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  1. Zaur Eyyubov
    Jan 18, 2023

    It's a rip-off"deep-cleaning

    It’s a rip-off”deep-cleaning. The deep cleaning required wet rags and a weak vacuum cleaner. They cost me $430 plus the tip they requested for two persons when there was only one person. The cleaning took about 4 hours, making it $100/hour, which is ridiculously expensive to clean the area with a wet cloth. If you want a deep clean, expect polish for stainless steel, etc.; this was not used as a wipe-down. Not worth the cost as they are trying to negotiate with me for the money back.

  2. Susan Edwards
    Oct 7, 2022

    Thanks, Berryclean!

    Berryclean has done an excellent job several times for us! The Berryclean team did a thorough clean before moving out for us and all an extensive clean-up at our new home and two clean-ups now and then. The cleanings have all gone quickly and were efficient. The deep cleaning felt particularly pleasant afterward! I am awestruck by their scheduling system’s simplicity once you’ve connected to them. Thanks, Berryclean!

  3. Alan Coyle
    Oct 6, 2022

    excellent communication

    I was hoping for more than $180.00 for a 900 sqft one-bedroom apartment. I tried them the first time, but they were not very thorough. The open kitchen shelves were not dusted, floor tile in the living area was not cleaned. The customer service contacted us for feedback and suggestions, but we didn’t get time to respond due to the holiday season or any other time—excellent communication from the office. I like the online scheduling system and flexibility.

  4. Fred Dawson
    Oct 4, 2022


    DO NOT USE BERRY CLEAN! I was at home for the entire weekend, and the only people in my house were the people who cleaned my house Berry Clean. Coincidentally, my engagement ring was missing the same day. I called them, but they did not call me back. I was just sent an email saying, “oh, we hope you find your ring!” I’m stunned by how they’re not treating it as seriously in any way. The next step is to file a police report. DO NOT WORK WITH THIS COMPANY!

  5. Barbara Trueman
    Oct 3, 2022


    DO NOT USE BERRY CLEAN! They visited my home to provide a deep cleaning service after they charged me 249$ to use one bed and bath. After arriving, they informed me that they needed to cancel the service due to mold inside the bathroom. They canceled my appointment, left, and charged me $100 without reason. When I tried calling them back, they did not answer the telephone. Completely incompetent!

  6. Arthur Hendry
    Oct 1, 2022

    They are trustworthy and efficient.

    They are trustworthy and efficient. They are excellent at schedule management and can do great work within their window. They should take your business if you’re searching for an easy, quick, and simple option!

  7. Mary Wenger
    Jul 28, 2022

    Not very thorough It was a pity

    I tried them on the first occasion. Not very thorough It was a pity. The open shelving in the kitchen was not dusted, and the tile floor in the living area was not cleaned. I was hoping for more than $180.00 in a 900 sq ft one-bedroom apartment.

    The customer service contacted us to get feedback and suggestions; however, we didn’t get the opportunity to respond over the holiday season, and so on excellent communication from the office. I we like the online scheduling system and flexibility.

  8. Emily Juliano
    Jun 7, 2022

    pleasantly surprised

    This is the second time I’ve employed cleaning services (in the general sense) for my house, and I was pleasantly surprised.

    They were very punctual and efficient. My house has 3200 sq feet of space, and I did not expect them to be as thorough as based on my previous experience.

    Two women arrived, and my house was clean in less than four hours.

    My microwave was cleaned, and kitchen appliances and my garage and sink were thoroughly cleaned.

    I would use them in the future because I like the high-quality work.

    I’ll probably raise the rating to 5 stars when they’re consistently excellent in the long run.

    My house looked like a hotel when they cleaned it.

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