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7 Reviews on Dr. Anna Avaliani, MD

  1. Anna
    November 23rd, 2022

    Worst Filler!

    A bad experience with nose fillers! I was not thrilled by the outcome of my nose. From the first visit to the next follow-up appointment, It’s an entirely new experience. I am convinced that any doctor with experience would’ve completed the task only once to obtain the results I wanted, as I’ve been watching various videos related to this issue.

    I was asked about what I did to my face. Instead of acknowledging that the filler was not done proportionally,
    She could see where the problem was. However, she wasn’t sure whether she needed to dissolve or increase the filler! After that, she stated that she is open to criticism. But she doesn’t provide a solution to the mistake she made.

    A lady called to inform me that I must pay $1000 to have the procedure repeated the second time. This is precisely the same amount as the procedure that could have been successful!

    I requested to speak with the doctor twice, and she left the clinic, after which she returned to tell me she could not because they were working on a procedure that would take a lot of time. While she was friendly and welcoming, she chose not to speak to me since I am her patient!! This is irresponsible of her.

    The lady also explained in detail that they first try” using a single syringe, and if that doesn’t work, they’ll require you to buy a new one!!

    I’m disappointed by this experience. Please stay from this place if you’re in search of some knowledge! Doctors will try their best to achieve the outcome for you in one meeting, and some will want you to spend more and doubt themselves when their work isn’t significant enough!

  2. Ceele
    November 21st, 2022

    The procedure was expensive.

    I visited Dr. Avaliani for the picture. I learned recently from another doctor that she had set the settings too high, and I’ve suffered scarring and have been suffering from hyperpigmentation. The procedure was expensive, and I was able to pay for it to make it worse. If you’re a person with a darker skin tone, I suggest you seek a different provider.

    If I contacted the building to request an appointment for a follow-up since I felt something was not in order with how things were going, they would push me further and insist that I needed more time, sometimes up to a month later. Please take a look elsewhere!

  3. Lessy Porter
    November 17th, 2022

    Worst SculpSure Experience EVER with Anna Avaliani, MD.

    I initially visited Dr. Anna to have Kybella to reduce my double chin. I was not averse to getting lipo surgery and wanted something less invasive. We talked about the choices (Kybella, Coolsculpting, and SculpSure), and then chose to opt for SclupSure as she assured me that it would be non-invasive and did not cause any downtime or swelling. I was told I’d require two treatments. I saw before and after photos for the chin area, with dramatic results after only two treatments.

    My subsequent treatment was more painful. It was the most painful pain I’ve ever felt in my 26 years, and I’ve had tattoos, had tattoos removed, undergone several surgeries, and had teeth extracted, but nothing can compare to the discomfort. It also caused me to get swollen the size of a bullfrog as I walked from the clinic a few minutes after having the procedure. I tried not to cry, but I couldn’t stop myself because I was so overwhelmed. Then I called my friend and just cried all the journey home and even at home because my pain was too terrible and no medication helped—a lot of swelling after this time too.

    In terms of the swelling, pain, and time to recover, I’d suggest that lipo could have been similar or even superior to SculpSure according to my experiences. It took around an entire week for swelling to decrease after each treatment, so that’s two additional weeks to endure an upper chin that was huge and unwilling to go out of the home.

    And to top it off, I’ve experienced ZERO outcomes. After a 12-week follow-up of my second procedure, I was informed that I was the only person to share the same thing I mentioned and that my results were due to a 1-2 lb weight gain experienced. I attempted to convince them that I’ve always had fat on my chin and been a thin and insignificant person. So whether I’m 100 or 176 pounds,s I’ve always had the same amount of fa,t and that’s why I wanted this procedure desperately. I was also informed that 20% of patients might not get the best results and require additional treatment. This was only mentioned to me at my last appointment.

    Risks and exceptions are described in the contract you sign during your consultation, as you usually would. However, let me assure you that NOT A single word of this came from Dr. Anna’s mouth. It was all positive, and you assured me you’d receive the desired results without any negatives. Doctors must discuss positive and negative consequences, not just the positive, and leave the remainder to the contract terms.

    At the end of my experience, I am confused, unreachable as a victim, slandered, and robbed. Then I’ll have to shell out thousands more for hippotherapy and see the results I was hoping for.

  4. Nick Pridham
    November 15th, 2022

    I received this service for the first time in May in this

    I received this service for the first time in May in this. I had been to other clinics before and got results for several months. In this case, it was less than three months after which, when I called, they told me the issue seemed to be “normal,” & the doctor did not contact me. Additionally, I’ve got a new line formed because of the location.

  5. James Handley
    November 15th, 2022

    Dr. Avaliani was extremely rude and inconsiderate regarding my issues

    Dr. Avaliani was extremely rude and inconsiderate regarding my issues. I seldom leave feedback on behalf of businesses, but I was at a loss over her smug attitude to my questions and worries that I decided I should write about it. I’m sure she’s skilled in her job, but who does she think she’s? This isn’t the way to treat an individual patient. In the end, I paid $50 for five minutes of consultation, and I was snubbed.

  6. Lynn Whitehead
    November 15th, 2022

    There isn't a standard procedure for the treatment.

    On a scale of 1-10, the front desk services are rounded to 1. I would not recommend their service at any cost! It was freezing and unfriendly. The actual cosmetic treatment of the service was not consistent. The first time I had the treatment, it was noted that moisturizers were applied to the treatment area following the treatment. After two sessions, I noticed no moisturizers, and my face was dry and bloody. There isn’t a standard procedure for the treatment.

  7. Graeme Dacres
    September 15th, 2022

    I suggest you look elsewhere

    If you’re someone with a darker skin tone, I suggest you look elsewhere. I visited Dr. Avaliani to undergo a picture. A different doctor recently told me that she set the settings too high. I’ve had scars and am experiencing hyperpigmentation. This procedure was expensive, and I was paying to make it worse. If I called the office asking for an appointment to follow up due to a feeling that something was not in order with the way things were going, they would extend my work and tell me I needed to wait a bit more time, even one month or two later. Please consider a different provider!

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