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Is Dr. Berg a quack?

Consumers who want to know if Dr. Berg is a quack or legit seems to associate him with Scientology, and potential customer is critics of Dr berg’s Wikipedia, family photos, son Ian, and wife Karen, and even checking if Dr. Berg is alive or died.

99consumer’s editorial team has done an in-depth analysis to present the facts.

Many health and wellness programs promise exemplary results for weight loss and longevity, but very few of them work.

Dr. Eric Berg, a “chiropractor,” offers one such weight loss program. Dr. Berg runs his website drberg.com and sells various nutrition memberships along with supplements. 

The “so-called” health expert claims to treat people with complex medical conditions most effectively. However, the online reviews tell a completely different story. Among a few positive feedback, there are plenty of accusations against the doctor’s health consultation. 

Therefore, we bring a detailed and unbiased review of Dr. Eric Berg to help you make the right decision.

Who is Dr. Eric Berg?

Dr. Eric Berg is a 54-year-old chiropractor expert in health and nourishment completed his degree in Chiropractic in 1988 from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa.

He is an expert in health and nutrition, specializing in Keto™, along with intermittent fasting. With an experience of around 30 years, the doctor has helped thousands of clients to lose weight through proper wellness training and healthy eating. 

After leaving his job as a full-time practitioner in Alexandria, Dr. Eric now operates his website and shares YouTube videos about health and wellness. He enjoys over 400 million views on YouTube. Plus, he also has more than 3 million subscribers. 

His videos often talk about the easy ways to maintain good health. In addition, he keeps breaking complex health topics into simple terms.

Dr. Eric Berg Supplements

The Eric Berg website features many products that aren’t limited to supplements. On the contrary, dr. Berg has a vast collection of beauty products, powders, digital programs, and whatnot.

Some of the bestselling supplements include:

  • Adrenal & Cortisol Support – This supplement helps release stress and relaxes the nerves by offering support to the adrenal glands using essential nutrients. 
  • Advanced Digestive Formula – Formulated with peppermint, ginger, and other natural products that help maintain healthy digestion, this supplement uses natural acidifiers that reduce bloating and other digestion-related problems.
  • Back-Cleanse – This one is for boosting the immune system. Consisting of six phytonutrient-rich herbal extracts and other ingredients, it fights inflammation caused by harmful bacteria. The supplement supports the body’s microbial balance.
  • Blood Sugar Support Advanced Formula –Helps boost body energy levels and reduces cravings for sweet food. The supplement enhances metabolism by furthering natural blood sugar levels to the optimum level.

There are many other supplements and products such as Aromatherapy Sleep Lotion, Hair Formula, and more. You can visit the Dr. Eric Berg website to check the products. 

Dr. Eric Berg Books and Achievements

With quite some followers to his name, Dr. Eric Berg often involves himself with various seminars and meetings. In 2019, the doctor hosted Keto Health Summit, organized annually in Washington, D.C. 

He has also published many books on Keto recipes and wellness plans. Some of the books are “The 7 Principles of Fat Burning and The Healthy Keto Plan”, “Healthy Fat Burning Recipes – Digital Ebook,” “Ketogenic Desserts – Digital Ebook,” and others. 

He has been featured in magazines such as Woman’s World in 2019. And you can also find him on TV talk shows and radio channels. Plus, he has also trained thousands of health professionals with his courses. 

Dr. Berg Reviews

Well, there are mixed reviews on the internet about dr. Eric Berg. Some are very disappointing as well. And others concern with serious allegations. 

His Body Response Technique, Contact Reflex Analysis, and others are unsustainable. Hence, these have raised the brows of the Virginia Board of Medicine.

Another treatment, known as “adrenal fatigue,” has also received many negative reviews. This term, according to the endocrinology society, is something that does not exist in the first place. 

In addition, users claim that dr. Eric Berg’s diet plans are beyond restrictive and seem entirely unnecessary. Plus, his weight loss theory is based on the hormone body type, which appears ineffective to many. 

Not just that. Dr eric berg’s website sells supplements with no proven records or accreditations. For instance, his adrenal body type package wastes effort, time, and money. These packages also attack patients emotionally, unable to provide what’s promised.

Is Dr. Berg Legit?

Dr. Eric Berg has a professional degree from a renowned university, and he has experience of over 30 years. However, the claims he makes have no grounds. Most of his products are ineffective and fail to provide the results as claimed.

