tub and shower. She never even got around to the second bathroom. After 8 hours of cleaning, I was left feeling like I would have to hire someone else to do it all over again.

    She didn't remove the trash, clean the windows, or vacuum. It felt like a whole day of cleaning had gone by, and there was not much to show. To top it off, she got stuff all over the rug in the kitchen and even ruined one of my towels.

  4. Sandy
    Sep 8, 2023

    A Warning to Others Disastrous Experience With Cozy Maid

    I can completely empathize with the existing 1-star rating. If it were up to me, I would rate Cozy Maid 0 stars if possible.

    My personal experience with the service was nothing short of a disaster. They were far from transparent about their fees, which was much higher than what I was initially told. Ultimately, I paid almost double what a private local cleaner would have charged me.

    Even more frustrating is that I was locked into a six-month contract, and they continued to automatically schedule cleanings for me, even though my cleaning needs could be unpredictable due to frequent travel. I tried contacting them to stop this automated scheduling on five separate occasions but received only computerized responses. It was nearly impossible to get in touch with them directly.

    The one silver lining in this ordeal was the cleaner we eventually chose and consistently used. She was excellent, but I can't give any credit to the company for that. Shockingly, she mentioned that she had never received a referral despite signing up with them for years.

    In summary, my advice is to steer clear of this company at all costs. They have proven themselves to be a truly horrible and untrustworthy company.

  5. Frances Niven
    Sep 5, 2023

    HORRIFIC experience with CozyMaid

    I had a HORRIFIC experience with CozyMaid. It's a 3rd-party company that assigns a cleaner to come to your home. My first experience with them was terrible! I can't emphasize that enough. The scheduled service window was from 9 AM to 5 PM, but the cleaner arrived 3 hours late and left more than an hour early.

    To make matters worse, she only cleaned one level of our 4-story home, never mopped, and didn't even have a vacuum cleaner. She neglected to wipe my kitchen table, left my couch pillows in disarray, and left the fan duster on top. She used Lysol wipes to clean, leaving residue on all my stainless steel appliances and tile. The list of issues goes on and on!

    What frustrated me even more is that CozyMaid lacks a human touch. Everything is handled through emails, text messages, and electronic responses. The company's approach to addressing problems is to direct you to communicate with the cleaner you had issues with. It's incredibly frustrating! The cleaner eventually offered us a $30 refund, which did little to resolve the numerous problems we encountered.

    I would strongly advise against anyone using this company. It's entirely electronic and feels like a waste of time and effort.

  6. Jacob
    Sep 4, 2023

    Cozy Maid is Lousy Mad

    I can't believe I'm saying this, but I had the worst experience with Cozy Maid! Seriously, guys, do not even think about booking with them. I've been pulling my hair out to get someone to come to my house since May 16th. Finally, Quiera picked up the request and confirmed it on Sunday. But guess what? Today, she didn't bother to show up. I patiently waited over the 30-minute time slot they provided for traffic delays and then messaged her. She dared to tell me she "thought" she had messaged me to say she was sick. Come on, Quiera, seriously? Why isn't there a 0-star rating option for situations like this?

  7. Matt
    Sep 3, 2023

    Exceptional Customer Service and Outstanding Cleaning

    I came across Cozy Maid on Groupon and decided to try their service. I was pleased to see how responsive they were when the initial maid failed to show up. It's clear that customer service is their top priority, and I appreciate that. They quickly arranged for Angela to come over as soon as possible, and I must say, she was fantastic.

    Angela's attention to detail in her cleaning was impressive. She asked many questions to ensure she understood my preferences and even offered to take on tasks I would typically handle myself. She's skilled at what she does, very friendly, and provides exceptional service. I wholeheartedly recommend Cozy Maid primarily because of their outstanding customer service, and if you do decide to book with them, don't hesitate to request Angela.

  8. Ryan
    Sep 2, 2023

    Unfulfilled Promises and Customer Service

    I'm disappointed with Cozy Maid. I'm giving them two stars instead of one because the lady who came to clean was lovely and professional. However, I was told that booking 3 hours would be enough for my 873 ft² home, and the lady didn't even get to the kitchen for cleaning. I had already straightened up the entire home, so only dusting, cleaning, and mopping were needed. The house was not completed in that period despite following the company's recommendation.

