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8 Reviews on Rare Carat

  1. Ernesto Lozano
    Jan 16, 2023

    I highly recommend Rare Carat

    I recently purchased a beautiful diamond ring from Rare Carat for my wife, and the experience was fantastic. The selection of diamonds was incredible, and the prices were unbeatable compared to other sellers. The staff was helpful and responsive and kept me updated throughout the process. The diamond and ring turned out even better than expected, and my wife was thrilled. I highly recommend Rare Carat to anyone looking for a high-quality diamond at a great price.

  2. Johannes Coetzee
    Oct 21, 2022

    I am extremely happy with the diamond

    I am thrilled with the diamond I purchased from this site. I received a big bargain of a diamond for an affordable price that puts all Jewelry shops in my town to shame. When my sugar-plum sweetie pie came to the jeweler to have her ring adjusted slightly, the staff’s eyes nearly burst from their eyes. It would help if you got out of there with the cheesy costume jewelry. That is bs. I’d recommend rare carat to anyone, and everyone who is will take a listen. The staff on the internet was very knowledgeable and helpful. I can’t think of enough positive things about it. It’s the FUTURE OF DIAMONDS. LET’S GO.

  3. Diana Russell
    Aug 1, 2022

    It appears to be a scam now that I've become involved.

    I used this business to locate the perfect rings. After months of searching and constructing a call, I placed an order from them but was surprised to learn that the selected item was not in stock and there was no way to substitute it.

    I was given the option of canceling my order. However, there’s now a straightforward method of canceling an order with this company. I would not recommend this business.

    It appears to be a scam now that I’ve become involved. Spend more money and deal with a trustworthy person to avoid being victimized. This company seems to be on the right track until you make an order.

  4. Mike Brinson
    Jul 27, 2022

    It's gorgeous!

    Found my perfect diamond! I’ve been looking online and in retail stores for a long time.

    I had a deadline of August to get this as an anniversary present to mark our 40th.

    I appreciated the information on the rating available at Rare Carat. It was straightforward to obtain a professional review for the stone.

    A local jeweler set my diamond with the gold of my initial band. It’s gorgeous!

  5. Javier Robinson
    Jul 16, 2022

    I will always go to this site to research diamonds!

    The review was highly informative and helped me feel more confident in my decision to buy or not purchase specific diamonds. I will always go to this site to research diamonds!

  6. Thomas Harvey
    Jul 9, 2022

    The best method of shopping for diamonds

    The best method of shopping for diamonds. They’ve done your work. They have all the info you require to make a well-informed purchase. If you’re still unsure, you can talk to GIA experts who will offer their opinions. Wonderful website.

  7. Brian Watkins
    Jun 26, 2022

    highly suggest Rare Carat's service!

    I recently bought an engagement ring (she accepted my proposal). The process was simple and enjoyable! At the beginning, you’ll be able to decide if you are knowledgeable about diamonds or are new to the field, setting your budget and determining if you’re looking for a high-end or most expensive one you are able to afford.

    The most enjoyable part is going through the diamonds before deciding on the one you and your fiancé want. The process is flawless, and I highly suggest Rare Carat’s service! The site provides an image of the diamond you pick in a short video, moving, allowing you to see the imperfections. I had no idea what diamonds were and I learned all about the 4 C’s on the website. The site even has the GIA certificate in its possession, and you can check it.

  8. Leighton Bennet
    Apr 23, 2022

    Amazing from start to finish!

    Excellent from beginning to end! They have fantastic learning tools, a platform, and gemologists who are always available to help you. I searched for a setting and a diamond perfect for me for over a year.

    I compared the prices of different companies to see which one offered the best deals. I also got an incredible ring. Incredible people, incredible products, extremely happy.

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