In addition, his weight loss theory isn’t something new. Cutting on carbohydrates with such massive restrictions only makes the overall routine unsustainable and impractical. 

Hence, you must do your due diligence before investing your money in Dr. Eric Berg’s products and health advice.   

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33 Reviews on Dr. Eric Berg

  1. gloria Russell
    Jan 26, 2023

    I just located Dr. Berg on UTUBE, and I spend three hours trying to view all of his very fine info. I am 90 years old and have followed most of his ingo on food and vitamins correct. In my opinion he is a genious

    I attribute my 90 years of age to eating well and I am a big fan of supplements, and I agree with everything I watched today on Dr. Berg’s show, and I learned so much. I subscribed to him today, and will continue to try to absorb all of his wonderful information. Thank you Doctor. You are great, and are the most enjoyable health advisor I have ever found. I have given up on Sauerkraut as I couldn’t find one of good quality. I will keep looking. I knew it was healthy, but not aware that it was the most healthy food for my 90 year old body.

  2. Sherri Boles
    Jan 17, 2023

    HPV Positive and "highly suspicious mass" inside cervix on MRI

    I had HCV for 30+ years, finally gave up on naturally beating it, and took Harvoni, been clear for six years. But, I refused (against the hepatologist’s advice) to stop certain supplements during that treatment (Vit D, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Silymarin, Magnesium). So, I learned a bit about how to weed out “research” articles from my graduate-level educational research course years ago and try to be as sensible and objective as possible.

    People in my support group had all sorts of short and long-term effects from Harvoni treatment, but not me. Today, I have active HPV-16 and CIN3. MRI showed a “highly suspicious” mass in my cervix. The Gyn oncologist wants a hysterectomy without being 100% certain the group is at the cancer stage. (Oh, and the only reason I had an MRI is that I requested it. Dr. said it didn’t matter but would do it if I wanted it).

    I’m learning from Dr. Berg’s videos, and much of what he’s teaching I already knew from my previous research on HCV and preventing liver cancer. He’s not a quack in that respect. I was disappointed to learn that he’s a Scientologist, but if his information helps to heal me, then so what. I do not buy his products. I don’t believe any products from the people who are providing guidance. I find my high-quality brands to take. I also read/watch other health practitioners, not limited to Dr. Berg. But Dr. Berg’s presentations are so easy to understand that I take notes from his videos.

    Never put all your trust into one human being; always look for additional resources that may support or contradict that person’s information. I am currently trying to fight this condition on my own but also have an open mind, knowing that I may end up needing “conventional” treatment. I do think that Dr. Berg offers a wealth of helpful information.

    Wish me luck!

  3. Joyce
    Jan 5, 2023

    Horrible costomer service!!!

    I was hung up 3 times on the phone calls when I told them I just opened up the new bottle of prebiotic liquid that has huge chunk of mold inside!!!

  4. Ronny M.
    Jan 4, 2023

    Buyer beware !

    You realize that he is a chiropractor. He is not a medical doctor. Everyone wants to get rich.

    1. Helen Wint
      Jan 11, 2023

      In response

      And your point is? He’s very transparent about this. He has 30 plus years as a clinician with expertise in the reversal of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, etc. He has a wealth of knowledge derived from peer reviewed journals, clinical data, mainstream and practical medicinal research, and countless books from every end of the spectrum, etc. He sites all of his data and information so you can do your own research.
      I’ve talked to a host of doctors in my lifetime and I can tell you that they are dumbfounded by the knowledge I share with them via what I’ve learned from Dr Berg. He looks where they say “don’t” and he’s not incentivized by the pharmaceutical industry.
      Yes, he makes a living as a result of his hard work and diligence to explore and share knowledge. He sells supplements that are food sourced, devoid of synthetic ingredients, and grown in nutrient rich soils. Last time I checked, that’s called entrepreneurship. Your straw man argument says nothing about Dr Berg’s work.

  5. Helen Macleod
    Dec 24, 2022


    I’m such a fan – love his clips informative simple and to the point and they really work!!! my go to guru.!

    1. Pedro carvalho
      Jan 26, 2023

      Very knowledgeable and humble guy

      I have watched his videos and I can tell he knows what he is doing,a lot of haters out there that loves to talk smack,losers

  6. Huston
    Dec 16, 2022

    We need help or a refund.

    The services provided by Dr. Eric Berg and his team might not be satisfying. Based on the information available, they only write reviews that have five stars or better, which could result in an inaccurate picture of their services and products.