    Their solution was to suggest asking the woman who cleaned for a refund. But that's not fair because it wasn't her fault. It was the company's fault for providing the wrong recommendation. I won't be using them again, and I think Groupon should reconsider sponsoring this operation.

  9. Kathleen
    Sep 1, 2023

    A Rollercoaster of Cleanings and Customer Service

    I've been using the Cozy Maid service for a while now, and I must say that the quality of the cleanings has been just okay. However, the whole experience has been exceptionally aggravating due to the uncertainty of whether or not my cleaner will show up. I've had just as many scheduled appointments flake or be dramatically late as I've had cleaners arrive on time.

    The website, in my opinion, is moderately difficult to use. What's more, you are on your own when dealing with individual cleaners. Most of them have been alright, although a bit unreliable, but there was one instance where I had to deal with someone sketchy who even tried to charge me despite never showing up. Unfortunately, the Cozy Maid "service" was unreachable and offered no assistance resolving the situation.

  10. Lauren
    Aug 30, 2023

    Impressive Cleaning, but Beware of Cozy Maid's Practices

    I'm leaving a 3-star review primarily due to my experience with the Cozy Maid rather than the cleaner herself, who did an outstanding job. My partner and I discovered Cozy Maid through Groupon, and while the cleaning service was impressive, we encountered a significant issue with the company's practices.

    For those considering Cozy Maid through Groupon, I offer a word of caution when selecting services. The Groupon deal we availed was for a one-time cleaning, but here's where the trouble started. To schedule the cleaning, they required us to provide our card information. Unbeknownst to us, this action enrolled us into an automatic cleaning plan without explicit notification.

    The situation took an unexpected turn when we noticed that our card had been charged twice separately. Puzzled, we logged into their website and discovered scheduled cleaning appointments on two subsequent dates following our initial service. The catch was we hadn't scheduled those appointments; we weren't even home during those times. They charged us cancellation fees for these unauthorized appointments despite our legitimate reasons.

    Engaging with the company was solely through email correspondence, as they lacked a direct phone system. After numerous email exchanges, I finally managed to secure refunds. The entire process was a frustrating ordeal. It's disheartening because the cleaner who came to our home did an exceptional job. However, given the hassle and headache we experienced with Cozy Maid's billing and communication practices, I have no intention of using their services again.

  11. Kylie
    Aug 29, 2023

    Inefficient Service and Poor Results

    I purchased a Groupon for 6 hours of cleaning with CozyMaid, and when the cleaner arrived, they seemed unsure of what to do. Throughout the entire time, I had to provide constant directions on what areas to clean and how to clean them. It was quite frustrating, to be honest. What made it even worse was that the final outcome was far from satisfactory; the quality of the cleaning was subpar. I would advise anyone to think twice before spending their money on this company's services. It's better to avoid the hassle altogether.

  12. Jacob Daniel
    Aug 26, 2023

    Unveiling the Remarkable Transformation

    I had reservations about writing this review, mainly because I didn't want our little secret to be exposed. But I can't help sharing that these folks from Cozy Maid are the real deal. They pay attention to every single detail, and I'm thoroughly impressed. The impact of their first cleaning was nothing short of a complete transformation for my home. What's even better is that working with them is an absolute pleasure; their friendly demeanor makes collaboration a breeze. And when it comes to dependability, I have no doubts – they're as reliable as they come.

  13. Michael Bisiker
    Aug 25, 2023

    Disastrous Experience with Cozy Maid

    First, I was paired with someone who had reviews of being a thief. Then, the cleaner I was supposed to have simply ignored me on the day and never showed up. I was using the service for an event, but now I have a lot more work to do today. Thanks a lot, Cozy Maid, for absolutely nothing.

  14. Maria
    Aug 25, 2023

    Disheartening Experience: Wasted Time and Money on Unreliable Cleaning Service

    Recently, I had a genuinely disheartening experience that left me feeling utterly frustrated. I hired a cleaning service to help manage my busy schedule and ensure my living space remained tidy. However, I ended up with an unreliable and ineffective service that wasted my hard-earned money and squandered my precious time.

    Excited about coming home to a spotless and organized environment, I eagerly arranged for the cleaning service to take care of my home. Regrettably, the reality fell far short of my expectations. The initial visit was promising, with the cleaners seeming dedicated and attentive to their tasks. But as time went on, their commitment waned, and their work quality plummeted.

