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2 Reviews

2 Reviews on Neat House Cleaning

  1. Doug Elting
    July 28th, 2022

    the cleaning is not very good

    I would suggest that Auntie Cleaning is okay. I Have been using it to clean for several months in the past. The staff is always friendly and courteous, and we appreciate their service.

    A bit average in terms of cleaning. I would say they’re the most basic cleaning business.

    They are adequate to survive. Overall, a decent company with friendly employees, however, the cleaning is not very good.

  2. Aretha Thomas
    June 7th, 2022

    It was simple!

    It was simple!

    They were there to give me an estimate and a simple phone call and clean my windows right there on the spot.

    As you’ll see in the photos, cleaning my windows isn’t a simple job.

    The person who took care of my windows was courteous and professional.

    He was aware of all COVID-19 safety precautions that are vital to be mindful of.

    I’ll recommend my contacts to this business.

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Neat House Cleaning is Licensed, Insured, and Bonded. Our company has been working on cleaning homes for residential clients since 2016 and provides weekly, bi-weekly, or weekly cleaning services. We only employ friendly and trustworthy cleaners. Call, text, or visit us at NeatHouseCleaning.Com to schedule your FREE cleaning estimate today!

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