    In addition, it is noted that they don’t respond to emails regarding their products. They also offer very little or no assistance to customers with concerns or concerns. Instead of purchasing their supplement range, people should check out Dr. Berg’s Youtube channel free of charge and carefully consider whether they should spend their hard-earned cash on his products.

  7. Kores Singher
    Nov 6, 2022

    One Size Does Not Fit All

    As with everything in life, one must be vigilant in advocating for themselves, especially with health. My family and I all started Dr. Berg’s Keto program (without any of his supplements), and most did very well–lost weight, improved appearances, better demeanor, and slept better.

    However, a few did not respond well. This proved that each individual was different relative to health conditions; blood type, health issues, mental issues, etc., all play a significant role in how the body responds to anything, especially food consumption.

    So, do not blame Dr. Berg because your body is incompatible with his recommended eating plan; blame yourself for not being knowledgeable about your health. Not all diabetics or cancer patients are the same, so not all treatments (including diet) will be the same.

    I have cancer and am now in remission, but some patients with the same type of cancer died when provided with the same treatments that I had. The bottom line, you must do your research and become a more intelligent consumer of information. It takes a great deal of work to find the facts that apply to your body type and conditions, so get to work and stop blaming others for your lack of knowledge.

  8. Andy Ashton
    Oct 21, 2022

    MD Eric Berg is not a doctor

    Eric Berg is not an MD Eric Berg is not a doctor; he’s a Dr. in the field of Chiropractic serpent oil. That’s it. All. If you’re foolish enough to be an oil salesman who is trying to make use of an upgraded massage technique to sell plants in beautiful bottles, then you must part of your cash; Amerikans are only getting dumber as time passes into

  9. Dianne Eddy
    Sep 18, 2022

    Thankyou Dr Berg

    Thank you, Dr. Berg. I listen to and watch your videos daily. With no answers from the medical profession, I have started keto and intermittent fasting, it has only been 1 week, so I am still sorting my body out, but finally, i am gaining a little bit more energy. Your videos are very easy to understand, and the ‘whys’ are so helpful. So please keep up the great work; I am from Australia

  10. Linda Taylor MSM, RDN
    Sep 4, 2022

    Saying cancer can be cured with ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting not true! He is a Quack!

    My brother wanted to lose some weight. He did lose 100 pounds, but now he has cancer. The ketogenic diet is a pre-cancerous diet, or in other words a carcinogenic diet. You can’t cure cancer by starving the immune system with intermittent fasting. The ketogenic diet strips antioxidants and minerals from the body that would protect it from oxidation and cancer. I am a dietitian and my brother is listening to this quack instead of me. He is in the process of dying and it’s very sad to watch. He is in a lot of pain and suffering. He wants to be with his children ages 15 and 11. He wanted to lose weight to have better longevity, but instead the diet is killing him!

    1. Scott G Einhorn
      Oct 24, 2022

      Linda, please, I know that you believe you are exceptionally well trained, but as it turns out, just about everything you wrote above is inaccurate. I have nothing to sell you and nothing to gain here, but as we both deal with nutrition in our ways – though, in a perfect world, we all would be saying and doing the same facts – we would all be well served if you could share with us in ‘the community the references for all the statements you made. I know there is a perfect chance that you won’t bother for one minute to do it, but I felt compelled to ask.

  11. Michelle Colson
    Sep 4, 2022

    He is a big fraudster

    He is a significant fraudster. He has sent me information about meeting him because of my success story. When I met him, I found out as the wrong person. He slammed me as well as his staff blocked my access. His translators insult me. I will inform the police. He’s a huge scammer.

    1. Fubarahh
      Jan 18, 2023

      Not a real Dr?

      Why did you give it 3 stars when you say he’s a snake oil salesman?

  12. James Willis
    Aug 31, 2022


    STAY AWAY! The first time I’ve taken the time to write an evaluation. I saw the doctor—Berg, in a very stressed state. I was experiencing difficulties in my eyes due to an ongoing health issue. I visited the doctor, Dr. Berg, for about 45 minutes. I spoke to him about my condition and the medications I was taking and relayed his opinion that these weren’t helping me. I requested him to be truthful with me and tell me whether he has ever dealt with anyone in the same situation as me and if he believed he could assist. He took out an old reference book on medical care and explained how he could help me by using alternative medicines. Since I was desperate, I accepted his shocking cost of $1100. I paid 500 dollars and underwent six weeks of therapy, but it worsened. The therapist I saw was a bit naive. I was informed that the rest of my cost would be paid as I had squandered $500. I have just received a bill for the remaining $600. Based on other reviews, the person who is committing fraud must be reported to the appropriate authorities and shouldn’t be allowed to make a profit from those in a vulnerable situation at the beginning. This person is not allowed to be a doctor. And, by the way, none of his remedies did anything!

