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1 Review on Jewlr

  1. Alice Barrott
    Jun 26, 2023

    I bought a ring for my family purchased from Jewlr.

    I bought a ring for my family purchased from Jewlr. The price was PS225 with a discount of 10, and it was delivered a week after; the stones were meant to be 2.5mm, but they're half the size. The silver band is thin and of inferior quality. I am very disappointed. I bought a ring from them a time ago that was beautiful. However, the one I received looks like it was made from a Christmas cracker. Quality has gone to the bottom.

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About Jewlr

Jewlr is a unique online jewelry company founded in 2009 by software engineers, designers, and jewelers. The company was born out of a desire to overcome the challenges often associated with traditional jewelry shopping, such as pushy salespeople, limited options, and high prices. Jewlr offers a unique online experience, enabling customers to choose, personalize, and customize jewelry items. Jewlr operates on a mission to provide a seamless online jewelry-buying experience that is quick, straightforward, affordable, and enjoyable. By manufacturing the jewelry in-house and selling directly online, Jewlr can offer lower prices than traditional retail. The company maintains no inventory, meaning each piece of jewelry is custom-made for the individual customer within a few days. All of Jewlr's products are made in the company's North American facilities, ensuring control over quality and the ethical sourcing of materials. Customers can select from various solid precious metals and genuine or simulated stones for their custom pieces. The company offers over 6000 styles, 3D visualization, free shipping, a gift with each purchase, and a 99-day return policy. To date, Jewlr has served over 1.5 million happy customers.

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