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15 Reviews
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Is B2C Jewels legit?

B2C Jewels has 15 reviews on 99consumer.com, with an average rating of 4.3 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are satisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, feel free considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach B2C Jewels customer care?

You can contact B2C Jewels customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at 866 522 2539

Where is B2C Jewels located?

B2C Jewels is located at address 50 West 47th Street ste 2005, New York, NY 10036, United States.

15 Reviews on B2C Jewels

  1. Alberto Iber
    1 rating

    Diamond Order Bait Switch

    Nov 18, 2023

    I placed an order, only to be informed later that the diamond I had selected had already been sold—an unfortunate case of the notorious "BAIT AND SWITCH" tactic. Subsequently, "Samuel" attempted to persuade me to purchase a lower-quality diamond at a higher price. Though I typically refrain from leaving reviews, I find myself compelled to share this experience, which has left me utterly disheartened. I sincerely hope that you do not encounter a similar situation. With numerous online diamond companies available, I strongly advise against choosing this particular one. I possess evidence of this incident should you wish to verify my account.

  2. Danny Antrim
    5 rating

    The ratio matches perfectly

    May 22, 2023

    I'm happy with the simulation program B2C uses to model this ring(s). The ratio matches perfectly. I'm delighted with the product and Adam and his staff's support. P.S. As my brother may begin to search for a ring shortly, B2C Jewels can be sure I'll recommend B2C Jewels to him.

  3. Chris Viscomi
    5 rating

    An excellent encounter

    May 21, 2023

    We had an excellent encounter with B2C. The stone's high-end quality was terrific, the cost was unbeatable, and Adam's support was top-notch.

  4. Earl Erskine
    5 rating

    I highly recommend

    Apr 24, 2023

    I'm thrilled to have found B2C Jewels! I've made two purchases using them since then. The most recent purchase was as easy and enjoyable as my first experience over five years earlier. Sam was my helper in the process of purchasing this item. Sam is friendly as well as knowledgeable, and patient. He provided suggestions and responded to all of my questions. I appreciate his professional manner. I highly recommend Sam, as well as B2C Jewels, to anyone who is looking for a new purchase!

  5. Seija Syren
    5 rating

    The customer service is excellent

    Apr 10, 2023

    My experience was excellent in dealing with B2C. Sam, whom I have as my sales rep, was accommodating and committed to helping me purchase. The customer service is excellent. I'll suggest B2C to all my acquaintances. I'll be back.

  6. Derrick Louis
    2 rating

    I am very disappointed

    Jan 16, 2023

    At first, I thought that I had had a great overall experience at this jewelry store. The pricing seemed to align with my expectations, so I chose to go with them. I worked with Tina to design a customized setting, and she repeatedly assured me that I would receive my ring "well before" a specific date I wanted to receive it. I needed to contact the company to find out that my order had been delayed for further than a week. I did not receive a phone message from the firm! They're so ineffective when it comes to providing updates. I was shocked and disgusted at the lack of professionalism and refusal to be a good customer. They could have taken me to the streets of the diamond district in NYC and completed my purchase right in NYC. I wasn't informed that all the gems and the assembly were dowerein another country, and I was not given when I would need the engagement ring. I am very disappointed with the company and would not recommend them to anyone.

  7. Stuart Putland
    5 rating

    My brother recommended me to B2C Jewels

    Nov 19, 2022

    My brother recommended me to B2C Jewels. Simon and Sam are both Simon as well as Sam are extremely friendly. They could answer my questions, and all my orders were processed without a hitch. Sam ensured that my order was delivered promptly, and even I contacted them to confirm that I had received my purchase.

  8. Robbert Ruigrok
    5 rating

    I couldn't have asked for a better experience.

    Nov 11, 2022

    Aden helped me with what I purchased over the phone, and I got the exact product I was hoping for and found it on the internet. I couldn't have asked for a better experience.

  9. Heather Dillon
    5 rating

    I would recommend this jeweler

    Nov 5, 2022

    I have utilized B2C Jewels for several diamond rings. Their customer service has always been knowledgeable and friendly. My latest representative was Sam, and he professionally managed the entire process. Their diamonds' quality has continually been appraised for more than the purchase price. Their setting has always been flawless, and their presentation of their goods is top-quality. I recommend this jeweler to all those seeking the highest quality diamonds and setting settings

  10. Lisa Thompson
    5 rating

    Simon and Aden performed a fantastic job

    Aug 1, 2022

    Simon and Aden performed a fantastic job. going above and beyond when the deadline for receiving the ring was looming. I was unsure if I could get it in time to arrive on time for the wedding and engagement celebrations.

    The ring came exactly as described and described. My fiance and I both love it. I strongly recommend buying BSC. BSC and the service were beautiful, and the product was gorgeous.

  11. Ron
    2 rating

    Be sure to think about this before buying or having them create a ring for you.

    Jul 27, 2022

    I purchased a gorgeous cushion cut, internally flawless diamond from B2C at a reasonable cost.

    They were friendly and helpful in locating an excellent diamond.

    Then I got an extravagant engagement ring custom-made from platinum (6 years ago) to hold the diamond in my wedding ring.

    But, just six years after purchasing, the stone disappeared from the ring and is now gone.

    I've taken the ring to a handful of local jewelers along the west coast, and they all mentioned how badly the ring's crown was made.

    This is my story. The prongs were tiny, sharp, and weak, with a lot of porosity soldered on. Extremely poor/cheap craftsmanship done to save money.

    A flawless internally flawless 2-carat diamond was lost due to poor craftsmanship.

    I recommend purchasing the diamond loss from B2C as they offer an excellent selection and competitive prices. However, their craftsmanship is sloppy and expensive.

    Be sure to think about this before buying or having them create a ring for you.

  12. Heidi Weaver
    5 rating

    BSC and the service were excellent

    Jul 16, 2022

    BSC and the service were excellent, and the ring was stunning. I was skeptical that I'd welcome it on time to arrive on time for the wedding and engagement celebrations. Simon and Aden were fantastic and exceeded my expectations when the deadline to receive the call was looming.

    The ring is exactly as described, and my fiancé and I love it. I highly recommend purchasing it from BSC.

  13. Ramon Nolasco
    4 rating

    The website is user-friendly

    Jul 9, 2022

    I'm delighted with the results of using B2C Jewels. The website is user-friendly, and any questions you have will be quickly and efficiently addressed. I'd highly recommend B2C Jewels to anyone looking for something enjoyable.

  14. Kent Holliway
    5 rating

    They're a profitable and reliable business

    Jun 26, 2022

    They're a profitable and reliable business. Aden helped me get hold of a stone in a rush exceptionally quickly. When I accidentally paid too much, Aden immediately alerted me and promptly returned the money.

  15. Stefany Heller
    5 rating

    We are so grateful for the B2C Jewels

    May 24, 2022

    I was looking to upgrade my wife’s engagement ring, so I returned to B2C Jewels. I repurchased her original engagement band in November 2017. I was surprised that Shane and his team could serve me again.

    I was pleasantly surprised and impressed by the level of customer service, expertise, and customer care. The entire team was outstanding, but Shane was my "go-to" person throughout the process.

    He was prompt in responding to my many emails and phone calls with updates and changes. This level of customer service is rare these days. My wife and I were thrilled by the results.

    As a customer of Shane since 2017, I can't express how grateful I am to have had the chance to work with him again. B2C was a great help to my wife.

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