  13. Mona Kemp
    Aug 27, 2022

    He is a big fraudster

    He is a significant fraudster. He sent me an email about meeting him due to my success story. After meeting him, I discovered him to be a negative person. He slammed me, his staff blocked my access, and his translators defamed me. I will inform the police. He’s a huge scammer.

  14. Cathy Scargill
    Aug 26, 2022

    Thank you Dr Berg

    Followed Dr. Berg for a few years. He is unequivocal in his explanations of all information. I can comprehend completely as my English is not very excellent. I am grateful to him and all his health advice. Thank you, Dr. Berg

  15. Ronald Daniels
    Aug 25, 2022

    I've improved my health

    I greatly appreciate Dr. Eric Berg’s work in educating us about how we can increase our fitness. Thank you, and salute you. I’ve improved my health through his videos and over time, and I don’t have the words to express my appreciation for him. The most important thing was that after cutting down the grains, I didn’t need to get up in the middle of the night and pee.

  16. Peggy Eaddy
    Aug 15, 2022

    This is a massive disappointment

    I would like to have given Dr. Berg 5 stars, but that will not occur! This is a massive disappointment for me. I purchased six pieces of Dr. Berg’s electrolyte product. The seal had broken, and the powder was spread on my kitchen counter and my floor. I want to get a reimbursement, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to get it. Maybe label my packages “FRAGILE!” next time?! The Usally I have Dr. Berg Nutritionals and the postal service handle my parcels with the utmost respect.

  17. Kitchawan Gardener
    Aug 8, 2022

    I had a terrible experience

    I had a terrible experience with this company. I have placed an order of $200 in the last four months and haven’t received any refund or anything. I haven’t heard anything from customer support.

  18. Mitchell Dean
    Aug 6, 2022

    This is a complete scam!

    Throughout the weekend, I discovered an amount in the range of $1026.79 on my statement bank. I don’t know the name of this company or who it is, and I did not allow the charge to occur. This is a complete scam! Whatever the company or the doctor is, it’s fraudulent, and they are stealing banking details for individual gain, as well as for their interest and even your money.

  19. Mechelle Luikart
    Aug 5, 2022

    Dr. Eric Berg has been a amazing source of inspiration

    Dr. Eric Berg has been a fantastic source of inspiration and in-depth information on my health jour.

    Ney. I am incredibly grateful for the insights Dr. Berg shares, which have completely transformed my health.

    I’ve shed weight, reversed my pre-diabetic signs and symptoms, and do not suffer from digestive problems. Dr. Berg is at the forefront of wellness treatment and has transformed my life! Thank you, Doctor. Berg.

  20. Twila Wilbur
    Aug 4, 2022

    Thank you for helping me save my life

    Dr. Berg has completely changed my life. I have type 2 diabetes, and I could not manage it for a long time. His products and videos helped me in resolving my a1c and lowering my weight, and educating me about the foods I should avoidand the best organic foods I should eat to restore my body’s organs and overall health.

    My A1C is now down to 7.1, my weight has decreased by 20 pounds, and I’ve never felt so good in my entire life. The secret to his success is to fast. The hydrating power he drinks taste delicious and is loaded with potassium and magnesium. Please take a look at all of his videos to discover how to fast with omad, also known as intermittent fasting. It was my turn to use the highest strength insulin available with 120 MG of Humulin R500 every day. .. Today, I can claim that I haven’t taken insulin for four months.

    It outperforms other top brands like the plant-based Vega. Your products and the information you impart are genuinely a blessing. Thank you for helping me save my life.

  21. Mathree H
    Aug 3, 2022

    Please do not invest in his lectures or his financial therapy services.

    That is shit from No Doctor Chiro, who offers false information about the following: Cholesterol and Vitamin C.

    Ascorbic Acid isn’t Vitamin C A big who is trying to make us believe that his wife Karen is not worried about, despite a fasting Cholesterol number of 300 and high levels of LDL and the corresponding Apo B.