    It became painfully apparent that I had made a grave mistake entrusting this company with the responsibility of maintaining my home. Scheduled appointments were either missed or significantly delayed, throwing my carefully planned routines into disarray. What's worse, the standard of cleaning deteriorated with each visit. It was baffling to witness how supposedly cleaned areas remained untouched, and the attention to detail I had anticipated was sorely lacking.

    The frustration grew as I attempted to address these issues with the company's customer service. Communication was a constant struggle, with promises of improvement that never materialized. My attempts to rectify the situation and give them the benefit of the doubt were met with empty apologies and little else.

    Ultimately, I found myself not only out of pocket but also burdened with re-cleaning my home, essentially undoing the work I had paid for. The time and energy I had hoped to save by outsourcing this chore had become an even more significant investment than if I had tackled cleaning myself from the start.

    This disheartening experience served as a harsh reminder of the importance of researching and selecting reliable services. It taught me that the convenience of outsourcing tasks can quickly turn into a nightmare if not approached with caution. Moving forward, I will undoubtedly be more diligent in my selection process, ensuring that any service I opt for comes with positive recommendations and a proven track record of excellence.

    While this experience was undoubtedly frustrating, I'm determined to turn it into a valuable lesson. I'll be more cautious with my choices and more protective of my time and money.

  15. Tammy
    Aug 25, 2023

    Unsettling Experience with Scheduled Cleaning Appointment

    My concern is that I'm scheduled for a cleaning on August 1st at 10 a.m. What's troubling is that the client I'm supposed to provide the cleaning service for has been displaying sexually inappropriate behavior. His instructions for the scheduled cleaning service are not only revoltingly perverted but also deeply disturbing.

    I firmly believe this individual should face a ban and be prohibited from booking any further services. The environment he's creating is not safe for anyone to work in, as it's evident that he's seeking some form of sexual favors rather than a legitimate service.

    I've made several attempts to contact customer support to report this repulsive individual, but unfortunately, my efforts have been in vain. The lack of responsiveness from customer support is truly disheartening, especially when dealing with such a creepy and offensive customer.

    The predicament I find myself in is that I fear my account might be suspended due to my reluctance to attend this appointment. Frankly, the thought of going there doesn't make me feel safe. Strangely, the option to cancel the appointment or report it on the website seems unavailable. Any attempt to cancel the appointment is a warning that my account will be deactivated.

    In light of these circumstances, I am grappling with handling this situation effectively while ensuring my safety and the integrity of my services.

  16. Kayla
    Aug 25, 2023

    A Tale of Missed Cleanliness and Lackluster Service

    CozyMaid turned out to be an absolute nightmare of a company. Cozy Maid's third-party service matches you with a cleaner for your home, and unfortunately, our first experience was nothing short of a disaster. The word "horrible" doesn't even begin to cover it. The service window was supposed to be from 10 AM to 6 PM, yet the cleaner arrived 2 hours late and left more than an hour early. To top it off, she only managed to clean one level of our three-story home. Shockingly, no mopping was done, and she didn't even have a vacuum!

    I was baffled to find that my kitchen table hadn't been wiped, my couch pillows were left in disarray, and the fan duster was just abandoned on top of things. Adding to the disappointment, she used Lysol wipes to clean surfaces, leaving a bothersome residue on my stainless steel appliances and tiles. The list of grievances could go on and on.

    The most frustrating part is that CozyMaid seems to lack any human touch. Communication is limited to emails, texts, and automated responses. Their solution to problems? It's to navigate through the cleaner you have an issue with, which left me shaking my head in disbelief. To add to the absurdity, the cleaner offered us a measly $50 as compensation for the debacle.

  17. Aldiyar
    Aug 20, 2023

    Surprise with Cozy Maid Pricing

    I hired from Cozy Maid for some cleaning tasks, only to discover an unexpected and steep $15 per hour platform fee included in the pricing. This was in addition to the 5% booking fee already in place. To my surprise, they also impose a price on their cleaning staff. What's most frustrating is that this per-hour platform fee was nowhere to be found when I received the initial estimate, nor did it appear on their website's explanation of their pricing. It's a cautionary tale for potential buyers!

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