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16 Reviews on City Eye MD | Maayan Keshet

  1. Laura Morrisey
    Apr 26, 2023

    The most positive experiences

    The first time I visited, it was a positive experience. From the front desk, everyone was friendly and efficient in returning me to the examination room. The facilities are clean, and they ensure the equipment remains clean. Excellent Covid protocol. Dr. Keshet is an amazia, fantastic. She explains everything to me and even asks me for any queries about the most positive experiences. Highly recommend. I'll be back for my next trip.

  2. Tiana Lede
    Apr 10, 2023


    I went towards Dr. Keshet following treatments from medical professionals in Long Island without success. Dr. Keshet prescribed various medicines, and my vision improved dramatically. Undoubtedly, I would recommend Dr. Keshet was able to help me get rid of surgery and was well worth the drive from Long Island.

  3. Alan Barclay
    Jan 16, 2023

    I felt her conduct was unprofessional

    I visited Doctor. Keshet a few years ago, just a few short months after completing a 1.5-year course of chemotherapy for stage II-II breast cancer. I was advised to have my eyes examined as chemotherapy can cause adverse side consequences. The staff at the office was accommodating and welcoming. However, Dr. Keshet was found rude and uncaring, and I could not return to complete my eye exam. Before this, I'd always had excellent eyesight and never had to visit an eye doctor. So it was the first time I underwent an eye examination, and I was uncomfortable. I didn't go back because I needed to undergo Laser Iridotomy, a particular procedure that treats narrow angles to ensure that my pupils can dilate safely without causing any harm.
    Moreover, it is required before the actual exam. The procedure involves using laser shocks that resemble pulses and can be painful. I had to undergo several visits to correct the problem because the ocular nerves in my eye were verinversese. Dr. Keshet further mentioned that people of my ethnicity could identify this characteristic. In the final treatment appt with lasers, she increased the intensity to the point that I experienced an intense jolt in my eyes. It was very uncomfortable and unpredictably painful, so I burst into tears and leaped up. She looked me in the eye, and I should take the aid of a Valium. I was sent back, and I was shocked at how she treated me like an animneeding Anand, an authorizer. I was hurt and believed I couldn't be allowed to return for the test because I felt her conduct was unprofessional, and I lost my faith.

  4. Richard Kuny
    Aug 14, 2022

    Maayan E. Keshet, MD is an absolute delight

    Dr. Maayan Keshet is an absolute delight. She's easy to communicate with, and she answered my questions with clarity. She made me feel relaxed during the examination. The staff was also excellent. The eye pressure was not painful, and I had a retina examination that I was pleased about. Very professional and extremely caring. Thank you, Dr. Keshet! I would recommend her to my friends, family, and even my clients!

  5. James Larrick
    Aug 13, 2022

    Dr. Maayan Keshet is very professional and experienced

    Maayan Keshet MD, is very professional and experienced. She was attentive to my words and then answered every question I had. She thoroughly examined me. I'm very impressed with the doctor and office. She is an excellent and compassionate doctor. After I was finished, I also booked an appointment with my husband. I am so happy I found her.

  6. Ernest Pitelli
    Aug 12, 2022

    Dr. Keshet as well as her entire team are fantastic

    Dr. Keshet, as well as her entire team, are fantastic. They're always very accommodating, professional, and welcoming. I've given them my grandmother's care and am highly impressed. Everyone is incredible. However, Vanessa is a dream. She does everything to assist you with getting prepared for surgery. I recommended visiting City Eye MD!

  7. Davetta Guinn
    Aug 11, 2022

    City Eye MD is a beautiful, and bright eye clinic

    City Eye MD is unique, beautiful, and bright! That's how I see the colors following Cataract Surgery. Also, I'm able to read without glasses! It's truly miraculous! Thank you and Doctor. Maayan E. Keshet and the entire team for restoring my sight! You all are The Greatest! City Eye MD - ROCKS! Again from the deepest of my hearts, thank you, Dr. Keshet - Thank You!

  8. John Murphy
    Aug 11, 2022

    City Eye MD is the most amazing place!