    Dr. Berg’s son has been trying to educate us for years.

  22. Charlie Owens
    Aug 2, 2022

    I would highly recommend Dr. Berg

    I recently came across Dr. Berg’s YouTube channel and must say that the program has been life-changing. I have drastically improved my eating habits, and my constant cravings are gone. I am more energetic and have lost weight. It has made me realize how many big corporations set the guidelines for healthy diets, but they aren’t always beneficial for us. I would highly recommend Dr. Berg to anyone interested in nutrition and health.

  23. Kurla Senis
    Jun 27, 2022

    Dr. Eric Berg helped me tremendously.

    Dr. Eric Berg helped me tremendously. We followed his advice for boosting our immunity to Covid. When my entire family members were affected, which included my parents, who are elderly, and my father, who is a diabetes sufferer, the symptoms were light.

    Additionally, the “medical doctor,” without calling me and talking about my health issues after my blood tests, just gave me an order for statins to the pharmacy. It’s been three months since I haven’t received a call from the “medical doctor.” She gave me statins because my total cholesterol is high. But, I also have an insufficiency of the thyroid.

    I am healthy. Numerous doctors have declared against using medicines such as “statins” due to high total cholesterol. I’ve been treated for over 20 years by a naturopath, but she never suggested prescribing statins as people with hypothyroidism tend to have more cholesterol.

    It’s not a sign that heart problems are present. I’ve lost our faith in our tradition-based “medical physicians.” I adore Dr. Berg, and this is just defamation.

    I am interested in things which “medical doctors” do not know about, for instance- nutrition! Another typical “medical doctor” once told me that I was “straining” my body by not eating carbohydrates. I’m 5’3 at 115 pounds.

    I’ve been trying to shed weight due to hypothyroidism. I was at my best in the last 15 years. And guess what? Is that doctor obese with the stomach hanging out of his chest- and isn’t putting too much strain on his body? Particularly his back and knees due to the weight on the stomach?

    Ridiculous. It’s no surprise that I didn’t return to visit him. Then, I came across a new doctor who appeared promising until she suggested Statins. “Medical doctors” know how to prescribe medications to treat everything.

    That’s my rant of the day. The medical profession has turned ineffective. It’s not their intention to maintain your health and help you with your health issues to ensure you heal and don’t require the medications.

  24. Candy Siu
    Jun 23, 2022

    Dr. Berg Wikipedia Exposed! Quack Profile.

    Dr. Eric Berg has no presence or Bio on Wikipedia because he is not qualified enough to get there. Berg is on RationalWiki, another for-profit website but not a legit encyclopedia like Wikipedia. There is a fake profile exposing dr. Berg and Dr.Axe (Josh Axe)

    As you know, getting on Wikipedia requires some credible and notable work. Getting viral on youtube does not mean you are an expert. Eric Berg is one of the most unprofessional characters on YouTube. To make money, he is a chiropractor. His advice is bogus and does not relate to science.

    It is just false science and speech that aims to make money and lie to his followers. His advice is exaggerated, which shows ignorance of basic nutrition principles.

    Many of these are dangerous and can prove fatal if taken literally. Many of the nutritional supplements he offers are not supported by science, including superfoods, adrenal gland support, and others.

    To send an email to others. One time, an Arab girl asked for his advice. He refused and stated that he didn’t communicate with anyone. Then, I discovered that he shares with an Arab woman because she is well-known on YouTube. He also consults with her without the other patients.

    The height of filth, fraud, and fraud is now reaching the Arab poor because foreigners exposed it. Dr. Berg is a hustler.

    1. Wendie
      Jan 4, 2023

      Wikipedia is not a legit source

      Candy, I appreciate and agree with all of you comments except for the part about Wikipedia. That is not a creditable source/encyclopedia. It’s a left / liberal site run by a couple of cat ladies.

  25. Frina Kutorn
    Jun 12, 2022

    His electrolyte powder made me horribly sick!

    His electrolyte powder caused me to be extremely sick! I have never been suffering from any other substance! I do not recommend it! Useless! Change your delivery company. I should never trust Dr.Berg again in my life. I wish I have read some online reviews before purchasing his product. The delivery was also delayed, and the product was horrible.

  26. Nancy Heidi
    Jun 11, 2022

    Dr Berg is legit not a quack!

    Dr. Berg is legit and amazing for nutrition, weight loss, and prevention of disease. Surely people who are up in arms about Dr. Berg calling himself a doctor have realized that in the west.

