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  1. Ken Thompson
    August 1st, 2022

    Great service and very accommodating people!

    Excellent service and very accommodating people! They have been so helpful to me when my app for shipping said it wouldn’t be arriving, but it came perfectly, and the items are excellent! I have recommended them to a lot of people 🙂

  2. Ben Murray
    July 27th, 2022

    Apart from their being extremely...

    In addition to being gorgeous, the helix earrings and nose ring I expected to receive were not what I was expecting. It wasn’t easy to close, and the helix earring wouldn’t fit into my hole.) I’ve been only able to wear a quarter of the items I purchased

  3. Carol Frederick
    July 16th, 2022

    I've had business with Body Candy

    I’ve had business with Body Candy for a while and haven’t had any issues, until the 1st of the 13th , I was notified through Route and Ship that it was available to pick up, and I work between 7 am and 7 pm, which is the reason I wanted it delivered.

    Then I scheduled a return delivery for the 14th. Initially, I was informed that the delivery was scheduled for 6pm after which it was delivered at 8 pm at my door, but it wasn’t, so I made my son go upstairs to look in my mailbox to see if it was in there.

  4. Kristi Henson
    July 9th, 2022

    I absolutely love BodyCandy!

    I love BodyCandy! Their excellent products and prices are fantastic, and customer support is always spot on. I go to BodyCandy for everything related to my piercings, and I’ve never had a problem! Thank BodyCandy, for your excellent service! BodyCandy for making jewelry that pierces available to all and not compromising the quality!

  5. Sofia Ayala
    June 26th, 2022

    Excellent customer service, top quality items

    Excellent customer service, top-quality items, low prices, and speedy delivery. Even when an article was lost, I emailed them and received a response, and a replacement was shipped within 24 hours.

  6. Hannah Miles
    May 30th, 2022

    Cute jewelry, garbage quality

    Although the jewelry is cute, it is made from inferior metal and should not be worn near a piercing.

    I have worn several nose rings from this website, and they all started turning green and tarnishing at my piercing site.

    It is best to stay away from this site if your piercings are still healing. Also, it could cause infection.

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