    This is the most fantastic place! The staff and doctors, particularly Dr. Keshet, are great people and experts. The doctor is genuinely concerned regarding her patient. She always tries to make sure you feel at ease and assist you in any possible way. She goes above and beyond conducting her medical work. She is the most compassionate and professional doctor I've ever encountered and excels in her work. If I could award her 1,000 stars, I'd like to give her a thousand stars. La doctora trato a mi mama de manera increible. Es muy amable y excelente en su trabajo. Totalmente recomendada.

  9. Timothy Barham
    Aug 10, 2022

    I highly recommend Laser Eye Surgery/Lasik of Dr. Keshet!

    Dear Laser Eye Surgery/Lasik expert Keshet! I had a fantastic encounter working with my doctor. Although I was very nervous about an eye infection, Dr. Keshet was calm, caring, and knowledgeable. Her diagnosis and treatment were from the very first moment she met me. The facility is modern, immaculate has top-of-the-line equipment, and her staff is extremely kind. I highly recommend Dr. Keshet!

  10. Jimmy Candelaria
    Aug 9, 2022

    Dr. Keshet was an absolute star for my Lasik surgery!

    This will be my first eye doctor. Dr. Keshet was an absolute star. She was patient and took the time to explain the entire process. The staff and Neil are mainly top-quality. It was a great experience doing Lasik. What are you hearing concerning visiting the doctor's clinic? I'm recommending it to my family and friends. I'm a patient!

  11. Richard Chrusciel
    Aug 8, 2022


    Fantastic service and surgery of Laser Eye Surgery/Lasik. I have had cataract surgery done on my two eyes. My vision has dramatically improved. The staff was amiable and helpful. Dr.Keshet is a compassionate and thoughtful doctor. He is equally talented. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

  12. Penny Renfro
    Aug 7, 2022

    It's not fantastic at all!

    I like the staff, and Dr. Ghennetsian (sp) was very good and professional. It's not fantastic or professional to talk to patients you are familiar with. However, on my first visit, Dr. Keshet had me waiting for over an hour while she went to get her lunch; my time is valuable like hers. It was not a pleasant experience or thrilled that she would keep using the term "dear" (3x) instead of calling me by my name. How could she be referring to me as her grandmother, maybe?

  13. Cindy Ragsdale
    Aug 5, 2022

    Don't take the word of false reviews

    Don't take the word of false reviews. They're asking $350 for an eye examination to order contact lenses. After reading some reviews, I wondered if he might exaggerate, so I called City Eye MD and asked. It was a good thing I did. They're Shysters. Beware. Even Cohen's Scumbags do not try to Finagle in such a way. The only way they can screw you over is after the examination, which costs $99.

  14. Vixente Medrano
    Aug 2, 2022

    I've spent money in the wrong way with City Eye MD

    Dr. Keshet suggested me, but when I went to her office, she was away on vacation, and another doctor was substituted. I inquired about why my left eye vision had recently begun blurring and if I required glasses. After a visit of $200, I'm feeling unsatisfied since I was told that my eyes are healthy and healthy, and I only need drops for the eyes.

    I also mentioned that I have an eye that twitches and was advised to use hot compresses. I was never told the reason for my vision becoming more blurry. I am confused about whether glasses are needed. I'm left feeling overwhelmed and feeling like I've spent money in the wrong way.

  15. Vince Martin
    Jul 20, 2022

    I would highly recommend Dr. Keshet!

    Keshet! I had a fantastic encounter in the office of my doctor. When I was highly anxious about an eye infection, Dr. Keshet was patient that she was patient knowledgeable, and her treatment and diagnosis were precisely on target right from the moment she met me.

    The facility is modern, immaculate has top-of-the-line equipment, and her staff is amiable. I would highly recommend Dr. Keshet!

  16. David smith
    Jun 3, 2022

    The staff is friendly, professional, and efficient

    I've been visiting the Dr.Keshet for a few years now, initially to treat a very severe dry eye problem and, eventually, after my eyes were healthy enough, I decided to receive PRK.

    My overall interaction with her as well as her clinic has been a pleasure. Her staff is friendly, professional, and efficient.

    I'm never forced to wait in line to see a doctor I'm always on time and out in a flash however, appointments aren't delayed.

    Dr. Keshet always takes enough time for me to lie and discuss any issues I may have and discuss my concerns.

    I was extremely nervous about having PRK; however, she made the procedure as simple as possible. I can't recommend her technique enough.

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