    Our official doctors who we see at our local surgeries and hospitals have barely any training in nutrition, lifestyle, prevention, and treatment in the underlying causes of choric diseases!

    The allopathic system is based on treating symptoms, not causes. Does it matter one dot about his title? His advice is in another league compared to any doctor I have seen.

    Thanks to legit doctors like Dr.Berg, who motivates people like us.

  27. Melani
    Jun 10, 2022

    My thyroid levels were highly abnormal

    I purchased a supplement dubbed sea kelp thyroid support from Dr. Berg on drberg.com, and after going to see my doctor, my test results returned with an abnormal thyroid level.

    My thyroid levels were extraordinarily abnormal, and my doctor informed me that it was caused by the supplement that contains sea kelp. I asked to return the product for a refund to DrBerg.com, but they refused. They were unable to refund my money. They also did not offer assistance or any alternatives.

    I’m suffering severe health issues due to this supplement, and they’re not taking any responsibility for this and will not refund me the money I bought to purchase sea kelp. This product should be taken off the market, and FDA should be informed about this adverse side consequence.

    I want full purchase reimbursement, or I’ll submit a complaint with the FTC and the FDA. As a pharmacist and this product has harmed me and so they can refund my money, and that’d mean the conclusion of the issue, or I’ll keep protesting until I have outcomes

  28. Puja Agarwal
    Jun 4, 2022

    Highly useful, quantifiable with medically verified information.

    If you believe it or not but Dr. Berg’s advice is Handy, quantifiable with medically verified backup and exact information that anyone like me can benefit from. I’ve heard of ketosis through the Reddit group and from a family with three generations of diabetes/heart disease.

    Being a sufferer of adrenal fatigue/PCOSmetabolic syndrome, I thought of seeking treatment at this clinic. Still, there is little medical information about the subject for me in the country(India) as of yet.

    Medical professionals still recommend having the proper diet(grain and dairy-based); however, we should avoid sugar and white flour and increase the amount of fiber. This can delay the development of diabetes, in my experience.

    Dr.Berg’s informative updates of the latest medical information are not just a sign of his wisdom and genuine concern for the health of everyone but also a keenness in finding the proper solution to today’s most pertinent questions.

    This is also a sign of his honesty and willingness to think beyond the advice that many of them are reciting. Some caring doctors are similar to his ( and others I follow, including Dr. Sara Gottfried, the author of The Hormone Cure), and may God have mercy on them all.

    I am one of the many people living in countries where they might not have access to the most up-to-date information or be capable of understanding it. Thankful to him.

    Dr.Berg, I’m sure you realize that the work you’re doing benefits those who are not in your own country. God will bless your family members!

  29. Gerald John
    Jun 2, 2022

    Awe-inspiring Dr.berg!

    I am a survivor of traumatized brain injury. I have many medical issues and impairments. I’ve seen specialists and doctors for 12 years and nearly weekly. So I’m well-versed in terms of what works and what isn’t.

    I know since I was forced to learn it through trial and error. Believing in conventional doctors and their methods has made my situation more severe.

    Dr. Berg’s research agrees with everything I have discovered to be effective for me in recovery. It is awe-inspiring that you put in the work of creating this site but remain utterly unaware of the life-saving information that is freely given away—what a sad thing.

    1. Marry Medoliba
      Jun 2, 2022

      👋 Gerald

      It’s good to hear that De.berg helped you heal and zeal, but you did not mention what worked and what did not. I am looking to go to his clinic, but the internet would not let me click it.

      Very skeptical after reading on the internet about his stuff and what others are opinions him.

      Thank you 🙇

  30. Kyle Rochester
    Jun 2, 2022

    Marketing agency should hire Dr.Berg!

    Eric Berg is one of the characters with the lowest level of professionalism you can find on YouTube. To earn money, he’s an acupuncturist. His advice is wrong and is not based on the scientific method.

    It’s just untrue science and false information which aims to earn money and deceive the people who follow him. The advice given by the author is overblown, which indicates a lack of understanding of fundamental nutritional principles.

    Many of them are hazardous and could prove fatal if you take them literally. Some nutrients he recommends do not have scientific backing, such as superfoods, adrenal gland supplements, and many more.

    A few times, the Arab girl approached him to seek his advice. He said he was not interested and did not communicate with anyone.
    At that point,t I realized that he had a relationship with his space Arab woman due to the fact that she is popular on YouTube.

