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7 Reviews

7 Reviews on Arizona Bead Company

  1. Dolph Santorine
    August 1st, 2022

    Excellent communication with vendor

    Excellent communication with the vendor. They tried several times to inform us that the item we ordered was unavailable, as well as the expected restocking or delivery dates. We tried calling back multiple times, but they never got back to us.

    We weren’t in a hurry to receive the ordered items, so we didn’t try another time until a week later. Finally, we were connected, and the seller was pleased and apologized and even gave us an order status.

  2. Nick Moran
    July 27th, 2022

    These beads are amazing

    These beads are fabulous. They’re ideal for the project I am working on. The ordering process was simple, and I received significant savings. I efficiently received my order. I will purchase again. Thanks.

  3. Albert Bindman
    July 16th, 2022

    There were too many problems with the company

    There were too many problems with the company that I had to pay. The supposed owner of the company contacted me and asked for the security code on the reverse of my card.

    The company informed me that my purchase was not successful and that he required the three specific numbers on the back of my card so they could reschedule the order. I did not want to give him my number, and he then called and texted me several times. It was insulting.

  4. Diana Ancelo
    July 9th, 2022

    the excellent service!

    I ordered my first order from the Arizona Bead Company when I searched for magnetic hematite beads that I could use to make bracelets. The Arizona Bead Company had the most satisfactory quality magnetic beads available, with the largest selection and colors available and excellent service!
    Over the last several years, I’ve been off from making crafts; however, when I began again, I was stuck and unable to locate the exact type of beads I needed. I thought of Arizona Bead Company, checked their website, and they were the exact type of beads I was searching for, and they offered the same excellent service I was used to.

  5. Maria Okafor
    June 26th, 2022

    They are excellent

    I purchased six different items recently. They are excellent. However, one product (Gibraltar 800s Black-27) disappointed me. Black paint has fallen off, and the old inner surface is exposed. I am unable to wear them.

  6. Brittany Wood
    May 11th, 2022

    Arizona Bead Company was the first place I ordered

    When I searched for magnetic hematite bead beads to make bracelets, I ordered my first order from Arizona Bead Company. Arizona Bead Company offered the highest quality magnetic beads, the best selection, and service.

    Over the years, I had stopped crafting. But when I got back into it, I could not find the right type of beads. I remembered Arizona Bead Company and went to their website. They had exactly what I needed and provided the same excellent service.

  7. Debra Harris
    May 9th, 2022

    Great service, great products

    I searched for strong magnetic clasps, and Google led me to Arizona Bead Company. I was impressed with their pins and decided to give them a try. They are also available in sterling silver or gold-filled, which is excellent for those who want to make more elaborate projects.

    They are strong and can be lost easily. I also purchased some beautiful amethyst beads, which are affordable and attractive. My order arrived in a matter of days. They are great at customer service, and they gave me a free pen! They are great, and I can’t wait to buy from them again. We are grateful.

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About Arizona Bead Company

Arizona Bead Company Inc. was established in 1998 by David Lawitz. It is an Online Wholesale Bead Company. David Lawitz has been in the beads business for more than 30 years and has a vast knowledge of antique and collectible beads.

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