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9 Reviews

9 Reviews on Friendly Diamonds

  1. Kevin Hara
    November 4th, 2022

    Thank you guys, great job

    I confess that I was nervous about ordering something as important as an engagement ring on the internet. The results were more than I could have ever imagined. The ring is stunning. I love it. She loves it, and everyone who has been around it loves it. Thank you, guys, great job

  2. Heather France
    November 4th, 2022

    I highly recommend them.

    Excellent prices when compared with other retailers. I requested an expedited shipping service to ensure it arrived on time, and they never failed me. I highly recommend them.

  3. Diana Brown
    November 4th, 2022

    the customer service and communication has been exceptional

    It’s too soon to tell. So far, the customer service and communication have been exceptional. The diamond ring has been shipped and returned to FD twice to be resized and repaired. The ring is at FD’s disposal longer than my fiancée’s. The ring is in FD’s possession. (I cannot offer an official review because the call is “still in progress.”

  4. Sharon Hayllar
    November 4th, 2022

    We are grateful to for your help!

    There were many delays in preparing and shipping my order; it was a basic single diamond and setting. But the result was stunning and everything we had wanted; we are thrilled with it! We are grateful for your help!

  5. Cristina
    October 17th, 2022


    The artistry and level the craftsmanship and quality of Friendly Diamonds jewelry is absolute junk. Don’t believe their return policy since they don’t respect it and won’t offer the entire amount back. They kept more than $200 from my purchase, and I had to contact them to receive my refund! I purchased the three-carat diamond jewelry from the company, and when I got it, I was unhappy with the artistry and decided to return it immediately.

    The prongs that held each diamond were fragile, and only two or three prongs that were supposed to have each diamond were pulled down enough to hold them in. This means they could snag any object the bracelet came into contact with.

    The prongs are so thin that your finger can adjust them! I was not going to take the risk and then have diamonds fall out each time I put it on (which isn’t covered under their terms of service or warranties). I would like to know how to ensure that you use quality artistry. Their policy says the following: Friendly Diamonds is committed to and guarantees high-quality products, including lab-grown diamonds and polished jewelry.

    If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, do not worry. We offer free returns within the first 30 days of receiving the item. …” I’ve bought cheap costume jewelry, which was made with greater attention than Friendly Diamonds uses with its jewelry. The bracelet I purchased was a 7.5-inch length that was too large for me. I asked them to cut off the smaller size, 7 inches in length, which they did. They also did not offer me the entire amount back.

    Now, I’m more knowledgeable on fine jewelry than most people, so I’m aware of what you should be looking for in terms of quality and artistry, and I understand the amount of “work” that goes into reducing the length of a necklace. It can take about five minutes. They did not offer my full refund because I bought an item that was a “customized” item. What’s the difference between that and making a ring of an exact size? If a call must be measured, it’s far more complex than taking out five links of diamonds. I calculated the numbers before I bought the ring to determine the carat weight of 7 inches and how many diamond links would need to be removed to the length.

    When I contacted customer support regarding my issues, I was told I wouldn’t receive an entire refund. Instead, that was the best thing they could do. In addition, they even suggested that I purchase other items from their website, which add to the wristband cost (or greater!) I implore you to put the money in different places and not get caught up in this scam as I did. Don’t waste your money with this business.

  6. Metricia Cooler
    October 16th, 2022

    Overpriced and wrong size

    I purchased the diamond 5ctw tennis bracelet. The diamonds weren’t the size stated by the website. They were supposed to be 2.8mm; however, when they were measured using a specific caliper for scientific purposes, the measurement was 2.17mm, consistent with the size advertised on three carats of diamonds.

    I inquired about the difference between what was advertised and was told they were not required to address the issue. I returned the bracelet hoping to receive the correct size, and the seller claimed it was the right carat weight.

  7. Barry Swart
    October 15th, 2022

    I highly recommend Friendly Diamonds!

    I bought my wife an upgrade to her previous engagement ring. The ring before was a Charles & Colvard 2ct moissanite that was colorless. The new one came oval with a 2ct VS1 color grade, with its Kylie Eternity settings. The ring arrived and is fantastic! I want to mention that the lab-created diamond is way more attractive than the one from moissanite. She loves it so much that she is in love! I also could have the ring adjusted at no cost with a quick turnaround time of just a couple of days.

    Theresa N. helped answer my questions concerning making the purchase, getting the diamond certificate, and creating the diamond certificate. She was amazing! I highly recommend Friendly Diamonds to anyone looking for an affordable price and great customer service backed by excellent quality! I am looking at doing more business shortly!

  8. Patricia K
    October 14th, 2022

    I recommend friendly diamonds!

    The settings and diamonds are available at reasonable prices, so I was skeptical when I made my purchase. I thought my rings were pretty when I placed my order, but when they arrived, it was way better than the photos. It was terrific! The pictures don’t reflect the high quality of the setting.

    I’ve highly recommended this business to my family and friends and will recommend it to you too! They’re incredibly accommodating and firm! I had to alter the size of the ring just after placing the order, and they were able to help me right away.

  9. Anonymous
    October 10th, 2022

    An absolutely exquisite Engagement Ring

    I was nervous ordering such an important item as an engagement ring online, but the results were better than I ever imagined. Absolutely beautiful diamond and beyond friendly and accommodating staff. Great customer service and communication. Best prices after a lot of research and shopping around. Very happy with my purchase.


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