    The doctor also meets with her, but without any others. To send an email to other patients. The highest level of corruption, fraud, and fraud is being spotted by the Arab poor due to foreigners exposing the scam.

    1. Kelly
      Jun 4, 2022

      You are right 👉 he is great marketing expert. Nothing much. 😁

    2. PocketFull of nutrition
      Sep 24, 2022

      Most of these bad reviews are fake

      I just went through his reviews and keep seeing this same comment but with a different user name lol. We’re not stupid, it’s so obvious some of these bad comments are fake! You guys are really out to get him because his nutritional advice and alternative medicine actually works. Ppl will always come for those who are successful practicing alternative medicine. It is known.

  31. Andrian
    May 31, 2022

    Dr. Bergs' insight and understanding have changed my life.

    I’ve been following Dr. Eric Berg, since June of 2017, after having reached my breaking point by using conventional weight loss, such as consulting a professional nutritionist, working early morning workouts cutting calories, and not knowing the factors that can cause health issues.

    Dr. Bergs’ insight and understanding have changed my life in ways I never thought of! I was fed up with hearing “you need just to lose the weight”; however, the main question was what was the best way to do it. As far as my body was concerned, I’d tried everything. Never once did my doctor provide the answer to my query, “Why” why my body is reacting in this way?

    Dr. Berg desires to find out the “why,” which intrigued me. I am a fan of every video he up, and I’ve purchased (and completed) the final Body Type book with a companion. I am looking forward to continuing my journey and the successes I have experienced using his advice.

    What better way to change your lifestyle and live a healthier life today! In addition to “GET healthier, I lost weight doing it. Thank you for your advice, Dr. Berg. You are exactly correct about that. I am so happy! I love your podcast! It’s something unique and educational to listen to while driving!”

  32. Benny Felwell
    May 31, 2022

    Dr. berg's Chiro trends has to end.

    Reviewing the reviews on Dr. Berg brought me back to my roots. I was beginning to get acquainted with my town. I suffered from severe neck pain and could not find a doctor immediately.

    I looked up chiropractors on Google and contacted one with positive reviews. I called them and told them that I was desperate for someone to treat my neck as soon as possible. They replied, “no problem! You can come right away!” I sat in the waiting area for a long time, but the girl who called me came by.

    She wanted to show me around the office. So we walked through the office and took in the beautiful decor. I was taken to a treatment room and invited to a seminar scheduled for the following week. I could see the doctor after the session. This was it. The moment the conference was over, my neck pain had eased go.

    However, I was intrigued by the program. The chiropractor delivered a speech that criticized the medical industry and marketing his practices. After waiting in the waiting area for quite a while, I was called back, and a woman took X-rays.

    After a long waiting time, the doctor finally showed up. He took X-rays of me and informed me that I didn’t have any cervical curve (he could correct it) and that I had an incredibly severe S-curve on my spine. He would visit me weekly for 12 months, and I would receive a fantastic discount from the usual cost.

    For only $2400, which I paid today. I’ve had numerous backup X-rays and injections over the years, but I’ve never suffered from the ailments he diagnoses. I requested copies of my X-rays and left. The price for two visits totaled more than $400, and nobody ever even touched my neck.

    I began looking up reviews of other chiropractors and found out that this was the latest trend taught in numerous chiropractic schools. It is essential to get the patient financially committed before offering any treatment. Even the official “tour” is part of this plan. It’s a visit to the office.

    However, no one takes care of the issue you went in to address.

  33. Anonymous
    May 31, 2022

    Dr. Eric Berg products does not work at all!

    I’ve been a customer using their products for nearly two years. I was utilizing cortisol/adrenal. I tried one bottle of the whole thing and most of the 2nd one with no result. I requested a refund for the bottle that was not opened. Here is the response I received.

    We thank you for the opportunity to test Dr. Berg’s products! We offer a 30- day money-back promise. However, I’m unable to make a full refund up to May. We’re so sorry! Please let us know whether you have any other questions.

    Letting you know that Denise was my Customer Support person sounds very dumb. Customer support responded to me after reading this review. They said I could return the product within 30 days of purchase. It took me weeks to store them, and I’ve got the proof in my email.

    She advised me not to purchase several bottles of a particular product unless I’ve tried it before. It means that they do not stand behind their guarantee to refund money. That means I’d be required to return in two days to test an item, and we know that won’t be the case! Sadly It’s a joke!

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